Underwater OnePlus 7 Pro Review

Dave Lee
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My review and water test of the OnePlus 7 Pro. This is the fastest android phone on the market - has no notch, no hole but is somehow VERY water resistant.
OP7 Pro - amzn.to/2WIlJ1J
The pop-up camera on the OnePlus 7 allows this camera to have a completely clean front with no protrusions or visual obstructions. The curved edges look awesome but it's a change to the oneplus design that can hinder usability.

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14 may 2019






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Dave Lee
Dave Lee Hace 4 meses
The distortion and shimmering water in the jug made the phone look like it was turning off constantly. I was so distracted. Thanks for watching! Is the OnePlus 7 what you hoped for? Is it too expensive for what it is?
Jonathan Suniga
Jonathan Suniga Hace 12 días
Blame Samsung for the curved screen, I myself is not a fan of curve displays but I love my OnePlus 7Pro. 😅
Kyle f
Kyle f Hace un mes
@3.14159265358979323846264338327950288 I like apple pi
Sina Solskjær
Sina Solskjær Hace un mes
How did you get face unlock thing work cause I have One plus 7 Pro but how?
Nikhil Shankar
Nikhil Shankar Hace un mes
now that you can get the s10 for 650$, which would you pick ? For instance, both phones 8gb ram and same price, which would you pick?
Kartikay Rai
Kartikay Rai Hace un mes
It's too big
Nathan Payton
Nathan Payton Hace 3 horas
What was the side app bar that you used?
DjSuperK Hace un día
So let me get this straight. The iPhone 11 according to Apple has the fastest cpu chip in a phone and can shoot slow mo at 240fps 1080p. The one+7pro can shoot at 720p at 400 FPS. Yeah Apple your full of shit. I tossing my iPhone X in the trash. Jk 😂
Kleiark Hace un día
If you really wanted to show us a water resistance test you would dump some salt in the water first. For all we know that could be reverse osmosis or some form of pure water (which isn't conductive).
Sajawal Mughal
Sajawal Mughal Hace un día
I want to bought
Seal Hace 2 días
When you look at the phone timer and look back at the time the vid has been running... and the timer on the phone has been running longer than the vid🧐
Seal Hace 2 días
The vid timer is passed at 3:34
CallMeDaddy Hace 2 días
Where do I find that wallpaper?
Fenny Lopez
Fenny Lopez Hace 3 días
I hope the 7t has ultra wide :( im not fond of the form factor of the pro. I dont want the 7 cuz it lacks the ultra wide.
Oozywolf Hace 4 días
Just got this phone. Battery is incredible even with 90hz. So awesome and it loses little during idle. Wake up and I've lost only 5% or so. Really good.
Otha Bojangles
Otha Bojangles Hace 5 días
This phone is so dope I haven't enjoyed a phone this much since the Note 4
Karlucho Abreu
Karlucho Abreu Hace 6 días
This Cellphone is not water proof Don t try it.
Shiny Playz
Shiny Playz Hace 3 días
CosmosElite Hace 3 días
First of all "Cellphone" how old are you 90? Secondly it is he just demonstrated that it was perfectly if you take it apart it even has the water blockers you old idiot.
Joshua Santiago
Joshua Santiago Hace 7 días
Carlos Olvera G
Carlos Olvera G Hace 9 días
8:54 disappointed? it is half the price of an iPhone Xs or S10 and you get a better phone with the best screen, This is the best phone by far.
Akron Ohio
Akron Ohio Hace 9 días
Why? Minus the camera
Syed wasay
Syed wasay Hace 9 días
corrosion coming up :)
Nick Garlick
Nick Garlick Hace 13 días
Do pics still show up blurry on Instagram and snapchat like on other androids?
Nick Garlick
Nick Garlick Hace 11 días
@Gary Dodd s8. I'm just saying they dont show up as nice when peoppenon iphones see them
Gary Dodd
Gary Dodd Hace 11 días
How old are the android phones you've been using? 😂
MC Mikey
MC Mikey Hace 15 días
Still cheaper than apples budget
Sahil Santos
Sahil Santos Hace 15 días
Oh my god.... Such a great video... i was searching the whole youtube for op7 pro curved screen review... Thank you so much Sir... Please keep making videos of op7 pro
Camilo Chavez Contreras
benjascs Hace 18 días
there is a video from a spanish channel, tested with water and it filtrates it into the pop up camera, got the water inside the lense, that means water will eventually get inside the phone as well.
Daniel Beavers
Daniel Beavers Hace 20 días
I disagree. I love the curve screen. I think it's way better to look at and watch
combathotdog Hace 21 un día
I’m not gonna drop mine on a clean water like that. Most likely on a ramen bowl again. Happened twice now 😵
Brian Langhorst
Brian Langhorst Hace 21 un día
for a $1200 dollar note 10+ through Verizon, this phone is a steal...
Anjali kulkarni
Anjali kulkarni Hace 21 un día
Did anyone notice that the timer of the phone was going on for about sixteen minutes but the video is only about fourteen minutes long??
Jayanta Madhav
Jayanta Madhav Hace 22 días
'Get over here' , at the intro. Is it from mobile legends?
Sally J Derryberry
Sally J Derryberry Hace 22 días
Well...i bought one for 700...my last phone was the note 9 and it cost around 1100...i feel like i got a lot of phone for 700 bucks and hardly any bloatware. 😁
