Upgrading The ENTIRETY of Minecraft - The ULTIMATE Survival World | Part 3

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TrixyBlox Hace 2 meses
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Yash Art
Yash Art Hace 6 horas
Please add hindu temples 🙏
• Call Me Addison •
This is just epic and all, i only have one question, can you make custom mobs or events? i thought it would be cool to add ghosts to the mansion and make it haunted, you could make a sort of cellar in which players need to solve puzzles to get clues/treasures (im not gonna download bc i will probably rage so😅)
Heccar Muñoz
Heccar Muñoz Hace 3 días
There should be a ancient mountain Temple like in Uncharted 2
Rocky and Rockman
Rocky and Rockman Hace 6 días
@Green Phoenix 23 yes yes jeep
I think u should try make ur own custom biome
James Moloney
James Moloney Hace un hora
Got to be based on the spongebob episode with the spatula
Amebur Hace 2 horas
Snowy biome please!!!!!
A Lyric Man
A Lyric Man Hace 4 horas
Can you do jungle biome next please?
DaddyZhong Hace 4 horas
Perhaps an Indian themed village/city in the mesa since the colour palette and climate are both reminiscent of Rajasthan, India? It would also be cool to build stuff like temples and Indian styled buildings.
Doog Art
Doog Art Hace 12 horas
This is such an amazing project
Epe Nuka
Epe Nuka Hace 12 horas
Next snow mountains
Γεώργιος Καμπαναρος
snowy mountains and jungle
Max Koster
Max Koster Hace 14 horas
Considered working with Grian?
• Call Me Addison •
you could add a secret cellar to the mansion or one of the other buildings, in which players need to solve puzzles and collect clues to get a treasure and to find out how to get the sword out (the sword should be a crystal one that deals 14+ damage) and if its possible add events or mobs (like the wizard) Its just an idea but i think it would be cool, i have no skill or patience to do it!
panplaysv321 Hace 15 horas
can we get this seed?
Sir Folabitunde
Sir Folabitunde Hace 18 horas
2 months have gone by......I wonder if he has done the other biomes. Maybe he hasn't cuz it takes so long to transform a biome of this size...
Rides with WYN
Rides with WYN Hace 20 horas
Mojang needs to hire you: 1.18 be like
Shindo Uzamaki
Shindo Uzamaki Hace 20 horas
Urko Krause
Urko Krause Hace 23 horas
snowy mountains (=
Pergles The Destroyer
You should add an enormously huge mountain in the middle of the island with a pathway coming from the direction of every civilization
Helen Tevdoradze
Helen Tevdoradze Hace un día
This is insane!!!
Lillian Wolf
Lillian Wolf Hace un día
I would love to see your take in the snowy mountain!^-^
Tancrede 9
Tancrede 9 Hace un día
for the mountains do buddhism so like do mansteries
Austin Mcfarland
Austin Mcfarland Hace un día
What da seed
Duyen Chiem
Duyen Chiem Hace un día
I'd love to see a Japanese-inspired environment in the jungle biom. In the spruce biom I feel a campsite would be really work well with an abandoned camp site with a rec center
Hey your map is very great I like it
Dangerous Dragon
Dangerous Dragon Hace un día
I would like to see a church to worship the Greek pantheon, if you could do that
Prince /
Prince / Hace un día
5:00 definitely inspired by Ang Panday👍
Dat man sus
Dat man sus Hace un día
They should make that the new mansion
Kukishaa Hace un día
Next project:One piece world?
Florian Gampel
Florian Gampel Hace un día
Make a mini film in this map
Frantisek Hi -_-
Frantisek Hi -_- Hace un día
Grian: i'll build all of TrixyBlox statues, but in a survival world
ciara sheehan
ciara sheehan Hace un día
When u get to the masa u should make a bandit camp
niveabarofSoapie Hace un día
Maybe add in an Asian style town somewhere? With a temple as the worship place.. just a thought :)
Ya Boi Celery
Ya Boi Celery Hace un día
This man really taking shots at Mojang for not making a village for the Dark Oak Forest.
pls make that map free idh money :(
Aivr3524 GD
Aivr3524 GD Hace un día
my man… if you applied for any job in the world you’d be the manager within a week how is your work ethic this godlike
Y3ETK1NG Hace un día
Will this be bedrock to in any way. If you do please make a toturial on how to get it on bedrock edition.
axoly y e e t let's go
I WANT MORE NOW by the way the turn ocean monument in to a axolotl kingdom
Erwin Rommel
Erwin Rommel Hace un día
Why people dislike this video
Maria Isabel Gonzales
Pls put mods in it so it makes it more amazing
vice chamorro
vice chamorro Hace 2 días
amigo sos un pedazo
ciara sheehan
ciara sheehan Hace 2 días
U should make a playthroug when u complete the islamd
João Antônio Santos Lima Pacheco
It would be cool make this project in the nether and The End too
Mau the Mau
Mau the Mau Hace 2 días
Do jungle next pls.
Raihaan Ashraf
Raihaan Ashraf Hace 2 días
Hey let's take trixyblox to 2M subscribers 😀😁
Luka Hace 2 días
I would Love a biome that had an east Asian vibe to it!
