USB vs XLR Mics EXPLAINED! - Everything You Need To Know

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Which one should you buy for your stream setup? How much of a sound quality difference really is there?
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Comparing $30, $100, and $2000 Mics!
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Alpha Gaming
Alpha Gaming Hace un año
What's your current mic setup and what's your dream mic setup??
Matthew Garmendia
Matthew Garmendia Hace 2 días
im using my razer kraken x headset mic, and its one of the best mics for a headset, and with some software tweeking, lowering the mids and boosting the lows and highs, it sounds really decent for being a headset, no distorsion or weird compression, just as clean as using your iphones ones or even better.
Ifeee Hace 12 días
Rode Nt1A powered by an Art USB Mix 4. Dream Setup would be an Neumann U87 Ai or an Neumann Tlm
Ny3te Hace 14 días
Using a Razer Seiren X hoping for a Shure SM-7B soon.
Sebastian Eiselt
Sebastian Eiselt Hace 15 días
Sennheiser MD419 with a Mackie XD-2
ClouT_Yapur Hace 16 días
headset mic 😔and want an xlr
Raynman Plays
Raynman Plays Hace 12 minutos
"Nobody likes to spend time tweaking with this..." Me who could spend hours every day tuning every tiny variable in my audio, if I had the time: :o
Nathaniel Stephens
Nathaniel Stephens Hace un día
Me sitting here with my mixer that I personally tuned. I have done proper Audio mixing for 4 years so I knew when I got my mic and mixer I knew what to do
Remote Gamer
Remote Gamer Hace un día
I love being half deaf.
Jordan Keiken
Jordan Keiken Hace 4 días
Start watching at the 3:00 Mark....
Rafael Hace 5 días
Great! Thank you
the slim bin
the slim bin Hace 5 días
Bruh I got a £300 mic and a £50 audio interface and it's good to know oven so better but when making stuff for ESvid it's fine as the sound is being squashed any way but the pre amps get super noisy when over 59% so it's on its way out
Wildfox Hace 7 días
I have good stack of Schiit ampt and dac. Bad thing is most stacks do not have line in to microphones ....
m3talh3ad123 Hace 7 días
Video summed up in a comment. XLR provides more control and more opportunity for "radio quality" audio. USB mics are good for ease of use. Oh btw, do not get a GoXLR mixer. It's overpriced and a lot of the features on there can be easily achieved with any decent digital mixer, while also only having one xlr input. You can literally buy a Behringer XAIR 16 for the same price, which has 8 xlr inputs and has a ton more control.
Mirmirak Hace 8 días
if i get a 100$ xlr mic with a 40$ interface its gonna sound better then a 100$ usb mic?
toniodotcom Hace 9 días
Quadcast wins!!!
Lukeom Official
Lukeom Official Hace 10 días
The Samson G track pro is better then the Quadcast
Uways Shakoor
Uways Shakoor Hace 10 días
Cheers from Japan! :) I hope you enjoyed it! Anyway, I was just checking on the HyperX, and your video was one of the best, with a lot of extra useful info about sound!
Pooop Hace 10 días
Idc about japan, tell me about Microphones
BibicaFierVechi Hace 10 días
Your thumbnail had me thinking this is a Naruto cosplay video
Paul Billingham
Paul Billingham Hace 10 días
The ad on your vid appered right between the two different mic tests for me. Love your work and have learnt alot. I was unable to here them back to back without jumping back in the vid.
Ghetto Blaster
Ghetto Blaster Hace 15 días
Man i gotta get into this shit before no one cares anymore. This guy flying to Japan with that internet money
Dredayツ Hace 16 días
Me hearing preamp and some hard complicated stuff my head 🤯
deceptive_cake 651
deceptive_cake 651 Hace 17 días
They sound the same😂😂😂
Jordan B
Jordan B Hace 18 días
I have an Audio Technica AT2005USB and it has a usb and XLR port/ cable. Do you think that would affect the mic quality Because it has the A/D converter in there as well? I’ve only used the USB since I do t have a sound board, and the audio seems to be a bit quiet in general and certainly not to the level of well produced videos like this, but it does seem to be alright.
