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16 may 2022






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NerdSync Hace un año
one quality I wish andrew tate shared with Batman is that Batman doesn’t exist
Onyi B
Onyi B Hace un año
yes he does
Justin Horowitz
Justin Horowitz Hace un año
Scott?! What are YOOOOOOU DOING HERE?! 😃
Antonio Krizmanic
Antonio Krizmanic Hace un año
And batman actually tried to get Harley away from Joker multiple times, this guy would use their relationship as an example how things should go
Deez Hace un año
Specimen Hace un año
@Antonio Krizmanic he would also be those straight guys that sexualize Harley and Ivy’s relationship
Jake Bizzell
Jake Bizzell Hace un año
As a member of his target demographic (straight, male, teenager, never been on a date) I’m honestly terrified of what this means for my generation. Most of us are still trying to figure out who we are, and it can be tempting to listen to someone like Tate who seemingly answers that question. To any other young men out there, I encourage you: do not let Andrew Tate tell you how to live your life, only you should decide that. If you need guidance, ask your parents, or a teacher, or a friend. Don’t listen to a washed up kickboxer who thinks he’s the shit because he owns a Bugatti. Be your own man, not some fuckboy’s ass kisser.
z Hace 10 meses
honestly, I'm kinda proud of you for not falling for that bastard. good job.
Greg’s crab shack
Greg’s crab shack Hace 10 meses
social media ruined yall way before andrew.
SpongeWard Hace 9 meses
“The girls are going to love this”
tknucks3323 Hace 9 meses
Relax, bud. The men will handle it.
Literally Hace 9 meses
You sound like a good boy
GrizzBi Hace un año
I imagine tate crying because he’s trying to read a kids book
madi Hace un año
🤣 no literally
Red Guy
Red Guy Hace un año
I doubt that someone like him would even have kids lmao
I'm no longer asking
"One fish... T- twoah fish..."
Sameh doll
Sameh doll Hace un año
my source of happiness
Gussy Hace un año
@Red Guy he has kids
Poison Iris
Poison Iris Hace 11 meses
Andrew Tate being against reading makes so much sense to me, like no wonder he's an uneducated misogynist, he's still living in the 1500s
Heather Hace 11 meses
For real
Red Pill💊
Red Pill💊 Hace 8 meses
So, where is your bugatti
Yes No
Yes No Hace 8 meses
gaston kinnie fr
Daelen.C Clark
Daelen.C Clark Hace 8 meses
If anyone believes what Tate says, there’s a decent chance they can’t read and want to overcompensate.
Seal Lover
Seal Lover Hace 8 meses
How can you read this? There’s no pictures
Benjamin Totally Sucks!!!
I laughed my ass off as soon as he said he’s too advanced to read.
Drefu_ Hace un año
He’s also said he’s too smart for college
Ktheter Kuceder
Ktheter Kuceder Hace un año
@Drefu_ Tbh people that are too smart for college do exist. But Tate is not one of them.
Drefu_ Hace un año
@Ktheter Kuceder exactly. Prob was salty that he wasn’t let into college
Travis H
Travis H Hace un año
maybe he audio book on 1.25x while he drives his bugatti the fuk you gonna read for when you can rip 200mph and listen to audibook it seems productive compared to reading
Lily Konishi
Lily Konishi Hace 7 meses
There's this slang here in Japan called "G" and I find it so funny bc it literally just means "cockroach" so it feels so weird seeing people call him a "top cockroach"
femme shark
femme shark Hace 7 meses
Now he's sleeping with top Gs
Duck Lord
Duck Lord Hace 7 meses
What? No it's not they say Gokiburi for cockroaches in Japan there just to lazy to say the full name so they just say G for short it's not even a slang 💀
Common Loon
Common Loon Hace 6 meses
@Duck Lord Slang just means informal writing, so, it is slang.
femme shark
femme shark Hace 5 meses
@Hope-ye2nm and all the prison daddies
Alyi2525 Hace 5 meses
@Duck Lord yes, so…slang. You just explained what slang is 💀
joedyisonfire Hace un año
Even when he is literally committing high crimes against humanity, people will still support him just because he’s rich and loud. Notice how this statement could apply to at least 5 men that come to mind immediately.
Alice Danger
Alice Danger Hace un año
I want this Family Feud category now. Show me Elon Musk! 🛎️
Rachel Hill
Rachel Hill Hace un año
Elon, Jared Leto, Trump, Shane Dawson, James Charles, need I go on?
Kalia Nyte
Kalia Nyte Hace un año
At least 5? Lol
don’t forget about me😎
Miranda Yount
Miranda Yount Hace un año
I am genuinely terrified of the consequences of Andrew Tate and similar influencers. Andrew pulls in young, impressionable boys and basically brainwashes them into the most concerning mindset about women. And the fact that he has so many accusations and is literally an abuser yet is so popular means his behavior will only be normalized, and young boys will be under the impression that actually laying a finger on a woman is no big deal.
Mickey Way
Mickey Way Hace un año
XSue Hace un año
Tbh Tate’s actions are normal
Alexander Armstrong
Alexander Armstrong Hace un año
@XSue for an extremely misguided, misogynistic man, sure 👍🏼
XSue Hace un año
@Alexander Armstrong yup
Harm C
Harm C Hace 7 meses
Seeing Tate not being able to get a single sentence out on big brother is so fucking funny
Wooters Hace un año
i absolutely hate andrew tate and as a woman it makes me feel so unbelievably sick that young men or anyone is supporting this man or even liking him for the misogynistic "jokes". he is sickening and im so concerned for the future of how women are treated....
bruskythegreat25 Hace un año
Oh you mean you’re mad cuz the 90 percent of men you don’t care about anyways not gona simp , give you attention, validation, take you on dates?
maryam b
maryam b Hace un año
fun fact! a woman's existence does not revolve around the desire for and of a man. have you ever considered that woman are repulsed about andrew tate because of his violently misogynistic values and behaviours of which he perpetuates towards his audience? its not about "going on dates and recieving attention" its about the respect he lacks to demonstrate and this harmful idealogy of a female being a "tool" he can utilise to exploit, objectify and discriminate against that he instils onto his audience. women dont want to be validated by men, we want to be treated equally and percieved as individuals with purpose outside of their desire. its that simple.
