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Chris Stuckmann reviews Us, starring Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Anna Diop, Evan Alex, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Madison Curry, Cali Sheldon, Noelle Sheldon. Directed by Jordan Peele.

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lfin _77
lfin _77 Hace 9 horas
Just felt like there were so many flaws. So many opportunities to kill the main characters. Instead they -handcuff mother and decided not kill her -just knocked the dad out didn’t stab him at all -Gave the daughter the chance to run away Only logical escape was the little boy The reds planned this so many years and that was their plan? Unlike the other reds that successfully killed their friends Just so many flaws
F2P ÖG Hace 9 horas
5/10 movie, so dissapointing as i am dissapointed in your review. They made so much hype out of it but the movie wasn't good as i hope it to be. Don't get me wrong i also love horror genre movies but this one didn't make the cut. At the start they showed a bunch of rabbits in a cage for probably 2 min straight for no reason at all. and im not exgadderating, i wanted to skip it but i felt like i would miss something because it already has been long enough and boy was i wrong. The pacing was really slow, it honestly doesn't take long to get to the part we want to see than a family doing their own thing while we sit there for 30 min till we see what we came for. The *"dobble ganger family"* as ima call them because i dont know how else to call them, are not creepy or scary at all as they try to be. For example the boy's dobble ganger tried to be creepy by twisting his head in a curious motion and crawling when at some times he can walk on his two legs at some point in the movie which makes no sense. Another ex. Is when the girl's dobble ganger keep giving her a toxic smile non stop. Another problem was being able to hear what the mother's dobble ganger has to say sometimes because to be "creepy" she has to sound like she has athsma. I know they came from the sewers but where did they actually come from?? So much of the story didnt make sense. They could at least turn on the tv to see how others dealt with the problem and what is going to happen next too. Theres more complaints but like small ones like how did the crazy family enter the neighbors home without an alarm going off or anything since he looks rich he should at least have some security and maybe a weapon to protect himself but nope he dies quick.
Christopher Miller
Christopher Miller Hace 11 horas
You always have the best shirts
aera Hoover
aera Hoover Hace 14 horas
This was so bad i had to comment online about it
Samuel Jackson
Samuel Jackson Hace un día
Am I missing something? I just watched Us for the first time the other night and I dont get it. I really enjoyed Get Out; it was mysterious, creepy and had a clear message but Us was so fucking confusing. It felt like it was made from an incomplete script. I just have so many questions. I think just that scene where clones underground are mimicing everything the originals are doing at the amusement park makes Us a hilariocity. I mean did you not see those people standing in the hallway pretending to ride a roller coaster? That was fucking hilarious and it was obviosly meant to be an intense dramatic scene. Also the twist was very dumb and made no sense at all. The score was amazing though.
Jessica R Newhook
Jessica R Newhook Hace un día
The concept of the tunnels messed with me do bad O.o
Jessica R Newhook
Jessica R Newhook Hace un día
SIR1U5 Hace un día
This film had depressing undertones but I won't get into why since this is not the spoiler review... where is the spoiler review ... lol
Tahirie Tahiry
Tahirie Tahiry Hace un día
What was funny about Get Out???
James Wellington
James Wellington Hace un día
Is he joking? He's gotta be joking or got paid to say all this. Movie was devastatingly dull.
gauge kelley
gauge kelley Hace 2 días
My favorite horror movie ever. Ik a lot of people disliked it but i thought it was great
Elmeromerobarbero Hace 2 días
This movie was not good.
Sullyhogs Hace 2 días
Idc what people say, i fucking love this movie. Jordan Peele is a new master of horror.
Tom Hace 2 días
The movie sucked
MADDAWG MIKE Hace 2 días
That last fight scene was just jaw dropping
BabyDemonStudio Hace 2 días
I loved Get Out, but to me this feeling lacked content and meaning, the humour was out of place, and the twists didnt land for me. Didn't like it at all. Lead actress was great tho,
AshenOne61 6
AshenOne61 6 Hace 2 días
Everyone who thinks this movie is bad is wrong and you know nothing of movies. Im always right so you cant disagree with me. My opinion is correct. Fact. 🤷‍♂️
Neil M
Neil M Hace 2 días
Excellent first act. Dumb third act. Would have played a lot stronger as a much simpler horror plot.
