USB vs XLR Mics EXPLAINED! - Everything You Need To Know

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Which one should you buy for your stream setup? How much of a sound quality difference really is there?
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Comparing $30, $100, and $2000 Mics!
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Alpha Gaming
Alpha Gaming Hace un año
What's your current mic setup and what's your dream mic setup??
KogalMusicOfficial Hace 13 horas
I’m using an 25€ XLR mic, the Neewer NW800 and a 30€ audio interface, the cheapest Behringer one, but i dream of a Blue Yeti and a beautiful Apollo Twin or a Scarlett ☺️☺️😊😊
Philip J
Philip J Hace 2 días
Current Shure sm58, dream Shure sm7b
Spike Spiegel
Spike Spiegel Hace 3 días
I figured it, but thank you for confirming it: If your starting out streaming and don't want any complicated directions, get a USB. After a lot of experience and you want to became a professional singer or voice actor, GET AN XLR!
Aiden Snew
Aiden Snew Hace 6 días
I already have a blue ember and a 3rd gen Scarlett solo. Do I need a mixer/ converter and what would be a good option under $150?
Jeramy Taylor
Jeramy Taylor Hace 8 días
Current: Shure KSM44 (XLR) Dream: Telefunken TF29 Copperhead (XLR)
Stigian Kree
Stigian Kree Hace 14 horas
I have a Pioneer Digital DJ SB-S DJ Controller mixer that was given to me. Would it be a good start or put me ahead of the curve when it comes to live streaming as I move forward into this field of work? Thank you for all the great content.
Evan Eaton
Evan Eaton Hace un día
Matthew Kutoloski
Matthew Kutoloski Hace un día
I am not a streamer however, I am a Professional studio musician. I have to be honest full disclosure, I’m not quite sure how it works with streaming but I use USB mics for recording vocals a lot but in posts and even during the recording I have tons Of plug-ins at the tips of my fingers such as compression, pitch correction and Full spectrum equalizers. So I’m assuming because when you’re streaming because it’s live sound that’s why you can’t add the compression and things like that but I did want to add that for things such as recording a USB mic can do the same things that an XLR can.
sd v
sd v Hace 2 días
Thanks I needed this!
mel 007
mel 007 Hace 2 días
Thanks, I have been using a USB mic for music and I realized that the mic sounds too bright.
Andy Is cool 2007
Andy Is cool 2007 Hace 2 días
I had an old mg10x and I set it up just recently do you know why it keeps overheating in the back of it?
Ryan Boruto
Ryan Boruto Hace 2 días
Who else thought mans was wearing a narutoo headband in the thumbnail
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez Hace 15 horas
here lol
Ryan Boruto
Ryan Boruto Hace un día
@Justin Liao ahahaha
Justin Liao
Justin Liao Hace un día
Philip J
Philip J Hace 2 días
Actually no, I don't have a Analogue to Digital converter, because my entire setup is analogue, the sound from the mics go straight into an analogue mixer, which sends the sound into an amp, which is connected to a passive speaker
Alexmonsterx Hace 3 días
its all about the motherboard
derbagger22 Hace 3 días
Currently running a cheap Amazon bought Maono USB mic. Yet, listening thru a SMSL Sanskrit DAC, THX 789 amp and Audio Technica A1000z headphones. I'm unbalanced, lol...
Mathieu Seguin
Mathieu Seguin Hace 4 días
I know this is from a year ago but Alpha - "The Blue ember is a solid mid range mic" Me (audiophile) - embers are pretty much the cheapest xlr blue mic you can buy...
AMS-CSGO Hace 3 días
Me, an audio intellectual
Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller Hace 5 días
Thanks buddy
Ben Holy
Ben Holy Hace 5 días
but if you use an XLR setup you also have to know all about how to adjust audio. Coming from someone who knows nothing about mixing audio.
DarkBeat Visuals
DarkBeat Visuals Hace 5 días
people listen to this amateur advice? yikes.. That yamaha mg mixer is barely in the consumer level of gear. If you know nothing about anything audio related this video might help you.
Alpha: "Lets put on some headphones" *Plays audio* Alpha: "That's not headphones" 13:28
Upora Films
Upora Films Hace 6 días
Ehhhhhh that little Yamaha mixer is actually pretty good, isn't garbage by any means. Audio is only as good as the engineer processing it...
D. Vuijk
D. Vuijk Hace 7 días
I went with a USB mic because of it's ease of use and because I can replace just one component when I upgrade. If you go for a similar priced XLR setup you'll want to upgrade everything as well anyway. In your example you buy a 100$ usb mic or a 100$ XLR mic with an 80$ mixer. Upgrading the USB mic costs more, but working with audio and developing your content/brand has given you a clearer picture on what kind of setup you want to create. Plus, the USB mic can be used for on-the-go purposes now so it's still getting use. Upgrading XLR components aren't that easy to reuse, since you still need the rest of the components to make use of it. Plus, the most obvious use of multiple mics/setups (one for in the studio and one for on the go) is a lot less viable if you need to bring a mixer with you everywhere you go.