Tech Haul
Tech Haul Hace 20 días
i broke my yeti nano, i screamed into it too hard and the inside broke cause now my friends say it sounds terrible, and i just ordered the podmic
Sacoly Hace 21 un día
Do you reccomend the T669 from Fifine (Only great mic I could find under 600 try)
Bencze Hace 22 días
The main takeaway was the old argument of upgrading. I think a LOT of people don't keep upgrading every couple months, 100$ is quite an investment for most people excepting a few lucky countries and I imagine if someone buys one of those blue yetis most people won't upgrade it for years. I mean I'm fortunate to live in western europe having a decent job but for occasional hobby use 100$ is quite enough of a spend, definitely wouldn't consider 300$ setup as a direct competitor. Often people suggest xlr instead of usb and never really understood why, maybe just snobbism and they do use very similar components at the price. One thing I would have imagined as a difference perhaps in some less emi or bigger box allowing for components that may be cheaper thus allowing a better preamp in a big box than a tiny all in 1 device. But quite possibly I am overthinking and for the hobby / test / curiosity level it doesn't matter as much what you buy. The ssssssssssssssssss sounds were quite edgy with the usb one, interesting, i wouldn't like to find that out after purchasing. :(
Felix Hace 24 días
RIP when he said headset mic trash quality and I purchased ModMic wireless lol
PandaI2E plz sub
PandaI2E plz sub Hace 27 días
Helpfull eaven in 2020
Ellius Townsend
Ellius Townsend Hace 27 días
0:43 “heyy”?
Cyber Gaming
Cyber Gaming Hace 27 días
What I did was I got an Audio Technica ATR-2100 Dynamic Mic which is USB and XLR and later added a Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface to make it sound better and now I have XLR so I can eventually upgrade just the Mic.
F.L.Infinite Hace 28 días
If there ends up being a microphone that's a USB and XLR hybrid, people would go nuts. It would be the GoPro Hero8 (and also the Hero9) of microphones.
F Money
F Money Hace 28 días
The peaking voice got me, how do I fix this! And how do I record in higher quality!!
Way of Qodeshah
Way of Qodeshah Hace 28 días
Why on earth would you make the 3 count, 3 finger gesture by doing the falsely labeled 'OK' sign? Either you know that your dropping the 666 sign, falsely called the 'OK' sign or you are ignorant. Now you know, so there's no excuse to ever show allegiance to satan and pushing believers away from your channel OR you continue to do so willfully...
MSimky Hace 29 días
What do you think of the focusright Scarlett?
Sachith D'Souza
Sachith D'Souza Hace un mes
First 3 min is all pure bullshit.. The content after that is very helpful..!!
PLayTime Hace un mes
Ur thumbnail look so much like Uzumaki Naruto with that mic at your head lel
JoshuaBuildster Hace un mes
Can we get a video Aux vs xlr vs usb?
M B Hace un mes
Now i know why so many people hated this video ... because you don't even talk about the title much. Bait and switch BS got you 650+ thumbs down.
M B Hace un mes
What in god's name are you wearing dude? lol
Sperfection Hace un mes
it took him 3 mins just to get into the video lmao thats kuked
Scratching Beyond The Surface
I bought that Blue Nano and i returned it the following day. I bought the 10 year anniversary edition.
SHAZZY Hace un mes
This is a good video
AQ Gwindor
AQ Gwindor Hace un mes
I tought that my razer siren x was top teir lol
Ibrahim Sidibay
Ibrahim Sidibay Hace un mes
This is impressive
Ibrahim Sidibay
Ibrahim Sidibay Hace un mes
Wow I’m just starting to know about microphones and good sound on podcasts and ESvid
TeleJipe Hace un mes
They are flying to JAPAN. ~"Nobody likes to deal with garbage like this." Pulls out a YAMAHA mixer.
Giro Hace un mes
Great video!
Devdoesitbest Hace un mes
AlphaGaming: "and now you are the smartest one in your friend group when it comes to audio" Me: looks to my two friend who literally started their own audio business in highschool installing the highest of quality setups "ok I'll take 3rd"
NomadApe Hace un mes
Which head-worn microphone would you recommend? I need it to not pick up other sounds than my voice (similar to how drummers who sing want to avoid drums bleeding into their singing microphone), so maybe something super/hypercardioid would be best. Is there any head-worn super/hypercardioid which sounds good for singing (and beatbox)? Or is that an impossible thing to make?