Brett Wilson
Brett Wilson Hace 2 días
Neil M It got better once they fled the first house
Andrew Gonsalves
Andrew Gonsalves Hace 2 días
A good concept is there but it's plot holes galore. How can you recommend this honestly...
Andrew Gonsalves
Andrew Gonsalves Hace un día
@Brett Wilson 🤫
Brett Wilson
Brett Wilson Hace un día
You lie
Andrew Gonsalves
Andrew Gonsalves Hace un día
@Brett Wilson Really?... Google or ESvid them cause I don't have all day to go over this mess. This movie was a waste of a good concept.
Brett Wilson
Brett Wilson Hace 2 días
Andrew Gonsalves List them
snowpig007 Hace 3 días
It wasnt scary...
G.V. Hace 3 días
Just finished watching this movie and I didn't think it was that good at all. I thought it was "ok" but nothing great. I like Jordan Peele and I love what he's trying to do with the horror genre. He's bringing a different flavor to the horror genre and I appreciate what he's doing. But this movie didn't really do anything for me. It wasn't scary but it was different. The acting was superb, but it's just that the decisions made by the family in this movie were pretty dumb. I spent most of the movie saying "Why the fck did they do that??" or "That was a dumb choice to make given the circumstances." I hate when the victims in these movies make stupid decisions. It takes me completely out of the movie. A great horror movie is believable, in my opinion, and the more believable the movie is, the more it draws you into the story and scares the living sh@# out of you. Anyways, enough babbling out of me. I respect your review, I just don't agree with it. I would give this movie a 6.5/10. Mediocre.
Brett Wilson
Brett Wilson Hace 2 días
G.V. No
Damon Vedder
Damon Vedder Hace 3 días
sorry not sorry but i thought this movie was soooo dumb!!!! yeah the acting was great but the movie is just boring and doesn't make any freaking sense people taking over the world more or less with freaking scissors get tf out of here
Damon Vedder
Damon Vedder Hace 2 días
@Brett Wilson whatever floats your boat baby girl
Brett Wilson
Brett Wilson Hace 2 días
Damon Vedder I reported you your comment and reported you for cyber bullying
Damon Vedder
Damon Vedder Hace 2 días
Brett Wilson oh god ouch good one man how will i ever recover
Brett Wilson
Brett Wilson Hace 2 días
Damon Vedder You are!
Damon Vedder
Damon Vedder Hace 2 días
@Brett Wilson lmaoo god you're such a snowflake
Frickenchickenart2 Hace 3 días
Best horror movie. Ever. Deadass. It’s like coralline but if she had a twin too and it won and the world was bigger. Fricken great :)
ChooseReason Hace 3 días
Parts were ok, most was garbage, plot was absurd.
Sam King
Sam King Hace 3 días
I feel like if this film was made by some white guy with white lead actors the movie would've been slammed. It's only cos Jordan Peele's last film "Get Out" was good that people are jumping on the bandwagon. The only reason people are re-watching "US" is so they can try to understand it a bit better even tho the movie will never make much sense no matter how many times you watch. Yes the acting's good especially by the lead actress and it's a well shot good looking movie but there's too many plot holes to take seriously. I hope Peele doesn't follow M Knight Shamelon's lead and start just making silly movies with twists for the sake of having twists. Don't get me wrong it wasn't a bad film and I did watch it twice myself but it's not the masterpiece many critics are making it out to be. This is just my opinion so please don't hate on me!
Sam King
Sam King Hace 3 días
And the twist wasn't really a twist cos' it was too obvious.
H. Lecture
H. Lecture Hace 3 días
One time, at summer band camp, Jason Voorhees stuck a red hot flute-shaped fire poker in my--
Juan SAMUDIO Hace 3 días
Eric B
Eric B Hace 4 días
Chris trying so hard to make this movie seem good.. good try brother
Mars Meuers
Mars Meuers Hace 4 días
This was the worst movie ever. Giving this movie a great review, steals 2 hours from people's lives.
jack sparrow
jack sparrow Hace 4 días
This film was GARBAGE. acting was fine, cinematography was fine, but the story/plot was LAME. what a kiss ass review
Aldrei Alfonso
Aldrei Alfonso Hace 4 días
Did I watch a different version? This movie was horrible! I really wanted to like it, but I could not. Get Out was a masterpiece, but Us was a complete misfire! The movie had pacing issues and certain scenes just dragged on too long. Horrible acting by just about everyone, and the story didn't make any sense. Once again, I really wanted to like this movie but in the end I'm left disappointed :(
Gremy Saint
Gremy Saint Hace 4 días
It was horrible !!!! Wtf is wrong with everyone . It's like yiu all are afraid to criticize becuase it will make yiu look racist . It sucked ass and was way to random . Thumbs down . The majority of people that like this movie , say nothing about the movie ..... just the actors and how they deserve awards ....? Shows they could care less about the movie and more about coddling .