Ethan Escott
Ethan Escott Hace 2 días
Sword in the stone
Nex LORD Hace 2 días
19:00 Why would there be a fresh cake in an "Abandoned" Woodland Mansion 🧐😏
Tara Gill
Tara Gill Hace 2 días
I wish you can teach me how to do this stuff because it was so awesome and fantastic to make a world?
Nitzke Hace 2 días
Someone finally offer him a job as a game designer lol
Tommyprince Hace 2 días
15:20 You added WHAT?
Pandaviews Hace 2 días
Link link link link link link link link
My world fam
My world fam Hace 2 días
Jungle and Snowy pls part 4 ols
Mejra Teljigovic
Mejra Teljigovic Hace 2 días
Do the mesa biome
Mejra Teljigovic
Mejra Teljigovic Hace 2 días
Pleeeease make moooore its so cool
Gligaros Hace 2 días
I want to download this map and play classic survival cause this is EPIC
Kait Mob
Kait Mob Hace 2 días
Make watchtower
Kalpana Chawla
Kalpana Chawla Hace 2 días
Hindu temple in jungle biome
Reality Check Paranormal Investigation
You should create a temple to the Greek Olympian gods Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Hermes, and either Hestia or Dionysus.
YouDon'tGottaKnow Hace 2 días
I'm scared you haven't got much sleep- If I'm right.. S L E E P .
Hello_290 Hace 2 días
Tigers pls
Carlos Fernado
Carlos Fernado Hace 3 días
you can download the World????
Anthony De Almeida
Anthony De Almeida Hace 3 días
When’s the next one coming out? BTW excellent job, heaps of hard work…
Sunita0512 Hace 3 días
Yeah I have no idea what that sword is about.... I wish gerudo town and church of time would give me some tips.... but I am sure the sword hasn't got some wacko name like "Master Sword". And I know that it has nothing to do with botw because none of these things are related......right.
SH1ft3r Hace 3 días
can u plz work for minecraft
AstroDev Hace 3 días
how you dowload it?
RatBlox Hace 3 días
maybe you should add hindu temples in the jungle biome since you asked suggestions for other places of worship
ツChase Hace 3 días
Bro!, You deserve a million likes!
Willo Williams
Willo Williams Hace 3 días
i love this survival world i love watching them
Vodafone Kundendienst
I‘m really hoping for a cathedral in one of the biomes, I really wanna see his take on a building like that
Herman Booysen
Herman Booysen Hace 3 días
Do you have shaders
• A b i g a i l •
I would love to see a big icey lake and giant ice spikes
the_random_viever Hace 3 días
Mojang: and dont forget, be creativ- This guy: *gives a big survival world* Mojang: make me a note for later so it will remind me that WE NEED THIS
Franklin Reed
Franklin Reed Hace 3 días
You should make a giant floating island that has a super powerful artifact hidden.
0:00 Реклама без предупреждения, вместо видео по теме! Dislike
Linni saviorxX
Linni saviorxX Hace 3 días
This guy is a legend builder
DungeonMonkey Hace 4 días
It'll be insane if he redesigns neather and end builds
Michael Ali
Michael Ali Hace 4 días
I just noticed this guy still has to do the end and the nether 😭
%*cl0udy rainbow*%
%*cl0udy rainbow*% Hace 4 días
You may have to bump up the likes-
HurricaneBasketball Hace 4 días
To make it survival friendly, you should add caves and different ores for players
DungeonMonkey Hace 4 días
The Hyrule castle of minecraft
DungeonMonkey Hace 4 días
Ok He needs to get a lot of youtubers and make an SMP for this map
nelsongi Hace 4 días
i love your map i swear we can uploid the map
aubry philippe
aubry philippe Hace 4 días
I love this series. But I'm still waiting for the next episode.
Pierce Lackenbauer
Pierce Lackenbauer Hace 4 días
the vindicators killed the family duh
jannet molendijk
jannet molendijk Hace 4 días
You can build SO good i cannot wait until its online
Aki Hace 4 días
Plan playing on this map after you finished it with my cousin
vvr Hace 4 días
The next 4th part is going to be mesa
Tom Vernon
Tom Vernon Hace 4 días
When is the next one going to come out? I'm really enjoying the vids.
Red_ Panda
Red_ Panda Hace 4 días
Is there a possibility of this being put on the minecraft market place when it's done?
Arild Aa
Arild Aa Hace 4 días
Could you maybe make a Buddha Temple?
ernie joseph Pe
ernie joseph Pe Hace 4 días
Ellieee Hace 4 días
Home sick with nothing to do lol Clicked on the first video of this series and immediately subbed Your skills, creativity, and clear passion puts my 3x3 dirt hut to shame
Evil Hace 4 días
This stuff looks something straight from a movie
JJ Jekens
JJ Jekens Hace 4 días
Can you build a monk temple in the tundra biome please? 🥺
Badeki Midoriya
Badeki Midoriya Hace 4 días
This man has more dedication than mojang which is just amazing
augustolagable Hace 5 días
dude yr the absolute best
Nebula Hace 5 días
YeeT teey
YeeT teey Hace 5 días
Lothlorian vibes coming on
Hace 5 días
Always wanted to see a Hindu temple, probably for the mesa
Lexi BG
Lexi BG Hace 5 días
continue the story with jungle
Lexi BG
Lexi BG Hace 5 días
The Main Villan : the witch 🧙‍♀️
Night Bro
Night Bro Hace 5 días
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