Use Epoxy To Coat Existing Countertops To Make Them Look Like Real Stone Step By Step Explained

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In How To Install A Leggari Stone Kit Over Old Laminate Countertops, we show you the step by step process of installing our Leggari stone kit.
You can purchase this kit directly from our website.
This Leggari Stone Kit comes with a lifetime warranty for delamination, chipping, cracking, or wearing off.
This Leggari Stone Kit uses these metallics: Aqua green, Midnight Pearl, Rust, Black & Gold Leggari Effects and Liquid Diamonds for the dispersing effect! All of our kits are DIY friendly, which means you can do this yourself!
You can purchase Leggari Effects directly here: leggari.com/product/leggari-effects/?UtnOw7uLI&Use%20Epoxy%20To%20Coat%20Existing%20Countertops%20To%20Make%20Them%20Look%20Like%20Real%20Stone%20Step%20By%20Step%20Explained&
Some of the things you'll see in this video are
- How to mix and apply the WB Primer 0:25
- How to tape off edges for dirty pour technique 1:55
- How to mix epoxy for the Leggari Stone Kit 5:27
- How to apply the Leggari Stone Kit 22:01
- When to Pull Tape For Edges 49:55
- Final Look 56:14
Learn more about the process! 👇👇
Prepping the surface of the countertops is easy. Most surfaces just need to be sanded (80-100 Grit) then wiped clean. Granite and Marble will need the sealer removed. Tile will need the grout lines filled with Bondo and sanded smooth before applying our Countertop Kits.
How To Plastic Off A Kitchen Prior To Install : esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-RTVU26at3bY.html
How To Prep Countertops: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-7KJ2rRglsSU.html
Priming the Countertops is simple and fast. Mix your pre-measured primer then dip and roll the pigmented primer across the surface until the countertop surface is completely covered. Wait 1 hr. (or until tacky and not coming off to the touch) and start applying the Base Coat.
There are so many different applications for our metallic epoxy coat. In this video, we show you the dirty pour technique. When you place your order you'll receive step by step tutorial videos that will show you how to apply this part depending on the look you're going for!
We offer 2 different Performance Engineered Top Coats. Glaze Coat is our High Build Top Coat that lays out like glass and adds depth to the Countertop. The Urethane Top Coat comes with the option to have a High Gloss or Matte finish. It needs to be rolled out super thin and leaves a minor texture on the countertop. You apply it within 24 hrs. of installing your Countertop Kit
How To Apply WB Urethane Top Coat: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-3RD5jmrgHvU.html

Leggari Countertop Kits were designed to transform your countertop, tabletop, or desktop into something new and beautiful by coating your existing countertop or pre-built wood countertop. They can be installed in 3 to 5 hrs. including the prep work, and will last for decades. If you can paint your countertops, you’re more than qualified to install a Leggari Countertop Kit. Our Countertop system is leading the resin industry for thickness, durability, and scratch resistance with our High Wear Top Coats.
Our Countertop Epoxy is specifically designed for counters and can be applied to any hard surface. It’s 100% Pure Solids using the finest raw materials that include proprietary additives for working time, thickness, flow and marbleization that are vital when achieving our Dynamic Effects. Our Countertop Epoxy is also a decorative, durable and chemically resistant coating, available with a High Gloss or Matte finish.

About Us:
Leggari is a coating based channel (metallic epoxy & concrete overlay) that will show you how you can use our products as amazing DIY projects to transform your existing surfaces! You can renovate things like kitchens, bathrooms, basements, patios & more! With Leggari you can renovate in no time, imitating real stone or creating a designer concrete look!
You can watch hundreds of videos that show you the step by step process of resurfacing your existing surfaces!
Over the years Leggari Products has built a customer base and following that not only appreciates quality - but demands it - and we’ve delivered time and time again. Like most businesses, we started out of a garage as we began to build what Leggari is today.
We believe in hard work and perseverance, and in building this company we built it on integrity, not only in its employees but in its products. When you buy from Leggari, you’re buying the best from the best.
- Tim Krumland and Tylor Svangren, Leggari Founders

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ducaking Hace 3 horas
Hey sir... WOW!! JUST WOW!!!! I doubt I'll be able to do something like that ever...
Susan Pascal
Susan Pascal Hace 10 horas
I like the dirty pours but everything is starting to look like bowling balls. What happened to the art of looking like granite or stone.
