Usher - Don't Waste My Time (Official Video) ft. Ella Mai

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Usher - “Don’t Waste My Time” ft. Ella Mai out now!: smarturl.it/xDWMT/

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25 mar 2020






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Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith Hace 37 minutos
Snoop made this video!
Zimma Villaruel
Zimma Villaruel Hace un hora
Every time this song starts I immediately start singing the kissing game lol but usher jokes the beat
william williamsburg
Lee Spray
Lee Spray Hace 8 horas
Now this is smooth and sexy jam
Jacqueline Pulliam
Jacqueline Pulliam Hace 12 horas
Just don't waste my time
paradise paradise
paradise paradise Hace 15 horas
I need you little one
Veroica Smith
Veroica Smith Hace 15 horas
That person show wasted my time
Aries love
Aries love Hace 20 horas
man this is song of the year
Bryan Lucca
Bryan Lucca Hace 22 horas
Esse cara e muito xata
L Oneya
L Oneya Hace un día
Can’t get enough of the video. Everything about it is so cool. Makes you wish you were there! You doing too much come on 😉
Skateboarding art
Skateboarding art Hace un día
Usher is the man!!! Still got that real sound! 🤩🤩🤩
Toinette Clark
Toinette Clark Hace un día
This is so refreshing! Thank you for the kick back r&b music! We in the beginning of 40’s Usher, but that don’t mean we can’t rock out!💜
paradise paradise
paradise paradise Hace un día
I need you little one
Phuong Nguyen
Phuong Nguyen Hace un día
Jauwanna Warren
Jauwanna Warren Hace un día
I love Usher ❤️💞😍
David Sobral
David Sobral Hace un día
Lesly Veillard
Lesly Veillard Hace un día
Did JD just sampled "Juicy Fruit" by Mtume?🤔
Bobbie Hale
Bobbie Hale Hace 2 días
Love love the video
armys atiny
armys atiny Hace 2 días
“you’re about to revoke your honorary black card” that shit took me out 💀💀💀
natasha washington
natasha washington Hace 2 días
I love this video ❤️❤️❤️❤️ sexy different classy, yess usher!
Amanda Davis
Amanda Davis Hace 2 días
I love the Jackson's and hi 5 .the too in this one song is powerful. Usher know that. Jackson's. Let me show you the way too go.hi 5 kissing game i cryed when i heard my childhood come back in 2. Usher is my childhood he's a bad man when it comes to music. He nailed it him and ella
Kenya K
Kenya K Hace 2 días
It was the colorscape and visuals for meeee😩😩😩😩🔥🔥🔥🔥
A. G.
A. G. Hace 2 días
Love this song!!
Lawrence Arthur
Lawrence Arthur Hace 2 días
We gone have to revoke your honorary black card😅😅😅😅
Curvy_Emerald Hace 2 días
0:17 When your Butler is your homie 😀
velia jacques
velia jacques Hace 2 días
thanhhung014 thanhhung014
mortal engines trailer
Coral Fairhead
Coral Fairhead Hace 2 días
neebs gaming
Terrence Brown
Terrence Brown Hace 2 días
I CAN'T!!! Do y'all hear me😂??? Usher great job and Jaime Kennedy Ursh Ursh😂😂😂. From the set decor, Combs sons patty cake, Ella Mai's orange jacket, synchronized swimmers etcetera etcetera😂. Artists please take note, PLEASE!!!
The Radio Love This Song. I Do Too. 💙💙💙
Calinda Gamble
Calinda Gamble Hace 2 días
He looks amazing
Sabrina Sydnor
Sabrina Sydnor Hace 2 días
Smooooth Usher 🔥🔥🔥
ragtime8318 Hace 2 días
신곡 나온지 몰랐네요! 어셔 노래 좋아요^^♡
Nini Love life stories
Usher please stick to your style of music bring it back
harvey mitchell
harvey mitchell Hace 2 días
I love this song. Shout out to Usher and Ella Mai.
Jefferson Mauricio
Jefferson Mauricio Hace 2 días
Usher e Ella Mai vocês são tops.. sou do Brasil amei
Dre Handy
Dre Handy Hace 2 días
Ella Mai, what’s good Shortie
Regina McCoy
Regina McCoy Hace 3 días
This is called grown and sexy! I have been an usher fan since the beginning!!!! Plus he is soooo sexy!
Foxy Brown
Foxy Brown Hace 3 días
Now did right hur is a party!
