UNHhhh Ep. 127: Getting Fired

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The gals tell all about past jobs they've been fired from, whether they deserved it or it was because of secret lesbians' evil plot. Then they answer more of your Twitter questions!
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Pete Williams
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Jeff Maccubbin
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16 sep 2020






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Comentarios 100
Aleksandra Nadolna
Aleksandra Nadolna Hace 2 horas
Wow, they actually stayed on topic! U go girls :)
Cristian Puac
Cristian Puac Hace 2 horas
OK but She T is definitely going to be someone's drag name
Rhonda G
Rhonda G Hace 2 horas
Katya quoting Kill Bill is my EVERYTHING! ❤️❤️ I was wrongfully terminated. Shortly after training, I was on my own register when I was 16. Someone switched prices on a boom box and somehow I was supposed to know it. Security walked my crying ass out! The next day, the big boss called me and hired me back telling me just to me more careful.
Dominic Cruz
Dominic Cruz Hace 11 horas
“I love being on camera” “I loav beein awn kamera”
sabbatha Hace 13 horas
This is just unbeliveable how much I love Katya :D Girl, you are such a funny, smart and pretty person :D
Chris Inmon
Chris Inmon Hace 15 horas
Oh word. A bipiloar depression ad. Thanks YT. Yes I’m gay but I ain’t sad! This vid gets me d. ☺️
Imani Henderson
Imani Henderson Hace 16 horas
I ló beon kamera
Lauren Pride
Lauren Pride Hace un día
easily $750 12:15
S Kk
S Kk Hace un día
The editing is always amazing and it's not appreciated enough!!
ray10b73 Hace un día
This was amazing
Akuma Hace un día
the editer's funny!
jacobcoolguy Hace un día
I like the Kill Bill 2 reference that Katya refused to let die even though that movie is 17 years old.
wowza.b!tch __
wowza.b!tch __ Hace un día
left is just juno and right is a scary depiction of sadness and shame
Maria Hace un día
Where is the video where trixie says "Them was quarentimes"
Casimir Rafael
Casimir Rafael Hace 2 días
Im glad i live in a country where its difficult af to get fired
starmanDX27 Hace 4 días
The end of the episdoe really has me thinking just how many bosses have fired someone even temporarily just to have sex with that coworker.
Nicolás Samaniego
Nicolás Samaniego Hace 4 días
ComplexEddy Hace 5 días
Okay but like can we seriously get ongina as a special guest?
mingoyoongi Hace 5 días
i love u trixie but how many times are we gonna hear the mac firing story
Simone Hollweck
Simone Hollweck Hace 5 días
$1,400 dollars of loose leaf tea!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA. that's like 6 lb of high grade tea LOL!
Mickie Animates
Mickie Animates Hace 6 días
melinathin Hace 6 días
Those last seconds were GOLD, they sumed up so very well their relationship
Miguel F Campos Arias
Hello guys. I don't have Tweeter so I'll ask you for a favor here. Either in this channel or in the one you have on Netflix please please please do give your impression on THE GAYEST MOVIE on Netflix: The Flintstones Viva rock vegas, just the first 20 min is enough material. I hope you can do it.
Sarah Hace 7 días
Trixie: I’ve been having a lot of sex. Katya: 😀 !!!
sbeatts Hace 8 días
Ive been fired twice before, my first time was over the phone from my first job at a bowling ally. The second time I worked for a company in their customer service department (listening to people complain 8 hrs a day on the phone) and its an hr and a half drive from my house. I drove to work only to have them let me go and then drive home. However that was a blessing in disguise because I hated that job and now I work 10 mins from my house in health care.
Kevin Clancy
Kevin Clancy Hace 8 días
Why is nobody talking about lo bione kamera ;_;
Moi Moi
Moi Moi Hace 8 días
8:11 killed me😂😂😂
sofia german
sofia german Hace 8 días
idk why but katya saying “and my breath is always boot nasty” kills me
mallinalii Hace 8 días
me2 beleave in the new god corona who is changing the world
baljj Hace 9 días
00:40 'I Lo Bione Kamera' HOWLING
Katia Padilla
Katia Padilla Hace 9 días
LOVED???... HAVING ???
Sarah Vruwink
Sarah Vruwink Hace 9 días
What do you think those MAC people think now?
Karenina Kahler
Karenina Kahler Hace 9 días
I hope it's not about being fired because if it is I'm gonna kill myself.
