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We’ve all been to school. But not all of us experience it the same way.
Today we’re exploring the many different kind of students you’d find in the classroom, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Do you have any of these colorful characters in any of your classes? Share this video with your friends to give them a good laugh!
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Class is officially dismissed, friends!
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4 dic 2019






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Grace rose
Grace rose Hace 13 horas
hi-love you guys❤️
Nina Iluridze
Nina Iluridze Hace 15 horas
I. Iikeb. the. FATHER
Thirikhine Thirikhine
Thirikhine Thirikhine Hace 16 horas
Yes it really
Serra Basaran
Serra Basaran Hace 20 horas
I'm the eater. Definitely
pangpang 1119
pangpang 1119 Hace 22 horas
The answer is 12 for the math 4:52
PoTaTo LoVeR TvT
PoTaTo LoVeR TvT Hace un día
Amy:about to end ur suffer Me:scared like a bunny scared me
Apail Hace un día
I’m the doodler
Luis Molina
Luis Molina Hace un día
Vicky is so mean
Nicole Cantoria
Nicole Cantoria Hace un día
Im the eater because i love eating
Olivia Gobel
Olivia Gobel Hace un día
I'm the popular girl but not in a mean way I have a lot of friends.
Jose diaz Marinez
Jose diaz Marinez Hace un día
I sleep late
Lee Young
Lee Young Hace un día
sarah adams
sarah adams Hace un día
Panda Peach
Panda Peach Hace un día
Panda Peach
Panda Peach Hace un día
Fart baby
Panda Peach
Panda Peach Hace un día
Fat fat
Panda Peach
Panda Peach Hace un día
Panda Peach
Panda Peach Hace un día
Charlie is mi mate in ck
Tara O'Halloran
Tara O'Halloran Hace un día
The love birds are disgusting!
Tara O'Halloran
Tara O'Halloran Hace un día
My partner in school is a Cheater! She's super annoying!
Gia Darling
Gia Darling Hace un día
It’s funny how vikki kisses Justin
Ledia Remoun
Ledia Remoun Hace un día
Even though Sophia was wearing a lot of makeup Amy was prettier than her
Sonia Zahra
Sonia Zahra Hace un día
Hahahahaha very funny especially the miss I know at all 😂😂
Jayalakshmi V.M
Jayalakshmi V.M Hace un día
2:10 ewwww🤢🤢🤮
Tanveer Ahmed
Tanveer Ahmed Hace un día
Me and my best friend the popular girls Arshman comedian m the bossy one Salman the nothing sabeeh the eater
Hdhf Bdhd
Hdhf Bdhd Hace un día
7:26 is the best part
Riham Alisha
Riham Alisha Hace un día
Hazel Hazel
Hazel Hazel Hace 2 días
Rita Haji
Rita Haji Hace 2 días
I’m like the miss know it all let me explain Miss know it all: once I memorized a answer of a question with reading my book out of paper that our class did and we did a game so we have to go up in front of the class and do a easy mode middle middle mode or hard mode question you pick one and once the person didn’t answer up front and the teacher to help the student nobody raised their hand but me when I got it correct every single person looked at me shocked in a like wow how did she do that Eater: I snack with my best friend we need a jacket so we put the jacket on the chair of the pocket side to eat we cover our mouthes like we are bored holding our chin and never ever got caught but out friend wanted some we were okay 👌 We ate cookies, chocolate, mint,cupcake extra pieces, and most of all... whip cream!!! That is in a tiny bowl so it’s not too weird
Rita Haji
Rita Haji Hace 17 horas
People don’t reply
Rita Haji
Rita Haji Hace 17 horas
Yup XD
Day Dreamer
Day Dreamer Hace un día
Ok ok u are have to many words
Charity Reeves
Charity Reeves Hace 2 días
I'm a mix of the late kid,the creepy kid,and the music lover🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
*hotslut.ru* 1:39
Alina Lin
Alina Lin Hace 2 días
Yep totally a burger is a great snack 🍔🥤🍔🥤🍔🥤🍔🥤🍔🥤🍔🥤🍔🥤🍔🥤🍔🥤🍔🥤🍔🥤🍔🥤🍔🥤🍔🥤🍔🥤🍔🥤🍔🥤
Luis Aguirre
Luis Aguirre Hace 2 días
Omg this is funny !