Yoghurt Moo
Yoghurt Moo Hace un año
@maryam b couldn’t have said it better myself 👏
cagedcorvid Hace un año
@bruskythegreat25 found one lmao
Gabriella Hace un año
Tates little boyfriends in the comments are terrifying, it's crazy how they can see all of this laid out yet still believe that Andrew Tate is somebody who should be idolised. He's causing a whole new generation of woman-haters, even if the sex trafficking allegations turn out to be false he's still openly misogynistic. Some people need to get their dense heads around the fact that Andrew Tate is not a positive role model! Even if Andrew Tate's online persona is satire, he is still negatively influencing so many young, insecure boys who get no bitches
You just said that even if a man is innocent of doing something horrible people shouldn’t support him because of the way he thinks. Granted I will say he’s not a good guy, satirical or not, but I can see your take is rooted in blind anger, you can dislike someone without ripping apart peoples favorite creators. As sad as it is Andrew tate most likely represents something more to his fans and taking that away from them is no different than taking away your favorite singer/rapper/creator, because they said something that someone was offended by.
ThenaBlade Hace un año
@KEITHINATOR No, people shouldn’t support someone who thinks assault is good and doesn’t believe depression is real. That’s not just having a different opinion, that’s condoning abuse. Also, Andrew Tate is liked BECAUSE of his opinions. Different from a musician who is liked because of his/her music, but turns out to be a terrible person.
@ThenaBlade but his opinions are valid
mia riley
mia riley Hace un año
@KEITHINATOR explain, please, cos i don't get it.
Noemi Hace un año
I agree with your assessment but saying these are men that “get no bitches”. I get you’re taking misogynistic phrases and turning them around on the actual misogynists, and it’s just a phrase for a bigger point, but we have to ask ourselves if that’s the best way to phrase it.
Priscila Boltão
Priscila Boltão Hace 8 meses
"There is no female who would stand a chance against my power" ...laughs in Greta Thunberg lmao
Hatman Hace 7 meses
And pizza
BIGTsu Hace 6 meses
Great thunberg ugly tho
A Dimitri
A Dimitri Hace 6 meses
@BIGTsuu couldn’t even bag her bro
BIGTsu Hace 6 meses
@A Dimitri wouldn't want to
A Dimitri
A Dimitri Hace 6 meses
@BIGTsu even if you did virg 💀
shatterjack Hace un año
This is danny's second channel where he gets a little bit goofier, a little bit wackier, and he drinks [REDACTED]
ancient people
ancient people Hace un año
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-jhTTxdBKSyI.html Finally it's here
Brendon Hace un año
@ancient people no
Heinz Beanzz
Heinz Beanzz Hace un año
This needs a pin
Nicole Canny
Nicole Canny Hace un año
Loozer98 Hace un año
MWAUHAHAHHA I WILL LEAK THE DRINK…. IT IS……..Liquid death sparkling water
J Stir
J Stir Hace 5 meses
The second saddest thing about this whole thing (number 1 is just Tate himself, like all of his everything) is Danny slowly realizing that not only does this clown exist, but that there are hundreds of people who support him no matter what he does. It’s honestly heartbreaking.
Alex D
Alex D Hace 5 meses
Try millions not hundreds
J Stir
J Stir Hace 5 meses
@Alex D For goodness sake’s man/woman/person, let me retain a shred of faith in humanity!
Yt Yt
Yt Yt Hace un año
On behalf of all normal men, we do not claim andrew tate as one of us and I'm sorry for all the women who have to deal with this guy feeding the hatred of women, because its disgusting and I can't imagine how bad harassment has gotten because of this guy, stay safe
masonthejar Hace un año
damn man you a real one 👑 takes a real dude to recognize other fellows mistakes and not automatically jump to defending them because of the shame/anger you feel when your gender is called out for something
Mr insightful
Mr insightful Hace un año
Real King👑
somethingsomething Hace 9 meses
Danny explaining why Andrew isn't Batman was one of the most thorough yet concise deconstructions of someone's character I've ever seen. He destroyed him by just explaining who he is.
Lydia Hace 7 meses
Drefu_ Hace un año
You should see him when he gets into a debate with someone who knows their shit such as Hasan. Andrew became super defensive, scared, and asked his minions to remove Hasan from the podcast because he was "ruining the vibe" when in reality was being called out for his bullshit and losing the dabate.
GoldenGamer Hace un año
Yes, top comment here
Mickey Way
Mickey Way Hace un año
Notice how every other comment has a ton of responses but this one doesn’t. Nobody can deny this post
Schoek Hace un año
Bro what hasan is more defensive scared and beta then Andrew. Altleast Andrew gets bitches and is rich people want to stay with him. Do you understand that Andrew can atleast keep a conversation going? Hasan just screams jibberish as is he’s making a point. (Same goes for xQc btw) Andrew knows his shit. At least hear what he is saying instead of being biased and working with the left agreeing blindly.
GINGER Hace un año
@Schoek people who genuinely use beta as a descriptor ☕️
Klevisa Bashalli
Klevisa Bashalli Hace 7 meses
I just wanna say that Danny usually keeps a pretty neutral tone even when he dislikes a movie or a person. But he went hard on Tate. Thanks Danny
Just Arkon
Just Arkon Hace un año
As a Romanian, not surprised this happened in my country. Breaks my heart to see foreigners literally move here to make our lives worse
My mom never gave me a name :/
I'm sorry, that really sucks :/ It's a neat country (only been there once, but it was fun!), I hope it stays that way for you! Unfortunately, I've heard a lot of stories of toxic, predatory men moving to Eastern Europe because they know 2 things: 1. they know that the police don't as frequently go after SA type crimes. 2. the other reason they go there is because they think (or know, according to them) that Eastern European women are more willing to put up with a terrible abusive partner. Idk if that's true, but it's an oft' repeated anecdote in these "pick-up artist" communities. I'm pretty sure what they REALLY mean is that they want to take advantage of the wealth disparity between your average Romanian woman and themselves. They think that any (and every) woman in Eastern Europe is just sitting around, waiting for her American savior to whisk her away from your horrible country (to be clear, I don't think it's horrible, I'm just paraphrasing them lol). They're under the assumption that you "make good wives" and "know your place" which is.... super gross. I'm sorry that these dudes are so disgusting and predatory, and I hope you never have to encounter one of these gross people. I hope you have a good week though :)
As a romanian myself I just feel violated when peoples come here and trow their trash (literally) or take advantage of our poor peoples that are disperate for help.
@My mom never gave me a name :/ the second one is actually true, many women in eastern europe are used to being abused.