MadeByDenim Hace 4 días
Dude this is horror for you? Lmao for god sake , this concept was horrible. Tethered doubles coming to haunt you REALLY???? Halfway through the movie I'm like wtf are we watching 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
theoneeyedpoodle Hace 4 días
If a horror movie has all colored people in it,would the SJWs still complain that a colored person got killed first?
RICKY Hace 4 días
The same people who dislike this movie are the same people who enjoy shovelware garbage like superhero films especially the avengers.
John Keable
John Keable Hace 5 días
Compared to get out this movie was straight garbage
Nick Street
Nick Street Hace 5 días
Movie sucked ass
will Hace 5 días
So I'm the only one who really didn't like the way this movie was executed?
Alecia Wood
Alecia Wood Hace 5 días
that movie was dumb as fuck
markwing1975 Hace 5 días
Not that impressed with it. Get out was good this was ok
James Murray
James Murray Hace 5 días
Some people may not agree with me, but I fucking love this movie
dcta51 Hace 4 días
Just saw it yesterday. It was amazing!
Joseph Jacobs
Joseph Jacobs Hace 5 días
I'm sorry, I can't say this was a good movie or not....Because I cut if off med-way through......This movie wasn't scary one bit....Maybe at the end, all hell broke loose.....I hope they pull a good ending out...But, I just can't set there for two hours trying to connect the dots......Last week I watched (The Nun) that movie got my attention right off the bat...Hell, and I'm an atheist too.
theoneeyedpoodle Hace 4 días
Hell yeah The Nun baby!!!!
Mauricio Duran
Mauricio Duran Hace 6 días
Lupita Nyongo is amazing and I loved Get Out but this movie was actually subpar. The movie was terribly written, the comedic element was awful and throwing the "5 on it" song by the luniz orchestra in the final scene was cringing. I was suprised seeing Tim Heidecker in this though.
John Bento
John Bento Hace 6 días
I'm surprised everyone loves this movie. In my opinion it wasn't great. Definitely entertaining at times and enjoyed the acting but I don't think it made much sense. Also I feel like I was laughing way more than I should have. It didn't feel like good horror to me. Just my opinion. I really enjoyed get out though.
Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson Hace 6 días
Stop cursing God.
Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson Hace 6 días
Evil crap
A F Hace 6 días
Slow. Predictable. A lot of toxic feminism portraying men as loud and dumb and women as stronger and savvier. Complete waste of time. Glad I waited for this to come out on video. The only reason so many people are trying to pump this up is because Muh Black Family.
STDealer Hace 4 días
@A F That doesn't change the fact that the movie wasn't overtly negative towards men.
A F Hace 4 días
STDealer Actually, I took my notes from a direct interview with Jordan Peele, where he states that Winston Duke is "a fool" in the movie, and the wife and daughter are the leader and warrior. Followed by plenty of sexist comments after that. might want to do a little reading before proffering further commentary my friend.
STDealer Hace 4 días
@A F the amount of reaching you would have to do to come to that conclusion with this movie tells me that you have a paranoid and ever-present persecution complex.
A F Hace 6 días
STDealer I guess I prefer movies that don't portray either gender as shitting on the other. But hey...thats me :-p
STDealer Hace 6 días
Terminator 2 is the same way 30 years ago and amazing. Sounds like you're projecting a little here or just presenting objections to anything that doesn't follow a nuclear family flow. Women can happen to be smarter than their male partners, this just happened to be the case. Don't worry you have a shit ton of bland, uninspired formulaic films to choose from that have the frail, helpless women you probably love.
Horror fan 4 Life
Horror fan 4 Life Hace 6 días
Lapita nyong'o was the standout in this movie. I enjoyed all of the performances but hers sticks out as the best. Jordan Peeles writing and directing Is on point once again. I loved this movie and really had no flaws with it. The ending was excellent. The cast did a great job playing 2 roles and I can't wait to see what Jordan has enstore for us next. A+.
jerry Guerrero
jerry Guerrero Hace 6 días
It's like I watched a different movie. It was so bad it ruined my day.