Latoya Clark
Latoya Clark Hace 3 días
Arionne Palmer
Arionne Palmer Hace 3 días
Can I just say that the lady of Asian decent is BEAUTIFUL in this video?
William Teague
William Teague Hace 3 días
This shit hott
samantha banda
samantha banda Hace 3 días
just discovered this track today, damn Usher doesn't disappoint
Chiquilla Johnson
Chiquilla Johnson Hace 6 horas
sexy had to rewind lol
PandaPrettygirl Pretty
You and Ella sound great and Ella loooks great for this song and usher great fashion
? Hace 3 días
Welcome back Usher ! Great song !
Kendell Pitts
Kendell Pitts Hace 3 días
Next to Michael Jackson, Usher Raymond is my favorite musician.
Royalty Radiates
Royalty Radiates Hace 3 días
Timeless 😍🥰
蔣子舜 Hace 3 días
Y'all know what this is! My mind was changed I'm glad you made Intoxicate Your vibe's amazing Feel the love in the air, baby, you know Ain't no rush, we been at it, where did time go? You gon' have to show me now 'Cause I done had one too many drinks And I know that you feel me the way I, been feelin' you And it's cool, that you You got a motive, and I think I like it I know all your insecurities I hope that you're open My body gives notice That I want your, energy, girl gimme that Good lovin', no questions Reach out, and you'll touch me Bad habits, don't judge me Just don't waste my time Good lovin', no questions, baby Reach out, and you'll touch me Bad habits, don't judge me Just don't waste my time Ooh, late night Coffee in the morning, what a date night Better play right Don't be timid when you in it, better lay right (baby) I know you wanna go there I see it, stop frontin', come here I know you can drive it, chauffeur Anticipate your touch down (down) Put me down like right now (now) Let's be lovers and friends Let's rendezvous Boy, I got plans for you (yeah) 'Cause I'm motivated I'm yours for the taking Look no further, I got what you need Baby, I'm open (baby) You've got my attention Undivided Oh baby, come gimme that Good lovin', no questions (good lovin', baby, yeah) Reach out, and you'll touch me Bad habits, don't judge me Just don't waste my time (don't you waste my time) Good lovin', no questions (no questions) Reach out, and you'll touch me (oh baby, yeah) Bad habits, don't judge me Just don't waste my time Girl, it's about to go down I know you need to play around Ladies, if you're here with somebody And you know you want they body Go and let 'em hear you say it loud Boy, it's about to go down (go down) Boy, what you sayin', come and show me now (show me now) Fellas, if you with somebody And you know you want they body Then let me hear you say it loud Good lovin', no questions Reach out, and you'll touch me Bad habits, don't judge me Just don't waste my time Good lovin', no questions (no questions) Reach out, and you'll touch me Bad habits, don't judge me Just don't waste my time (time) No, no no no Just don't waste my time
M. Assunni
M. Assunni Hace 3 días
Mr Gidney
Mr Gidney Hace 3 días
Whoever thought of the synchronized swimmers is a genius 👍🏿🙌🏿
Mr Gidney
Mr Gidney Hace 3 días
Beyond awesome. . . The Queen singing is nothing like I've heard before. This song was meant for her.
Jason Crable
Jason Crable Hace 3 días
Wassup Usher
Bonita Miller
Bonita Miller Hace 3 días
This song is HOT#!!!!$$$$$$$
Yolanda Ponce
Yolanda Ponce Hace 3 días
Waau i love dis sing
Evelina Smith
Evelina Smith Hace 4 días
Angie B Simmons
Angie B Simmons Hace 4 días
My boo forevermore
Bridgett Smith
Bridgett Smith Hace 4 días
I been a big fan of usher from day one I had a big crush 💜💜💜💜💜💙 Keep doing your thing usher
T Hace 4 días
Yes like it
Parthenia Burley
Parthenia Burley Hace 4 días
I still love Usher Raymond her has my heart.
Althea Charles
Althea Charles Hace 4 días
I'm greatful
paradise paradise
paradise paradise Hace 4 días
I need you little one
mxprovo Hace 4 días
I’m feeling this song. I’d love to see a show with Usher, Ella Mae, and this rising artist, esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-ybK3pv1xliE.html.
Calinda Gamble
Calinda Gamble Hace 4 días
My favorite song by usher
Denise Avelenda
Denise Avelenda Hace 4 días
Love it. This video has a good vibe. Keep it up guys.
Altamease Rauch
Altamease Rauch Hace 4 días
I loooove this song! And the video is bomb!
