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16 may 2022






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NerdSync Hace 2 meses
one quality I wish andrew tate shared with Batman is that Batman doesn’t exist
xflvria Hace 3 días
zaccuhree Hace 3 días
Hi Scott! I couldn’t agree more.
Shawn Taylor LIVE
Shawn Taylor LIVE Hace 4 días
you kinda look like him
Pingus Tingus
Pingus Tingus Hace 4 días
@Zeuz L
Benjamin Totally Sucks!!!
I laughed my ass off as soon as he said he’s too advanced to read.
this will not do
this will not do Hace 9 horas
i stg i straight up cannot believe he's anything but a troll.. does he hear himself?
Crewmate CantSleep
Crewmate CantSleep Hace 5 días
this bedtime story is classified information, I can't read it to you - Tate probably
Ktheter Kuceder
Ktheter Kuceder Hace 5 días
@Ebony dark'ness dementia raven way Kindergarden then.
Ebony dark'ness dementia raven way
@Ktheter Kuceder tate isn't even smart enough for primary school lmao
sansisntness Hace 6 días
@Drefu_ probably cos he cant read
Just Arkon
Just Arkon Hace 2 meses
As a Romanian, not surprised this happened in my country. Breaks my heart to see foreigners literally move here to make our lives worse
FluffyCloud 👑🎗
@Call it Why would they need to lie about that?
Miss_Chelles Hace 3 días
@ꗃ♡​ꫝ​ꫀꪖ𝘳𝓽𝘴 oof- that's sad. 😷
jirouke is shookth
jirouke is shookth Hace 5 días
this is so weird because I saw a Guy talking about being Romanian and saying that Andrew Tates doing none of these things and that the police system is so in corrupt but going through his post history he was definitely American. idk
Elon Husk
Elon Husk Hace 6 días
I’m not even English and I feel guilt
Gr1zz25 Hace un mes
I imagine tate crying because he’s trying to read a kids book
AbnormalUser 555
AbnormalUser 555 Hace 5 horas
@Ceremi Dude is the only joke you have “Lol you no have father”? It’s getting old, you’ve used it like seven times, come up with something else 🙄. Not to mention there isn’t even anything wrong with people who only have one parent.
Jacob Fuemmeler
Jacob Fuemmeler Hace 3 días
@Dare I ask you good fellow, Mind telling me 9+10? YES 🤣🤣🤣
samsa Hace 5 días
​@Mari Carreon same, Tate seems like the type to sweat when reading Enid Blyton. Joyce would probably land him in the hospital. No shame in that, of course, Ulysses is intimidating for anyone, but I would never claim it’s because I’m ‘too smart’ lol
Gabriella Hace 23 días
Tates little boyfriends in the comments are terrifying, it's crazy how they can see all of this laid out yet still believe that Andrew Tate is somebody who should be idolised. He's causing a whole new generation of woman-haters, even if the sex trafficking allegations turn out to be false he's still openly misogynistic. Some people need to get their dense heads around the fact that Andrew Tate is not a positive role model! Even if Andrew Tate's online persona is satire, he is still negatively influencing so many young, insecure boys who get no bitches
Platonic Waifu
Platonic Waifu Hace 9 horas
@KEITHINATOR He literally does not believe that woman are equal to men. You’re jumping through so many hoops.
alyssabear Hace 16 horas
@KEITHINATOR When your comment is getting ratio'd into oblivion, I think that's the point when u need to realize you're wrong
FluffyCloud 👑🎗
@uguess94 Blue, what color is *yours?*
Mihaa Kovacs
Mihaa Kovacs Hace 2 meses
As a romanian i agree that police does not pursue sexual assault allegations, so basically Andrew can do what he wants is romania and that's sad
Mr Rat Man Kool 23
Mr Rat Man Kool 23 Hace un día
@the actual alex 💪
the actual alex
the actual alex Hace un día
@Mr Rat Man Kool 23 this is like the "BRAZIL NUMERO UNO!!!" post
Arun B
Arun B Hace un día
I think what u meant to say was u can confirm that its true that the Romanian police doesn't pursue sexual assault allegations, because its coming across as if you agree and think it's right that they don't, and that's not the case... I hope.
Patric Hace 4 días
ce ai fa
miru Hace 9 días
@Charlie Brown the system is corrupt
Extermin8or Hace 2 meses
Anyone who defends Andrew tate is pathetic
Oona Hace 5 horas
@Solarleapyt obvi they dont
H0NEY_BEE Hace 3 días
Harley Hace 5 días
Solarleapyt Hace 7 días
@Cheesus Cheese I can't tell if you support him or hate him, but I hope you hate him.
cam Hace 2 meses
He DIDN'T have a woman held captive in his house, he had TWO women held captive in his house
h a r i n i
h a r i n i Hace 6 días
@ivyiouspoison yeah I meant I'm on your side nvm I replied to the wrong person
TeletubbieMidget Hace 9 días
@miru and he's absolutely not my role model i don't like the guy at all.
miru Hace 9 días
@TeletubbieMidget literally all the romanian news are about that. they may not be 100% true but it’s not like it’s a mistranslation or anything, he is a creep. accept that and choose other role models
ivyiouspoison Hace 9 días
@h a r i n i cope this ratio
Wooters Hace 6 días
i absolutely hate andrew tate and as a woman it makes me feel so unbelievably sick that young men or anyone is supporting this man or even liking him for the misogynistic "jokes". he is sickening and im so concerned for the future of how women are treated....