Stephanie Bamesar
Stephanie Bamesar Hace 2 días
She said its your turn on the board but up to now she not on the board
Presayis Cannon
Presayis Cannon Hace 2 días
The music one is my favorite one 😂😂😂😂😂
Presayis Cannon
Presayis Cannon Hace 2 días
Jessabel Mendoza
Jessabel Mendoza Hace 2 días
#=*7=*7$*7=&7#63)’deeoqbxbjdjdjjddjjgdrhhrurrurururuurruruururhffhhbchfrueuCufuurufufuutt bchshichubihrkkflooopjfnhfhfhfhfjfjjfufifjfjfjfjvjjfj& ,Qopmfaq kakvkkkkkkakkkkkk,¡has
Blessing Omolabi
Blessing Omolabi Hace 2 días
Jk I am the miss i know it all
Blessing Omolabi
Blessing Omolabi Hace 2 días
I am the sleepyhead😴
Altin Piqani
Altin Piqani Hace 2 días
In my class are a lot of cheaters but i'm a know it all.
shiva shiva
shiva shiva Hace 2 días
I think the fart reaction was a little too much. Like who doesn't fart?? Like to agree
Dave Henrickson
Dave Henrickson Hace 3 días
Me: Sleeping My class: are you sleeping???
jeffy squad
jeffy squad Hace 3 días
Kiss kiss kiss
Maizie A
Maizie A Hace 3 días
This was so funny I was lol
maya Anany
maya Anany Hace 3 días
I love Vicy
Keshan Rithika
Keshan Rithika Hace 3 días
Wow and super
Makayla XGachagirl
Makayla XGachagirl Hace 3 días
In our school I can eat and we can drink soft drinks
Ariel Rogelio Pang-ot
Im the miss i know it all,the music listeners,and the late one
Drow Fire
Drow Fire Hace 3 días
Idk why but i am the "Teacher's favorite student" XD
SimplyMe ツ
SimplyMe ツ Hace 2 días
Same,I’m the smartest one in my school,comment and I will tell you what grade I’m in and a question.
sushy hitsi
sushy hitsi Hace 3 días
In my class there are so many farters
Juste Zvankauskaite
Juste Zvankauskaite Hace 3 días
2:30 lol
Domenica Russo Russo
This is lit 🦄🦄🐰🐰
Sophia T
Sophia T Hace 4 días
King Silas
King Silas Hace 4 días
NL Hace 4 días
Amy is my favorite girl
The lazy cat
The lazy cat Hace 4 días
Why did the creepy kid make me think of Raven when she was talking? 😂
Sunsets _Vlogs
Sunsets _Vlogs Hace 3 días
Add. A. Jfjgdjvgdffgrrhthtbنلالعالهالنالتعلتتلتعلتل
Josh King
Josh King Hace 4 días
Hoor Ashour
Hoor Ashour Hace 4 días
، ًالغدلسيببلدلدفلبفبفببفففثثثثثقثثثصصضضضضصصصصصقغةممممكممممممممممممممممممنممممممممممممممنممممنمممممنممممممنممممممنمممممممممممميممممم نممكمابسسسلتمككمتتتهههخخحح حجججججحهغفققثثصصضضضصزرى الديني
Darien Regalado
Darien Regalado Hace 4 días
wow im im really yhe late one im too sleepy to go to school😆😆😆😆😁🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Darien Regalado
Darien Regalado Hace 4 días
im bad spelling ok?❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
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