UFC 257 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 2

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UFC 257 fighters Jessica Eye and Michael Chandler take off for Abu Dhabi. Sara McMann does an in-flight workout, while Brad Tavares and Antonio Carlos Junior eye each other across the aisle. Headliner Dustin Poirier celebrates his birthday on camera.
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19 ene 2021






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Querencia.tv Hace 20 días
Awesome Work 👍
Obrien Tuggle
Obrien Tuggle Hace 28 días
"0:27"After wasting time on different sites, a friend of mine recommended *𝐃𝐀𝐃𝐘𝐀𝐏𝐏.𝐂𝐎𝐌** and it worked perfectly for me
alona dunshie
alona dunshie Hace 29 días
'2:48' 🤣 Ok that is the best: *DADYA𝐏𝐏.C𝐎M*; 🌶️ disregard others they're BS 📌
BassStrangla Hace 29 días
Antonio Carlos Junior gets cut from the UFC... hahaha 🤣
villanveva tonie
villanveva tonie Hace 29 días
"05:03" 😂 Why waste your time when only *DADY A𝐏𝐏.C O M* 📌 does it for everybody
bari silence
bari silence Hace 29 días
"00:88" .Dadyapp.𝖼𝗈m* is more reliable
MadOrNahEY Hace un mes
That time Dustin said “knuckle shit only” to look cool on embedded but then kicks the fuck out of Conor’s leg. Fuckin lame for that. I hope someone in the media calls him out on it before their next fight, preferably on an embedded
Lena Andreassen
Lena Andreassen Hace un mes
Im also gonna adapt the navy seal type of living. Eat when hungry and sleep when im tired...
E De-Armond
E De-Armond Hace un mes
At the 1:41 mark, JESSICA EYE is so giddy at traveling on this UPSCALE flight. I would act the same if it were me. At the 2:49 mark, SARA MCMANN keeps the UFC camera crew up all hours.
mohammadmehdi rezvanimehr
Please help me, a football player, support me
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Hace un mes
Before the fight: Jessica Aye After the fight: Jessica Bye
Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman Hace un mes
It's pleasure watching this after mcgregor lost Let's go diamond BTW I'M KHABIB FAN
Khadimhussain Attay
Everyone fighting just to to attract Khabib is hilarious
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Hace un mes
Before the fight: Jessica Aye After the fight: Jessica Bye
Pedro Pablo Ceron
Pedro Pablo Ceron Hace un mes
Who was on dustins side since the beggining? Fuck yes it feels nice for that man. A fucking gladiador. WHAT ISLAND IS IT??? the Diamond shining in abu dhabi ¡¡¡LETS GOOOOOOOO!!!
Paulsicles Hace un mes
What the fuck is so difficult about singing "Happy Birthday" on key?
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Hace un mes
Before the fight: Jessica Aye After the fight: Jessica Bye
4TH 19TH
4TH 19TH Hace un mes
3:37 Stipe Miopic.
senni bgon
senni bgon Hace un mes
Everyone fighting just to to attract Khabib is hilarious
Juan Vera
Juan Vera Hace un mes
Why is Dustin poirier is wearing the Mexican shirt Is he Mexican ?
senni bgon
senni bgon Hace un mes
It's pleasure watching this after mcgregor lost Let's go diamond BTW I'M KHABIB FAN
Pauly CC
Pauly CC Hace un mes
Brad Tavares reminds of a younger version of no-nonsense Robbie Lawler. hah
Tyrantsaint Hace un mes
Zayin Camek
Zayin Camek Hace un mes
Have I found a likeminded man?????!!!!!
Max Moore
Max Moore Hace un mes
I wonder if Jessica Eye knows she is popular for taking that kick to the dome
BoUnCeRuBiO Hace un mes
"El Diamante Echo en Louisiana" I like the shirt Dustin.
senni bgon
senni bgon Hace un mes
Why is Dustin poirier is wearing the Mexican shirt Is he Mexican ?
Stephen Pfaff
Stephen Pfaff Hace un mes
Shoutout Robbie Fox at 0:58 legend!
Will John
Will John Hace un mes
How did they decide which fighters got first class and which got business class? 😂
senni bgon
senni bgon Hace un mes
3:37 Stipe Miopic.