Make your day
Make your day Hace 21 un hora
@TopHatGirrafe yeah agreed as a woman but I think he is just a trend and will go away soon
TopHatGirrafe Hace 21 un hora
As a man, I hate Andrew Tate. Probably one of the worst human beings on social media.
Make your day
Make your day Hace un día
@bruskythegreat25 Bro if this was the other way around you will go like “Men do so much for you and this is what you do in return?🥺”
lukewarm Hace un día
@bruskythegreat25 found one lmao
Drefu_ Hace 13 días
You should see him when he gets into a debate with someone who knows their shit such as Hasan. Andrew became super defensive, scared, and asked his minions to remove Hasan from the podcast because he was "ruining the vibe" when in reality was being called out for his bullshit and losing the dabate.
Jailee Van Dyke
Jailee Van Dyke Hace 12 horas
fr he tries to always be right about something when it’s scientifically wrong but Tate thinks if he says “from my personal experience” it just makes him even more right
Fae Donegan
Fae Donegan Hace 18 horas
@LeoGetz007 The sad thing is, that’s the only reason anyone would ever tolerate him. A decent and real _man_ doesn’t need to be rich or disrespectful towards any group of people, he doesn’t *need* to be with infinite women night after night to give an endless stream of ego boosts because he’ll never be truly confident in himself without other people’s acceptance (which is fake, because they only want him for those temporary things that aren’t true qualities he possesses or aspects of his character) and this all stems from the fear that _no one would stay with him if they really got to know him_ so of course he doesn’t even attempt to create a real relationship with anyone, he’s too afraid to poke that bear. He is so dependent on other people’s opinions of him, he couldn’t even stand up and face his crimes like an actual man (which, unfortunately this world keeps potential men _boys_ for as long as it possibly can, it enables them to never take any responsibility for their actions or mistakes, and never uphold any kind of actual standard that is worth looking up to), he had to flee like a weasel and then of course run to his flock of followers so they can continue to stroke his ego in between the women he either tricks with the lie of his persona (because he is just a puppet of his own genitals, he isn’t even true to himself as a person, isn’t even a representative of his own soul, he is literally just a facade to attract sex, which he has thrown himself away for because he believes that’s all that matters out of life, when if it is, it’s sex with someone you _love_ not the meaningless s%*t he has to offer) or apparently forces to be there with him, which is the very proof against his ‘attractiveness’ to women and should cause his fans to stop and think _is by force the only way they want to be able to get women too?_ Because you become like what you focus upon and idolise. And _this_ is what _you_ call a *Man?*
pog champ
pog champ Hace un día
@GINGER P thanks for giving what needed to be gave
LeoGetz007 Hace 3 días
@GINGER P aight
GINGER P Hace 3 días
@LeoGetz007 people who enter comment sections just to win an argument and not actually have a conversation
shatterjack Hace 2 meses
This is danny's second channel where he gets a little bit goofier, a little bit wackier, and he drinks [REDACTED]
soulsded. Hace 15 días
It’s funny cuz I can tell it’s liquid death
Gronkus bonkus🧌
Gronkus bonkus🧌 Hace 17 días
@Ayoto 🅥 no
monkey d clips
monkey d clips Hace 27 días
and gets even more less funny
Noe Cereceres
Noe Cereceres Hace un mes
Bro bro ur also as goofy as Andrew 😂😂
@Ayoto 🅥 no
Miranda Yount
Miranda Yount Hace 13 días
I am genuinely terrified of the consequences of Andrew Tate and similar influencers. Andrew pulls in young, impressionable boys and basically brainwashes them into the most concerning mindset about women. And the fact that he has so many accusations and is literally an abuser yet is so popular means his behavior will only be normalized, and young boys will be under the impression that actually laying a finger on a woman is no big deal.
XSue Hace 6 días
@Alexander Armstrong yup
Alexander Armstrong
Alexander Armstrong Hace 6 días
@XSue for an extremely misguided, misogynistic man, sure 👍🏼
XSue Hace 6 días
Tbh Tate’s actions are normal
Mickey Way
Mickey Way Hace 7 días
Ria Rio
Ria Rio Hace 2 meses
I live in a fairly conservative and patriarchal country, so it goes without saying that discrimination against women is normalized to an extent in this part of the world. But that being said, even people from my country would find Andrew primitive and despicable. He's just objectively disgusting. An average person (even those who're traditional and anti-feminists) doesn't condone human trafficking or manipulating women into doing WebCam.
Aurelia Lucinus
Aurelia Lucinus Hace 6 días
@Mr Vaas They literally found two women and you're here regurgitating what Andrew said. Weren't all young men all about Ben Shapiro's "facts over feelings" schtick a couple years back??? What happened since then? The evidence hurt your personal feelings or something. Piss off will you.