A F Hace 6 días
jerry Guerrero Shhhh dont tell the Left. Everyone is supposed to clap and celebrate. But yes, you are completely correct.
Marcus Gutierrez
Marcus Gutierrez Hace 7 días
Just watched this movie with a friend and the acting was great the cinematography was good some of the direction was to predictable at times the male lead was made to look weak and the woman was stronger which is really a nip pick overall good film
Lil Zae
Lil Zae Hace 7 días
This movie was so good when I went to go see it in the theaters I bought the Blu-ray version this morning when I left work from Walmart
Straut Anamaria
Straut Anamaria Hace 7 días
This was horrible, the story doesn't make any sense and the whole action line is stupid .... who watched it and enjoyed it..... I don't know .... and stop making a metafore out of everything that doesn't make sense !!
Kaoh916 Hace 7 días
This movie sucks and you positively reviewing it makes me not respect your opinion on movies anymore. This movie literally makes no sense. It should of been called "isn't that weird." Cause all they did was do weird shit or make normal shit seem weird.
MrFlipperInvader792 Hace 7 días
And here I am now...sitting here with the best buy exclusive Steelbook
Tristin Goshen
Tristin Goshen Hace 7 días
Dude I love that movie Jordan Peele was good at this movie get out uyy but us I love it my vaorite kill from the movie is pulto that's the son if you know and I just love I got 5 on it.
oscar orta
oscar orta Hace 7 días
The movie sucked
Dylan Campbell
Dylan Campbell Hace 8 días
Just watched and I’ve gotta say the film is extremely overhyped. It had some good acting but the plot was a mess.
Dylan Campbell
Dylan Campbell Hace 8 días
And any tension that had started to build up was ruined by dad jokes.
Tim Page
Tim Page Hace 8 días
Get Out is the better more subtle film, but this one was still really solid. Y'all can complain about the plot, and I won't argue because the twist was a make or break kind of thing. I just think the idea is super original, the execution was really really good, and the performances are great. I'd much rather take a horror movie that swings for the fences than a safe, PG-13 horribly directed horror film. I went and bought it on Blu-ray today, and I can't wait to re-watch it.
Ryan Slater
Ryan Slater Hace 8 días
Movie sucked balls.
Mitchell Lawhorn
Mitchell Lawhorn Hace 8 días
It was okay, definitely entertaining and well made. But, the ending “twist” was predictable.
rjc0188 Hace 8 días
It's funny because I was bored to death when I was watching it
Iron Man 69
Iron Man 69 Hace 8 días
"Get Stuckmanized" has got to be the cheesiest catchphrase ever created!
c schriefer
c schriefer Hace 8 días
Great review! I just rented this to watch again and was rewatching the reviews...
E Creacher
E Creacher Hace 9 días
I like a lot of you videos what did they pay you?🤨😆
E Creacher
E Creacher Hace 9 días
There ..was a shadow...🤮god that was bad. 🤪
E Creacher
E Creacher Hace 9 días
The sound track was I got five on it!?? This movie was a flaming piece of shit! Lmao😂😂we were laughing at how embarrassing it was. Seriously a struggle to finish.
Ross Coe
Ross Coe Hace 9 días
F**k peele
theoneeyedpoodle Hace 4 días
It's ok to say FUCK that MOTHERFUCKER.
Rob Vespa
Rob Vespa Hace 9 días
I enjoyed this movie, but it's one of the most stupid films I've seen. Also, the ending of Get Out was stupid and brought the whole film down. The screenplay didn't deserve a nomination, let alone a win. You're giving this movie too much credit. Way too much. Entertaining incredibly stupid dreck. I've no idea what's going on with you. This may be your worst least on point review. Aside: No performance in this film comes close to Collette in Hereditary (which itself may have benefitted from ending the film five minutes earlier along with a few slight edits).
Mohammed  Hanif
Mohammed Hanif Hace 9 días
I effing loved it but I'm still waiting for the cops to show up .......
Mista Fixit
Mista Fixit Hace 10 días
Get out sucks to.
Mista Fixit
Mista Fixit Hace 8 días
@Trenton Kingsley who cares .
Trenton Kingsley
Trenton Kingsley Hace 8 días
Mista Fixit too*
Mista Fixit
Mista Fixit Hace 10 días
This is a really bad movie
Mista Fixit
Mista Fixit Hace 8 días
@Trenton Kingsley that's your opinion. I did not like it .