Lucypetuniaggm Hace 21 un hora
UMMMMM, am I the only one who thinks this is hideous?! I think the process is amazing, but the colors? YECHHHH. I’d like to see this done with more natural looking colors.
Peter Abrahamse
Peter Abrahamse Hace 23 horas
nah im going with granite tops
Maureen Herrera
Maureen Herrera Hace un día
Those are awesome!!!! But one thing, you do all that work for these counters to end up looking so awesome and then you put a stainless steel sink? Blahhhhh!!!! You needed a much nicer sink.
Stephanie Johnson
Stephanie Johnson Hace un día
gary merilien
gary merilien Hace un día
Сейчас из крутилок ПФ остается только EnotGlobal, остальное погибло, а продают не всем .. Любые коммерчиские проекты стало трудно двигать
gary merilien
gary merilien Hace un día
Может у вас есть скидка на лицензию EnotGlobal ?
gary merilien
gary merilien Hace un día
В чатах пишут про EnotGlobal, может кто знает что за зверь?
Luluk Rahayu
Luluk Rahayu Hace un día
Tia H
Tia H Hace un día
Love it, very beautiful. I wonder if I can do that on concrete counters. Ik u can do On the floors.
Todd white
Todd white Hace un día
So in a few years when this is all scratched dull I guess y'all sell something to recoat it with???
Patrick Ford
Patrick Ford Hace un día
If its anything like doing epoxy floors, the final clear coat is a sacrificial layer that gets reapplied every so often...
becauseHe1stlovedme Hace un día
I saw online where you give classes but it showed July 2020... when is your next class?
hjalmar sven kemps
hjalmar sven kemps Hace un día
Respect 👏👍
Rajeev Kamalasanan
Rajeev Kamalasanan Hace 2 días
Awesome video and workmanship 👍
Araceli N
Araceli N Hace 2 días
I love the colors .
Andrew Heller
Andrew Heller Hace 2 días
You fucked it up with the gold.
Cánepa Ornella
Cánepa Ornella Hace 2 días
Traduzcan en español
Gwen Jacobs
Gwen Jacobs Hace 2 días
Absolutely gorgeous
Rossi M1
Rossi M1 Hace 2 días
It looks beautiful but the question is how strong is that and how long will it last?
One Wheel Appeal
One Wheel Appeal Hace 2 días
I almost had a heart attack when he started rubbing the edge
Memento Mori
Memento Mori Hace 2 días
Me too! Then I saw the resulting effect and was able to relax.
cruiserboy811 Hace 2 días
Outstanding !!! Great teaching and amazing work , I thought it was very complicated and really difficult to be done as people talks of how it's made , you have shown here a perfect way to do it !!! for sure i will do that here at home once i decide the colors to use in kitchen !! amazing workmanship !!
Richard Eager
Richard Eager Hace 2 días
if you consider what this stuff cost and what it would cost to have it installed - not to mention the mess and fumes, it would seem to be more advantageous to just install granite. My kitchen contains about 130 square feet of countertops and I had beautiful granite installed for about $3000. This included back splashes as well. It would take 3 kits, each costing over $500 to do the same area. Add to that the time and mess and I think granite is quite the better way to go.
Dan Shepherd
Dan Shepherd Hace 2 días
These look amazing, need to have some artist skill as well.
Slick Tour Production TV
Amazing stuff bro, this is some that I love to learn to do from start to finish. 👍🔥🔥!!
Nicole Phillips
Nicole Phillips Hace 2 días
Is this product available in the UK?
Nickolet'z Mackoletz
I fuckin loved it!!! Hahaha i love it! I loved it!!!😍😍😍
Organized Chaos.
Organized Chaos. Hace 3 días
guy next door just barffed
Organized Chaos.
Organized Chaos. Hace 3 días
And if these guys think this looks like real stone he should change the channel and start showing us the customers that paid money for this...um trade? That would be entertaining.
Susan Pascal
Susan Pascal Hace 10 horas
Have you ever seen Brazilian Azule It's beautiful and doesn't look real either but it is.
Phil Watson
Phil Watson Hace un día
Granite vendor?
Organized Chaos.
Organized Chaos. Hace 3 días
nope we all barffed
Organized Chaos.
Organized Chaos. Hace 3 días
Growing up Gotti ! I think i'm goona barf....
Organized Chaos.
Organized Chaos. Hace 3 días
what happens if you fucking hate it.
Organized Chaos.
Organized Chaos. Hace 3 días
my god, intervention....