Erin Hace un año
I'm romanian too and I can agree with this statement, I grew up with police showing up almost once or twice per month on my street corner because of my neighbors
carlota Hace un año
It's so sad that Tate literally admitted that he went to Romania because he wouldn't be as easily prosecuted for sex trafficking, yet people still defend him saying he would never do it.
Cryptic Cryptid
Cryptic Cryptid Hace 8 meses
Imagine moving to Romania because you won't be easily prosecuted for sex trafficking and still get investigated for trafficking
Flame Head
Flame Head Hace 6 meses
It’s because he didn’t do it 9 months in and still no evidence the girls who accused him were plotting against him there’s evidence to back this up
Nina R
Nina R Hace 6 meses
Yeah and Romania still went after him
aspiringwayfarer Hace 3 meses
@Flame Head he's literally been arrested for trafficking.
Rio Hace un año
I live in a fairly conservative and patriarchal country, so it goes without saying that discrimination against women is normalized to an extent in this part of the world. But that being said, even people from my country would find Andrew primitive and despicable. He's just objectively disgusting. An average person (even those who're traditional and anti-feminists) doesn't condone human trafficking or manipulating women into doing WebCam.
Mr Vaas
Mr Vaas Hace un año
Problem is, the girl didn't get rped or anything or any trafficking Girl's bf called the police on Andrew party through some embassy or something cuz she was taking pictures Don't know don't care, point and case, he's innocent
a wise man
a wise man Hace un año
@Mr Vaas they found two captive women......
Mother Mushroom
Mother Mushroom Hace un año
@Mr Vaas literally the only people who have made that claim ate Andrew gate and his followers lmao
Fae M
Fae M Hace 6 meses
I like how "the immense power he possesses" was defeated by a 20 year old girl
Bethany Rigdon
Bethany Rigdon Hace 27 días
I cant imagine what he meant by that like sure he's athletic and was a kick boxer but in this theoretical he is being attacked with a machete??? like yeah sure you can punch and kick but she has a SWORD like...
Nav Hace un año
Andrew is type of person who thinks he can catch a sword that is flying towards in mid air
Captain Nikki
Captain Nikki Hace un año
He did talk about how if a cafe or whatever that he was in got raided by terrorists he would kill them all, including him dodging the bullets lmao
KaedeInNOut Hace un año
@Captain Nikki every guys dreams
XSue Hace un año
@Captain Nikki “Every Anime Protagonist”
Au Hace un año
I wish he would try
XSue Hace un año
@Au I wish it did not happen
ai :]
ai :] Hace un año
i think the fact that he admitted he'd move to a place where he could exploit women more easily is very telling of the type of person he is, its honestly sad that there are people out there who think he's joking or that what he's saying is fine
Your average person walking through a forest.
I don’t think you don’t understand what he said. He was getting accused of sexual harassment and couldn’t handle it and moved to Romania. I heard somewhere he moved to Romania because he had family there but I would take that with a bit of salt. I like your profile picture.
aspiringwayfarer Hace 3 meses
@Your average person walking through a forest. he's literally been arrested for trafficking.
Mihaa Kovacs
Mihaa Kovacs Hace un año
As a romanian i agree that police does not pursue sexual assault allegations, so basically Andrew can do what he wants is romania and that's sad
ancient people
ancient people Hace un año
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-jhTTxdBKSyI.html Finally its here
Mr Rat Man Kool 23
Mr Rat Man Kool 23 Hace un año
Romania ❤❤❤🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🔥🔥🔥
輝くshine Hace un año
@Mr Rat Man Kool 23 romania 👎👎 for not pursuing sexual assault allegations
Kieran Wilcox
Kieran Wilcox Hace un año
Why don't they pursue sexual assault allegations?
Classical Sheet Music
as a hungarian that has lived in romania for 7 years, i can agree with you
linh Hace un año
i’m so glad men like danny exist fr
lokes Hace 11 meses
sof Hace 7 meses
th Danny literally gives me hope for the future of white, straight men. he's a good one
BIGTsu Hace 6 meses
@BIGTsu The original comment didn’t need to be corrected at all.
Smile For The Picture
I never realized that a lot of people truly believed what he said until a close family member told me about how they think this guy is correct about a lot of stuff. It's so fucking disgusting to see him convince younger men that they should be treating women this way and that they should embrace toxic masculinity.
Iris Hace 11 meses
Honestly, this can be true for some other things as well. As a transfemale I honestly never realised that there is such a huge amount of people who believe some kind of fairytales or myths about how you can spot trans people that are just superproblematic (mainly due to the risk of those people thinking they spotted a transperson based on some false idea of what body characteristics sets them apart from cis-people). If I would've gotten 1 euro for every time someone asked why I do not have an Adamsapple, along with a student (13-14 year old, high school) asking/remarking the same thing during an informational lesson I visited as a volunteer to tell about my story) I would be rich by now...
Abby Burke
Abby Burke Hace un año
Men like him are the exact reason I carry pepper spray with me 24/7
Your average person walking through a forest.
Bro stopped someone from killing themselves then thought “what’s the worst thing I can say”
the nether baddie
the nether baddie Hace 9 meses
smart. i don't think pepper spray is legal in my country though :(
the nether baddie
the nether baddie Hace 9 meses
@Your average person walking through a forest. what?
Skyler Momoko
Skyler Momoko Hace 9 meses
I know right.
Fear the Mushroom
Fear the Mushroom Hace 9 meses
I love the little detail where you didn't capitalize the A in andrew or the T in tate implying that he doesn't even deserve to be a proper noun
celestebee Hace 9 meses
He doesn't🙃 hehe
Jaxgotscared Hace 8 meses
Nah i always do that with not great people
Spam Hace 8 meses
All his second channel titles are in lowercase but I do love that interpretation
David Liu
David Liu Hace 8 meses
@Spam this is mostly true but he did capitalize Ratatoing and Merge Mansion and his newest video here has capitalized “I”s and there’s also “STOP MAKING UP STUFF ABOUT ME” which is in all caps
Big Boat
Big Boat Hace 8 meses
He also didn’t capitalize the u
Akusa Hace 6 meses
You know it would’ve been so much easier if Andrews dad just pulled out on time
Hanny Hace un año
As a Romanian, not surprised this happened in my country. Breaks my heart to see these losers move here to abuse women
Elliot Hace un año
Yeah usually when you hear an American did something wrong in Europe, it’s just being dumb/rude in public. This is next level upsetting.
flux FL
flux FL Hace un año
u have no idea what you are talking about.. keep it to yourself
Hanny Hace un año
@flux FL ?? Elaborate
lamp lol
lamp lol Hace un año
unrelated but…. love ur pfp
Fae Donegan
Fae Donegan Hace un año
I mean, people are people wherever you go and wherever they come from. It’s the bad ones like these that no one wants anywhere, they went to Romania because it’s laws make it easier for someone like them to exist, so something needs to be done about that. Something needs to be done about us tolerating people like this ANYWHERE. It has nothing to do with him being foreign.