Taxation IsSlavery
Taxation IsSlavery Hace 7 días
How much did the cia pay you to be a metrosexual scumbag?
Nate C
Nate C Hace 7 días
0:54 Dude I love audio. It's so fun to route and adjust everything and get it working smoothly and perfectly.
Shivansh Singh
Shivansh Singh Hace 7 días
thank you
Pooria Hace 7 días
that will be great if you make a video about different xlr cable outputs
EGS_LEGEND 11 Hace 8 días
Thank you for your informative videos, I very much appreciate it and it has helped me a lot
TheEnderson Hace 8 días
The Camera sounds the best
XTN Hace 8 días
what software should I use to EQ my microphone ?
Jackson Jupiter
Jackson Jupiter Hace 8 días
He looks like Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter Once you see it you can never unsee it
Yuriy Nasretdinov
Yuriy Nasretdinov Hace 8 días
... So that's why you chose a much worse (at least as how I hear it) sounding mic and have it pick up some echo in your room to record this video just because the mic that you're using allows to maintain an illusion that you speak directly to the audience without using any mics :)? Both mics that you demoed sound waaaaaay better than the actual sound in the video...
Draxx 01920
Draxx 01920 Hace 9 días
Thanks for this, man. 👍🏻
Isaac Z. Dodge
Isaac Z. Dodge Hace 9 días
He said bottleneck I got it lol 😆
Zex Alex
Zex Alex Hace 9 días
Nice explanation. But, please, those are not "serious headphones"...
TTV_scylla Hace 9 días
So basically iif your starting off on twitch buy a 100 pound / dollar USB mic and if you grow then splash money onto the 3 different parts
Brayden Vanmilligan
Brayden Vanmilligan Hace 10 días
USB mic it is.
Polygon Kanal
Polygon Kanal Hace 10 días
Thumbnail: Naruto??
Francisco Serrano
Francisco Serrano Hace 10 días
So well explained! Thanks a lot. I currently use a Amazon's basics USB mic (I now know the reason for being so thick), with a boom stand, pop filter and walls around, paneled with sound ac. So far, so good. Happy with the result.
Rylan Storm
Rylan Storm Hace 11 días
Dude needs to sell some of those fancy lights and buy a t-shirt that doesn't need gaff tape to hold it together.
Michael Epprecht
Michael Epprecht Hace 12 días
"This thing is smaller..." he said, she said
Billy Miller
Billy Miller Hace 13 días
@AlphaGaming What's your current mic setup and what's your dream mic setup??
MindSky Hace 13 días
Thank you so much!!! ;))
wildatlanticplay Hace 13 días
Quadquast sounds nicer
Mike O'Donnell
Mike O'Donnell Hace 14 días
Do you know if you can use an external mic connected to your Canon M50 while using Ecamm (over HDMI to capture card then onto iMac)? Is it even possible? Any help/info would be great! Thx
Lightly Salted
Lightly Salted Hace 14 días
Im just here cause my mic sounds like shit
HeftyBoiEthan Hace 14 días
Video starts at 3:35
Robert Brown
Robert Brown Hace 15 días
The XLR mic was giving sibilance and pop on your early sentences, and to be fair, you aren't making any mention to the 48 volts driving the XLR condenser mic vs the 5 volts driving the USB Mic...that alone can make a huge difference in the performance of a mic. Also, the positioning of the mics in relation to your mouth didn't give the USB a fair shake either... Personally, I have one of the early Samson USB condenser mics, and it holds up well against XLR mics... I like what you do, but you could use a little more"balance" in your testing.
Fishynippie clan
Fishynippie clan Hace 13 días
Tech Dunk
Tech Dunk Hace 15 días
I am looking for a mic upgrade. I have been using the Samson Meteor Mic for 2 years now. My budget for the mic (including other harware needed for it) is $220. I don't have any equipment other than my current (USB) mic, an arm and pop filter. What I want to use it for: Voice-overs (for tutorials or trailers) Stereo/omni audio (asmr like) Sound effect recording (game effects). I am not brand loyal, so it doesn't have to be from a big brand. So it needs to have at least stereo output. I can downmix this to mono for voiceover. So this doesn't need to be hardware implemented (but that would be a nice feature. So far the Blue Yeti X, HyperX QuadCast and Samson GTrack Pro look the best rn. But please feel free to change my mind!
Curry Chips
Curry Chips Hace 16 días
Get on with it
StrayKittyCat Hace 16 días
As soon he boasted about japan I hit negative and left.