Bhuvan P D
Bhuvan P D Hace 23 días
Which theme are u using in your phone ????
Normandy Penegro
Normandy Penegro Hace 23 días
The phone is so cute, like you Dave.
Jefferson Ferreira
Jefferson Ferreira Hace 24 días
Very top product, I recommend to everyone, I have one and it is excellent, has the versions below. 8GB/256GB m.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009842992419.html?wid=1349303&lkid=52572848 12GB/256GB m.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009886261570.html?wid=1349303&lkid=52573511
Nori Yaro
Nori Yaro Hace 24 días
5:45 his face when the phone slipped out of his hands tho.. 😂🤣
TOP 5 Hace 25 días
Think you my device dosent work now
David Vasquez
David Vasquez Hace 23 días
Neither does your spelling
Alexis Alvarado
Alexis Alvarado Hace 25 días
It's not even that big you're just too small lol
KEN 11
KEN 11 Hace 23 días
It's a big phone bro
Alufa Sola
Alufa Sola Hace 25 días
W. Max
W. Max Hace 27 días
so 8gb or 12gb ram? is 12gb ram way better?
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah Hace 27 días
W. Max 8 gb is enough if u play heavy games like pubg
Anthony Vargas
Anthony Vargas Hace 29 días
Great review! I have the iPhone 8+ and I’m still on the fence between one plus 7pro or the s10+? Your input is greatly appreciated guys, best camera/video is important to me!
Dee Loc
Dee Loc Hace 29 días
The video he used looks like lil dickey
Arfir98 Hace un mes
Mine got water damaged like that. Got my money back through insurance and not buying it again
Vamo kage
Vamo kage Hace un mes
Is that stop watch timer stock?
Mehmet Selim Akay
Mehmet Selim Akay Hace un mes
3:05 Many influential youtubers have started to say the truth about edges, I hope manufacturers will listen.
Vitor Magalhães Vitography
Buy a Oneplus 7 phone use this link and get 10€ off (or the equivalent in your currency) in free accessories. oneplus.com/pt/invite#50CO3N6Y17FYN9N
luis flores
luis flores Hace un mes
4:09 does anyone know what app he's using?
Jovica Jovanovic
Jovica Jovanovic Hace 26 días
JayMike Willingham
JayMike Willingham Hace un mes
this is a great review but....can we talk about 11:18 why are we transitioning into that monkeys butthole? 😂😂😂😂😂
Orange County Productions
It's funny that play review on the 6t, people were like I don't mind paying a little more to get a better camera. Now a better camera comes with a bit more pricing and people complain. 😂
Ritesh Singh
Ritesh Singh Hace un mes
Is it true for how many minutes it can be kept in water but don't have IP rating
DAYcMEtrolling deiHATIN
Ip rating and testing is done by an independent body and has to paid for..... it would add a fair bit onto the cost....
Ge Yangon
Ge Yangon Hace un mes
All my bros got the latest Iphones, S10+ and so on. Call me an idiot, So I just got this Beast delivered other day from Fedex. Now I'm just telling myself, your sim card is too big, take it easy. Did I ordered the wrong oneplus 7 pro from the oneplus website or is my Note edge too old... I'm with Verizon, btw... No one really address this. REFUND?....
Fernandinho Adjou
Fernandinho Adjou Hace un mes
i love this phon but i have not lot of money for buy it
don taylor
don taylor Hace un mes
Doe's the o+7pro have micro sd slot ?
TheDES3000 Hace un mes
Richard Danby
Richard Danby Hace un mes
Found a good contender for the Will it blend series
Slawek Michalski
Slawek Michalski Hace un mes
What if I don't care about 90Hz display. It's still better phone from S10+ in Your openion? PS: It's not too deep under water. will be nice to move it a little bit there.
MobileLegends Gamer
stupid game?such a jerk
Philip West
Philip West Hace un mes
Popup cameras are not new. In 2017 Vivo created a phone with one using the mechanism that the 1+ 7 copied. And Amoled or Super Amoled screens are widely used in phones so the 1+ 7 is not innovating with any of the features that give it a "notchless screen".
enmanuel2403 Hace un mes
Vivo is sister company to OnePlus. Chances are they exchange tech, as they both have the same parent company
BrianRDub Hace un mes
LOL I don't think OnePlus ever intended the selfie camera to be opened underwater. It has a rubber seal gasket for when it is closed to protect it but with it opened, the gasket does not so well.
Gerardo Mayorga
Gerardo Mayorga Hace un mes
Do you guys know what edge interface he was using
Herman man
Herman man Hace un mes
Classic LG G3 wallpaper 😁
Illustrious Hace un mes
just got my 7 pro its greatest phone ever
ARKIN Hace un mes
The video is cool and everything but why are you so sissy...?
Nate JA
Nate JA Hace un mes
Agree Dave, I am also not a fan of the curved screen. Also makes screen protection more difficult.
Sswoody Hace un mes
I'm what way is a $700 phone not mid priced when flag ship phones are $1000 plus.
Йордан Кирачен
It has the 90 Hz screen so that’s a good enough reason to buy the f*cking phone... I’m amazed how some people think
Cody Schlenker
Cody Schlenker Hace un mes
Can you use the screen whole it's wet like with Galaxy?
EVAN Jared
EVAN Jared Hace un mes
Your mic is only recording your breath its so much anoyin
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