Alegra Hace un año
My boyfriend (now ex) likes andrew tate and looks up to him, hes always flexing on me bc he has "bitches". When i first met him he was the sweetest guy...its sad to see how much he has changed and how much tate infulenced him to be the asshole he is today.
Alegra Hace un año
@MTG HD Thank you, and i agree..tates fanbase is just teenage boys who dont know any better.
im hotter than u.
im hotter than u. Hace un año
Wow…that’s heartbreaking actually
sourrcreamy Hace un año
When Tate responded to Danny he said no one would EVER pick Danny over him. I and most other people would choose Danny any day!!! Tate is a horrible person and I hate almost everything he does
ducjk Hace un año
Danny literally has a wife and Tate has several women locked in his basement against their will, so, I think Danny’s winning
Avalon Fey
Avalon Fey Hace un año
Danny's married & Tate relies on coercion just to have a woman in the same room as him. Further proving some of Tate's Big Brain action hahaha
JoyJoy Bean
JoyJoy Bean Hace un año
I love that if you read the comments, everyone agreed with you
Kutzu Hace un año
Alex Powers
Alex Powers Hace un año
Well he looks like he is easy to control
SnapDragoon Hace un año
“Bitches love to lie” -Andrew Tate lying through his teeth
Maddie B.
Maddie B. Hace 11 meses
Your average person walking through a forest.
@Maddie B. Bro you didn’t have to murder him like that 💀💀💀💀
Nuclear oven
Nuclear oven Hace 7 meses
andrew: dont simp, be a masculine man comments: UwU daddy tate top g spit on me
NoneOfTheAbove Hace 11 meses
Things that would've prevented this guy: 1.) *A condom*
Heather Hace 11 meses
Could’ve done the world a huge favour really
Catimations Hace 10 meses
He's the reason we need abortions to be legal fr
Lily Hace 8 meses
2) *His daddy finally getting the milk*
Prolly You
Prolly You Hace 8 meses
@Lily it's true tho his father left and he was raised by a single mom. Imagine his ungrateful ahh still hating on women. Evident mommy issues
Lily Hace 8 meses
Piña Galaxia
Piña Galaxia Hace un año
This man is disgusting. I'm absolutely mortified that so many people are fans of him and support his actions. I hope that the people he has abused will gt the justice they deserve.
Rachel Hace un año
@Fallen_angel2 did u even watch the video?
ancient people
ancient people Hace un año
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-jhTTxdBKSyI.html Finally it's here
babygraceblue Hace un año
R oy
R oy Hace un año
@Fallen_angel2 got ratioed by Rachel kinda cringe and that's not mentioning your username
untitled title
untitled title Hace 9 meses
How to offend a Tate fanboy easily in two steps: 1. Disagree with Tate 2. Enjoy
Top 10 Islam
Top 10 Islam Hace 9 meses
Ok Jeffery
Luka grino
Luka grino Hace 8 meses
@Top 10 Islam IT WORKS!!
Sitrinist Hace 8 meses
"i disagree with tate" "oh well heres why i agree with him" "hahahahahahh triuggeredhahahahaha"
untitled title
untitled title Hace 8 meses
@Sitrinist than watch some average tate comment section, it never happens lmao
Sitrinist Hace 8 meses
@untitled title i will admit that many tate fans are defending stupidly, but many tate fans also have good reasons
Alissa Says
Alissa Says Hace un año
It took me a bit to figure out why his name sounded so familiar, I can't believe i forgot about this guy. But back in like 2018 he made a tweet that was pretty bad and I replied to it. He then made a video response to my tweet and a couple others who had also called him out and the only thing he talked about was how ugly we were and made a bunch of "jokes" about the trauma some of us endured with men like him. It's really disturbing that he's still around and allowed to have a platform.
Au Hace un año
Omg that is disgusting! I’m so sorry! i believe you for sure because there was a tiktok video of him bullying a girl on his show while everyone watched and when she finally got up and had enough he called her ugly and fat I believe! My mouth was literally open I’d never seen something so gross, disrespectful and childish.
Male Masterrace
Male Masterrace Hace 9 meses
he wasnt wrong ..youre not too blessed in the face department
Buss Potatoes
Buss Potatoes Hace 9 meses
@Male Masterrace u too my guy LMAO
Male Masterrace
Male Masterrace Hace 9 meses
@Buss Potatoes I'm not the most handsome guy ..but far from 'ugly' ...if you must know I'm a fighter with a very bright career ahead and look good enough to get lots of matches on dating apps ..the funny thing is Im not even interested in that shit , I just put myself out there as an experiment ...also men > females
Cryptic Cryptid
Cryptic Cryptid Hace 8 meses
@Male Masterrace Wow. Such Alpha. Definitely doesn't reek of insecurity.
Paige Cullen
Paige Cullen Hace 6 meses
the fact that andrew tate more than likely did the crimes hes accused of, and theres still people acting like hes a "role model" for young men, is appalling. and these are the same young men who blame women for the fact that they cant get a date. no baby, u cant get a date because women are afraid of u and the kind of person u look up to. women are not objects that u can look down upon. its 2023 not 1950.
Oliver Brannon
Oliver Brannon Hace 9 meses
Not to mention, Batman reads. Bruce literally has a library in his manor.
Oliver Brannon
Oliver Brannon Hace 8 meses
He also gave his sons a library
Oliver Brannon
Oliver Brannon Hace 7 meses
@Stormer Kromy 🤣🤣🤣 I would be here for it
Common Loon
Common Loon Hace 6 meses
@Stormer Kromy OMFG Jason Todd v Tate brothers would be a hype comic broooo
Vincent Hunter
Vincent Hunter Hace 7 meses
the andrew tate fans in the comments genuinely are making me nauseous. Saw multiple separate people saying women should just deal with abuse because it’s what they exist for. So many people are saying that andrew tate is correct and that men have it harder and women should have to appease them. My god.