Mother Mushroom
Mother Mushroom Hace 11 días
@Mr Vaas literally the only people who have made that claim ate Andrew gate and his followers lmao
a wise man
a wise man Hace 11 días
@Mr Vaas they found two captive women......
Nav Hace 12 días
Andrew is type of person who thinks he can catch a sword that is flying towards in mid air
Astrix_ Moon
Astrix_ Moon Hace 4 días
@Certified Obama Hedron LMAOOOO
XSue Hace 5 días
@Au if you think about it a cafe is where a lot of people are and Andrew will definitely get scared and use them as body armor.
Au Hace 5 días
@XSue I wish he’d try, miss, and hurt/embarrass himself
XSue Hace 5 días
@Au I wish it did not happen
Au Hace 6 días
I wish he would try
ai :]
ai :] Hace 7 días
i think the fact that he admitted he'd move to a place where he could exploit women more easily is very telling of the type of person he is, its honestly sad that there are people out there who think he's joking or that what he's saying is fine
Piña Galaxia
Piña Galaxia Hace 2 meses
This man is disgusting. I'm absolutely mortified that so many people are fans of him and support his actions. I hope that the people he has abused will gt the justice they deserve.
FluffyCloud 👑🎗
@Abaddon The Destroyer I believe they mean that you like children as in you are attracted to them
FluffyCloud 👑🎗
@Spank Buda That’s literally not that easy lmao
Cheesus Cheese
Cheesus Cheese Hace 7 días
actually though hes not a g or a sigma, hes a sad little man who needs to decieve depressed teens who were rejected by there girlfriends to make people like him.
Sourcreammy Hace 6 días
When Tate responded to Danny he said no one would EVER pick Danny over him. I and most other people would choose Danny any day!!! Tate is a horrible person and I hate almost everything he does
OperatorDuck Hace 5 días
Danny literally has a wife and Tate has several women locked in his basement against their will, so, I think Danny’s winning
The Holy Bible
The Holy Bible Hace 16 días
I never realized that a lot of people truly believed what he said until a close family member told me about how they think this guy is correct about a lot of stuff. It's so fucking disgusting to see him convince younger men that they should be treating women this way and that they should embrace toxic masculinity.
Morgan Productions
Morgan Productions Hace 14 días
When Danny decided that the G stands for “Goofy,” I thought that might be a bit of a downplay of how terrible this guy is, until I realized he’s so self absorbed and reliant on his masculinity being known that if anyone referred to him as goofy, he would probably actually be furious with them. So now I’m on board
Alecs Hace 5 días
It's alarming that toxic & abusive people like this get famous on social media and a lot of their fans are kids and stupid people. But Tate isn't like any of the other "alpha" males I've seen on social media. Other "alpha" males are misogynists too, yes, but they aren't as arrogant and blatant about their crimes, they don't brag as much as he does, and they don't teach their young, impressionable audience to not read because they're "too smart" for that.
joedyisonfire Hace 2 meses
Even when he is literally committing high crimes against humanity, people will still support him just because he’s rich and loud. Notice how this statement could apply to at least 5 men that come to mind immediately.
R. R.
R. R. Hace 12 días
Yea it’s hilarious. These fan boys are the same as the redditor fan boys who are on all these other guy’s meat. Whether it be the threat to cats or a threat to children. They use these men and their philosophies to project confidence.
Idiot Leg
Idiot Leg Hace 2 meses
@DarkShadows713 yup. everyone forgets the fact that he dated a 17 year old and is friends with both roman polanski and marlyn manson (and defends both of em)
Abaddon The Destroyer
"Women remain children all their lives, for they always see only what is near at hand, cling to the present, take the appearance of a thing for reality, and prefer trifling matters to the most important" - Arthur Schopenhauer.
Elijah Davila
Elijah Davila Hace un mes
I could otherwise ignore this man, but not only is he a bad person, but if you look all over Tiktok or his channel, you'll see that he has a serious following (of what I can only assume are 13 year old boys) who are saying stuff like "Tate with another W take" or "This man only speaks facts." The way the world is going recently, the last thing we need is young boys assimilating this kind of mindset towards women. I find it all very concerning that he would have such a cult following.
Mayor of Tally Hell
Mayor of Tally Hell Hace 8 horas
Completely agreed. Tate himself is one thing, but the fact he’s raising an army of tater tots that will blindly believe anything he says is fucking terrifying, especially with how large his following is
bluet 。
bluet 。 Hace 8 días
Honestly, all the men and boys like him in the first place because they probably already felt that way about women. He just adds A LOT more fuel to the fire.
h a r i n i
h a r i n i Hace 10 días
KermitTheGodSlayer Hace un mes
"There is no female alive that could come close to the immense power that I possess." I think we should just get 5 random women athletes and get them to fight him individually and see who wins.
Zoruamaster249 Hace un día
@John Machenzie you’re really underestimating weight classes, unless that’s included in a “fair fight”
John Machenzie
John Machenzie Hace 2 días
​@Isaac Morgan Idk man he is a professional kickboxer so it'll be very difficult to even find a women at near his level let alone beat him in a fair match (don't even know If any exists)
Science and Technology Rocks!