Astro Sync
Astro Sync Hace un mes
Pfffft them ears maaaaan, got to be something you can do to avoid that
Adam C
Adam C Hace un mes
Chandler thinks "if" he gets one win in UFC that puts him at chance for the title?...SMH
Ty Hunt
Ty Hunt Hace un mes
You can tell Michael chandler thinks like a navy seal, go for a piss when you need a piss , go sleep when your tired, Rambo eat your heart out 😂
Laith Kayali
Laith Kayali Hace un mes
Chandler straight up advertised for a him khabib fight😂
Riley McCullen
Riley McCullen Hace un mes
can’t knock DP, such a class act
Brandon Farrington
Brandon Farrington Hace un mes
The simple machine chronically deserve because weeder understandably clip past a dizzy squid. seemly, eminent australia
Charlie Carey
Charlie Carey Hace un mes
God I really can’t help but dislike Jessica eye
Michael Spencer
Michael Spencer Hace un mes
Jessica Eye is terrible 😂
Sir Clifford Drake Malcolm Jackson
Ohh, cmon DP!?! Carrot cake?? Awww man!!! I thought we were buds!?!
Allain Hace un mes
How can someone not like Dustin.... his charity his family and how humble he is still....just a good hearted person I feel.
momo Hace un mes
Shout out to formula one. Yasmirina circuit
Tristan Horne
Tristan Horne Hace un mes
chandler get that but handed to him by Khabib and his weak shins lol
Ben Tones
Ben Tones Hace un mes
5:37 think he super pumped his wife yesterday?! We didn’t need to know that.
TheWhyteChoice Hace un mes
What the fuck was Chandler talking about, think like a navy seal: “Eat when I need to eat, go to the bathroom when I need to go to the bathroom” So you mean like a human, like every human does .... Deep mate, deep !
Dun Hace un mes
Jessica Eye should pay into the PPV payouts as her fight took the place of a possible actual good fight.
김김성훈 Hace un mes
The unique female actually nail because effect habitually pick across a permissible accountant. tawdry, tightfisted stamp
lamota14 Hace un mes
5:59 thank me later
Vince Valsquez
Vince Valsquez Hace un mes
Tony Ferguson is watching kicking him self. He could of been the main in this event if he would of waited a lil. Man I don’t regret my record losing that big. I live in big bear full time. But sucks I was cheering for my boiiiii hopefully Father Time didn’t catch him
Vince Valsquez
Vince Valsquez Hace un mes
Chandler is gonna get his ear torn off
Vince Valsquez
Vince Valsquez Hace un mes
Man was I wrong big time on chandler
Kobe Borce-Quon
Kobe Borce-Quon Hace un mes
Michael “The Navy Seal” Chandler
Propergander Productions
what is the best one of those massage guns Sarah Mcmann was using? I have seen a few crappy knock off ones
E Judd
E Judd Hace un mes
Lets be real we are all here to see conor jr
senni bgon
senni bgon Hace un mes
They're fabulous.
Jay Murthy
Jay Murthy Hace un mes
Khabib would run a train on that fool calling him out lol
TappatopShotta Hace un mes
Dustin Poirier got that inbred ear
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez Hace un mes
Let’s go Dustin,you deserve to be the champion 🦁🫀
senni bgon
senni bgon Hace un mes
That shirt Dustin got on is dope. Where can I get one lol
Arbury Williams
Arbury Williams Hace un mes
Did Chandler steal Taz's catchphrase "Beat me if you can" 😂 Yeah Chandler is a wrestling fan!!!
Karolis Qlka
Karolis Qlka Hace un mes
Porrier will take it
Camouflaged Ninja
Camouflaged Ninja Hace un mes
“We’re not here to take over, we’re here to take part!” -Jessica Eye
UncleHJ Hace un mes
happy birthday Dustin and hope you get the win. you deserve it!!
dustin poirier the diamond
Darrell Morris
Darrell Morris Hace un mes
My dream fight is chandler vs khabib, I've always said, chandler would starch him.
Raunold Smithers
Raunold Smithers Hace un mes
I'm gonna predict a TKO by Mcgregor. Probably round 1 or 2. Interested in seeing how Chandler does in the UFC, other than that, not really enthused about the rest of the card. Wonder if Uncle Dana actually catches his pirate streamer or not. He was all gung ho about it that's for sure
sekterxGOD x
sekterxGOD x Hace un mes
@Raunold Smithers no problem
Raunold Smithers
Raunold Smithers Hace un mes
@sekterxGOD x ok...so I was wrong on a prediction. Happens every day in the world. But thanks for explaining that to me. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to let me know. You must really care about me.
sekterxGOD x
sekterxGOD x Hace un mes
@Raunold Smithers you still was wrong
Raunold Smithers
Raunold Smithers Hace un mes
@sekterxGOD x that's why it's called a prediction dummy, because you don't know the outcome
sekterxGOD x
sekterxGOD x Hace un mes
You're prediction was wrong nerd
Sdotbell MMA
Sdotbell MMA Hace un mes
Dustin got a real one
Sdotbell MMA
Sdotbell MMA Hace un mes
You guys wanna hear a joke? Ready? Jessica Eye is a great person
bowen saxe
bowen saxe Hace un mes
Jessica eye seems like she has no confidence at all :(
Sdotbell MMA
Sdotbell MMA Hace un mes
Can we all talk about how much we hate Jessica Eye
Peter Nunez
Peter Nunez Hace un mes
Seems like the women division is the same ladies fighting over and over and over again....