Leo Warren
Leo Warren Hace 17 días
Or Solve both problems with a USB XLR Mic so you have an upgrade path down the road
Kenny Hoosen
Kenny Hoosen Hace 17 días
yall should check out the Marantz pro M4U. it has compatibility for USB out of the box, but it also has a plugin for an xlr cable, all for only 35 dollars, which sounds actually better than the yeti in my opinion.
sBoomPlays Hace 17 días
the video is 15 minutes :)
Sandly Hace 18 días
Video starts 2:50
B-atiful! Hace 18 días
Someone else in the comments pointed it out but it's hyper important to state that if you're SERIOUS about good quality audio *you need to treat your recording/streaming space.* This might mean padding, this might mean streaming in a closet, ik a lot of voice actors who just put a bunch of blankets around them. If you're not using a camera get stupid with it. There's a lot of really good tutorials on how to treat a room on ESvid.
Qlekos Hace 18 días
Your eyes R crazy!
Ryan Reid
Ryan Reid Hace 19 días
And this took 5 years and $100,000 to learn. Ok
Travis Grimes
Travis Grimes Hace 19 días
First off, mic position will take away the higher frequencies. Second off, EQ, Compression can all be done after the recording with a USB mic. You can use any DAW with EQ, Compression, etc. I also would like to say I don't hear that much of a difference. Most people don't have 400 dollar headphones to hear a slight difference in quality. Most people listen to music with ear buds and their cellphone, or in the car, etc.
Gene Evans
Gene Evans Hace 19 días
You didn't sell it to me.
Noobfest Hace 20 días
I bought an XLR mic and an XLR to jack cable to plug in my PC so I'll be using my motherboard's sound card. I basically just want an upgrade from my shitty headset mic. Will the XLR mic sound terrible?
Hardcake Productions
Hardcake Productions Hace 20 días
lol I use waves sound grid on my mic setup...I have to much time on my hands.....
bladesmithh Hace 20 días
Me who has voicemeeter bannana who can control everything with a basic mic *laughs in memeage*
ImTheToller Hace 17 días
I'm even using Voicemeeter with a midi mixer
TheKilla4K Hace 21 un día
I found an XLR Shure Beta58A and I gotta say, I cannot look back to using a usb mic again, XLR gives me more control
jose rodriguez
jose rodriguez Hace 22 días
i want xlr mic with xlr headphones.
Ronin1973 Hace 22 días
Something not touched on: you can have a quality signal chain. But if the room that you are in sounds terrible. You get a wonderful and accurate recording of you sounding terrible. There are ways to mitigate a bad sounding room and there are ways to improve the quality of the room. But buying better equipment doesn't fix sound problems.
Luis Montoya
Luis Montoya Hace 22 días
Your trial is flawed. The harshness in the Quadcast can be due to the frecuency curve of that particular mic. It would be nice if you compared the same mic in both XLR and USB versions (for example the AT2020), in that way the differences would come from the preamp and ADC instead of the mic.
HonzoNz Hace 22 días
Aint you the singing guy from vine who sings that “cool kids song” with that girl?
Nicholas Mettler
Nicholas Mettler Hace 23 días
Bro what about a neumann u87 ai into universal audio interface. I feel like enjoying god tier equipment
DoublEyedTitan Hace 23 días
did anyone else see the flag at the start and think he was going to join smash bros
Dillon Vogel
Dillon Vogel Hace 23 días
Lol did you rip your shirt n fix it with black duck tape
Dylan Suleiman Ortega
Dylan Suleiman Ortega Hace 23 días
love this guy
Eric Durrant
Eric Durrant Hace 23 días
fast forward to @ 2:50 , thank me later
Serhat Tuğrul GERGİN
question, what if your headset mic is decent but you only have your on board sound card ? I have insane static and hissing because of the shit sound card on motherboard but I have a decent headset with a mic which sounded so good on youtube reviews. should I get a preamp/dac for my headset and is that even possible ?
Adibus Sholeh
Adibus Sholeh Hace 24 días
wow..this is awesome. very good explanation
Casp3r The Ghost
Casp3r The Ghost Hace 24 días
HOT damn im glad i didnt waste my money on my quadcast
Ranger Smith
Ranger Smith Hace 24 días
Most people are listening on a phone or cheap earbuds or PC speakers. They will NOT hear a relevant difference.
zsf Hace 24 días
14:07 T H I C C
GamesAndSuch Hace 24 días
Wow that xlr souns like hot trash... you just shown usb mics can faceroll overly nonesstenial spending. then back pedal saying you need xlr.
Mark Oakley
Mark Oakley Hace 26 días
You're really good at this! Thanks for this video.
Neno Hace 26 días
The thumbnail makes it look like he's comparing two dildos
Nigel Durrant
Nigel Durrant Hace 27 días
NotNabs Hace 27 días
Can you make a video on amps for headsets?
Deven North
Deven North Hace 27 días
Alpha: Nobody likes to deal with garbage like this! Me: I'm not normal.
Jenk Meier
Jenk Meier Hace 27 días
Why do u look like Naruto in the thumbnail :p
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