What if we resurrected the women from the Soviet Union who fought in combat roles during WW2? Also, Poland and Yugoslavia
anna fazecas
anna fazecas Hace 14 días
after hearing cody and noel's recent podcast episode on andrew tate, it's nice to hear at least one of my favorite male youtubers denounce him
Theodore Miller
Theodore Miller Hace 17 horas
@Burak i have some bad news...
Burak Hace 4 días
dont tell me they are okay with him
tayla neves
tayla neves Hace 6 días
Omg what happened??? I like them too
jacks serrano
jacks serrano Hace 12 días
Fr! I came righr after finishing that video
Isaac Thomas
Isaac Thomas Hace 2 meses
I still fucking dying at ‘there is no female alive that could stand a chance against the immense power I possess’ 💀 My man thinks he’s Thanos or some shit Edit - just heard ‘it’s not really entertainment for me, my brain is too advanced - I’m too smart to read’ Jesus Christ
Infinipain Hace 11 días
There was a woman called Julie D'Aubigny
LilDicky Hace 2 meses
I appreciate you talking about such serious things, while also trying to stay a bit funny. This video may not have been as humorous as your usual content, but you brought awareness to something-using your platform to do good. Danny, I believe you are Batman.
LilDicky Hace 2 meses
@Abaddon The Destroyer woahhhh im so offended that you just called me gay, damn that just sucks, doesn't it? 💀
Abaddon The Destroyer
@LilDicky You meant to say gay? Sure.
LilDicky Hace 2 meses
@Abaddon The Destroyer p.s im a guy pal. 💀
LilDicky Hace 2 meses
@Abaddon The Destroyer thought you did something there huh
Abaddon The Destroyer
"Women remain children all their lives, for they always see only what is near at hand, cling to the present, take the appearance of a thing for reality, and prefer trifling matters to the most important" - Arthur Schopenhauer.
Yt Yt
Yt Yt Hace 14 días
On behalf of all normal men, we do not claim andrew tate as one of us and I'm sorry for all the women who have to deal with this guy feeding the hatred of women, because its disgusting and I can't imagine how bad harassment has gotten because of this guy, stay safe
Mr insightful
Mr insightful Hace 2 días
masonthejar Hace 4 días
damn man you a real one 👑 takes a real dude to recognize other fellows mistakes and not automatically jump to defending them because of the shame/anger you feel when your gender is called out for something
carlota Hace 4 días
It's so sad that Tate literally admitted that he went to Romania because he wouldn't be as easily prosecuted for sex trafficking, yet people still defend him saying he would never do it.
Alissa Says
Alissa Says Hace 2 meses
It took me a bit to figure out why his name sounded so familiar, I can't believe i forgot about this guy. But back in like 2018 he made a tweet that was pretty bad and I replied to it. He then made a video response to my tweet and a couple others who had also called him out and the only thing he talked about was how ugly we were and made a bunch of "jokes" about the trauma some of us endured with men like him. It's really disturbing that he's still around and allowed to have a platform.
Au Hace 5 días
Omg that is disgusting! I’m so sorry! i believe you for sure because there was a tiktok video of him bullying a girl on his show while everyone watched and when she finally got up and had enough he called her ugly and fat I believe! My mouth was literally open I’d never seen something so gross, disrespectful and childish.
Kelsey Yaldo
Kelsey Yaldo Hace 13 días
This is so funnny he’s much worse now
Danordave Hace 13 días
And somehow more popular
Lucy Hace 2 meses
so he willingly admits he moved to Romania so he could get away with this crime easier, but then claims there were no victims in his house and he wasn't arrested, like we're gonna buy that
Digger Hace 27 días
@Tricks&Follies because what you said was false
KUHLEE Hace un mes
@Gianni Schicchi nah you defending an abuser is cringe.
KUHLEE Hace un mes
@Jonah SD even if it was "one" girl it doesn't remove the fact that he's an abuser. open your eyes!!! have some sympathy for his victims!!!
KUHLEE Hace un mes
@Jonah SD did you ... watch the video with eyes closed or something?
luna r
luna r Hace 2 meses
thank you for making this danny. reading all these comments, i'm far from the only person here who's been a victim of domestic abuse and sexual abuse. if you're still stuck, PLEASE find your local alliance against domestic abuse - they saved my life. they can help you financially if that's an issue too.
