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What would you do if you only had a year left to live? Would you squander the time you were given? Or would you make every second count?
Welcome to Unus Annus. Today marks the beginning of our year-long journey where the only certainty is the end. In exactly 365 days this channel will be deleted along with all of the daily uploads accumulated since then. Nothing will be saved. Nothing will be reuploaded.
This is your one chance to join us at the onset of our adventure. To be there from the beginning. To make every second count. Subscribe now and relish what little time we have left or have the choice made for you as we disappear from existence forever. But remember... everything has an end. Even you.
Memento mori.
Unus annus.
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15 nov 2019






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Maggie Norris
Maggie Norris Hace 7 meses
For those who don't know, "unus annus" is "one year" in Latin. The more you know! ❤️
ghostly gamer
ghostly gamer Hace 15 días
Nolan Hace un mes
GraysonGoesGlobal Hace un mes
IzzyTalks Hace un mes
The Max ESvid comment size is 500.
Æch Cee
Æch Cee Hace un mes
Sam's Great Adventure
Mark and Ethan: ... Let's trigger everyone's Death Anxiety
EzeegamingE Hace 3 horas
No one said I can’t screen record every single video and then save them to my files!
Whittical Hace 4 horas
Tate Lynch
Tate Lynch Hace 6 horas
Some dude on Reddit told me about this and I thought it was a death cult for like 10 minutes
ZachaTL Hace 7 horas
Fortnite Legend
Fortnite Legend Hace 7 horas
NOOO i love unus annus :(
Loliboi 503
Loliboi 503 Hace 8 horas
mark and ethan: we will be deleting all of the videos uploaded, in one year me: oh shit someone record this!!!
Katie Acero
Katie Acero Hace 9 horas
November, 15. 2020 Is when they're going to delete their channel
MAURICIO PONCE Hace 13 horas
Anjelica L.M
Anjelica L.M Hace 14 horas
When they delete this channel, the coronavirus will disappear suddenly forever, and unus annus will go down in history💀
Dragolia The Silent
Dragolia The Silent Hace 14 horas
I think that Amy is Grey and Momento Mori. Prove me wrong.
Unus Annus?
ᴛʏᴘᴏ_ ᴅᴜᴄʜᴇss
The fact it says this was made 7 months ago is making me sadder now-
Ben Noble
Ben Noble Hace 20 horas
To claim that archivists are "traitors" is contradictory to this channel's very message as taken by anyone other than a complete sociopath. The channel's very description poses the question: "If you had a year left to live, what would you do?" How, then, I ask, is it not a valid answer to respond "Attempt to prolong my own life past the one-year deadline"? Because in the context of the metaphor, that is what these archivists are doing. If Unus Annus is a metaphor for death, then archivists are a metaphor for the human will to live. And to attempt to break that is utterly sociopathic.
spencer.999 Hace 20 horas
Too bad I’m gonna download them to mp4 🤷‍♂️
Ett Hace 2 horas
Bruh how much space does your computer have!?
Linkling Boi
Linkling Boi Hace 21 un hora
atleast the channel is only gonna be dead except for both of them
ainyrain Hace un día
Im reuploading every video on this channel bc im a bad boy.... i also.. just have no life..
n00baddict 53
n00baddict 53 Hace un día
these guys are making 2020 better
XandvierCatsYT Hace un día
i mean, someone out there will probiably take a youtube downloader and download all 365 videos, because they are idiots xD
Ghost Gaming
Ghost Gaming Hace un día
So not only is 2020 most likely the end of corona it’s also the end of this
SP Hace un día
People can legit just save the videos. Nice try tho.
good night
good night Hace un día
ESvid premium you can download videos. We beat the system.
osamu Hace un día
what if when they delete the channel everybody who has downloaded a video onto their device, their device just blows up. ethan and mark will be sitting there like: w e w a r n e d y o u
5th Sky
5th Sky Hace un día
Screen record their videos and you'll have em for a lifetime
Zues teh birb
Zues teh birb Hace un día
May as well comment, in less than half a year it'll all be gone a anyways 🤷
panos k101
panos k101 Hace un día
Me filming every video
Hunter Samson
Hunter Samson Hace un día
Me who didn't watch the seventy videos I missed at the beginning of the year, and now I have the to watch them before November 15 2020: 😬.
Marvette Anderson
Marvette Anderson Hace un día
Lie you miss ever Saturday
Brody Kinch
Brody Kinch Hace 2 días
Unus annus: we will delete every video and this channel Reuploaders: are you sure about that
Brody Kinch
Brody Kinch Hace un día
Edible Cookie_Dough
Edible Cookie_Dough Hace un día
Yeah, unus annus is deleting reuploaders too.
Einherjar Angel
Einherjar Angel Hace 2 días
so what's going to happen after the channel is deleted?
Edible Cookie_Dough
Edible Cookie_Dough Hace un día
@Justice Melon no, they are gonna do something about the re uploaders I'm pretty sure.
Justice Melon
Justice Melon Hace 2 días
Except for reposters
Justice Melon
Justice Melon Hace 2 días
Its dead forever
BlueGaming [YT]
BlueGaming [YT] Hace 2 días
Nightmare Smiledog
Nightmare Smiledog Hace 2 días
In one year Yellowstone will erupt is this it?
sayla Hace 2 días
someone screen record all of them and once it gets deleted make another channel
Jeffkilerthe Hace 2 días
sayla yesssss
Evan Estrada
Evan Estrada Hace 2 días
These guys don't know the power of reuploads.