Arthur B
Arthur B Hace 7 meses
I know, I've been trying to not look at youtube comments about topics like this recently because it just depresses me so much how awful and nasty so many people's views are
Common Loon
Common Loon Hace 6 meses
Yeah, bit of advice, ESvid Commenters are usually dumb as hell. Wouldn't recommend looking at the comment section past the first three, and especially not by new.
Vincent Hunter
Vincent Hunter Hace 5 meses
@Common Loon I’ve never sorted by new because of this. People will say anything if it can’t be traced back to them irl
Emily Hace un año
In a world where people like Tate will likely never be held fully accountable for his horrific actions, the only answer is to humiliate & make fun of him until he won’t show his face on the internet again. edit: I’m living for the men angry at me in these comments
Ally Rose
Ally Rose Hace un año
Nina Love
Nina Love Hace un año
Kinda like the Amber Heard situation? Expose and shame and cast out of society
heather j
heather j Hace un año
Should be the top comment. 100%.
• Can0Cringe •
• Can0Cringe • Hace un año
All publicity is good publicity. Honestly doubt that trying to humiliate him will work. _Ignoring_ him, though.. only problem’s that I could see him lashing out even worse because no one’s paying attention to him. It seems like attention is what he wants. Giving it to him likely won’t solve the situation.
The will of my D
The will of my D Hace 8 meses
Andrew Tate literally said 'if a fat man was choking I would not preform CPR' and then proceeds to say that nothing is stopping him from becoming batman
Common Loon
Common Loon Hace 6 meses
Joker literally blows up a school in one of the comics, and even though it is hard, Batman still doesn't kill him because he knows if he takes that one step towards that dark side, he won't be able to return. Tate sex-traffics women, and refuses to perform CPR on other humans just based off their appearance. A WHOLE FUCKING LOT IS SEPARATING BATMAN FROM TATMAN.
Hoot Prime
Hoot Prime Hace 3 meses
@Common Loon more like a canyon
Mehri Asaliyeva
Mehri Asaliyeva Hace 11 meses
I just wanted to share, literally, all the male people in my class are such supporters of Andrew Tate and all they think is that he is just a little sexist sometimes. Whenever we tell them to shut up about how great he is they say we don't know his real side and have only seen him portrayed as awful on the internet. The only sentences these guys know are "go back to the dishes!" and "shut up".
Jamez The Artist
Jamez The Artist Hace 10 meses
Are they wrong tho? I mean, have you actually watched andrew tate in an interview, he's way more grounded in reality than people beleive
Royal Hydra
Royal Hydra Hace 9 meses
@Jamez The Artist I mean sure, and we could all say epstein was an alright guy before we found out about the trafficking island. Just because he sometimes seems alright doesn’t mean he is.
Jamez The Artist
Jamez The Artist Hace 9 meses
@Royal Hydra thats a bad argument
Ren Hace un año
everytime i see andrew tate, i try to convince myself he’s satire…then i must face the reality that this man is serious
D. A.S.
D. A.S. Hace un año
Not only this guy but all his supporters
yes, you are right
yes, you are right Hace un año
look at your face lmao
Doge Hace un año
@yes, you are right cry
yes, you are right
yes, you are right Hace un año
@Doge oh did I get you mad? how cute
Doge Hace un año
@yes, you are right 🤡 this u?
jasperjazzie Hace un año
the fact that people unironically like andrew is frightening, i guess it's just proof you can be the most unlikeable person on the earth and people will still like you
Your average person walking through a forest.
I mean he stopped someone from killing themselves and got his house raided only for it to turn out he was innocent (didn’t Amber Heard lie about Johnny Depp when he was innocent?) while still staying somewhat calm is respectable. If I went through what he did I’d be extremely violent. What’s your favourite colour?
lily tay
lily tay Hace 9 meses
@Your average person walking through a forest. "stopped somebody from killing themselves" doesnt excuse beating a woman or holding one captive or manipulating them into making him money.
Your average person walking through a forest.
@lily tay you’re right though I fail to see how this applies to Andrew Tate. I get that girls have manipulated him for money but we’ve all been there. He hasn’t been held captive, he has gotten his phone messages played back to him but that’s far from kidnapping. Why are you so adamant on defending Andrew Tate? He doesn’t even know you exist. I get that you want people to know he’s innocent but you don’t need to lie. Geez, these Andrew Stan’s are getting out of hand.
Dhriti Hace 8 meses
@Your average person walking through a forest. dude I think you completely misunderstood what that person said. They are absolutely against andrew tate and not defending him in any way
maddy Hace un año
i kinda feel bad for andrew tate and his pathetic audience, if they continue to act like this, they're all dying alone 💀
Jjgga Boo!
Jjgga Boo! Hace un año
Better to die rich and lonely then to be loved and poor 😤😤😤👍
maddy Hace un año
@Jjgga Boo! you’re wrong. material possessions and money only make one happy to an extent. no matter how much money you have, it can never buy a genuine human connection. love and socialization are basic human needs, whether you admit that or not. don’t mean to say this in a condescending way, but i hope you and people like you genuinely get help. this is a very depressing way of thinking.
Jjgga Boo!
Jjgga Boo! Hace un año
@maddy that’s what a brokie would say🤓. Of course money can buy you happiness😎. That’s just what poor people say because they don’t have the drive to become rich and are butt hurt about it so they criticize the rich saying they are unhappy lol
maddy Hace un año
@Jjgga Boo! nowhere did i say, “rich people are unhappy” you missed the point entirely. i know reading might be difficult for you, but i already addressed the fact that money can buy happiness to an extent.
Jjgga Boo!
Jjgga Boo! Hace un año
@maddy you said it can’t buy you basic human needs but it can buy me a nice care and house and bitches 🙂🙃🙂🙃🥶
Ladybug Hace un año
so he willingly admits he moved to Romania so he could get away with this crime easier, but then claims there were no victims in his house and he wasn't arrested, like we're gonna buy that
BoltSwitch Hace un año
ok lucy
Thaurer Wethrinaer
Thaurer Wethrinaer Hace un año
@BoltSwitch ok bolt
Jonah SD
Jonah SD Hace un año
No he’s explains why he moved plenty of times and never did he say so he can get away with crimes he’s lived in Romania a long time now and has videos of women over all the time dancing and partying never do they look like they are being held hostage and if you actually even looked into the recent situation even a little bit you would know that the girl lied and the camera at there house showed the girl willingly walk around the outside of the house and willingly leave in an Uber the trafficking shit is just not true and he’s felt with a bunch of women none have ever claimed he abused them so that’s a pretty dumb thing to assume he’s done if not even 1 or 2 has said he’s hit them
Bucket On Foot
Bucket On Foot Hace un año
@Jonah SD So are you just going to completely ignore the fact he got kicked off of big brother FOR HITTING A WOMAN!!?!?? Go be a Tate stan somewhere else.