NxT Hace un mes
“I moved to Romania because I want corruption to be accessible for everyone” - Andrew Tit
Fancy Nancy OdeIman
Fancy Nancy OdeIman Hace 17 días
I love watching Drew and Danny's face when they review things like this. You can see the disgust on their face and I love them even more for it. Beautiful wholesome people💖
Mario Angel Medina
Mario Angel Medina Hace 10 días
"There's something stopping you from being Batman, Andrew. Is your personality" 😂😂😂 *you are a genius Danny!* The only reason why I don't wish for some random Romanian to throw a molotov cocktail into Andre Tate's window is because there may be a woman chained to his basement at that moment 😢
Emily Hace 2 meses
In a world where people like Tate will likely never be held fully accountable for his horrific actions, the only answer is to humiliate & make fun of him until he won’t show his face on the internet again. edit: I’m living for the men angry at me in these comments
Abaddon The Destroyer
@Lily Sachse Sure. The difference is, Schopenhauer was one of the most intelligent humans ever. His work, World as Will, recognized as mastery of thought. Expert in literature and philosophy. Renown academic and scholar. So that "someone", aka you, is not even to his boot. Next, your statement doesn't make any sense. It is objective truth of the world that logic trumps emotions. Thats why men are evolved for logic and women for emotion. Guess which side of equation also evolved independence, thinking, fighting and so on and which are the opposite....similarities attracts xD. For example, your emotions are useless and they are bad evolution string, one of, from instincts. They provide no benefits what so ever. Their only function is to help you with input and output towards group. Aka to know who is your ally and foe, and read all other signals alike that has to do with being accepted to tribe. Otherwise, they are everything opposite of your claim. Where, with logic for example, we know 2 and 2 is 4. It was before we know it, and it always be. And that's what logic is. Language of objective. With that, we were able to put satellites in space. To make rockets. To make artificial food. To cure most diseases. Even allow peasants like you the ability to communicate from your village to people on the other side of the world. So besides gas lighting, yeah, emotions are petty much useless. Lastly, what you describe is in fact actually a woman xD. We recognize and have emotions. However, we process them differently, we know that in most cases, logic is much more beneficial, we actually mature where you don't and so on. I could go and on, but key takeaway is this: your statement just in fact describe women xD. This is further observable by the difference of treatment societies give to men and women. They protect and shelter you, cover for your mistakes, give you lighter punishments and hire you according to quota not competence and so on, where men get exact opposite treatment. That is why, statistically, men are most victims of violence, suicides, deaths at work, homeless and so on. Go spew your SJWs theoretics somewhere else xD.
Lily Sachse
Lily Sachse Hace 5 días
@Abaddon The Destroyer "Men remain children all their lives, they do not understand emotions and therefore cannot process nor express them in a way that benefits themselves or others, and as soon as the image of their idol is barely tarnished, these unlearnt emotions boil to the surface." - Someone See, anyone can pull random quotes on the internet. It's not a legitimate argument.
Abaddon The Destroyer
"Women remain children all their lives, for they always see only what is near at hand, cling to the present, take the appearance of a thing for reality, and prefer trifling matters to the most important" - Arthur Schopenhauer.
Aiden Ellis
Aiden Ellis Hace un mes
Andrew's fans are also cringe asf. Bro trust me they are so insecure they gonna attack you with whatever shit they can talk about.
Zoruamaster249 Hace un día
@Harsh incel copium
Harsh Hace 12 días
@Dylian theWinner because women care less about personality compared to looks, status and wealth (in that order)
Orchid Hace 13 días
@Dylian theWinner manipulation
Emma Kearney
Emma Kearney Hace 2 meses
“I’m too smart to read, I need action and fast cars and chaos” that’s so funny to me cuz that’s actually a sign of having a short attention span, similar to a child’s mentality where they have to be entertained by bright flashing colors or they get bored quickly 😂
Mayor of Tally Hell
Mayor of Tally Hell Hace 8 horas
Dude thinks he’s the Boss Baby or something 💀💀
Jia Wei Teo
Jia Wei Teo Hace 19 días
Thank you for shedding light on this. I couldn't believe how many young impressionable boys were worshipping this cult leader. Finally someone with the sufficient reach is speaking the right words.
Jia Wei Teo
Jia Wei Teo Hace 13 días
@Michael Woestehoff he’s in Romania and apparently the law is towards his favour. He got arrested once for human trafficking though. But got out after probably after bribing the police
Foenem Hace 19 días
@Michael Woestehoff is oj simpson in jail?
Michael Woestehoff
Michael Woestehoff Hace 19 días
Ik some of his followers are crazy but if he actually comitted a crime wouldn’t he be arrested
Ellie Renee
Ellie Renee Hace 3 días
“A lot of his fans don’t even know about this” oh they do. But their excuse is always “well that’s like 10% of what he’s actually like”
quinn Hace 3 días
or they say its fake 💀 his fans are like his little boyfriends
Alyssa Charlette
Alyssa Charlette Hace 2 meses
The fact that people actually like and envy him is just disgusting. My mind can't take in that people thinks he's right
DiDi Hace 12 días
@Harsh Yes I’m so sad I’m the exact kind of girl that a woman beater talked about. I’m crying
Harsh Hace 12 días
@DiDi you’re exactly the kind of girl the quote is talking about
Abaddon The Destroyer
Abaddon The Destroyer Hace 12 días
@DiDi Yeah, Im not gonna take you seriously, so there is no need to respond. Calling literature genius and one of the most proficient academics in history some random guy... tells me enough.
DiDi Hace 12 días
@Abaddon The Destroyer Ooh it’s a quote so it must be right (just straight facts am I right bro?). I mean say the word “men” in a sentence and many are already crying but a random man makes a fancy quote about women and his word should be taken like the word of God. U do know this is everyone’s first life and not even Einstein was right about everything?
Ren Hace 10 días
everytime i see andrew tate, i try to convince myself he’s satire…then i must face the reality that this man is serious
yes, you are right
yes, you are right Hace 5 días
look at your face lmao
Di An
Di An Hace 9 días
Not only this guy but all his supporters
Marianne Spade
Marianne Spade Hace 18 días
3:43 ITS SO FUNNY seeing this “macho manly” guy being absolutely shut down and shut up by a women in a conversation. he wasn’t even capable of standing up for himself, he just sat there all quiet and timid :(
2minnieyah Hace 6 días
This video actually made me laugh quite a few times but I respect the seriousness of it all the same. Good job dude.