Arjan Jo Uy
Arjan Jo Uy Hace 9 días
I LO BIONE KAMERA 😂 Why is that funny to me? 😂
bnenomore Hace 10 días
Omg.... this drudged up my first ever job, a memory that I have suppressed for over a decade... As a freshman, I worked for the "sign department" at my college (yes, that's a real thing) & it was the most tedious, perfectionist job ever. Plus it absolutely tore up my nails. After just a few weeks I get a voicemail saying "Hey kiddo, unfortunately you've been voted off the island".... voted off the island... that's how the dude fired me lollll At the time I was pretty devastated because it was literally applying decals to metal frames.... which sounds like the easiest thing in the world! But they demanded perfection. I would have to take a scalpel & cut the air out of any tiny bubbles in the decal... God it was boring lol That job takes a certain personality type of which I am obviously not 😂
Bryce Goodman-Orcutt
Bryce Goodman-Orcutt Hace 10 días
I love how the bleeped the place Trixie got fried from but we all know it was MAC because she already told this story 😂
Lynne Hace 10 días
I love katya doing that bit out of kill bill ! I think I love her x
Alyana Michaels
Alyana Michaels Hace 10 días
I was just fired from Hy-Vee in by Oakdale Mn
eris1aughs Hace 10 días
I need to name someone/thing Breath.
Fancy Pants
Fancy Pants Hace 10 días
would love to see a confrontation between katya and the secret lesbians who wronged her shot and filmed ru-union style but with trixie mediating between them.
Lauren K
Lauren K Hace 11 días
this was one of the best episodes
Danielle Gonzalez
Danielle Gonzalez Hace 11 días
Was 3:16 in another video? I had the most intense Déjà vu that I saw that already?!?! I’m tripping!!!!
natalie enriquez
natalie enriquez Hace 11 días
i got fired from my job yesterday for no reason and now i feel betterrrrrr
Yuval Guetta
Yuval Guetta Hace 11 días
why is nobody talking about “i lo bione kamera”
Gregory Pernicone
Gregory Pernicone Hace 11 días
Can there be an episode of UNHHHH where Katya just tells the full story of the philandering lesbians? I have so many questions still.
Lewis Price
Lewis Price Hace 11 días
the subtle kill bill reference I LOVE YOU KATYA
HannahvaS Hace 12 días
I'm loving Katya's full body condom
petri nax
petri nax Hace 12 días
Oh my god I’m a brad
Potato Wellcox
Potato Wellcox Hace 13 días
Is it me or are the effects of these becoming more insane? lmaooo
jamie Hace 13 días
trixie is out of focus ://
Julio Cesar G. R.
Julio Cesar G. R. Hace 13 días
Magrathea Hace 13 días
I’m so stressed at work I’ve been putting off watching this specific video for 3 weeks.
Liam Corcoran
Liam Corcoran Hace 13 días
trixies laugh is my favorite thing ever
Mason Shireman
Mason Shireman Hace 14 días
katya's giving some strong courtney love at an interview vibes
Kimmahful Hace 14 días
It’s funny cause when this was posted, I wasn’t exactly fired, the tattoo studio was repossessed by the owner of the building cause the owner of the studio wasn’t paying rent for months, so the whole business was shut down and I was completely fucked over in every sense of the word Now, 2 weeks after that, I’m in a new studio who respects me and cares about me and doesn’t leave me in the dark about, yno, fucking repossession and leaving me without a job So 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
René Vu
René Vu Hace 14 días
This is probably the episode I have watched the most this year.
slideindiadms Hace 14 días
“If I had to fire you, I’d quit” is so sweet lol
MATIAS/OFFICIAL 2000 Hace 14 días
I’m not gonna lie. I think this is the episode where they both look their absolute best, I don’t know why but something about them in this episode just screams drag excellence. I think it’s the lip colours.
Derek Pearce
Derek Pearce Hace 15 días
I'm really glad they finally put to bed the requests for them to do each other's looks/makeup. They would've by now if they'd wanted to. Quit asking for it people! And their reasoning was sound and not BS. Also "She-T" made me fucking laugh lol.
Name Hace 15 días
Kat Sabovitch
Kat Sabovitch Hace 15 días
This is wunderbar!
Ricardo Silva
Ricardo Silva Hace 15 días
I lobyon camra
hbh Tcr
hbh Tcr Hace 15 días
Imagine getting fired by katya....like girl...I saw you stuffing money in your purse 30 minutes before close.
Benjamin Rome Clarke
Benjamin Rome Clarke Hace 15 días
"But can she do this????" "Yes."
iMthEphsyco0FREAK Hace 15 días
I got fired one time cause the owner of the shop I was working at was going crazy and started to fire basically everyone but he fired me, had the manager tell me instead of him, then EXPECTED ME TO FINISH MY SHIFT AFTER THEY TOLD ME WHEN I WALKED IN THAT MORNING AND I WAS LIKE UH I DONT WORK HERE ANYMORE WTF
Addif Hace 15 días
I want a girl group called “The Secret Lesbians” 😂😂😂😂♥️
rose191991 Hace 15 días
so glad they talk about this... since 2020 happened
MuCefoca Hace 16 días
I like man with make-up.
