UFC champ gets BACKLASH for Dominick Cruz POST, after Marlon Vera KO loss, MMA Community reacts! 

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Marlon Chito Vera vs Dominick Cruz reactions, MMA Community reacts to Vera vs Cruz KO result, UFC San Diego earning reports showing, that Angela Hill made more than Dominick Cruz, and Chito banked about 300K, Islam Makhachev responds to Charles Oliveira's comments ahead of UFC 280 bout, Nina Nunes retires from MMA, Paulo Costa warns Luke Rockhold ahead of their bout and much more!
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25 sep 2023






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Spencer T.
Spencer T. Hace un a帽o
people calling for cruz to retire lol, his last loss was 2 years ago against Henry Cejudo, hes won his 2 fights after that, cruz still was super fast and sharp, he just got caught like anyone could
Kevin Jacobson
Kevin Jacobson Hace un a帽o
It's more about his age and time spent in the sport.
Quest4Truth Hace un a帽o
He looked great in that fight if it was a 3 rounder he would of won but chito is in his prime rite now
Short Clips
Short Clips Hace un a帽o
Yeah and just like in the Cejudo fight he was making his way back up
Mashilo Diala
Mashilo Diala Hace un a帽o
You are right. He was fighting very intelligently until that moment. The brutal nature of the fight game. One mistake or miscalculation will undo all you would have done in the previous rounds. We saw with izzy and Alex in their last kick boxing bout. Chito is a good fighter but he was loosing on points. One could argue that he was lucky or his plan coincided with rules miscalculation. Its a fight... Cruz is still very much up there interms of his style, strength and output. He got caught!
Derek Wilson
Derek Wilson Hace un a帽o
It's always tough to see a fighter like Cruz getting KOed. He should be picking opponents that make fun fights instead of attempting a title run at this point of his career.
SugaShow420 Hace un a帽o
Haven't been this sad since McGregor got ko/tko'd
Clint Reeves
Clint Reeves Hace un a帽o
I mean I feel like that鈥檚 whAt this fight was. It was a fun matchup
Michael Smyth
Michael Smyth Hace un a帽o
Cruz resume is insane, he has nothing left to prove, and can still be a huge part of the sport for decades to comes.
Bill Murray
Bill Murray Hace un a帽o
Well said Michael amd spot on. Cruz is a legend
Ron Hertzberg
Ron Hertzberg Hace un a帽o
He already said he's not interested in anything but a title run
Jon Hace un a帽o
Yea he should just commentate full time now, he looked good for his age but it鈥檚 best he saves the rest of his brain cells and not take any more punishment
Tisalahn Tyson
Tisalahn Tyson Hace un a帽o
Decades?? Lol
BigBass13 13
BigBass13 13 Hace un a帽o
Yes, Cruz looked great and was most likely winning on all cards. But When Chito caught Dom, he knocked him regularly. Was only a matter of time till Dom got caught for good. It really sucks, I鈥檓 a big Cruz fan , but Dons Chin is starting to fail him. And of course, I never wanted to see him become a 鈥渂lue ghost鈥濃
Derals1 Hace un a帽o
The question is if Vera can keep this slow pase vs the best. He cant be this slow and win a title
alexander hernandez
alexander hernandez Hace un a帽o
His nose failed him lol
DB from WV
DB from WV Hace un a帽o
@Derals1 why couldn鈥檛 he? It鈥檚 working this far. I mean, when he hits people it鈥檚 different. I think his biggest test would be pillashaw and sterling honestly. With their wrestling.
Tisalahn Tyson
Tisalahn Tyson Hace un a帽o
Jeff Ward
Jeff Ward Hace un a帽o
Are you high? Did you see the same fight as me?
Cappy 22
Cappy 22 Hace un a帽o
That kick was brutal. U can actually see Doms nose squish to side when it landed (Cheetos is a beast)
Delightful Douche
Delightful Douche Hace un a帽o
This has been a weird year鈥 seeing Masvidal get KO鈥檇, Ferguson getting KO鈥檇, and now Cruz
The Gent
The Gent Hace un a帽o
Aljo's assessment was spot on. Cruz can't take the shots he was once capable of taking. How he looked prior to getting clipped is hardly the point if he can't weather the storm.
