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Chris Stuckmann reviews Us, starring Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Anna Diop, Evan Alex, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Madison Curry, Cali Sheldon, Noelle Sheldon. Directed by Jordan Peele.


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20 mar 2019






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RED REBEL Hace un hora
amen to the horror movie love
Esper the Bard
Esper the Bard Hace 10 horas
I definitely share your opinion about the sequence when the movie straight up explains to you the backstory of the doppelgangers. It could have been left more ambiguous, or have it discovered and shown over a couple sequences, instead of just told to us. But overall, this is a fantastic artistic horror movie with a great score and amazing acting.
matthew gonzalez
matthew gonzalez Hace 17 horas
the movie (get out) I gave 3 out of a 5 (us) I gave a 2 out 5 Story was a little boring not bad I would probably watch it one more time To see if I notice anything else in the movie But it would be nice to see more Big budget horror movies There's not too many people doing really good horror movies Pretty good acting that's always a good Tell me what you think of that movie Alita battle angel I thought that was damn good not horror but a good Fantasy science fiction
Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell Hace un día
Dude! Chris where do u get your T-shirts share the wealth man lol
Bennett Cowan
Bennett Cowan Hace un día
God damb man this movie was very ambiguous
melik williams
melik williams Hace 2 días
We want candy man
Michael Prescott, Jr.
Was not impressed with this film.
Adrian Cabrera
Adrian Cabrera Hace 2 días
Us made no sense dude idk wtf critics are on about
Hoss skul
Hoss skul Hace 2 días
This guy is not Stanley Kubrick, they will not be talking about this mishap of a film 50 years from now Like we do the shining and it’s stupid for people to even try and compare the two, this was a horrible review, it wasn’t critical at all, probably because you don’t want to get backlash from bunch of social justice warriors, he reminds me of Clint Eastwood, he tries to make connections but ends up missing the target completely, he’s not a good director get real . I’m wondering if him getting to the level of director hast to be from social promotion From a bunch of Hollywood liberals who want to use their power for “social chang “ The way they have continually done over the past couple of years and we all know it ,erather than Merit earned from skill and talent ?
Thomas Fitzgerald
Thomas Fitzgerald Hace 3 días
Great acting but a really originally dumb concept. People busted out laughing in the theater when you hear her voice for the first time. Losing faith in this channel. I get that he likes artsy movies but just cause the acting is phenomenal and it's visually shot well that doesn't make up for how bad the concept was executed and how this movie wasn't the least bit scary.
Final Chapter.
Final Chapter. Hace 3 días
They gave me wayyyy too much hints about the two girls were switched and I didn't notice.
Patrick Tilsley
Patrick Tilsley Hace 4 días
Why does Jordan peel do so many movies about black people, is it just because he’s black
Tanyaa Brita
Tanyaa Brita Hace 4 días
Loved it but it had too many plot holes
Bob Rob
Bob Rob Hace 4 días
Heard this movie suck
Lynn Walker
Lynn Walker Hace 4 días
I've really liked your videos so far, but I really wish you wouldn't use bad language. I get that you loved Get Out and 'Us', so there's no need to profanity to show your strong feelings about it.
B’s world 1989
B’s world 1989 Hace 4 días
The film was SHIT
Rising Skywalker
Rising Skywalker Hace 5 días
Stuckman? More like FUCKman! Get it, bitch!
Floyd Harrison
Floyd Harrison Hace 5 días
The movie was good rnough to not have a plot twist.
halo halos
halo halos Hace 6 días
Where did they get the red jumpers? Who fed the bunnies when the original people who ran the place left? Who kept the electricity and water running? =P
DesertDweller10 Hace 6 días
11-11 is a powerful number in the spiritual community and it represents transformation and awakening consciousness. Thus, 11-11 has a duel meaning just like most everything else in the movie. The Biblical 11-11 represents the wrath of God if humanity continues on its current path of material excess and seeing our fellow inhabitants as 'other." However, 11-11 also represents that we can change course through our awakening to Oneness and to our inherent authenticity that does not rely on material excess. It is a matter of becoming aware of our shadow side and accepting it so that we do not unconsciously operate from it.