Jace K.
Jace K. Hace 16 días
Something or Other
Something or Other Hace 16 días
Tristan Wells
Tristan Wells Hace 16 días
I got fired from a distribution company after I shipped out all their packages for the day so I appreciate Katya saying you shouldn’t patronize someone with a full day of work 😤
Emily Hace 17 días
Is #2 MAC?
Christian Cairns
Christian Cairns Hace 17 días
lol at the end on makeup for men baaaa
owlislike Hace 17 días
I have been fired twice in my life. The worst one was when the manager said " We have to let you go...but I think you are a really great person" FYI managers. DONT. EVER. SAY. THAT.
Queen Gorgon
Queen Gorgon Hace 17 días
Katya's outfit is legendary
Molly McIntosh
Molly McIntosh Hace 17 días
This triggered me I got fired last month
Dana Marie
Dana Marie Hace 17 días
I got suspended for having a miscarriage and was told “we’ll be in touch” so I just quit. I was also a top sales earner and loved by all the regulars. Yeah.
Ashley Parson
Ashley Parson Hace 15 días
That is awful, and I hope that you are in a better environment now
Chloe Alvather
Chloe Alvather Hace 17 días
“In that case, have a great shift!” 🤣🤣I DIED
Maddy Oliver
Maddy Oliver Hace 17 días
this was on my birthday!!!!!!!! :D
Devin Dunn
Devin Dunn Hace 18 días
Boot Nasty
Devin Dunn
Devin Dunn Hace 18 días
10:37 lmaooo
BekensDwarf Hace 18 días
wait why was she at the hospital when she got fired?! she never mentioned why
lillietheoneandonly Hace 18 días
wait, where did trixie work though? 👁👄👁
gloria coy
gloria coy Hace 18 días
they told me “separation of employment “ like????
Sally Taylor
Sally Taylor Hace 18 días
snake diet
lavender six
lavender six Hace 18 días
I was just paranoid yesterday that I would get fired and watching this today really helped lol
Abby Franklin
Abby Franklin Hace 18 días
Did anyone else avoid this episode for a while because the title hit too close to home?
Blueberry Pie
Blueberry Pie Hace 18 días
3:00 Katya: I fall over and my blouse comes undone and my breasts come out... Trixie: uh uh...is that it? Me: 😂😂😂
fat matt
fat matt Hace 19 días
Trixie..... spending only contract time...lol... As trixie sucks the life outta katya... trixie gets... thinner and hotter as katya gets fat old and used... hahahaa wake up katya
fat matt
fat matt Hace 19 días
Im the biggest stupid bitch i know... Thanks for keeping this going ... i need it
Elinor Jones
Elinor Jones Hace 19 días
"why they fire you? your leg"
Pan Hace 19 días
Trixie should've said: Well Bret you have been promoted to customer.
Adelaide Mathison
Adelaide Mathison Hace 19 días
Why does Trixie look kinda like Bianca at 6:30??
vuvu XoXo
vuvu XoXo Hace 19 días
When the editors leave the santa beard on trixie
LiamMcfarlane13 Hace 19 días
Oh my god, the perfect way to fire someone is to make them fall in love with you and then say “I really want us to hook up but we can’t because I’m your boss... so you’re fired, take your clothes off.” 😂
Maeve Sheehan
Maeve Sheehan Hace 19 días
I want to personally thank Jeff and Ron for all of the happiness they’ve caused me.
Liz Cawthorne
Liz Cawthorne Hace 19 días
I was fired from a job that I was only at for 2 weeks and it was the same week COVID broke out in Australia and I was sick (didn’t have COVID just the flu or something) the day I was fired turned out I got the whole office sick and there was only 4 or 5 people left in the office 😂
Cael J. Harden
Cael J. Harden Hace 19 días
I love Katya’s fantasies. They’re always so morbid, completely insane, and make no fucking sense 😂🤣 which makes them amazing
Chay Taylor
Chay Taylor Hace 20 días
Katya: OoooAAaaaooOOOHHHHHHH Ad: Introducing, the new google pixel! Me: wtffffffffff
Kelvin DiLaurentes
Kelvin DiLaurentes Hace 20 días
“Absolutely I do, a personal attack even” omg I seriously fell off my chair laughing my ASS off!!!! Hahah hahahaha
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