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Unus Annus
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What would you do if you only had a year left to live? Would you squander the time you were given? Or would you make every second count?
Welcome to Unus Annus. Today marks the beginning of our year-long journey where the only certainty is the end. In exactly 365 days this channel will be deleted along with all of the daily uploads accumulated since then. Nothing will be saved. Nothing will be reuploaded.
This is your one chance to join us at the onset of our adventure. To be there from the beginning. To make every second count. Subscribe now and relish what little time we have left or have the choice made for you as we disappear from existence forever. But remember... everything has an end. Even you.
Memento mori.
Unus annus.
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15 nov 2019






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Maggie Norris
Maggie Norris Hace 21 un día
For those who don't know, "unus annus" is "one year" in Latin. The more you know! ❤️
Some Guy
Some Guy Hace 13 horas
Mark Dordas
Mark Dordas Hace 13 días
*idk one anus*
Victor00123HD Hace 20 días
I guessed as much, in Romanian, its 'un an' close enough XD
Mike Flores
Mike Flores Hace 20 días
Maggie Norris wow thanks
Mari 215
Mari 215 Hace 20 días
Big brain
Schmitt Hace 3 horas
When this first uploaded I thought they were going to delete the Markiplier channel in 1 year and i got so scared.
Tanisha Applin
Tanisha Applin Hace 3 horas
this gives me so much anxiety (yet I'm going to watch all the videos anyway)
LoganNerd★ Hace 6 horas
Saihtam Srettaw
Saihtam Srettaw Hace 7 horas
Better update my calender.
Localshark Hace 8 horas
Been a while but the videos are amazing. This text is for anyone who is new.
Tooxic805 __
Tooxic805 __ Hace 9 horas
So what’s the point of this channel?
Sean Moses
Sean Moses Hace 10 horas
Man when this video game out, I was excited for the channel, thinking it was going to be something super cool, but it's just Mark and Ethan hanging out instead of the spooky-ness that was implied
Joobzi Joober
Joobzi Joober Hace 10 horas
Markiplier: “We will be deleting this channel and every single video on it.” *Me with my 500k gb drive* Me: Yeah, bet.
The antics Of hoodie man
Ok this is deep but How’d you guys find those suits they’re like exact opposites in colors
QU4D Hace 11 horas
Does anyone know where to find this background music?
TheNithal Hace 11 horas
Those reverse crash zooms reveal your green screen.
Lindsay Moss
Lindsay Moss Hace 12 horas
So....why was this made? I'm confused but at the same time I'm subscribing.
ozy boi
ozy boi Hace 12 horas
Welp we had a good run boys, we will miss u when the channel gets deletes or u delete it. We will always love u 💓
Meaghan Garceau
Meaghan Garceau Hace 13 horas
So funny! This video launched on my birthday!! Sorry I’m late to commenting!
Grace Livingston
Grace Livingston Hace 13 horas
I just realized that in a year a lot can happen but it can also go by faster than we realize. So, hi future me, hope your first year of college is going well 👍
Vasilia Kofidis
Vasilia Kofidis Hace 14 horas
the secret to see this video Again to record it right????????
Adia Otey
Adia Otey Hace 15 horas
Wait download the videos
Matias Cora
Matias Cora Hace 16 horas
Because NO ONE will download/record the videos
it me
it me Hace 18 horas
Oscar Arriaga
Oscar Arriaga Hace 18 horas
You do realize someone will reupload these right?
Koryn MacD
Koryn MacD Hace 21 un hora
50 dollars to buy a t-shirt and ship it to Canada:(
TANUKA GUPTA Hace un día
Just download all the videos
Keane Hester
Keane Hester Hace un día
No joke they are acting like their so drugged out
paperman12 Hace un día
Then one spicy boi with internet arrives with a downloader
Rojan Osano
Rojan Osano Hace un día
I dislike because i hate your videos and wierd too and even markiplier account is wierd
Vprizgar Hace un día
I find it crazy how Ethan started off as the "backflip guy" and was a big fan of Mark so he did a backflip for mark and from there they became best friends all the way to the point where they now have their own ESvid channel together. It just brings me to tears on how Ethan turned from a big fan, to one of a huge youtubers best friend. I'm so thankful for both mark and ethan for making me happier and happier everyday and also for making everyone else's day better because I want you guys to know that you change people's lives sometimes so thank you for being awesome content creators and changing people's lives and making us feel happier.
Narren Itsuwaru
Narren Itsuwaru Hace un día
I feel like I was forced to click the link at this point. Coerced. Held hostage, even.
Nathan Radich
Nathan Radich Hace un día
Mark: You will never see any of our videos. Me trying to prove them wrong: Downloads every video.
Ryan Jorgensen
Ryan Jorgensen Hace un día
I love markiplier
Ryan Jorgensen
Ryan Jorgensen Hace un día
I don’t want him to delete al of his videos
Just record the video
Rizki Maul
Rizki Maul Hace un día
what channel is this?
Slime KING
Slime KING Hace un día
unus anus unus anus UNUS ANUS
450 pound Tv
450 pound Tv Hace un día
I know this is a joke but this is really scary and cool
Im_Furious 0505
Im_Furious 0505 Hace un día
Couldnt we just....save the videos...that defeats the purpose....
Draco Anonymous
Draco Anonymous Hace un día
I legit thought Mark was talking about his channel at first. I was terrified.
Aéro Upstartbear
Aéro Upstartbear Hace un día
So you guys started a cult?
Phoenix Acosta
Phoenix Acosta Hace un día
Download every video made..
Misti Rainwater-Lites
Quiero merch. 🔆🍌🔆
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