Organized Chaos.
Organized Chaos. Hace 3 días
so shooting the powder up into the atmosphere of the room isnt good... we want to puulll it down, pull the matalics down. Hey wait a second, are you painting bat mobiles or counter tops in the late fifties in the motels route 66 Aqua green, rust, mid night wwwhhhaaatttt. Nightmare. Its a sea-do... or maybe this guy came up with these stupd ideas when he was doing this for the Bass Boat industry.. no, you dont want them to be the same do you?? Geeze Louise. Duhhh -Huh
Darlene Rossiter
Darlene Rossiter Hace 3 días
Love this countertop
Darlene Rossiter
Darlene Rossiter Hace 3 días
Wow, love this. I'm curious. I would love to do a black countertop with white veins, & royal blue vanes, with a lavender veins. Also love the gold veins. Can you do a counter top with this color scheme. Again this counter top color scheme. Gorgeous.
Larry Pepito Guarino
This an informative video and a good inputs to people who wants to engage business like this.
Trump2020 Hace 3 días
Trump 2020! If Biden wins we will not have money to redo our countertops lol.
anoopchins Yachu
anoopchins Yachu Hace 3 días
Uffff...awesome work...😍🥰🥰How can I get this In India ..? 😟
Ilija Dadasovic
Ilija Dadasovic Hace 3 días
Woooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!! Amazing effect, i think that i will do same :) What else to say,.. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I LIKE IT
Tim Mathers
Tim Mathers Hace 3 días
Suitable for homeowners who think pinstriping their car is in vogue.
Tim Mathers
Tim Mathers Hace 3 días
Quite common usage as seen in the back alleys of Calcutta whore houses. They tend to use more blue. Maybe the customers find this more relaxing? I didn't think so.
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson Hace 4 días
How much is cost for one kitchen like that ?? Thanks
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Hace 4 días
It looks fantastic but how durable is the surface? If it scratches up really quickly and easily it would ruin the look in next to no time. Do you need to apply another coating over the top to make it scratch resistant?
Matthew Brishke
Matthew Brishke Hace 5 días
Were can I buy these type of paint materials I've been wanting to do this to my kitchen table
JAFO Hace un día
You could always try googling for "Leggari Stone Kit" and see what you can find. Is your imagination really so bad that this wouldn't have occurred to you without someone telling you? Or are you the kind of person who couldn't find their arse with both hands and a flashlight?
Kelty Miller
Kelty Miller Hace 5 días
Watching this while I wake n bake 😀 It's so satisfying 😁
Doreen Cappello
Doreen Cappello Hace 6 días
This is so beautiful
Ali reza
Ali reza Hace 6 días
Very very gooooooooooood🥰🥰🥰🥰🙏🙏🙏🙏
Fred Hankins
Fred Hankins Hace 6 días
remember to wear face mask and hes not wearing a mask
Everything Epoxy Installation LLC
I have been doing epoxy floor over 20 years and i never like doing countertops. 90 % of the people who try to do this, won't get this result.
Magdalena vasquez
Magdalena vasquez Hace 6 días
Simply beautiful.
Kevin Bucner
Kevin Bucner Hace 6 días
This does not look anything like real stone, sorry buy I would rather have the cheapest stone top out there than this. U can't compare the durability of stone with this. I want to see one after 1 year of daily abuse.
Sheila Taylor
Sheila Taylor Hace 7 días
Even though it broke my heart to see you paint over that beautiful marble design this turned out really cool. You should call that kit “Northern Lights”.
Patrick Ford
Patrick Ford Hace un día
I've seen northern lights. They look nothing like this. Not to say this doesn't look very nice.
Dirt fishing Newfoundland
Ok where do I buy that same color kit ?
Lee Kelly
Lee Kelly Hace 7 días
Oh my gosh! That us stunning!!! Museum worthy art!
Greg Stanford
Greg Stanford Hace 7 días
Can this process be done over an old grouted tile countertop?
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho Hace 7 días
Very nice. How much does a job that size cost?
SONG SALON Hace 7 días
Should he be wearing a mask?
SONG SALON Hace 7 días
I like the original
Amelie hana
Amelie hana Hace 7 días
Good idea for home design. Thanks for some technic to end up sharply good piece of art.