Ivo Hace un a帽o
exactly right. He got dropped every time Chito touched him. His style doesn't work for him anymore: hands always low, storming the opponent head first, throwing wide winging punches. This way it's impossible not to get hit, and he no longer has the chin to get hit like that. I always liked him, but Garbrandt exposed him, and he hasn't had a dominant win since then.
Randy Mullins
Randy Mullins Hace un a帽o
Chito's kicks are immortal along with his superb striking defense
My Basement MMA
My Basement MMA Hace un a帽o
Much respect to both men Dominick Cruz is a legend the greatest 135 pounder of all time his resume speaks for itself congratulations Vera you deserve it Chito 馃憦 you the man
Ron B
Ron B Hace un a帽o
Cruz looked really good鈥 the problem is his style requires a lot of movement so you started to see him slow down a bit which allowed Vera to time him better鈥 also his chin isn鈥檛 what it use to be and he鈥檚 got no damn power in his hands.
DARRYL DAMON Hace un a帽o
Sterling is correct . The way I saw it Cruz was trying to wrack up points and Chito was stalking for a knock out. Cruz was being chased down by bigger power and got caught. Cruz looked like he was trying hard and chito was cruzing until knock out.
Cheryl C
Cheryl C Hace un a帽o
You are 馃挴 Exactly what I saw!馃挴
W Hace un a帽o
Chito didn鈥檛 have the ability to out strike him so of course he was looking for a KO
3 Last Name
3 Last Name Hace un a帽o
@W Cruz didn't have the ability to knock out Chito, so of course he was trying to out point him.
W Hace un a帽o
@3 Last Name Lol ok cruz don鈥檛 have the ability to knock out anyone he fights 馃槀, Chito ain鈥檛 on his level. He beat a guy despite being outclassed by a KO, Cruz chin is shot. He鈥檚 bound to get over the course of 25 minutes at some point
Derals1 Hace un a帽o
Cruz was swinging aswell dude. Chito wont make it far if he is this slow.
Brandon Cook
Brandon Cook Hace un a帽o
Aljos take was spot on. That was father times win not chitos. In his prime Dom wouldve easily won a decision and made chito look silly while doing it. The man's 37 let's see some of those fans argueing with aljo take a jab at 37 and see if it hits different than when they were 30
iluvmyboba Hace un a帽o
Vera is a slow burn. I knew he was going to make something happen, but I wasn't expecting it in that fashion. That kick was nasty. Someone said a few comments below that it is "Chito's time". And last night has sho'nuff proved that.
God bless Cruz. One of the last OGs in the game.
Derrick Hartman
Derrick Hartman Hace un a帽o
I really like Vera hes humble hes professional and hes patient in all of his fights he doesn't rush in he just waits and waits until he figures you out and then just put you down
Solo Here
Solo Here Hace un a帽o
Insane headkick. Looks like it broke his nose on impact.
boli milda
boli milda Hace un a帽o
Aljo was giving Cruz a compliment, he was saying if he was in his prime Chito was fucked.
itsirrelephantmate Hace un a帽o
Sterling is right, Chito just caught a couple of opponents at the end of their career Edgar and Cruz. I'd like to see Chito fight Yan, if Yan gets passed Omalley, which I think he will, Sterling only beat Yan because of the groundwork, which Omalley isn't known for. A striking match between Yan and Chito would be explosive because they both carry that power. Makachev is arrogant.
Alexandros Theodorou
Alexandros Theodorou Hace un a帽o
Robb Font is in prime. So was Malley. Jose Aldo was dangerous.
SKRMZ Hace un a帽o
@Alexandros Theodorou the win counts but being able to finish o malley when he lies down for you is not something to brag about. and rob font isn't top 5 caliber so ultimately, Vera is good but he's got plenty to prove still
Alexandros Theodorou
Alexandros Theodorou Hace un a帽o
@SKRMZ Rob Font was #5 in the Rankings when they fought. Lets not forget.
SKRMZ Hace un a帽o
@Alexandros Theodorou I can鈥檛 see how that made sense tbh, He beat marlon moraes for that didn鈥檛 he
James Brown
James Brown Hace un a帽o
@Alexandros Theodorou rankings are not experience, technique, or talent, they are basically just an opinion. When you analyze data you should only consider relevant points.