luna r
luna r Hace un año
thank you for making this danny. reading all these comments, i'm far from the only person here who's been a victim of domestic abuse and sexual abuse. if you're still stuck, PLEASE find your local alliance against domestic abuse - they saved my life. they can help you financially if that's an issue too.
awsomecolin Hace 10 meses
Danny is stuck, The Nutcracker is always watching him
Laura Lou
Laura Lou Hace un año
When I was searching for Danny's first video on Tate, I saw things like Tater boy "roasting" Danny and I just find it hilarious that Tater watched Danny's videos and had to insult Danny. What would he make fun of?? Danny's luscious flowing locks? Danny not objectifying and kidnapping women to sex traffic? "Yo that Danny dude is awful. He's got a wife, a dog, a ton of subscribers, and genuinely seems to care about people. What a loser."
ElWasHere Hace 8 meses
So...... This aged well. Now he is being jailed for it and being trialed and kept in custody for it. : ,)
KermitTheGodSlayer Hace un año
"There is no female alive that could come close to the immense power that I possess." I think we should just get 5 random women athletes and get them to fight him individually and see who wins.
Mike Bike
Mike Bike Hace un año
If all of them gained up on him maybe but if he fought them 1 versus 1 they wouldn't stand a chance I'm not a fan of Andrew tape but there's a big difference between a man's strength and a woman's strength
Another Cub
Another Cub Hace un año
Or just get 5 women richer than him. He's a PUA with a camgirl downline in his pyramid scheme, he can't be making that much money
KermitTheGodSlayer Hace un año
@Another Cub His ego would probably still be standing strong though. This douche's "I Think I'm Amazing Meter" is so high it could help humanity get to other planets.
sloppytoppy3000 Hace un año
@Mike Bike that’s incorrect on a lot of levels.
Sydney Jarmon
Sydney Jarmon Hace un año
tbf hes a kickboxing world champion I dont think they'd win hand to hand. But there are other methods than just using your fists
I think andrew and my dad would be good friends. in jail. :3
Johannes Schnauber
Johannes Schnauber Hace un año
If Tate was a fictional caricature of toxic masculinity, people would complain about how over-the-top and cartoonish he was.
Marc Mielke
Marc Mielke Hace un año
He IS a fictional caricature of toxic masculinity@
ow ye men
ow ye men Hace un año
How can a real man be so unrealistic
Aljoša Novak
Aljoša Novak Hace un año
@Marc Mielke exactly, he does it for views and its funny
Fancy Nancy OdeIman
Fancy Nancy OdeIman Hace un año
I love watching Drew and Danny's face when they review things like this. You can see the disgust on their face and I love them even more for it. Beautiful wholesome people💖
Laura Grace
Laura Grace Hace un año
I work with a guy who idolizes Andrew Tate, and it scares me. Thank you Danny for providing your perspective on this; this abuser needs to be exposed.
amers83 Hace 8 meses
I like how he attacked you with a response that you want "to be like him." Lol. Too funny. You're a better person than he'll ever be. Many people are.
Jia Wei Teo
Jia Wei Teo Hace un año
Thank you for shedding light on this. I couldn't believe how many young impressionable boys were worshipping this cult leader. Finally someone with the sufficient reach is speaking the right words.
Michael Woestehoff
Michael Woestehoff Hace un año
Ik some of his followers are crazy but if he actually comitted a crime wouldn’t he be arrested
Foenem Hace un año
@Michael Woestehoff is oj simpson in jail?
Jia Wei Teo
Jia Wei Teo Hace un año
@Michael Woestehoff he’s in Romania and apparently the law is towards his favour. He got arrested once for human trafficking though. But got out after probably after bribing the police
🎸layla🕸️ Hace 8 meses
I cannot tell you how many guys at my school support Andrew Tate and it is so infuriating because he is a terrible person. As a devoted feminist I'm really glad he's been arrested
TAMFTG Hace 8 meses
🎸layla🕸️ Hace 8 meses
TAMFTG Hace 8 meses
@🎸layla🕸️ why do you hate andrew tate
🎸layla🕸️ Hace 8 meses
@TAMFTG I dislike him because as most people know, he looks down upon women and considers them to be less than human. It has also been confirmed that he is a human trafficker which is a despicable act.
TAMFTG Hace 8 meses
@🎸layla🕸️ the Romanian police tweeted that he was arrested on money related charges
LilDicky Hace un año
I appreciate you talking about such serious things, while also trying to stay a bit funny. This video may not have been as humorous as your usual content, but you brought awareness to something-using your platform to do good. Danny, I believe you are Batman.
Hw Hace un año
i’ve never seen danny and batman in the same room 👀
LilDicky Hace un año
@Hw Exactly
Super Dude
Super Dude Hace un año
And you would know! Nice pfp
LilDicky Hace un año
@Super Dude Thank you very much
bennothan lesbibutch
hey woah woah woah no need to expose his identity like that
oh lambert
oh lambert Hace un año
"his fans probably don't know", "they probably think he just gives relationship advices", "he probably has legitimate business" etc. omg he *literally* confessed on his website he was convincing girls to do webcam for him. do people really need evidence of some "worse" crimes? no normal person would do a thing like that. this is insane that people would still think that he is an okay guy while knowing that he makes money on webcam girls.
Lucinda Null
Lucinda Null Hace un año
The amount of people my age that are growing up with Andrew Tate as their online bf is super scary.
D_ Hace un año
It’s insane how Danny’s gone from singing songs about how much lacroix he drinks to blurring the can so the corporate fucks don’t get free advertising. I feel like I missed a chapter of the anime
Douwe Somers
Douwe Somers Hace un año
I got confused when he blurred the can, because I assumed they had done something bad. But according to his wiki, he just wants a sponsorship.