Perhaps spahreP
Perhaps spahreP Hace un mes
They both sound good. XLR sounds slightly better but for a 100-200 dollar difference I could care less
Pulse EDT
Pulse EDT Hace un mes
Thank you for this video! And for spending 100,000$++ for us
YoItsArctic Hace un mes
whats the music? i want to know, pls reply
Opera MX
Opera MX Hace un mes
3 mins of blah blah and advertising? Seriously?
principlé salti
principlé salti Hace un mes
in my experience it doesnt matter thaaat much how high of a quality your microphone is. as long as it doesnt sound like fucking 8bit and you kinda know your way around mixing you should be good
Hussein Nasser
Hussein Nasser Hace un mes
Finally I understood audio! Best video on this topic
MaxTheUggBoot Hace un mes
What do you think of the Rode NT USB microphone?
Soccer Punch
Soccer Punch Hace un mes
I am so glad I came across this video. I searched the whole day finding someone to explain audio interfaces the way you just did. You have a subscriber already. Thanks
Airhersalderaz Hace un mes
Alpha Gaming The preview pic makes you look like NARUTO holding a red hairbrush. Just saying!
Dawn Banks
Dawn Banks Hace un mes
I already have a Sennheiser 945 Now I need a mixer..
BondimaN Hace un mes
Hello Harris, how are you!? Im from Argentina, im 35years old and im trying to improve my stream quality every day... Recently my headset crashed and that mic used to be my streaming mic (i know). Now I was forced to switch to the C922 PRO webcam mic but i wanted to upgrade to an USB mic or an XLR mic... I just cant decide cuz my budget is not much (100/200us$) but i want to make the right choice. I want a professional quality stream. What do you recomend USB or XLR with a Focusrite maybe?
Graeme Davidson
Graeme Davidson Hace un mes
Get to the point...
michael Jones
michael Jones Hace un mes
I have an old avid mbox 2 interface from when I was learning midi comp. Is this still a good interface to use? I’ve been looking at getting a usb mic but after watching your video I was thinking about getting an Xlr since I already have an interface collecting dust. And do I need an external mixer?
Kirill is Santa
Kirill is Santa Hace un mes
Hey guys 👋🏽, it only takes 1 second to sub, it would mean a lot for me
TreePalm Hace un mes
Kind of looks like he duct taped his shirt
Kiddo Skits
Kiddo Skits Hace un mes
Blue yeti :yeah I’m the best Blue yeti nano: dude were the same thing just built different Blue snowball iCE: bro people can’t even tell the difference between us shut up we’re all equal Blues future mic: shut up snowball
Who you looking at? abs
I would Always Recommend either the Rode NT1 (XLR) or the Shure SM7B (XLR)
chado_ Hace un mes
I like being the smartest in my friend group
Paul Mohr
Paul Mohr Hace un mes
You are also comparing a dynamic mic to a condensor mic.
Team Overide
Team Overide Hace un mes
Another underated youtuber how does he not have 1 mil
Suhail Schäfer
Suhail Schäfer Hace un mes
honestly i feel dumb i cant hear a diff
Torm Endor
Torm Endor Hace un mes
no god please no blue yeti
Tj Rients
Tj Rients Hace 2 meses
im glad you're here on youtube! audio isnt my strong suit. youre videos are helping a ton for me. hoping to follow and save money to start upgrading my stream with your advide. thankyou!!
Power man
Power man Hace 2 meses
Roses are red voilets are blue i just Got recommended this and so did you
Roger Rabbid Gaming and Reviews
Exactly what i did.. Grabbed a blue snowball for 50 so i can save for a real set up.. Plus that will give me time to study mixers
ICE Oppa
ICE Oppa Hace 2 meses
Deivian Hace 2 meses
Thank you for this video! :) I just ordered GoXLR and Shure SM 7 B for trying out how it really effects! My current is (Funny thing really) the hyperx quadcast so I might have been pretty close to finding the right solution?