Kate Anagnostou
Kate Anagnostou Hace 6 días
This movie had some really good acting and an amazing score...other than that, nothing much...it had plot holes and didn't know what it wanted to be...horror comedy? Mystery? Serious horror? Who knows....Did it have a dual meaning that i missed? If it did, it didnt get it across successfully...Overall i thought it was boring and all over the place..I'm here because i need someone to justify this film...Because I honestly could not find it good...It started amazingly but it was all downhill after that...it reminded me of Invasion of the body snatchers slightly...but it soon became dissapointing...it was cinematically good...but storywise, it was bad..it felt rushed...and without identity...
Kate Anagnostou
Kate Anagnostou Hace 6 días
Also, the climax felt like it hadnt been "earned"...in a vacuum it was a terrific climax..but the whole story leading up to it made me feel like it was forced..
Mid-Loaf Crisis
Mid-Loaf Crisis Hace 7 días
To all the people who disliked the film purely on realism, plot holes and suspension of disbelief. It's not just about the nuts and bolts of an A to B story. This is clearly an allegory, open to interpretation and is so much more interesting when judged so. Loving Jordan Peele's take on horror, this is exactly what we need more of in this genre.
Charles Baylor
Charles Baylor Hace 4 días
David Hernandez
David Hernandez Hace 7 días
dam i want to see the movie Chris saw, cuz the movie i saw was just meh and predictable.
刘凯琳 Hace 7 días
Nope. Don’t think I’ll be seeing any more movies from Mr. “I won’t hire white people”.
刘凯琳 Hace 6 días
ashton cody Not as slow as thinking “Get Out” is an actual portrayal of the “black experience” in America. LOL
ashton cody
ashton cody Hace 6 días
All of his movies have white actors you sound slow
Sirisun Hace 7 días
How about a Martyrs review?
Elle C.
Elle C. Hace 7 días
Did he say "Horror" or "Whore?"
AABradyKK Hace 7 días
Movie was shit. No idea why so much hype. They literally have the characters sit down and explain the plot about an hour in because it's so crap.... so clucky and forced. The end scene was just so cringe and makes no sense if you take two seconds to think about it. Acting was good but that was it.
Tammy Fantin
Tammy Fantin Hace 8 días
Granny Ninja channel 8 SAVVY....Tom Cruise s NOSE change.. last movie nose job... the New movie it's BACK???????
Dingus Outdoors
Dingus Outdoors Hace 8 días
I didn’t like this movie
Xavier Martinez
Xavier Martinez Hace 8 días
Please stop using the Lord's name in vain.
Onkel Leon. På grillen
Great freaking movie I love it. It was really funny but not creepy so much but it was still more creepy than Get out. But it wasn’t as good as Get out but I mean Get out is also one of my favourite movies of all time
Huberto J
Huberto J Hace 8 días
Just watched Us. I dont knowing my expectations were too high but I left the theater disappointed. Credit where it's due, visuals, acting, score are all top notch. But the script and the ideas for the basis of the film were all flawed. I figured out the twist half way through and became a little bored by the ending, purely because of how illogical the explanation for everything was. The film was entertaining. But nowhere near as fleshed out as Get Out. Curious to know what Chris thought after his second viewing, cos a film like this can crumble under it's own weight once the surprise is spent.
MoonLurker Hace 8 días
So, no one is going to mention how Elisabeth Moss starred in The One I Love w/ Mark Duplass?!?!? The characters realize they have doppelgängers (don’t want to spoil it). I wonder if Peele was inspired by it. The fact that Moss is in it, makes me think he may have been paying homage to it.
Daniel Reyes
Daniel Reyes Hace 8 días
Just watched it, left the movies w my girl after 40 minutes, to walk around the mall. trailer was scary.. movie is more like a comedy.. everyone in the theater laughed.. shit is ass. If you want a comedy watch it
Issy Hace 8 días
Basically Nakia fucked M’Baku and T’Challa made dark clones of them for revenge
sir you Can't do that
What to watch guys Us vs pet sematery ???
Liam Hace 8 días
This was an underwhelming film to be honest. Very overrated.
J Hace 8 días
What a stupid movie. The plot is so crap and dumb. Doubles of all people because it is government’s plan to control people? What a dumb dumb premise. Bizarre? Using that word won’t excuse the stupidly of it
emil engen
emil engen Hace 8 días
Jordan is a racist.