Niyah Hace 9 meses
@Douwe Somers ya well sure advertisement isn't free lol
Atomic29 Hace 5 meses
My teacher mentioned how his ten year old son was watching Andrew rate and so he asked our class if he should be worried about it since these allegations had recently come out and my whole misogynistic ass class even the girls said that he was great and that he should encourage his son to watch him and they genuinely said this but thankfully me and my friends had the same Idea and we cut in and I said that he should do his own research and have an opinion about him. Like honestly I’m scared for this generation people say we’re the better generation but the generations before us are still leaking a poison out into the world and might rot the answer
vitoriawithanaccent Hace 8 meses
We need a part 2 right now
Aubre Fry
Aubre Fry Hace un año
I appreciate Danny, a funny content creator, talking about things that need to be discussed like this. Like bro, he still managed to make it enjoyable. I laughed so hard when he photoshopped himself into the car and starting air-punching a fake phone. Thanks Danny, we love ya.
ballpoint pen
ballpoint pen Hace un año
yea he still manages to be funny without making fun of the victims/situation
That One Guy From Teen Titans Who is Really Robin
"Without making fun of the situation" ^ bru he did that the whole time lmfao
Mom’s Cat Videos
Mom’s Cat Videos Hace un año
@That One Guy From Teen Titans Who is Really Robin no he didn’t lmfao. He was mocking Tate himself
Ally Rose
Ally Rose Hace un año
@That One Guy From Teen Titans Who is Really Robin re-watch the video
That One Guy From Teen Titans Who is Really Robin
@Mom’s Cat Videos he makes a bunch of jokes in the video, about the entire situation. It's not a bad thing. I knew I shouldn't have said anything. Danny fans are ruthless. This is why I didn't even @ the person I was responding to hahah
Average Art Enjoyer
Average Art Enjoyer Hace 3 meses
I love how he told why he was moving to Romania but his fans are so blind that they just ignored it and kept protecting him.
The Morrigan
The Morrigan Hace 6 meses
The most shocking part about this was that Andrew Tate had hair. I was over here thinking he just never grew hair because he's a man baby.
PuppyDragon25 Hace 3 meses
Why is Andrew Tate built like a chewed up gumball
Deborah Swanson
Deborah Swanson Hace 2 meses
A lil bit Ritardando
Something that always makes me giggle is the fact that if andrew tate were truly confident in himself, he wouldn't feel the need to prove to everyone in the world that he is as awesome and rich and whatever that he shows himself to be. It's obvious he's very insecure from how he has to prove himself to people, and even stooping to harass greta thunberg, and throwing a tantrum when she clapped back at him? He's not secure in himself at all. He needs everyone's attention and he needs everyone's approval in order to feel like he's actually worth something.
Dr00g Hace 6 meses
Danny is a thousand times more alpha than Andrew.
heather j
heather j Hace un año
And this is why people displaying DISTURBING behavior should be taken seriously or looked into. ALSO - major PSA, human trafficking is not what it looks like in movies. It is real, it is common, it is this.
Kelly K
Kelly K Hace un año
Innocent until proven guilty. Should we place our bets on him being acquitted?
Em Hace un año
@Kelly K He literally details his steps on how to human traffick and acts as though it's a valid business. But yeah he'll probably get acquitted, not because he didn't commit the crimes, but because he's wealthy and he literally says "Romanian police are less likely to pursue SA allegations". The reaching you're doing right now is going to give you spinal torsion.
Roronoa_Raf Hace un año
@Kelly K running away to Romania with his reasoning isn’t an admission of guilt?
Maria Hace un año
@Kelly K It will never cease to amaze me how hard people try to vouch for men, ones they don't even know. Yet they assume women are automatically lying all the time.
Sasquatch at the Space Disco
Kleos You sound very knowledgeable. Please, tell us more.
Sarah Ryan
Sarah Ryan Hace un mes
I will never forget when my friend and i were making fun of andrew tate and the guy next to us basically saud he loves Andrew tate (not his exact words but i got the vibes) as a teenage girl i have never felt so much fear in a few minutes.
Chelsea Améliore
Chelsea Améliore Hace un año
When dude got to "Too smart to read" I legit started crying I was laughing so hard
»★An_idiot★« Hace un año
Danny: "nobody's being held captive in my house." The Nutcracker: 👁👄👁
okka pokka
okka pokka Hace un año
Nutcracker is the noe who holds danny captive
awsomecolin Hace 10 meses
@okka pokka yeah
Y/N Hace 3 meses
Why do people listen to dating advice from someone who practically all women hate?
Dead Ashes
Dead Ashes Hace 3 meses
Nightmare Hace un año
Andrew Tate is a terrible person, can we all agree on that?
Roku karasu
Roku karasu Hace un año
Recommendation Corner okay, thats was unnecessary
star swirl
star swirl Hace un año
@Roku karasu fr
ahren villalobos
ahren villalobos Hace un año
Hell yes we can all agree
Alyssa Charlette
Alyssa Charlette Hace un año
The fact that people actually like and envy him is just disgusting. My mind can't take in that people thinks he's right
ancient people
ancient people Hace un año
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-jhTTxdBKSyI.html Finally its here
Who's Evol
Who's Evol Hace un año
I don't think that reciting an internet meme shows how disgusted you are lol (for anyone wondering, she said he woke up and chose violence)
schrimp Hace un año
why would u end the sentence w that 💀💀
devin lynn
devin lynn Hace un año
@schrimp i mean out of all the memes they could've chosen, at least that one's probably the most literally accurate
Justkidding Not
Justkidding Not Hace un año
Dude ur making them sound cool lmao
Kat MacGrath
Kat MacGrath Hace 8 meses
This aged like fine wine 🍷
River Bryophyta
River Bryophyta Hace 20 días
this high-key makes me want a new approach to true crime where someone live-researches a case so the genuine reactions of astonishment and disgust are there. even as a comedy video, just danny's tone shifting as he read on hit so much harder than a lot of the "spooky scary serial killers" kind of true crime content.
Cleo Hace 9 meses
and who would've thought Greta Thunburg would indirectly take him down 💀
Daelen.C Clark
Daelen.C Clark Hace 8 meses
There’s something symbolic in that. I love it!
Nuclear oven
Nuclear oven Hace 7 meses
bro got so triggered by a 16 year old he got arested💀
Berra Oz.
Berra Oz. Hace 3 meses
Danny being rightfully passive-aggressive in this vid and roasting Tate is what keeps me going for the rest of the day.