Sanne Hace 18 horas
I would think this is funny if it weren’t for the amount of fans he has. Now I’m just kinda sad
Dino Hace 2 meses
danny blurring his drink is the funniest thing ever
alex Hace un mes
him blurring the mouse made me crack up
Dino Hace 2 meses
@Basil bat Joe locke
Basil bat
Basil bat Hace 2 meses
@Ihonestlycantcosplay joe?
saalted Hace 2 meses
@DaBaby Choi dang do you not understand hyperboles?
Dino Hace 2 meses
@HAUS sorry lmao I've never heard of that drink before
Theresa Smith
Theresa Smith Hace 6 días
There is something seriously wrong with Andrew Tate. This guy makes me nauseous
T R Hace 5 días
Anyone who is defending Andrew Tate haven't read a book his whole life
one more
one more Hace un mes
men who say they treat women well are the ones who do the exact opposite. his fanbase says a lot about men
Disaceter Hace 7 días
I can't believe this dork named his channel "TateSpeech" and didn't catch how alarmingly similar it sounds to "hate speech." Then again... Maybe he did that on purpose, considering his love of Trump and violence against women. Seems like hate speech could be one of his favorite pastimes.
lovegoodedits Hace 2 meses
I appreciate Danny, a funny content creator, talking about things that need to be discussed like this. Like bro, he still managed to make it enjoyable. I laughed so hard when he photoshopped himself into the car and starting air-punching a fake phone. Thanks Danny, we love ya.
That One Guy From Teen Titans Who is Really Robin
@Worst Username In the World in no way am I trolling lol
Worst Username In the World
@That One Guy From Teen Titans Who is Really Robin I was going to make a joke reply for OP, but instead I'm here to tell you... nice bait, troll.
Alexandra Wilson
Alexandra Wilson Hace 2 meses
Not the ESvidr we deserve, but the ESvidr we need
Seth DCM
Seth DCM Hace 2 meses
Thousandth like :)
Annie Oddo
Annie Oddo Hace 2 meses
this guy is like a more terrifying version of hard rock nick
Nishant Acharya
Nishant Acharya Hace 19 días
The fact that people are completely forgetting all these things about him already, and so many teens are worshipping him now, is so bizzare to me.
Discusted 🏳️‍🌈
People really still defending this dude ☠️☠️☠️
emo fbi
emo fbi Hace 12 días
the comments proving everyone's point that andrew tate has an unhealthy fanbase lmao
why not 🥶
why not 🥶 Hace 13 días
Something I’ve Learned is that if you have a platform and it’s a big one people are going to support you no matter what you do.
heather j
heather j Hace 2 meses
And this is why people displaying DISTURBING behavior should be taken seriously or looked into. ALSO - major PSA, human trafficking is not what it looks like in movies. It is real, it is common, it is this.
Andrew B
Andrew B Hace 2 meses
@Abaddon The Destroyer On second thought, you might just be legitimately crazy.
Andrew B
Andrew B Hace 2 meses
@Abaddon The Destroyer Still coping I see.
Abaddon The Destroyer
@Andrew B Stop crying, I'm not your mother xD.
Skylxxf Hace 16 días
13:12 "nothings stopping me from becoming batman" how about morals... or common sense.
Bloody Pearl
Bloody Pearl Hace 10 días
I love how you make fun of him, soothes my soul
Dennis Maestas
Dennis Maestas Hace 2 meses
Seeing Andrew tates comment section on anything is nuts, he’s worshipped and so many people agree with him and love him
Elsie Mort
Elsie Mort Hace un mes
Like I want to laugh but this is genuinely so frightening and disturbing and knowing he has thousands of people who agree makes that kinda hard.
Johannes Schnauber
Johannes Schnauber Hace 2 meses
If Tate was a fictional caricature of toxic masculinity, people would complain about how over-the-top and cartoonish he was.
Princess Sarah
Princess Sarah Hace 8 horas
Ana Mika
Ana Mika Hace 14 horas
@ADE GAMING I mean he said it himself that it is harder to get arrested for h*m@n traff¡cking since Romanian police will let you go if you have some sort of influence
勝海 Hace 23 horas
@Aljoša Novak what’s funny?
Crewmate CantSleep
Crewmate CantSleep Hace 5 días
Well, fortunately for fiction writers, they can now defend their over the top villains as inspired by Tate
xX_vampchic_Xx Hace 5 días
@MilanSemberac 999 struck a nerve didnt it
Di An
Di An Hace 9 días
"he's a little harsh" nope, he speaks about treat women as objects and 4busing them constantly, his followers knows it so don't try to portray this as they don't know about it
anjali Noby
anjali Noby Hace un día
okay but could you imagine going to school with him... those poor kids
Dalton Wallet
Dalton Wallet Hace 2 meses
Honestly, him being awkward around other people makes sense given how big he makes himself out to be in the internet
Saga Anserum
Saga Anserum Hace 11 días
10:50 bold words for someone who doesn't know what's in my homemade pepper spray mix
Cheyenne Hace 2 meses
I give a lot of pats on the back to Greg cause yall really showed up on social media when the first video was posted and that could've been the push to get this shit investigated
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce Hace 2 meses
@The Destroya System i see nothing wrong with harassing fascists from a moral side. it is ineffective though.