Demetri J
Demetri J Hace 8 días
Dennis Eskesen
Dennis Eskesen Hace 8 días
The comedy in this film DID NOT WORK AT ALL! This had WAAAAAY to many oneliners ALL THE F*CKING TIME, that ruined every moment that was trying to be a moment of suspense.. 3/4 of those jokes should have been left out.. DAMN i’m so dissapointed.. 😭
Kevin Angles
Kevin Angles Hace 9 días
The movie sucked
Brian Bingman
Brian Bingman Hace 9 días
I imagine that Chris like so many other critics will fawn all over this movie to avoid the perception that he isn’t black friendly. Side note if you want to scare yourself with black peeps just come to Chicago. Start at the corner of western and Madison and walk west until you hit Cicero. Make sure you bring some loafs of bread so when those poor helpless jean valjean’s come to stomp your face out you can hand them the loaf of bread and say here poor hungry black guy. Don’t rob me take this. Now we can be friends. Yayyyyyy
Hinds15 Hace 9 días
Love the batman beyond t shirt. If they are going to continue to make batman films I really believe they should move on to that part of the universe. Watched it everyday along with the older batman cartoon when I got home in junior high. Edit: really wish I saw this video sooner so this comment could have been seen more to have a discussion.
Chloe Medeiros
Chloe Medeiros Hace 9 días
I think I love "Us" and "Get Out" equally, but for very different reasons. Both are brilliant.
Danny Hills
Danny Hills Hace 9 días
Honestly thought it was one of the worst films I've seen in a while...
Jadzia Wynter
Jadzia Wynter Hace 9 días
I thought US was more like a home invasion thriller
chris valadez
chris valadez Hace 10 días
Movie wasn’t that good I thought
Jey Kent
Jey Kent Hace 10 días
I think Peele's first movie was better and more cohesive and coherent. "US" had many inconsistencies.. too many to name. I really wanted to LUV this film, but this was a poor horror/suspense movie. How is it possible that it had great acting, though?!
Andrew Miles Broughton
Bravo, about the ending, I thought that too - in the case of horror never explain!!
CroCho Hace 10 días
1:16 "this movie is fuckin' awesome" Let me stop you right there. No, it's not an awesome movie. Call it interesting, somewhat original, fun, tell it has good music, acting, great trailer, interesting premise, yes, this is a solid movie, but the plot itself is one giant hole and there is no way around it. I really wish people start to punish ESvidrs like you by unsubscribing. Like, obviously you are paid to say that the movie is great. I am sure (and I really didn't watch the rest of your video) that you are not going to discuss flaws that make this movie just slightly over mediocre. Hope you enjoy the money these Holywood production houses give to you but you will never be a respected critic. Actually, you are not a critic, you are just a YouTouber.
Regeneration Nation
Regeneration Nation Hace 10 días
First part of the movie I was really into it. Except for the husband. Idgaf if I got hit in the knee with a bat. My adrenaline would be through the roof if my family was in danger. After they start explaining everything I actually started getting upset. I saw this movie yesterday so I had read and listened to a few reviews. I don't know what people are talking about. This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. None of it makes sense even though they literally explain the plot to you word for word. I absolutely will not be watching this movie again.
1789Bastille Hace 10 días
Real horror movies dont have music sountracks..according to Michael Haneke
Lesley Gaffney
Lesley Gaffney Hace 10 días
I agree with you about Toni
LeeAnn Yanes
LeeAnn Yanes Hace 11 días
Am I the only one that enjoyed this a little more than Get Out? Maybe because I love true horror, but I felt like there was more to this. Plus, Lupita could not have been more perfect.
quirkygirl 98
quirkygirl 98 Hace 11 días
I'd love to see a sequel to it explaining exactly how the tethers were created
Florent Devier
Florent Devier Hace 11 días
Let's be honest this movie was an empty shell. No character development, no subtext, no real message to be sent (no Chris the evil shadow is not linked to the metaphoric inner evil it is clearly expressed that they are 2 differents people with 2 different motives). Plus many plot holes that make the concept not believable. Get out was a nice surprise, this one is not.
The World Gamers
The World Gamers Hace 11 días
Jordan Peele has plans for three more “social thrillers” in the next decade
McDoogle Hace 11 días
Worst fucking movie I have ever seen. Pissed that I even spent the money to see this garbage!
Christopher Barbosa
Christopher Barbosa Hace 11 días
Lord... That move sux!