Pure Water
Pure Water Hace 2 meses
Don't watch this video if you're in a rush or your battery is about to die
Frenchy Gaming
Frenchy Gaming Hace 2 meses
Me sitting here with my 30 dollar USB mic and a software based EQ, making my voice a little deeper to hide the highs. Roommate has an XLR setup, naturally he's a bit more boisterous about it because of the money he's invested, but honestly, in terms of quality, I'll take my 30 dollar usb mic for now.
Jason Bennett
Jason Bennett Hace 2 meses
Using a audio technica 2100x and everyone says its too quiet so i bought a focusrite scarlett its on the way.
No One Knows
No One Knows Hace 2 meses
your telling me that my 500$ mother board has a bad audio card
Yung Luck
Yung Luck Hace un mes
Tony1113 Hace 2 meses
LMAO.. i must be a dumbass cause i didnt hear a difference...
joseph jeon
joseph jeon Hace 2 meses
Thought you were cosplaying naruto in the thumbnail
Artist Hace 2 meses
No no no it’s Corona Time 🤣😭🤣
lewis stevens
lewis stevens Hace 2 meses
Still have an XLR tbone, however personally cannot tell whether it is actually any good (had highest ratings at that time), when I match it against the mic on my sony WH-1000XM3's it sounds the same. However unsure if it's that I may have a rubbish preamp or mixer.. or maybe it's not knowing what to set the dials to!
Tanwackson Hace 2 meses
“The bass of mount fugi” lmao
CadDesign Corp
CadDesign Corp Hace 2 meses
Sounds professional
Chris Cutress
Chris Cutress Hace 2 meses
The Blue Yeti Pro has both USB and stereo XLR outputs. It sounds great as a USB mic and even better as an XLR mic. A little more expensive but worth the money. I'm a professional recording engineer and I've used the Blue Yeti Pro for live choral and symphonic recordings with great results. For a better live sound you would have to pay 20 or 30 times the cost of the Yeti Pro and the difference would be negligible if you performed an A=>B comparison.
19. Avijit Nambiar X-A
Just tell me which mic are you using for this video😑😑😑😑
chatovocehein Hace 2 meses
"lets get into it" =/= "before we start it"
excxpt FN
excxpt FN Hace 2 meses
what mic is he actually recording to do this video
Dash Cam California
Dash Cam California Hace 2 meses
this guy is making shit up. he did no testing to actually gauge realy sound quality and only talked about how much you pay. he has no idea what he is talking about. show real stats bro. you pretty much said spend a shit load of money, which is not the answer.
Dash Cam California
Dash Cam California Hace 2 meses
dude your shirt is so wrinkled.
Kirb y
Kirb y Hace 2 meses
never expected a gaming channel to have real and viable audio information what a time to be alive
KarmaIsEternal Hace 2 meses
Will my blue yeti with both xlr and usb outputs, override my pre-amp?
cold45acp Hace 2 meses
Too much high on the USB, and not enough highs on the XLR.
SOUNDZ OF NOIZE Hace 2 meses
Spyx Hace 2 meses
lmao I thought the thumbnail was Naruto with his headband.
riddle my fiddle.
riddle my fiddle. Hace 2 meses
6:13 that's what she said... what a simp editor, unsubbed.
SafePlayCh Hace 2 meses
My Quadcast always picks up noise and vibration in background, the mic is standing on my table. If I use mic stand instead will it help reducing my bg noise?
TheTripleTKA Hace 2 meses
if you want to start a podcast show (audio and video) and want to involve eating and drinking with at least 2-3 people, what would be the best audio set up? Should I get one of these condenser or dynamic mics? Or a clip-on mic? or the overhead mic?
SIR N3DIA Hace 2 meses
Elgato Wave Series: Lets Fix This Problem And Ruin GOXLR
Elite Madness
Elite Madness Hace 2 meses
Gotta master the youtube video making...
Elite Madness
Elite Madness Hace 2 meses
Youre officially my streaming teachers (your editor as well, Im a solo). Such a pro move, thanks for all the knowledge boys.
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