Sephara Bernard
Sephara Bernard Hace 7 días
Is any one else watching this like “No No No Yes”. The finish product is nice but all the way up until then I was like “No not for me”!
tim jones
tim jones Hace 7 días
Nice work
mohamed arayeb
mohamed arayeb Hace 8 días
That's awesome man , thanks for sharing your nice work Out the box , you can really make crazy surfaces Thx u man 😂👍😍
Henry Pacheco
Henry Pacheco Hace 8 días
Easier to just replace the countertop with granite or quartz you see 🤷🏽‍♂️
Hathor TheCow
Hathor TheCow Hace 7 días
Yeah but then you gotta lug the stone in, and it's not as customizable
Prize Cow Productions present ?
Anybody have any idea how much this approximates to a square metre or yard. if you have the answer US Dollars fine i will work out currency difference. thanks Aussie Jeff
Rod P
Rod P Hace 8 días
This was like watching paint dry
Melody Anne Love
Melody Anne Love Hace 8 días
We did this and it so beautiful! Thank you for the video!! 😊🎶🎶🎶
makhlouf Rahmani
makhlouf Rahmani Hace 8 días
انت حقا فنان شكرا mersey bokou
Anthony Diamond
Anthony Diamond Hace 8 días
Sylvia D
Sylvia D Hace 8 días
Hi guys, do you supply the spray alcohol u use on your products. or what can i use as i am in Australia,
Soda_Hero Hace 8 días
very cool
Wood Makers
Wood Makers Hace 8 días
Nice work. this magic
Tiziano Colombero
Tiziano Colombero Hace 8 días
Awesome job and video
Amal G.Krishnan
Amal G.Krishnan Hace 8 días
Ah nice !!
Екатерина Хамина
Oh my God 😍
Raenae Rogers
Raenae Rogers Hace 8 días
Unreal perfect good job 👍
Raenae Rogers
Raenae Rogers Hace 8 días
Awesome r u here in Honolulu some day need a #
Solaris Hace 8 días
all good and beautiful until someone scratches it
Nick Smith
Nick Smith Hace 8 días
What's the finish like for durability how long will it last and what's the implications with a built in hob into the worktop
Shaz Stewart
Shaz Stewart Hace 8 días
Can this be done as a flooring?.. x
་༄꧉Aji `Togey꧉࿐ ་
there is a scary face.. 👹👹👹 43:27
ariel rosado
ariel rosado Hace 9 días
Where do I buy the kit
David Bondy
David Bondy Hace 9 días
Excellent work and beautiful finish...!!!
Rafael Perez
Rafael Perez Hace 9 días
Awesome finish. Beautiful and “simple”. What kind or types of surfaces it works? Super 👍🏻👍🏻
ruben dario barrera gonzalez
Why you mix in 6 part 1 by 1 you have tree that seat
FranziEnton Hace 10 días
I just love pigment powder, idk why but it has this magic effect and I love it so much
Derek Samuel
Derek Samuel Hace 10 días
Pretty certain you mean "i-so-pro-pill" alcohol. It is spelled isopropyl, not isoprophyl.
Michael Ralte
Michael Ralte Hace 10 días
Such an awesom result, the guy demonstrated a lot of expertise all through the video. My only problem is when they call a color that is clearly blue as green
ALBERT SAGUBO Hace 10 días
Is there a possible that this materials are available in the Philippines already? or just we have to order at your official website. We want to try your product and do a great job by using this type of materials.
adita vazquez
adita vazquez Hace 10 días
Beautiful! Work of art!
Unique Gem
Unique Gem Hace 10 días
Absolutely gorgeous! Would love my counters to look like that. Awesome job!
Hathor TheCow
Hathor TheCow Hace 7 días
Tyler: "and again guys just make sure you're wearing a mask" Tyler in the reflection: clearly NOT wearing a mask
Hair R US
Hair R US Hace 10 días
Cost for that size kitchen?????
Mid State Rustics
Mid State Rustics Hace 10 días
How durable is it when it is fully cured.
Lynn Carson
Lynn Carson Hace 10 días
Simple beautiful
Birsen Capkin
Birsen Capkin Hace 10 días
Bravo,müthiş güzel
Valérie Cassé
Valérie Cassé Hace 10 días
Kathy Strominski
Kathy Strominski Hace 10 días
Endless design love it
Chandan Samanta
Chandan Samanta Hace 10 días
Vatika Jaipur
frederick dela Cruz
frederick dela Cruz Hace 10 días
Great Job!
R D Hace 11 días
Omg!!! This is one of your best countertops!!!! I would never trust myself to do it myself but it’s fantastic.
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