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The new Creed 2 Trailer looks amazing!!
Make sure to like and subscribe if you think Joash look like him!!
Thanks for watching!
Shout out to Jessica DIY
Cartoon- On & On
Broccoli Instrumental Remake (D.R.A.M feat. Lil Yachty) [Re-Prod. Christian Mason]

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27 jun 2018






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Jake Lake
Jake Lake Hace 4 meses
i hope too for you to be a professional boxer! for pillow..lol
Raixor2nd Hace 5 meses
Another disappointing reaction video from people who haven't seen the preceding movies and know nothing about the franchise they're reviewing. if you did the Rocky movies, your reaction to Drago would've popped our eardrums.
Typical Jess
Typical Jess Hace 6 meses
Thx for the shoutout that was so funny 😂
ChimChim Tekii
ChimChim Tekii Hace 6 meses
J&J can u plzzzz give me a SHOUTOUT? 👍Good Video!👍
Moise Picard
Moise Picard Hace 8 meses
And, I am so excited for #CREEDII.
J&J Hace 8 meses
It's going to be so good!!
Moise Picard
Moise Picard Hace 8 meses
Royal Official
Royal Official Hace 8 meses
New Subscriber Here! Love the reaction💜
J&J Hace 8 meses
Thanks for the support bro!!
Rob C
Rob C Hace 8 meses
Cute reaction.... Have you guys seen any of the “Rocky” movies?... Cuz moreso than the first “Creed” movie, the history of those movies comes into play here.
J&J Hace 8 meses
Was too good to miss!
Moise Picard
Moise Picard Hace 8 meses
J&J At least you've seen the first Creed.
J&J Hace 8 meses
Hahah, shall do, Thanks for comment. We are so excited it looks so good!! (Make sure you subscribe )
Rob C
Rob C Hace 8 meses
Yes. Yes. A million times, yes. LOL. Really, "Rocky', "Rocky 3", and "Rocky 4" are "essential" viewings. The first movie is the one where you really see how the first Creed movie draws from it. 3 is where you see Rocky's friendship with Apollo. 4 is Apollo's death at the hands of Drago, which plays directly into "Creed 2"
J&J Hace 8 meses
Yeah man, Joash has seen them But can't really remember much of it I need to watch Rocky 4 before this yeah?
Poetic Nation
Poetic Nation Hace 8 meses
Great reaction and dialogue (I just subscribed). This movie looks awesome, intense, but heartfelt. This movie seems like it's going to put people on an emotional roller-coaster, but will still have people roaring in the movie theaters. This is going to be one to remember, I'm definitely going to check this out (oh, if you guys have not seen Rocky 4, you might want to go check it out, that's the one where Adonis's father Apollo Creed gets killed by Ivan Drago. That's why this film is so important, because Adons is fighter Ivan Drago's, son Victor Drago, to try and avenge his father's death)... Anyway, great reaction and I look forward to many more, peace.
Unicorn Lord
Unicorn Lord Hace 8 meses
Your haircut... you look like a monk...no offence 🤣
Jean Fidele
Jean Fidele Hace 8 meses
straight up me 🤷🏽‍♂️
Anastacia Tes
Anastacia Tes Hace 8 meses
Hola like your new haircut!!!
J&J Hace 8 meses
Why thank you :)
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