Ryan Slasher
Ryan Slasher Hace 11 días
To me this movie was just "meh" I hated that I saw the twist coming from the moment the movie started and that was really a bummer for me.
Joshua Hammond
Joshua Hammond Hace 11 días
You and Jordan Peele have the same voice.
Briandon Stark
Briandon Stark Hace 11 días
The classism reading of the movie is the most valid, IMO.
Mr Alex
Mr Alex Hace 12 días
What is the age limit to watch this film I want to watch this but is it too scary will this give you nightmares 😐
Any S
Any S Hace 12 días
Damn right ! You are just on fire man. As always I agree with you
Creme Fraiche
Creme Fraiche Hace 12 días
so excited to see this film tonight, the movie crept up on me and I hadn't seen the trailer for the longest time, but wow does it ever look good!!
impetuousace Hace 12 días
chris gettin beeefy
Matt Gonzalez
Matt Gonzalez Hace 12 días
1:32 Oooookkaaaaaaaayyyy.....
millball Hace 12 días
You were clearly watching a different film. Us had good cinematics and laid good ground for brilliant story but was fell short after an hour of building. 3/10
bashenga the black manta
Love that batman beyond t-shirt
Mr Reality
Mr Reality Hace 12 días
Story was dumb at first you interested then lost interest to many jokes not enough parts that make crowd jump people were laughing more then being scared I thought it was a horror me an date walked out
Reverend Benzo
Reverend Benzo Hace 12 días
I think I would have loved this film if it wasn't for the people two rows behind me. They laughed hysterically throughout the whole thing. Every minor comic relief moment, every kill, every intense or uncomfortable scene, etc. I plan on watching it again so I can get the full effect.
Hazmat Guy
Hazmat Guy Hace 13 días
Spoilers. The cast was great, but honestly, the movie was kind of eh. Really wasn’t scary at all, in my opinion. I thought of it more as a comedy or a horror parody. It was okay. The other people were clones, trapped underground. The clone of the main character switched places with the real girl, which was predictable, and my friend looked over to me during the movie and said that he thought it would happen around the middle. It wasn’t some deeper fight with your inner self, just some crappy shadow agency making clones and then abandoning them. They all hold hands in the end because that’s what the girl had on her shirt, when she woke up, that’s probably the only thing she remembered as later on in the movie, she tells the “real” girl that she should have taken her with her to the surface, as if she was the clone all along not knowing she was the real girl. Definitely wouldn’t call it horror but I recommend giving it a watch to see for yourself.
Juicy Tickle
Juicy Tickle Hace 13 días
Fuck da Police!
Jakhaari Kiaana
Jakhaari Kiaana Hace 13 días
I thought it was decent. I hated the pace. It felt both fast and slow at the same time. Lupita was so amazing! She’s a GREAT actress! So versatile! The movie frustrated me because there were a lot of holes in the plot that I didn’t care for... but other than that it made me think... i liked it and I’d watch it again to see if I find anything else that tells me more about the meaning behind the movie
Drag shan
Drag shan Hace 13 días
i honestly didnt like the movie
LegendofBen Hace 13 días
I loved Get Out, but I found this movie to be a huge letdown. Found the "villains" to be underwhelming and less interesting the more we learned about them. The comedy was mediocre, the plot/characters were generic, and the ending didn't work for me. The theatre I saw Get Out in was loud, rowdy, and energetic. The crowd for Us was silent the entire time.
V M Hace 13 días
The acting was good but I am sorry the STORY was NOT well created, it is filled with SO MANY NON SENSIBLE GAPS that I left this film like 🙄 so I did not think it was that good. Very disappointing
Lauren Kayy
Lauren Kayy Hace 13 días
Eh.. While I watched Us I was abled to predict that the family had clones when there was a family outside their door .. I also had a feeling the two girls were switched. This movie wasn't scary and I wasn't crazy about it. I wanted to see a scary movie. The ending too should have been better.