ClebThePleb Hace un a帽o
Calling Oliveira the *former* champ is one of the most not based thing you can say in this sport rn lol
E . Stoney
E . Stoney Hace un a帽o
Nothing but respect to Dom .....Chito one day will be the champ 馃弳
kpullings Hace un a帽o
That was some crazy placement of that kick!
g Hace un a帽o
When Dominick weaves and slips he leaves BOTH hands all the way below his hips. A lot of guys who are successful at this use a shell technique with their shoulders, using them as they roll to block the punches. He does not do this. If he tucked his chin and raised his shoulders his style would be s lot more effective. This is also how Henry caught him, going out of the side door head first with his hands low.
Ray Torres
Ray Torres Hace un a帽o
Hands down makes it easier to dodge due to center of gravity. Hands up you gotta move more weight. Pros and cons of the style
Calvin Calvin
Calvin Calvin Hace un a帽o
You go tell him that
Robbie Lee
Robbie Lee Hace un a帽o
That's the second time cruz got capitalized on that slip. A knee from Cejudo and a shin from Vera
Alton Russom
Alton Russom Hace un a帽o
The Dominator is still good to go! One step back before a giant leap forward... and new!!!! Hang in there Dom, if every time someone takes a step back their supposed to sit down forever, the UFC would be out of fighters and World Champions would not exist. You truly are one of the greats.
tfarm Hace un a帽o
Why though? He鈥檚 37 an has already been the champ twice. Older fighters really don鈥檛 do well in lower weight divisions bc the speed is first to go.
Too Sturdy
Too Sturdy Hace un a帽o
Bro i really hope you're trolling. Father time really is undefeated. His chin is gone. Its over. He needs ro hang em up and not rack up more losses. Chito has a good 6 years left in him. I dont think he'll be champ but thats his time frame. After 35, you start to slide. Your body doesn't recover the same. You slowly lose testosterone every year after 30. Just medical facts. Speed, reflexes, cardio all get more difficult. And Glover is a monster to do it at 43. Him and Yoel may be the exception.
King Otter
King Otter Hace un a帽o
Cruz was winning all 4 rounds, Chito just capitalized on one of Doms holes in his game, fair play.
MGTOWGreatestHits Hace un a帽o
It鈥檚 a power problem for Cruz.
Big Soldier Mx
Big Soldier Mx Hace un a帽o
Henry Cejudo Gave A Blueprint Cody Popped Dat馃崚
Squill Hace un a帽o
Brett cruz was landing some very substantial shots. he just doesnt have the same power these other bantamweights like chito, omalley, cody, & tj have
JX9 Hace un a帽o
Fighters in general are better athletes and more technical now than they were in Cruz鈥檚 era. In today鈥檚 world it would be generous to say Cruz is middle of the pack. His claim to fame is his footwork but the reality is he almost gets knocked out 3 times every round and he鈥檚 not capable of hurting anyone.
Philippe N'Gbale
Philippe N'Gbale Hace un a帽o
Team cruz but have to give it to chito well timed kick
Ozzy Hace un a帽o
Even though Vera has beaten this guys like Frankie and cruz via devastating ko, I still think he鈥檒l lose to guys like yan and sandhagen. Edgar and cruz were beating Vera up until they got koed and I just don鈥檛 think yan and sandhagen would make the mistakes Edgar and cruz made
Soo Cheeched
Soo Cheeched Hace un a帽o
@Ozzy Agreed, he's definitely got to start showing up in the early rounds. Can't afford to give away 2-3 rounds against the top young dogs in this stacked 135 division.
M Hace un a帽o
Max Shirinov not gonna happen.
Fabolous Jada
Fabolous Jada Hace un a帽o
@Ozzy yan style kills chito and chito won鈥檛 hurt him waiting instead yan by the 3rd wil have chito limping or body hurting
Fabolous Jada
Fabolous Jada Hace un a帽o
Max Shirinov no it won鈥檛 chito lost to aldo east
Mike Blue
Mike Blue Hace un a帽o
hate to see Dominic lose like that but there comes a time, Vera is a great fighter, just hard see it when Dominic looked so good, but that's the fight game
Too Sturdy
Too Sturdy Hace un a帽o
Father Time- I'll never lose Yoel and Glover- Hold my drink
Otter Leevy
Otter Leevy Hace un a帽o
Neither of them look as good as they used to.