Ward Hace un mes
Chandler is growing on me. I'm excited to see him perform on Saturday night!
J Rocha
J Rocha Hace un mes
I disliked Dustin for a long time but he’s been so genuine I had to be a fan.
Three6tapia Hace un mes
That shirt Dustin got on is dope. Where can I get one lol
Alyssa Grieve
Alyssa Grieve Hace un mes
Michael Chandler really called out Khabib on the embedded series.
Jay Ufa
Jay Ufa Hace un mes
How is Jessica Eye still in the UFC?
WarriorRembrandt Hace un mes
Think like a Navy Seal
Zak A
Zak A Hace un mes
2:15 do only Navy Seals do this? lol
Nick Kabeya
Nick Kabeya Hace un mes
Only here for Jessica eye comments...
COlDBlOOD Hace un mes
Felt that last seconds!
Marcos Santos
Marcos Santos Hace un mes
Poor guy sed conor might sit next to me on the plane ....little does he know DANA flies his favorite CHILD on his private Jet
Giant dwarf Giant dwarf
Jessica eye is the absolute worst .. she is probably a good person in general but comes off as extremely dislikable when on camera
Nostalgia Corner
Nostalgia Corner Hace un mes
Poirer seems like such a great guy
joeyservo Hace un mes
The women fighters talking *double-tap video forward*
locksmith db
locksmith db Hace un mes
Why are the views so high on this embedded? Oh yeah, CONOR!
DaX Hace un mes
Pretty sure navy seals don’t sleep when they need to sleep lol they’d be dead if they did
Ian Bds
Ian Bds Hace un mes
Just became a bigger fan of Dustin
Robert McMillan
Robert McMillan Hace un mes
Shut up Chandler
The Lion000
The Lion000 Hace un mes
dustin loves his wife a lot
Albert Gonzalez
Albert Gonzalez Hace un mes
Really looking forward to co main and main event. Dustin and Connor totally different now and hooker is a monster. Can't wait
annag cocl
annag cocl Hace un mes
"Go to the bathroom when you need to go to the bathroom" "Sleep when you need to sleep" those are some very wise quotes i never would have thought about that.
Muhammad Yahya Khan
Lol chandler says cant he cant wait to see dagestani wrestling v american wrestling. Last time that happened it got ended in round 2😂😂😂😂😂😂
Clark Kent
Clark Kent Hace un mes
This comment section is gold, needed a laugh. No shortage of sarcastic a-holes makes it great
m^3 Hace un mes
Dustin looks in excellent shape
annag cocl
annag cocl Hace un mes
Video starts at 4:20
Allotmental Hace un mes
Big big Connor fan but it's like to see Justin win, he's a good man and deserves it.
Allotmental Hace un mes
@GBLynden's RC I know lol, but bless him.
GBLynden's RC
GBLynden's RC Hace un mes
That would be quite a feat for Justin lol
Adam V
Adam V Hace un mes
Who the hell is Brad Tavares so shook of seeing?
Jakob Selman
Jakob Selman Hace un mes
Mo Sxhs
Mo Sxhs Hace un mes
Yall need some welter weights.to beat khabib
Andy Hace un mes
Dustin is going for a rude awakening... Nobody can strike with MacGregor... Diaz: hold my beer
Andy Hace un mes
Hooker is a very bad matchup for chandler
C Dog
C Dog Hace un mes
Where was the Champ Champ?
Righteous Freedom USA 1776
Lmao nah. McGregor isn’t gonna be on that plane w you 🤣🤣🤣
AllusiveStorm Hace un mes
Thanks for showing jessica eye I REALLY care what she has to say
Verbal DK
Verbal DK Hace un mes
4:23 just imagine untalented and uninventive journalists asking you that kind of retarded questions over and over again... it is quite understandable that many fighters (and athletes in general) find media obligations boring and the most annoying part of their job.
Drone Druid
Drone Druid Hace un mes
Sara McMann is so beautiful it hurts.
Roderick Antery
Roderick Antery Hace un mes
This is gonna be a banger
Mohsin Hace un mes
Anyone think Dustins gonna win??
iiDefied Hace un mes
Video starts at 4:20
evilsnowman00 Hace un mes
Imagine seeing somebody working out and jumping around on your flight 🤣🤣
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