Ninjxxitty Hace 13 días
i think this movie was extremely well crafted paying attention to all the details. it kept all of the information in a tight closed system of feedback from the characters. plot in general wasnt too bad but the movie wasnt really as scary as i imagined it to be from the trailer. it was just a scifi thriller. the only disappointment i had was that it felt like the twist at the ending fell flat. the "punchline" wasnt very well delivered. even tho the entire plot feels solid and makes sense by the end the last twist just..didnt really matter. and maybe thats what jordan was going for but personally i wouldve preferred it to be delivered in a much more shocking manner. or perhaps earlier in the movie. maybe when the two mothers were talking face to face in the bunker? idk. besides that i am genuinely impressed with the work that went into this movie. the soundtrack was very delightful and fresh it was probably my favorite thing about the film.
SpoinRoin Hace 13 días
Reviewing movies with letters Is not a really precise way to rate a movie. For example, If you rate a movie with a D+, that is equivalent of rating a movie with a 1/10(or 10/100). So, what I am trying to say Is that It doesn't sit right when you see it. And you have to do some calculating to find out the actual numerical score.
LEYEGHTZ3RO Studios Hace 13 días
Really enjoyed this film, my mother was completely confused by the ending. I think Us deals with concepts like duality, identity, and it has some nice cultural nods to Invasion of the Body Snatchers and the Twilight Zone. The soundtrack was excellent, every actor managed to hold the screen, and everything changes once you have the perspective from the ending.
Angry TechAddict
Angry TechAddict Hace 13 días
Chris, what the... I just came home from watching this movie and I am trying to figure out if this review is an april fools joke, if you where drunk or high while watching the movie or if you are one of the producers and are financially dependent on this movie. Or is it the black panther effect where a white reviewer in America can’t say that a mainly black cast movie sucks? I know you appreciate horror movies that don’t count on jump scares every 5 minutes and I do too... but an A-? Honestly? I would not have watched the movie if it wasn’t for your review but that was a F+ at best... a lot of horror movies don’t make sense but this one is one of the more stupid ones 😬
Jordan Chatman
Jordan Chatman Hace 13 días
Winston Duke wasn’t funny. At all.
Celebrity Alert
Celebrity Alert Hace 13 días
LaBelle Indifference
LaBelle Indifference Hace 13 días
A- only? I would give A++. 10/10, 11/11, lol! This is truly new and refreshing and I don’t find any flaws and not even something like “why characters are making stupid decisions”. I think everyone did smart move/decisions at that moment including the kids.
Aivis Kleinbergs
Aivis Kleinbergs Hace 13 días
Watched after recommendation aaaaand noooooo, not that good!!! Lots and lots of plot holes! "C"
braskayy Hace 14 días
This movie was so BAD!!!
Better paced than get out? That has to be a joke
South East Bobby
South East Bobby Hace 14 días
I saw this shit yesterday and today I still don't know what the fuck I watched
Blake Larson
Blake Larson Hace 14 días
"Get out was so different".. Yeah, its the skeleton key remake.
The Kawaii Girl Swirl
The Kawaii Girl Swirl Hace 14 días
Everyone in the theatre was saying what the fuck so many times through the movie after the family showed up. I actually left for 5 mins just to collect myself. Plus someone’s phone kept going off next to me ugh.
oscar valverde
oscar valverde Hace 14 días
This movie wasn’t that good to me. I liked its originality but i liked Get Out more.
lessly carthan
lessly carthan Hace 14 días
Dam I loved this film. My second time Thursday when I get out of work go see this
Inka Hace 14 días
My husband and I did not like this movie at all, boring! Wasted 2 hours of our life. This is why we don’t go to movies!! She did act very well in this movie. DUMB AS PLOT!
mrbigglesworth Hace 14 días
maybe i'm blind or maybe lack any emotion whatsoever but this movie to me was more of comedy than a horror movie. not once did my girlfriend or i feel any sort of suspense or any sheer feelin of freight. im sorry but sitting however long this movie was felt more like punishment to me imho
Angela Desilva
Angela Desilva Hace 14 días
Is there a review on Pet Semetery?
Aaron Enerio
Aaron Enerio Hace 14 días
Can someone count how many times Chris said the word “ Ambiguous” Chris just needs a spoiler review because this movie was ass
Hayley /LilMomyak Johnson
This movie is so damn good. Even my fiance who is not a big Horror fan loved it. That is huge!!
James Cassidy
James Cassidy Hace 14 días
Utter garbage. We don’t care less about any of the characters or the pathetic dialogue or ludicrous train wreck storyline. 90 minutes of my life I’ll never get back ☠️
Jon Bryant
Jon Bryant Hace 14 días
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