Rin Chan
Rin Chan Hace un año
As a native Romanian woman, I can reasure any of u, when it comes to sexual assault, police aint doing shit. Hearing about this guy’s business also makes me sick, not just because Romanians are fucking poor and will accept doing sex work much more easily, but also because if u live in a big city u will, 100%, get a pamflet telling u to become a web cam worker, at least once a week. Its disgusting. Romania has one of the biggest rates of sex trafficking victims in Europe rn, and this guy took advantage of this to the max… its repulsive. [Edit] I really want to delete this because of all the discussions that happen in the comments of this comment. I'm glad you didn't have to do something u didn't want to just because u didn't had money. Simply saying "they chose the thing they did" is just ignorant. Also, acussing me of lying about what happened to me and others is fucking disrespectful. I'm glad you didn't get those pamflets, but others did, so shut up. I'm going to let this up for a bit more, but if I get more people like this down here I'll just delete it and end the "discussion" 🤡 while discussion is good in most cases, there is nothing to discuss about what I said. I just said what happened to me and many people in my country and u don't have anything to discuss about it. It's not a matter of "I believe in this or not", is just something that happens, either if u like it or not, end of story.
spoof Hace un año
That’s disgusting I’m really sorry you have to go through shit like that:(
Lavelle Lee
Lavelle Lee Hace un año
Damn that's terrible
Belinda Short
Belinda Short Hace un año
I don't know much about this outside of the particulars of some of the studios I've encountered, but it's upsetting to me that at this point they are still trying to trick women into working in their studios when they could work on their own and be paid fully.
nak.lanang Hace un año
Can someone explain to me what different between webcam worker and onlyfans model?? I don't see the difference at all 🤔
Nishant Hace un año
The fact that people are completely forgetting all these things about him already, and so many teens are worshipping him now, is so bizzare to me.
Julianne K
Julianne K Hace un año
Danny was way ahead of everyone on Andrew Tate dang
TrumpeterJen Hace un año
Needing "action" and "constant chaos" in your life because books bore you too much isn't a sign that you're intelligent. It's a sign that you have the mentality of a gerbil. Lord knows how that man can talk. Great video presentation! The humor and honesty is spot-on and makes such an uncomfortable topic much easier to digest. You're doing good work!
Yawning Lion
Yawning Lion Hace 10 meses
It could also be a symptom of sociopathy. The need for constant engagement is on the checklist.
random mma clips or something i dunno
Danny's reaction was literally mine some time ago, looking through his social media and being absolutely shocked by all the positive comments.
canteatcake Hace 3 meses
as a girl who is in the age group that most of the boys who watch tate are in i go to school with a bunch of tate fans so i don't talk with them much be since basically all the boys in my school just bash girls and insult me for being a girl when i try to talk to them.
xXAcidBathXx [He:Him]
Ugh. That sucks. On the behalf of teen boys everywhere, really sorry about that.
Christabelle Hace un mes
​@xXAcidBathXx nice you're one of the good ones lmao
cam Hace un año
He DIDN'T have a woman held captive in his house, he had TWO women held captive in his house
TeletubbieMidget Hace un año
Madhim Dude
Madhim Dude Hace un año
@TeletubbieMidget nope
TeletubbieMidget Hace un año
@Madhim Dude yes? Your source is some weird news site
Madhim Dude
Madhim Dude Hace un año
@TeletubbieMidget nope
Prince Kyle
Prince Kyle Hace 2 meses
Andrew Tate is the type of guy who’d paint a tunnel on the side of a cliff, only for the Road Runner to zoom right through it, but when *he* tries it, he just breaks his face against the cliff because it’s not a real tunnel
BElizaH Hace un año
My younger brother (14) says he wants to be like Andrew Tate, it's really hard to tell if he is joking or not, I don't really think he is so it makes me honestly scared for the kind of person my brother is going to be when he grows up.
Corbin Black
Corbin Black Hace un año
Geez yeah maybe give him a talk lol
sparkle jump rope queen
I had to give my brother long ass talks about why some of his misogynistic jokes arent jokes, try talking to him and even if it doesnt work at the start, keep explaining and I hope he'll get it like mine did
Corbin Black
Corbin Black Hace un año
@sparkle jump rope queen good lol
Corbin Black
Corbin Black Hace un año
I rly hate all these vids about andrew tate other than some example this one cus it only gives tate more attention. people should just stop
Corbin Black
Corbin Black Hace un año
dannys fine tho/same with some other peeeps
cobaltbluesky Hace un año
In a world where most people tend to act self-deprecating or at least just modest out of fear of seeming arrogant, andrew tate just up and saying “my immense power” and “I’m too smart to read” is a shock. It’s also ironic because this is one of the situations where the fear of seeming arrogant is actually valid since he is actually arrogant, and yet he completely lacks this fear along with any traces of self awareness that might have had a chance of bringing him back to reality.
anna fazecas
anna fazecas Hace un año
after hearing cody and noel's recent podcast episode on andrew tate, it's nice to hear at least one of my favorite male youtubers denounce him
minionsarebae Hace un año
Fr! I came righr after finishing that video
Thalitak Hace un año
Omg what happened??? I like them too
Burak Hace un año
dont tell me they are okay with him
Theodore Miller
Theodore Miller Hace un año
@Burak i have some bad news...
grellr13 Hace un año
@Theodore Miller wait the guys who call people the t-slur are problematic?? what a surprise lol (really though that shit does not surprise me at all)
Jackson Crawford
Jackson Crawford Hace 8 meses
He makes me so uncomfortable and irritated simultaneously. Hard to think he could possibly have any genuine and decent friends, let alone relationships
Cheyenne Hace un año
I give a lot of pats on the back to Greg cause yall really showed up on social media when the first video was posted and that could've been the push to get this shit investigated
ancient people
ancient people Hace un año
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-jhTTxdBKSyI.html Finally its here
The Destroya System
The Destroya System Hace un año
Yeah. I don’t condone harassing anybody but spreading awareness of, and reporting, an actual crime is perfectly acceptable
Locky Hace un año
I doubt thats what did it
silver_jordann Hace un año
@The Destroya System exactly
Kibbles N bits
Kibbles N bits Hace un año
@Locky im pretty sure it was actual complaints and calls to the local police lol not a ESvid video
Beatrice Cattaneo
Beatrice Cattaneo Hace 17 días
You covered this topic flawlessly Thank u Danny 🙏
William Healy
William Healy Hace un año
The thing that gets me the most is the fact that he has millions of kids following everything he says to try and become an "alpha male", but by following every word he says you are by definition a beta 😬
Ruby R
Ruby R Hace 8 meses
I swear on my life my brother who has never watched any of your videos just walked in and said, “are you watching Drew Gooden?”
Migatte no Blakae
Migatte no Blakae Hace 7 meses
ShrekAteMyOnions Hace un año
crazy how Tate’s so forgettable that when everyone started going crazy about him a few weeks ago or whatever, I had no clue who he was until recently even tho I’d watched these vids when Danny released them