David Perez
David Perez Hace un a帽o
Because they know how to train for longevity just like those grey haired calisthenics strongmen who best younger ppl. They dont eat junk and do basic workouts to lead to their shortened lifespan, they have made themselves with higher capacity to live longer and athletic and healthy even past their prime
mutual induction13
mutual induction13 Hace 11 meses
Alun Morgan
Alun Morgan Hace un a帽o
Cruz did look impressive but sterling said it was about taking a punch and he is right
hoover783 Hace un a帽o
Yeah I had Cruz up in the fight, he was looking good. I think he just got tired and slowed down, which allowed Chito to time him better.
Jeffrey King
Jeffrey King Hace un a帽o
He was knocked down 3 times in 3 rds he was not up in the fight ever he was in danger the whole time when u sit a guy down every Rd with a punch then get a take down that almost endwd in a broken arm your not winning. Chito doesn't even have a bruise lol. It was an absolutely lopsided destruction of Dom. This fight wasn't fair ever and was never going to be. This was exactly what every real fan and Dana white expected. And of course I bet chito by KO that's giving money away. And for those who bet for Dom well maybe you shouldn't be sports betting at all if you thought don was gonna make it to a decision. We all knew chito would be there in his face min 1 to min broken nose. Chito was up 3 rds even tho that doesn't matter the fact is Marlon made sure he dropped him every Rd before ending it exactly the way we all expected. Total domination great game plan on to the title. Nuff said. .
Tista Kere
Tista Kere Hace un a帽o
Cruz got knocked down 3 times before getting koed
Shawn Arnold
Shawn Arnold Hace un a帽o
@Jeffrey King he was not up in that fight ever? Going into the 4th he was actually up two rounds on the judges scorecards. Knocking somebody down without doing anything with it does not win you rounds if you get out struck by a considerable margin.
Matty Morris
Matty Morris Hace un a帽o
Chito had 0 problems and was setting up shots and dropping him several times. Ot was a matter of time. Chito had him all night
Raiders64 Hace un a帽o
Cruze looked good, I thought he was winning the fight but chito was laying back playing sniper. And he landed a perfect kick. Should Dom retire, I don't think he could be champion any more but could still win fights (But) it's All about being the best so these new fighters are badasses.
Jake Santos
Jake Santos Hace un a帽o
Angela hill making more than Dominick Cruz a former champion is insane Cruz should鈥檝e definitely negotiated more money that鈥檚 ridiculous
Bastard Whoreson
Bastard Whoreson Hace un a帽o
Cruz looked really good and was on his way to a victory but he got caught... hes slower than he used to be and he can't take a shot as well as he used to but hes still competitive in there!
Kyle McKechnie
Kyle McKechnie Hace un a帽o
Cruz won 1,2 chito won 3 Cruz couldn鈥檛 keep the pace of how he was so aggressive in the beginning
Leonardo Quintero
Leonardo Quintero Hace un a帽o
It was just a matter of time! Cheetos is really patient!!
Phillip Moses
Phillip Moses Hace un a帽o
Cruz was dropped 3, maybe 4 times. Even though Cruz was out landing Vera, Cruz, was on his to dreamland. Vera fought smart and timed a well placed kick off of a dip
Denyo's world
Denyo's world Hace un a帽o
I think he is still fast,but his power is the problem
kiezer sosay
kiezer sosay Hace un a帽o
I knew i would be bummed and also happy about either outcome last nite. Both guys are two of my favorites, but somtimes your favorites have to get down. TJ is going to destroy aljo. Now THAT is something I can't wait for...
hoover783 Hace un a帽o
I think Sandhagen is the best in the div. I would like to see him vs Chito.
Ethan Nieves
Ethan Nieves Hace un a帽o
Bro point is, Cruz still the greatest bantamweight ever, chito is just a savage and deserves his respect. "That head kick has always been there Cruz always dips" like stfu honestly Cruz looked good and fast but he just hasn't been rocked that clean by someone as skilled and hits that hard. It don't matter if his chin isn't the same, what casuals don't understand is that these new up and coming dudes are hitting way harder and are much much better and realistically grew up watching guys like Cruz dominate which is why every great fighter eventually meets his end. Also if his chin wasn't the same chito would've finished him the first two knock downs.
alexander hernandez
alexander hernandez Hace un a帽o
*cruz's movement was weird and unorthodox, hard to hit but chito knew this and delivered a NASTY head kick from so far away*
Let Me Be.