Tik Tok Bad
Tik Tok Bad Hace 2 días
Ha, more like, Annus Unus.
your gacha mom
your gacha mom Hace 2 días
unus annus is bill cipher's prophecy.
cuciuu Hace 2 días
This is truly the worst year
Hunterx 445
Hunterx 445 Hace 2 días
People who download all of there videos: *im gonna do what is known as a pro gamer move*
Blueberry Nat
Blueberry Nat Hace 2 días
Can someone save or screen record every video from unus annus? If you did that then you are a bloody legend
Edible Cookie_Dough
Edible Cookie_Dough Hace un día
kpop lover3605
kpop lover3605 Hace 2 días
them: youll never watch this again me: is already screen recording BET
iRealityy Hace 2 días
And then they cooked breakfast with dild0s
Hugh Phillips
Hugh Phillips Hace 2 días
for those who don't know, almost everything on the internet is downloaded and re-uploaded these days, and the chances of this only increase with the popularity of the content.
Blake Wilson-smith
Blake Wilson-smith Hace 2 días
ok but people can and will download every video and reupload it
R.A THE BEAST Hace 2 días
5 months boys I gotta go watch every video
RunImaTTV Hace 2 días
Memento mori
Pumblepik Ingame
Pumblepik Ingame Hace 2 días
Jokes on you i have downloaded all the videos
Destiny Velasquez
Destiny Velasquez Hace 2 días
I love the "and merch" part 😂😂
the sad_gamer
the sad_gamer Hace 3 días
im ninety nine percent sure that someone is going to record all the videos and create a second channel and posting it there maybe it might be name Unus Annus2 or something else but im pretty sure thats going to happen
melanie. martinez.111
Me: *screen records them* Unus annus:FBI OPEN UP
Dr-bread Hace 3 días
I can just download videos with random website that allows you to download videos
Jonathan Groff
Jonathan Groff Hace 3 días
Imma cry
Ava Nomura
Ava Nomura Hace 3 días
yall picked a bad year for a year long channel
Just Animation
Just Animation Hace 3 días
HA i just record this watch a gonna do?
Sour Turtle
Sour Turtle Hace 3 días
SRT 302
SRT 302 Hace 3 días
We can just record the videos and keep them right?
NHGCraft Hace 3 días
Downloaders be like: Are You Really In charge here
RED FOX Hace 3 días
Quick someone reupload the videos
Ellen G
Ellen G Hace 3 días
sad how 7 million people saw this but only 3 million subscribed- 4 million of you are missing out
Damien Hurtado
Damien Hurtado Hace 3 días
Why are doing this
not_sysik Hace 3 días
The pinned comment is the translation of “unus annus” but “memento mori” means “remember that you have to die”
katelyn the coolest ;0
this concept terrifies me
Kate Cahoon
Kate Cahoon Hace 3 días
There are already many tragedies and disasters of 2020, but Unus Annus ending will be one of the worst.
Ethan LaMore
Ethan LaMore Hace 3 días
Everyone repost all please
CarvingGalaxy Hace 3 días
... never see these videos again???...*downloads every video* hehehe
Gabriel Delaney
Gabriel Delaney Hace 3 días
Fun fact: you didn’t watch this video once
Eduardo Porcayo
Eduardo Porcayo Hace 3 días
I can't help but feel like this channel dying soon is a bit pointless, since nothing really dies on the internet. Anyone will just reupload all of these videos and they will be scattered across the internet forever lmao
Pietato Hace 3 días
Whyyyyyyyy 😔
Green Shots
Green Shots Hace 3 días
3FU Hace 3 días
Give me the channel
Pikachu Sans
Pikachu Sans Hace 3 días
OH YEAH? *screen records all the videos* Edit: ok I’m not actually doing this
saoirse cox
saoirse cox Hace 3 días
my birthday is on the 31st of december. i know exactly how to spend it.
MuhdibrahimVEVO Hace 3 días
Starts 15 Nov 2019 End 15 Nov 2020 (Prepare A Camera! They will Delete)
jere gamer
jere gamer Hace 3 días
oh no
Xx Panda xX
Xx Panda xX Hace 3 días
what if we re upload???
Xx Panda xX
Xx Panda xX Hace 3 días
@AchievedChair 17 i wont do it lol but do u know how copyright works?
AchievedChair 17
AchievedChair 17 Hace 3 días
Xx Panda xX they still have the proof the videos were originally theirs
Xx Panda xX
Xx Panda xX Hace 3 días
@AchievedChair 17 yh but if they delete the channel...?
AchievedChair 17
AchievedChair 17 Hace 3 días
Then you will be shamed, and also copystriked
Mustaqim Askamil
Mustaqim Askamil Hace 3 días
hard to believe that we only have another 3 months left to go.
You Tube
You Tube Hace 3 días
Cholera was a part of life. So is death really a part of life? I subscribed anyway😀💀
It’s_ Kyle
It’s_ Kyle Hace 3 días
okay but like you could literally screen record the videos and keep them
3eOm3Try K1d
3eOm3Try K1d Hace 3 días
Welp! Some lad will start screen recording all these vids lol
Briany Kalms
Briany Kalms Hace 4 días
Why does it have to be deleted? 😭
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