Tracy G
Tracy G Hace 4 días
Usher still got it. i like this sound on him
Tracy G
Tracy G Hace 4 días
lol omg i forgot about Jamie Kennedy! He really said hes invited to the cookout
PurebreedFLA Hace 4 días
Like the way JD merged *Kissing Game* with *There Goes My Baby* ...Straight 🔥✊🏾
Helene P
Helene P Hace 5 días
Wow Usher I noticed you invited Professional Dancers to your house party so freaking cool i wish i could meet all of them they dance so good
Timothy Calderon
Timothy Calderon Hace 5 días
Sharda Barnes
Sharda Barnes Hace 5 días
Consistent hit for hiy
Gloria Berry
Gloria Berry Hace 5 días
Love it ❤️❤️
Justin Washington
Justin Washington Hace 5 días
I’m sorry but the security Guard was funnier then Jamie Kennedy
Me You
Me You Hace 5 días
His voice is not all there. He has to retrain his voice. He's older now. That yung boy voice strain on his voice don't work no more. It sounds like a Musiq Soulchild type song topic...with that feel good down to earth vibe.
Kimani D.
Kimani D. Hace 4 días
he has an amazing voice stop trying to hate
Tumicca Belizanbeauty
Love usher no matter what
Lauren Hace 5 días
Absolutely love the vibes in this song and music video. Usher still got it.
Celesta Heriot
Celesta Heriot Hace 5 días
Usher picked a good person Ella Mae is pretty and can sing! A Jam.😊👍
Mrs M
Mrs M Hace 5 días
Love this song, Usher and Ella DID THAT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Ronald King
Ronald King Hace 5 días
This song is fantastic
Knghtgraphix Studios
Ok...he had to use the beat from "I Like the Way (the Kissing Game)" from Hi-5...that would be good combo if SOMEONE could mix it...
Mekeda Daymon
Mekeda Daymon Hace 6 días
Paulo Sitoe
Paulo Sitoe Hace 6 días
I am Usher's neighbour, it is Usher, me and Rihanna 😁
Cheree Alexander
Cheree Alexander Hace 6 días
This is such a cute fun video, nice vibe, feel good music. I am really feeling this song!
A Hernandez
A Hernandez Hace 6 días
Dope song and video, I wanna be at this party👍!!!! Fine hunnys! 🌹
It's Only A Test
It's Only A Test Hace 6 días
Young Yodah
Young Yodah Hace 6 días
How are they throwing lit parties with the virus still being a thing?
Brittney Purdy
Brittney Purdy Hace 6 días
Still one of my favorite artist! ❤❤
T. LOVE Hace 6 días
Okay! Alright! Am I hearing a little MJ vibe coming thru? Loving this Summertime Joint! Where’s my BBQ at? URSH KEEP that Ol’ Skool coming! Absolutely Loving this right here! 🔥🔥🔥♥️♥️♥️🔥🔥🔥♥️♥️♥️
Lili Barbie
Lili Barbie Hace 6 días
Thank u for uvn dark sisters..we matter...#allaboard
Slade Wilson
Slade Wilson Hace 6 días
is that snoop dog ?
Kawanaca Needum-Green
Ella Mai sound like Rihanna
Wilder Hair
Wilder Hair Hace 6 días
Nice Usher, very very nice 🍹🍹🍹🍹
cymone teague
cymone teague Hace 6 días
This makes me want to have a house party with good vibes and a camera following me around.....darn COVID
lindsey swortzel
lindsey swortzel Hace 6 días
charlie zelenoff
Sharda Barnes
Sharda Barnes Hace 7 días
Released during quarantine...so mad
teresa addison
teresa addison Hace 7 días
Jacqueline Pitts
Jacqueline Pitts Hace 7 días
I love this song!
Nidia Luccioni
Nidia Luccioni Hace 7 días
We the fans love your song Don’t Waste My Time Usher ft Ella Mai your voice your music your hip hop from the fans from around the world and me Besitos Usher - Don’t Waste My Time ft Ella Mai (Official Video) # Usher #Ella Mai #Don’t Waste My Time
Tia T.
Tia T. Hace 7 días
USHER a HOUSEHOLD NAME💪🏾💪🏾 Always the Music SPEAKS VOLUMES!?!.... & ELLA MAE....Dynamic Duo...this SLAP!!🎶🎵📻🎤😷
Bruna Maria
Bruna Maria Hace 7 días
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