Let Me Be. Hace un a帽o
Feels like Angela Hill fights 6 times a year.
Carwin Howard
Carwin Howard Hace un a帽o
And loses 6 times a year
AKU Hace un a帽o
@Carwin Howard I would lose 6 times a year for $95k each. That's over $500k a year.
kojin master
kojin master Hace un a帽o
@AKU you forget dana pays looker room money. She must have got extra for some having questions decisions
toaster j
toaster j Hace un a帽o
agree but she was paid 190 grand for this short one week notice fight , she deserves all that money
David Mildon
David Mildon Hace un a帽o
Let's be real, Cruz would school Aljo
24gamogun Hace un a帽o
This fight really showed the evolution of mma fighting.
Shawn Arnold
Shawn Arnold Hace un a帽o
Not really. Nothing special was shown in this fight.
Steven Spring
Steven Spring Hace un a帽o
Sterling is one of those dudes that is told what to say by a manager, he is a yes man.. once in awhile you can tell when that Manager isnt around... His twitter is filled with 3rd grade insults. I once read a reply to a tweet he wrote, people were making fun of him for his antics when he had the illegal strike and won the Belt. He said he didn't want the belt and was upset then one hour later was doing a full-on photoshoot and claiming to be the king. Someone called him out in the comments in his literal response was "i make more money than you" as of that invalidated the other person, ot was kind of hilarious.
sz4ever Hace un a帽o
I don't know if cruz lost his chin or not, but that kick would have knocked him out at any point in his career
What day is it
What day is it Hace un a帽o
Props to chito but he was getting worked the whole fight he had a problem he has power and some timing but I wasn鈥檛 impressed
No name
No name Hace un a帽o
I really wanted to see Cruz win, dayum
K Don91
K Don91 Hace un a帽o
Cruz looked great but I remember this happening with frankie Edgar and I don鈥檛 want to see that again. Can鈥檛 remember who he was fighting but he looked great then just got sparked clean out.
Goon Shroomz
Goon Shroomz Hace un a帽o
anyone with eyes could see dominicks volume wasnt hurting Chito. Cruz just wanted to win on points and love taps.
David Hace un a帽o
It was a close fight. Too close to call. Chito won by a nose.
Alex Molnar
Alex Molnar Hace un a帽o
B J Pen sir, seeing your tweet instantly made me feel ok about Cruz being kod , I was troubled by this one but I feel better knowing you were watching your a legend and so is Cruz ...ahh man this one stings a little ...congrats to the winner u better go on to be great cuz u just earned a name in the UFC
Cristian Chavez
Cristian Chavez Hace un a帽o
Lots of people saying Cruz was winning on the cards... Your trippin. The number one criteria for judging a fight is DAMAGE. Sure Cruz was floating around, left and right, tagging Marlon here and there but nothing did damage at all. Everytime chito touched Cruz, he dropped. That is damage. We all saw what happened when he landed that kick. After the fight chito looked like he had just had a workout and Cruz nose was facing the other way
comment wisely
comment wisely Hace un a帽o
Rob Font technically beat Chito too. They should of raised his hand. Even though he wasn't recognizable 馃槅
Nick L
Nick L Hace un a帽o
Thats crazy that Angela Hill made more money then Dominick Cruz
RonBurgandy Hace un a帽o
And she鈥檚 awful.
Quest4Truth Hace un a帽o
R u serious? How is that possible
kojin master
kojin master Hace un a帽o
@Quest4Truth woman have been fighting for equal pay for the same work.
Angel Bedolla
Angel Bedolla Hace un a帽o
@kojin master that鈥檚 not the same work lol one was a champ. The other well..
Carl Sagan
Carl Sagan Hace un a帽o
Hill made 190k and Dom made 175k? That's surprising given their.... history, ranks, and placement on the card?
Shaqueal Young
Shaqueal Young Hace un a帽o
Remember he lost so he got his show money he could have gotten double for the win plus 50k more if he got FOTN or Performance Bonus so, so in my eyes Angela Hill doesn鈥檛 make much that much money to show up..
simon m
simon m Hace un a帽o
It was always when not if! Dom needs to stand down now, he has absolutely nothing to prove having achieved more than many ever will in ufc. He's also a really interesting commentator. Hang up the gloves and get the commentator suit on Dom. #respect
Ira Herrero
Ira Herrero Hace un a帽o
IMO Cruz was winning the fight but his chin was not holding up at all. It seemed like any punch from Chito was dazing Cruz and hurting him.