Kibbles N bits
Kibbles N bits Hace 2 meses
@Locky im pretty sure it was actual complaints and calls to the local police lol not a ESvid video
SilverStorm Hace 2 meses
@The Destroya System exactly
Locky Hace 2 meses
I doubt thats what did it
The Destroya System
The Destroya System Hace 2 meses
Yeah. I don’t condone harassing anybody but spreading awareness of, and reporting, an actual crime is perfectly acceptable
Rae Ste.Claire
Rae Ste.Claire Hace 6 días
what if a part of the reason why andrew pushes an online persona so hard is so he can claim defamation in court? btw bless danny for including the right usage of “allegedly.”
c4candy Hace 9 días
man really got dubbed "king of toxic masculinity" by a fan and thought it was a compliment. know what else toxic masculinity means? men putting down other men. way to call urself a narcissist.
bsabsj Hace 13 días
Thanks for being a decent human!
Isabelle Vasko
Isabelle Vasko Hace 2 meses
Hearing about his machetes in context of the human trafficking stuff is so much more disturbing than it already was
Ragan Kelley
Ragan Kelley Hace 2 meses
What a terrible human being. Thank you for bringing this to peoples attention Danny
h a r i n i
h a r i n i Hace 10 días
@Jonah SD you just got ratioed
BlackberryBriars Hace 2 meses
@Jonah SD What about the part where he was kicked off of a show for hitting a woman with a belt? Is that fake, too? Every time someone brings this up you ignore it, I don't know how you can defend this guy
anna gammoh
anna gammoh Hace 2 meses
Cindy Crawford
Cindy Crawford Hace 2 meses
@Jonah SD Then no one is going to take you seriously. Period.
deusxmachina Hace 12 días
are his fans even real lol…he probably bought a ton of fake followers lmfaooo
SnapDragoon Hace 5 días
“Bitches love to lie” -Andrew Tate lying through his teeth
Conservative goth girl
Ngl, I used to like him because I thought “oh he’s just joking and it’s kinda funny. He’s just playing an act and it’s working” but this changed it
marcoisbad Hace 11 días
W character development
Alegra Hace 3 días
My boyfriend (now ex) likes andrew tate and looks up to him, hes always flexing on me bc he has "bitches". When i first met him he was the sweetest guy...its sad to see how much he has changed and how much tate infulenced him to be the asshole he is today.
Alegra Hace 3 días
@MTG HD Thank you, and i agree..tates fanbase is just teenage boys who dont know any better.
Parjol Hace 2 meses
As a Romanian, not surprised this happened in my country. Breaks my heart to see these losers move here to abuse women
@Fae Donegan Man, we got laws like everyone else in Europe but no one gives a single fuck ab them. The police just doesnt seem to care.
@flux FL bruh, do u live here?💀
Gyro Gis
Gyro Gis Hace un mes
100% agree, especially when his name sounds Romanian.
Abhishek Selvakumar
its literally not true...the girl lied to her boyfriend about being in their house because she was cheating on him, and the boyfriend called the embassy on them. All of it is cap
Exscalabastard Hace 20 días
I got introduced to your channel from my ex and I can proudly say that her showing me the god of Danny Gonzales was the only good thing she ever did for me. Love your content so much ❤❤
VVVU 2x Hace 2 meses
Dude literally admitted his crimes on camera, even Danny called him out on that lol
Chelsea Améliore
Chelsea Améliore Hace 2 meses
When dude got to "Too smart to read" I legit started crying I was laughing so hard
addie m
addie m Hace 7 días
Danny looking up negative words starting with G is hilarious to me
Valeria Coțofană
Valeria Coțofană Hace 2 meses
As a Romanian it hurts so much to hear criminals moving to Romania specifically to sexually assault women
Freya! Hace 20 días
@FantasticFreya2190 we have the same name ( I know this is off topic but whenever I see someone with the same name as me I get excited )
@Kavita Upadhyay man, thats so sweet.
Bea Hace 2 meses
@FantasticFreya2190 that’s horrible! I hope you stay safe :(
Lilla Radics
Lilla Radics Hace 2 meses
@Kcchiefs081 I'm Hungarian, so idk if that counts as a balkan country, and yeah it's true. One day I heard screams for help outside and called the police, they said they'd look into it, and usually every small thing appears on the news like if someone stole smth, but i saw nothing. Every few days or weeks we get some news that someone stabbed or shot someone else. Also to Romanians I'm very sorry about how my fellow Hungarians act towards you, ik i can't do much about it but still, you usually do nothing to deserve it
FantasticFreya2190 Hace 2 meses
@Kavita Upadhyay hi, i know how to speak in english, i just wanted to write in romanian to make people more interested in what i say :). Thank you for the support! I am fortunate to come from a wealthy family so moving will be easier for me than for another romanian (+my dad is Canadian so i have a passport).
