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Time for some more trick shots... that you never saw coming!
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Kyle Baryonyx
Kyle Baryonyx Hace un hora
This whole video is a framing exercise for the editors
Audiegod Hace 2 horas
Kjersti Day
Kjersti Day Hace 2 horas
I guess it
Firesondiego Hace 2 horas
2:39 - It's a boy!
karmen snider
karmen snider Hace 4 horas
You’re a full-court back shop I’ll give you nothing but I’ll like
Juan Esquivel
Juan Esquivel Hace 5 horas
Wheres my 10 bucks
Random Stuff Adonai
Random Stuff Adonai Hace 5 horas
I guessed the first one
dr boys yt 12
dr boys yt 12 Hace 6 horas
Were is my ten $
the_chunky_dogge _
the_chunky_dogge _ Hace 6 horas
Hey garret i still dont have that $10
Madison Evans
Madison Evans Hace 7 horas
On the first one he was going to hit a different set of pins
JLHoo 23
JLHoo 23 Hace 7 horas
This made me so uncomfortable
josh bergen
josh bergen Hace 8 horas
Were's my 10 bucks i guessed it....... after watching it a million times
Todd Burrows
Todd Burrows Hace 10 horas
I thought all of these were real but I just saw the string on every one of them and they were also flying weird so that's what like weirded me out and so that showed me that they were fake
J Felton
J Felton Hace 10 horas
Eli’s Vloggy
Eli’s Vloggy Hace 11 horas
Stevie Shamah
Stevie Shamah Hace 17 horas
i get 10 bucks gar
Isaac Tran
Isaac Tran Hace 21 un hora
yo gar where my 10 bucks?
Joe Kool
Joe Kool Hace 23 horas
This is what Dude Perfect is going to do for the quarantine
Ayesha Khan
Ayesha Khan Hace un día
I guessed the shot now give me$$$
GaJJu Bhai
GaJJu Bhai Hace un día
give me 10 bucks i guessed it right really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ha ha
ha ha Hace un día
Pikafast123 Hace un día
Coby: There’s a hole in the racket let’s goooooo Me: We all know that
Joe Hilburn
Joe Hilburn Hace un día
Give me 10$
Quizno64 Hace un día
Is it just me, or were Coby's shots the best?
Sheamus Friesen
Sheamus Friesen Hace un día
Wears my 10 dollar's
Max Baker
Max Baker Hace un día
Garret I need my 10 bucks
Brighton Jacobsen
Brighton Jacobsen Hace un día
I think they are running out of ideas
Brenden Sherman
Brenden Sherman Hace un día
Can I have 10 buks
Underscore Hace un día
I did
Aldrin Marapao
Aldrin Marapao Hace un día
And how long do you shot this ?
Sophia Ryan
Sophia Ryan Hace un día
the test would be 134,798x328,376
Oliyouels Hace un día
He owns me ten bucks
Maria Macon
Maria Macon Hace un día
Please subscribe to maria macon
Jeff Sanders
Jeff Sanders Hace un día
0:48 Smart putting lights "above" him too to help the illusion be even more convincing
Edward Ioan Ciocirlan
0:41 gong says Wuhan
mmac willi
mmac willi Hace un día
Who else thought they knew what they were going to do but then realized they were really wrong
Hieu-Trung Dang
Hieu-Trung Dang Hace un día
I guessed all of these so I should have 10$ right now
Owen Cristiano
Owen Cristiano Hace un día
Yes that is your target, CODY!!!
ShaHeim Alvarez
ShaHeim Alvarez Hace un día
I don’t get this but how do u know which one is coby and cory
Tiemen de Boer
Tiemen de Boer Hace un día
Give my 10 bucks
hiiohdesignz Hace un día
2:56 when your basketball team hates you the most. You do this for revenge.
margherita pines cavedon
who's here after 50 mil
scythe Hace un día
Its isn't going to hit the first pins it rebounds and the hits the other pins now give me 10 bucks
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma Hace un día
congratulations for having 50 million subscribers
Jacob DeVincenzo
Jacob DeVincenzo Hace un día
Dude Perfec *tion*
Erian Ermawan
Erian Ermawan Hace un día
There is rope the basketball
Erian Ermawan
Erian Ermawan Hace un día
Ada talinya
Justsert Squad
Justsert Squad Hace un día
0:46 wtf
Soham Nandy
Soham Nandy Hace un día
50mil subs!
Underscore Hace un día
Comment how much holes are in a racket
Jakob0807 Hace un día
Where are my 10 bucks?
Yousuf Syed
Yousuf Syed Hace un día
usually there is more views than subs but this video has more subs than views
rupoo o
rupoo o Hace un día
That's why you guys are richest you tuber
Margie Buela
Margie Buela Hace un día
Jeeveth Gobinath
Jeeveth Gobinath Hace un día
I guess that the bowling ball will bounce of the pins and get a strike on the other set of pins Oh i got it right now wheres the $10
Kellen Swift
Kellen Swift Hace un día
Bounce of the pins and nock down another set of pins where’s my ten bucks
Valentino Linardi 7B
Mobil in indonesia languanges is caar
Sec PLAYS GAMES Hace un día
Give me 10bucks then I'm not gonna be unexpected
Ishmael Bakial
Ishmael Bakial Hace un día
You all should do nurft war in there I hope you all notice me
Wasi Haider
Wasi Haider Hace un día
Rachit Kotha
Rachit Kotha Hace un día
Tyler you are the worst the rage monster hate it because it is the worst if you make another video with Tyler see what am I going to do👹👹👹👹👹
Wasi Haider
Wasi Haider Hace un día
0:45 TO 0:50 WOW !!
eConcept Consulting
eConcept Consulting Hace un día
so cool love it (on my mums computer)
Roblox Alex
Roblox Alex Hace un día
Garret: if you guess what’s gonna happen I ow you 10 bucks Me: Your gonna bowl it in EAZY Also me:NEVER MIND
Dhruv Hace un día
Roblox Alex
Roblox Alex Hace un día
Desived Hace un día
1:53 there’s a pair of legs
Emmanuel François
Emmanuel François Hace un día
Make a another game of dude perfect make a part 1 2 and 3 thanks you
Andy Bowers
Andy Bowers Hace 2 días
We need more of these!
shabina basharee
shabina basharee Hace 2 días
Where my 10 $
Jayanth K . T
Jayanth K . T Hace 2 días
Give my 10 bux
Jamzid Alawiya
Jamzid Alawiya Hace 2 días
Challenge treasure challenge treasure👍👍 mignon miqnon
Axel Royale
Axel Royale Hace 2 días
I guessed it wheres my $10
Arwind Gaming
Arwind Gaming Hace 2 días
Purple hozer:I’ll give u 20 bucks if u guess what’s about to happen Me: *geussed it: Another day Me: ha I never got my 20 bucks
Julicorn Hace 2 días
0:01 I guess you own me 10 bucks😋😋
Jonathan Tallman
Jonathan Tallman Hace 2 días
give me my ten dollers
Faze Minecraft
Faze Minecraft Hace 2 días
You know something wierds gonna happen but when I happens your like W A I T W H A T
Brendon Joncas
Brendon Joncas Hace 2 días
Marc Fernando
Marc Fernando Hace 2 días
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