Fresh Produce
Fresh Produce Hace un a帽o
Try not to be too surprised when olivera falls backwards thinking he has the advantage on the ground just to get mauled khabib style馃槅
Mane0ne Hace un a帽o
"Chito vera shocks the world" you realize he was the betting favorite? Nobody was surprised by that outcome
Mike koz
Mike koz Hace un a帽o
Angela Hill made more money than the headliner and legend Dominick Cruz? The pay in the UFC is actually fine but just unbalanced. Some fighters are way overpaid and others way underpaid
Bobby Boucher
Bobby Boucher Hace un a帽o
Aljo was giving Cruz a compliment, he was saying if he was in his prime Chito was fucked.
Curlykiddo Hace un a帽o
its true tho lol chito isnt the real deal yet he needs to fight someone top 3
Pete Olivarez
Pete Olivarez Hace un a帽o
@Curlykiddo aldo is number 3 and already beat him. Title shot should have gone to him and not TJ
Mgv123 Hace un a帽o
@Pete Olivarez Aldo beat him
Pete Olivarez
Pete Olivarez Hace un a帽o
@Mgv123 that's what I said brotha
Ozzy Hace un a帽o
Just do Edgar vs cruz. Cruz is still fast and very skilled, but his chin is not the same. He got dropped like twice against pedro and 4 times against Vera. I don鈥檛 see him being champ with the chin he has unfortunately
David Belitz
David Belitz Hace un a帽o
Cruz had outclassed him.in every way. Anyone with a fight i.q. knew a kick was coming on those dips to the right.
Ray Torres
Ray Torres Hace un a帽o
Yeah especially that close to the fence, he's gotta expect a kick to keep him there. But the problem was his hands were fking him up so hard so his eyes were busy on those lol. Cruz looked like he tired a bit and got caught unfortunately.
E G Hace un a帽o
Cruz is a legend for the sport and that division. To me he is one of the few guys from those divisions that paved the way for guys like chito. The Rushmore of mma and the lower weight divisions. But father time...
Shawn Arnold
Shawn Arnold Hace un a帽o
Nobody would put Dom on the Rushmore of mma.
E G Hace un a帽o
@Shawn Arnold oops meant just the lower weight classes
Crypto Is The Way To Go
I hope rockhold will be able to take a punch with out going out so easily
Hevey Creations
Hevey Creations Hace un a帽o
Me too but I'm afraid Luke will visit the shadow realm early in the fight.
REX YZ Hace un a帽o
If cruz has the poirier power in his punches he wouldve been unstoppable, he was landing combinations and chito wasnt even going down, dom was faster than chito but at the end cruz doenst have the power
Emile Neslo
Emile Neslo Hace un a帽o
I know Costa will beat Luke because he's to sloppy with his defense. Has a good offense but gets strucked way to easy. I mean he even got touched up by Bisping the one eyed man.
Bill Levassiur
Bill Levassiur Hace un a帽o
Good win for Chito.
Jason Miller
Jason Miller Hace un a帽o
It doesn鈥檛 matter that Cruz looked impressive. What Aljo was saying is true. Look at Cruz鈥檚 movement which is one of his weapons . He still moves good but young Dom鈥檚 movement was way more mobile and he鈥檚 a few years from 40. Besides all of that he has been taking damage in this game since the early 2000鈥檚. What Aljo said is true. Dom is still a great fighter he鈥檚 just not as fluid and durable as he once was. Chito is a young killer on the rise
Deenial218 Hace un a帽o
His hips and head don't get out the way at the same speed or distance but I will say his feet looked solid but that jaw gone as well imo. He is legend with nothing to prove he shoulda left gloves in the ring imo was surprised he didn't tbh
ken damac
ken damac Hace un a帽o
Hes been doing the same style for years. So Chito's camp knew what to do. Thats why h茅 was waiting for the right moment.
Micah Williams
Micah Williams Hace un a帽o
I had Cruz winning the fight till he got kicked!