Trenton Kingsley
Trenton Kingsley Hace 8 días
Mista Fixit 90%+ on rotten tomatoes lol. Yeah it wasn’t bad at all
xMoJox Hace 10 días
I give this movie a C+ great acting but not a very exciting movie and more weird than scary!!
Björgvin Jóhannsson
Björgvin Jóhannsson Hace 10 días
Great acting, boring movie
stephanebl13 Hace 10 días
The acting is good but this movie doesn't make any sense.
Stephen Cooper
Stephen Cooper Hace 10 días
Horror is a genre that has so many cliches but some great ones are still coming . The oscars are bull people do get Oscar for good film sometimes for bad. Fine example Leonardo di caprio should have two not one should have got one for blood diamond I fell asleep watching Roma but I got bored the cinematography was great but bit slow I might pick up were I left off but I think oscars are bit political they wait and go it’s Leo year. It’s Clooney year etc sometimes they get it right but they are not the biggest award to me bafta Emmy and other are fair if you have people funding Oscar campaigns they need to stop that it’s not a good merit system to me
Filtered Feed
Filtered Feed Hace 10 días
What a brilliant movie. Every single scene had meaning, not to mention the score! 9.2/10.
You know - I'm right
You know - I'm right Hace 11 días
That movie was horrible!! I hated it I barely got through it
You know - I'm right
@Trenton Kingsley That's not necessarily true with all the sjw stuff going on they tend to get movies higher ratings. I guarantee of this movie with a bunch of white actors they wouldn't have gotten as high as a rating as it did. Just food for thought. Think about it it was a white director and a white actor I don't think it would have got such high ratings
Trenton Kingsley
Trenton Kingsley Hace 8 días
You know - I'm right are you serious. Movie critics are harsh. They don’t care if the lead actors are black. Like who cares if they’re black
You know - I'm right
@Trenton Kingsley Also all this sjw stuff going on even that Spider-Man cartoon into the spider-verse was kinda of stupid to and that got good ratings only because it was a black kid that was Spider-Man and that movie was kinda of stupid to.
You know - I'm right
@Trenton Kingsley I'm saying that it got such good ratings because it's black actors and a black director yes. It's black people in a horror film that's like never been done before. But the movie still was stupid to me. I don't know maybe I'm just not hip or cool.. "my mom is Black by the way so I am half black I'm not racist."
Trenton Kingsley
Trenton Kingsley Hace 8 días
You know - I'm right people really make a big deal about the black actors?
Hamid Raza
Hamid Raza Hace 11 días
Boring movie bad acting. Very overrated
John Marston
John Marston Hace 5 días
@Trenton Kingsley woah you're dumb lol. Watch it yourself bro
Hamid Raza
Hamid Raza Hace 8 días
@Trenton Kingsley, you can waste your time if you want. Leading actress over acting. Sometimes it seems humorous and some point loosely based script. 90 percent rotten tomatoes (this is the thing I wrote overrated) Full of shit this movie is.
Trenton Kingsley
Trenton Kingsley Hace 8 días
Hamid Raza lol 90+% rotten tomatoes. I doubt this movie is bad
Vandalle Hace 12 días
Great film, really enjoyed it, but there was a lot that was unexplained and I feel it needs explaining. Where did they come from in the first place? They made out like they were clones but when did it all start, and why did they all exist in the same place and do the same things, marry the same people, have the same kids etc.? And also, how many of the others were there, because it showed a hell of a lot more than there were under the beach, and if there were so many how did one person orchestrate such a carefully planned out attack? and how did no one ever find them? They were literally living down some escalators for however many years and no one found or heard them? If Lupita's main character/Adelaide was actually the evil one then why could she speak? And if it's possible for her to speak then why could the other clones not learn it from the original Adelaide who lived down there, she had kids and raised them but they didn't pick up the language? Why where they all demented and evil? Why couldn't they all live and exist together? Why did Adelaide never just go back up the escalators and go home?
Installing Windows
Installing Windows Hace 12 días
Same, they kind of explained everyrhing in the end instead of letting us find out
Jedidiah Bowman
Jedidiah Bowman Hace 13 días
Just being honest, this is one of the worst films I have ever seen. It was hard to finish honestly. Corny humor, PG horror. I feel like I must’ve watched a different movie , since most people seem to have enjoyed it.