Termless Hace un mes
"you would be bragging about being batman constantly" LMAO so true
Average lemonade drinker
Andrew sounds like a goofy anime villain 💀
Lilliana O'Neal
Lilliana O'Neal Hace 23 días
I know teenage boys who support him and truly belive "this is how I get women" or "this is how I get rich" and it's terrifying.
cat fart
cat fart Hace 12 días
finally some one did something, like Andrew is the definition of an atention seeker
ecentrisi Hace 6 días
"and what colour is your buggati 🤨?" as if him having a buggati justifies his misogyny and abuse
RandomYouTubeUser3304 Hace 20 horas
Andrew Tate: “Nothing stops me from being Batman” Me: Intelligence
Sea life
Sea life Hace 17 días
This is why all my friends, pets and family love danny
Emilie Gilles
Emilie Gilles Hace 10 días
his voice is the most ungodly combination of American Rich Guy Accent and what I believe to be British Rich Guy Accent
Olivia Hace 2 meses
A lot of people are talking about how bad Romania (and let’s face it: most of the world) is at doing anything about sexual abuse/trafficking BUT the more attention this case gets the more likely they’ll be forced to actually do a thorough investigation and turn up a solid result, so even though it’s not guaranteed making a lot of noise about this is better than ignoring it all together! So post about this and share it as much as you can!
David Nissim
David Nissim Hace 2 meses
Romania's system is very corrupt. They don't usually pursue sexual assault charges (one of the main reasons why Tate moved there, he even said it himself), and a little money in the right pockets can get you out of just about any crime if you're rich.
babahu15 Hace 2 meses
and the sad thing is police only acted because an American woman was involved
Random Weeb
Random Weeb Hace 2 meses
@tom Yup, I doubt change could happen due to media attention like you said. Although I do think it's good to speak about it and spread it so at the very least people know who to steer clear of. Personally that's why I watch these videos, especially when it comes to people online, I don't want to accidentally be supporting someone who speaks how Tate does about women or allegedly has done stuff like in this video or really anything that's disgusting behaviour Edit: To clarify, these types* of videos. Ik Danny doesn't tend to cover this stuff but I'm happy he is especially because he made the one video before
Praying Mantis
Praying Mantis Hace 2 meses
We have to make it so the first thing that comes up on google when you search Andrew Tate is this video
cobaltbluesky Hace 5 días
In a world where most people tend to act self-deprecating or at least just modest out of fear of seeming arrogant, andrew tate just up and saying “my immense power” and “I’m too smart to read” is a shock. It’s also ironic because this is one of the situations where the fear of seeming arrogant is actually valid since he is actually arrogant, and yet he completely lacks this fear along with any traces of self awareness that might have had a chance of bringing him back to reality.
kise Hace 18 días
And his boyfriends are praising him, a whole generation of men ruined
YesImAFish Hace 15 días
Mostly are boys around 9-15 💀 thank god there's a lot of mature people in social media that doesn't support his action and spreading awareness on why Tate's dangerous
dessy Hace 10 días
everything this man says sounds like a bit but the scary and unfunny kind
Maddy Taylor
Maddy Taylor Hace 10 días
“Sorry if this wasn’t very funny” I literally laughed everytime Andrew Tate spoke
chonk bear
chonk bear Hace 2 meses
he’s like the embodiment of sarcastic jokes. “the immense power i hold” “i’m too smart to read” except he’s serious
TornadoKiller74 Hace un mes
He is not serious about it he said that he exaggerates the stuff he says for his internet persona,he said he believes in spreading positivity and he is actually really nice to women IRL.the police that "arrested" him apologized to him after seeing the "kidnapped" woman eating pizza in the hoise and then getting out of the house with an uber.but mrdanny wouldnt show that on vid about how hes a sex trafficker would he?
Maxvendi Hace un mes
you know these are all jokes right
Twistini Hace 2 meses
He’s playing a character there are videos of him breaking character
Big Almond
Big Almond Hace 2 meses
@kash oops someone said it
Ammy Dee
Ammy Dee Hace 11 días
2:44 the sad thing is, so many of his male followers know about the shit he’s done and call it “controversial” at best but it’s actually fucking harmful and detrimental to sooo many different things, primarily womens equality. It makes me angry asf
another timeline shift
14:57 the way he looks away from the camera in disappointment 😂 And then Danny apologizes right after for not being funny...
Ayadali Hace 6 días
"the immense power I possess" evidently its not enough to grow hair
BlueberryMan15 Hace 15 días
Little late but another thing stopping Tate from being Batman is that he has parents
PIZZAMAN Hace 15 días
He sure doesn’t act like it
Peter Possum
Peter Possum Hace 2 meses
The fact that Tate has fans and people who agree and support him, is disgusting. Not only that but DEFEND him and his crimes! It’s..beyond words.
scouseMT10 Hace un mes
What crimes though? 😂 I'm not a fan of this guy atall but there is no charges and zero evidence of him doing anything wrong, the new article he's reading from is bullshit. Don't belive everything you read online kids
Uncommon Dabfish
Uncommon Dabfish Hace un mes
@davon heria it’s just a prank bro 🥴 /s
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