A N Hace un a帽o
I was hungry until I will full
Dr. Loomis
Dr. Loomis Hace un a帽o
The only thing that matters is the result. He lost and his chin is shot...it's unfortunate.
ken damac
ken damac Hace un a帽o
Cruz was leading bc chito was looking for the ko
W Hace un a帽o
@ken damac Bc Chito can鈥檛 strike with Cruz*
Bighead ugly
Bighead ugly Hace un a帽o
We all did
kenneth garland
kenneth garland Hace un a帽o
Aljo is right cruz looked great but his chin isnt the same Plus 135ers now are the size of 45ers when cruz won the title . Aldo perfect example of that
Connolly family
Connolly family Hace un a帽o
Dominic was looking great. Then he just got caught. Happens to the best of them. I thought he won those three rounds.
O.F.F Track
O.F.F Track Hace un a帽o
What exactly did Sterling say that was a problem?
MandosCulture Hace un a帽o
Give Chito a title contender match next.
Jesse Feral
Jesse Feral Hace un a帽o
Cruz looked great. Packed division someone loses in fights. Chito is title bound. Cruz not far behind. He ducked left chito was waiting and like all intelligent fighters. He adjusted and overcame. Another night Cruz gets that strike that changes the entire fight. Dom is a world class fighter. Sterling should worry about his acting career and seal his lips when it comes to opinions about time and effort blah blah blah blah.
Will420 Hace un a帽o
People know Cruz hasn't been the same in many years. Cardio was a big part of Cruz he clearly has lost a step in that department.
Samuel Neil
Samuel Neil Hace un a帽o
@Tony dont care anymore seriously? It's pretty obvious he was getting tired towards the end of the fight. That's why he was caught. You could see him deep breathing by the third round.
Will420 Hace un a帽o
Eugenio Santos III I guess you didn't watch him in wec. Not watching ESvid clips actually watched his fights. I don't even watch the sport anymore to even care. Man never been the same sense the injury but idk what I'm saying...
Harry toderman
Harry toderman Hace un a帽o
Cruz was doing great during early rounds.
Link to the Past Metal Detecting
Dom was getting up
Maximums Drax Kratos 13 4 11
Chito Vera the legend slayer 馃憦馃徔馃憦馃徔馃憦馃徔馃憦馃徔馃挴
Sir Loin
Sir Loin Hace un a帽o
Cruz has unwillingly been relegated to a gate keeper. I had Vera winning the fight anyway. Time to call it a day Dom.
CommonCorySense Hace un a帽o
How did I miss this 4th round you speak of?
Deryk Ronk
Deryk Ronk Hace un a帽o
People are talking about Cruz like he had not won the first three rounds
Solomon Hayes
Solomon Hayes Hace un a帽o
I don鈥檛 think he won round 3, but I do think he took the first two.
NJLev Hace un a帽o
2* rounds
DB from WV
DB from WV Hace un a帽o
Chito game plan wasn鈥檛 to point fight. It was to go for kill shots. He was setting that kick up from round 1. Every time he threw that shot dom was ducking out the same way. Was only a matter of time. He threw it with the right leg earlier in the fight but wasn鈥檛 quite right.
Justina Fuchs
Justina Fuchs Hace un a帽o
You鈥檙e a real genius .. To your information, Cruz didn鈥檛 even win the first three rounds on the judges scorecards, they gave him the first two rounds. And to make you experts really mad: Cruz wouldn鈥檛 have won the first two rounds if the judges had taken the judging criteria serious: Damage trumps everything. Chito slipped or parried 90 % of the punches, but the commentators and the crowd lost their minds every time Cruz blitzed. I鈥檓 glad Chito knocked him out, I don鈥檛 wanna know how you would have scored the fight .. 鈥淐ruz won every single round! Ok, Chito dropped him 7 times, but Cruz was running and swinging like crazy. Man, I believe Dom even won 6 of 5 rounds!!鈥 GTFO ..
wallacesteelersws Hace un a帽o
Cruz is one of my favorite fighters. He simply just likes to fight, but his chin is gone. Hate seeing it the whole fight I saw it.
Chad W.
Chad W. Hace un a帽o
If Cruz evolved a bit, and actually changed his style more, he could be a threat again.
Deegan 777
Deegan 777 Hace un a帽o
Cruz taking that time for injuries was a career ender. He's not going to be a champ ever again. Main card, sure. His time and this loss sealed his fate. I like him too
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