Please do a spoiler review
kessler003 Hace 14 días
Dumb movie, made no sense, so stupid, people doing the same stuff down there as their up counterparts. Reminded me too much of the Simpsons Halloween episode were there are 2 Barts... good and evil separated at birth.
emil engen
emil engen Hace 14 días
Jordan is a racist piece of shit.
Trenton Kingsley
Trenton Kingsley Hace 8 días
emil engen lol no explanation, just says shit lol
poppaDehorn Hace 14 días
this was terrible. i was into the first half, but as soon as we're introduced to the "bad guys"... shockingly bad.
82465amen Hace 15 días
This guy is trying so hard to analyze this movie but there's nothing there. I can look at my breakfast plate and find symbolism. I suspect this is a consequence of critics telling people what is good. At the theater, there were people laughing at the movie, not with the movie! I'm going to give this movie a D.
Arionna Warren
Arionna Warren Hace 10 días
How tf are you gonna laugh with a movie... I give you a F
tg ga
tg ga Hace 15 días
2 friends: you wanna come watch Us? me: watch yall do what ? Never clicked a notification so fast. I can’t wait to see what Peele did Lupita Nyong'o's acting was phenomenal, especially as the "other". wow!
Colton Hanson
Colton Hanson Hace 15 días
Lol everyone knows this movie is trash stop lying to please the SJWs
Cilvar Frey
Cilvar Frey Hace 15 días
Nonsensical story with gaping plot holes the size of planets, A-. Sorry Chris, but just not on the same appreciation level as you are with this one. The main cast were absolutely great in this movie, as was the soundtrack, but that's where my appreciation of it ends at least.
James Mulhern
James Mulhern Hace 15 días
Us is the best horror movie of all time
Tᴜʟᴩᴀ Oᴍᴇɢᴀ
This was M. Night Shyamalan BAD you dolt.
Alll L
Alll L Hace 16 días
I got scared when I watched it 😭😯😯😯!!!
Sho Fumimura
Sho Fumimura Hace 16 días
I really like Get Out, but found Us to be bland and uninspired. No intriguing subtext nor social commentary, and no humor in it too. I think Lupita acted well but I couldn’t be absorbed into the movie, there seems to be an aloofness to it all that I never really went through the journey with any of the characters, unlike Get Out. A shame.
Sid Nathan Fajardo
Sid Nathan Fajardo Hace 17 días
A movie that made me cuss and scream a lot. One of the best horror movie I ever watched. Also to think that the comedy actor Jordan Peele can create a good horror movie. Awesome!
Anti World
Anti World Hace 17 días
This movie is absolute garbage. It would be a 0/10 if the ending was at least halfway entertaining. Anyone who genuinely enjoys this movie in it's entirety is a simpleton and nothing more.
Reeses Fan
Reeses Fan Hace 17 días
I wanna see a horror movie with Toni Collette and Lupita Nyong'o in a horror movie together.
Ben Sebastian
Ben Sebastian Hace 18 días
This movie was overrated as fuck! The acting was cringey and the script made no sense in the end! Again, Overrated!!!
John Doe
John Doe Hace 18 días
I found it dull,plodding and cliched. And I loved Get Out. I very much fear Jordan Peele is developing M. Night Shyamalan syndrome. Basically becoming a one trick pony with increasingly formulaic movies.
jason not
jason not Hace 18 días
At first I find it dull, but at the middle part and ending part I think it was good in my opinion.
Lucas Marco
Lucas Marco Hace 19 días
I saw an review about a girl called fernanda in another movie and she just came up with excelent reviews (I'll try to translate the best I can): She said the movie has a political aspect. She said that the wall in the end is a reference to Trump's wall and the color is red because of the republicans, she also said that they escape to mexico and the tunnels were always a passageway to the foreigners to enter the U.S. The movie is called "US": U.S. : a direct reference to the united states and the fact that it was built by the hard work of immigrants that were left to the shadows and most were caged. She also said that Jordan Peele said in an interview that americans fear a lot of outer threats while they should fear themselves. Another great thing is about the boy and his "clone", while the normal boy always tries to do the magic trick and always fails, his clone always succed and that's why he got his face burnt. The movie is amazing. 10/10
John Lee
John Lee Hace 19 días
I'm a huge fan of horror and get out was great. US I found to be boring and I figured out the twist half way. Disappointed.
Th3MadDabb3r Hace 19 días
Aaaaaand introducing the whitest black family ever!
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