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Samuel Kam
Samuel Kam Hace 23 horas
1:06:34 best scream ever
noëll Hace 5 días
1:49:55 sad
Jimmy Biela
Jimmy Biela Hace 8 días
At 40:16 tho 😂
Diam’s tips and tricks
Over all best band and songs and music videos
I'm Davidад Швал
u r the best guys
Ваня Мартыненко
на 1:38:30 пошла задержка
Flavis 7w7
Flavis 7w7 Hace 20 días
No lo alcance a ver :c
Outdoor Ranger
Outdoor Ranger Hace 25 días
I showed my friends bad liar and there like it so bad listen to mo Bambi and i was really mad at them
Mongkol Meenont
Mongkol Meenont Hace un mes
Good Rock
Jenny May
Jenny May Hace un mes
I love you so much, Imagine Dragons! 🖤
shino montash
shino montash Hace un mes
Ало рашн хулиганс, лайкосик поставьте что бы америскосы ахуели от количества
Patada Da Gata
Patada Da Gata Hace un mes
The Best, Imagine Dragons. Welcome to Brazil in october .
Tahu250 Hace un mes
i was the one who won a pair of tickets but then my mommy got sick and i haved to be home so i hope i can meet you guys another time ps i aunfortunaly live in norway though :(
Chad Ea
Chad Ea Hace un mes
Yay full concert
Flip _it
Flip _it Hace un mes
Favourite concert ever 😍😍!!!
Collin Coulter
Collin Coulter Hace un mes
Did the audio desync when they play Demons?
Tyler Blunck
Tyler Blunck Hace un mes
Imagine dragons 🐉 I love you guys my favorite song is warriors
disturbed Learned
disturbed Learned Hace un mes
Rivotril Hace un mes
What is the first song? Smeone please....
Valdirene Oliveira
Valdirene Oliveira Hace un mes
The first song is Machine.
supertata1976 Hace un mes
love from mexico
azdoli chi
azdoli chi Hace un mes
الافضل و الاروع دائما 👏👏👏👏😍😍🤩🤩🎶🎶🌹🌹🎉 the best always
rose gold flawlessexecution
Dream about be a big star
Viridiana Hernandez
Me encanta like si a tu tbien
lisbeth lugo
lisbeth lugo Hace un mes
wat wow
JohnPaul Vigil
JohnPaul Vigil Hace un mes
36:06 When your parents tell you to clean your room and get off your phone.
Chad Ea
Chad Ea Hace un mes
My favorite dancing song
Chad Ea
Chad Ea Hace un mes
I make it up on you is next
JohnPaul Vigil
JohnPaul Vigil Hace un mes
Those 412 people who disliked it, obviously just mis-clicked!
Lore mcc
Lore mcc Hace un mes
Stalker chan
Stalker chan Hace un mes
I like Wayne's haircut. Also, this video is PROOF that Dan and his band does NOT lip sync. Put Machine over Machine in this video, there is a big difference.
Flynt360 :p
Flynt360 :p Hace un mes
Валерий Дрозд
Минск-Арена, ждём
Cubing 101
Cubing 101 Hace un mes
I wish I could play guitar that good. And sing and play the drums and the base
selma wotmeyer
selma wotmeyer Hace un mes
Amo vcs é incrível bjos Brasil
Domesticated Threat
Elena 28
Elena 28 Hace un mes
I was there during the live
Harley Great Inventor
29:43 you owe me a like
Hugo Azevedo
Hugo Azevedo Hace 2 meses
por que nao toca next to me?
Martına Serio
Martına Serio Hace 2 meses
you’re fantastic. i love you guys. thanks for everything.
¿sᴉɥʇ pɐǝɹ noʎ uɐƆ ?
am i the only one who sees the video like 20 seconds after the audio?
Lianne Groenendijk
Lianne Groenendijk Hace 2 meses
The crowd is so nice! Hahaha love it to see how exited the crowd is
Lianne Groenendijk
Lianne Groenendijk Hace 2 meses
1:33:58 OMG. This is so good. i was singing along with Dan and at that moment I was quite cause I wanted to listen to this amazing voice o damnn, this is impressive.
Shalcho Hace 2 meses
I feel very sad, because i couldn't come because i was spending money for this "ORIGINS Experiance" since years, but still couldn't come...
Lianne Groenendijk
Lianne Groenendijk Hace 2 meses
I love this so much omg
Prechus Life
Prechus Life Hace 2 meses
I'm sure he was exhausted after Zero. You need 7 lungs to sing that song.
cat ears
cat ears Hace 2 meses
I want it
Destructor Calizaya
Destructor Calizaya Hace 2 meses
Me pregunto xw no pasaran monster,bledding out, o dreams xq la verdad son hermosas :)
Aakash Aakash
Aakash Aakash Hace 2 meses
Maximina White
Maximina White Hace 2 meses
Lucas Barnett
Lucas Barnett Hace 2 meses
He had so much fun singing Yesterday 😂
Alex Hace 2 meses
is it just me or is thunder way out of sync to the video?
Thiago Moreira Ferreira dos Santos
Vcs são muito legal
Roblox Content/Songs
I skipped the vid to my fav song zero!!!
Olivia Somers
Olivia Somers Hace 2 meses
nononononononononononononono it laged
Eira Qo
Eira Qo Hace 3 meses
Go to the imagine dragon's concert is one of my wishlist.
FGM XproMel
FGM XproMel Hace 3 meses
We love you from greece
Alenka_KD Hace 3 meses
Отличный концерт✨❤️ Мне кажется, или у Бена на одежде написано слово СТИЛЬ на русском?🙈
Alice !
Alice ! Hace 3 meses
1:02:52 i love them so much 😔❤️
Vitale. The Man
Vitale. The Man Hace 3 meses
Sam Davis
Sam Davis Hace 3 meses
Anyone else catch Wayne saying kindergarten at 34:33
ThatJapaneseGuy Central
1:23:30 my favorite Bad Liar
lorena Grijalva
lorena Grijalva Hace 3 meses
were is Bad lair???????
Fran Casco
Fran Casco Hace 3 meses
Amo este show! Los admiro!
Ruru Hace 3 meses
Я хочу узнать,почему этот канал запретил просмотр видео в нашей стране?!
Yusaku Fujiki
Yusaku Fujiki Hace 3 meses
gauds jonson
gauds jonson Hace 3 meses
у меня одного звук от видео отставал?
Zombie King 112
Zombie King 112 Hace 3 meses
I wish they would of played “Boomarang”!
Yiğit Emirhan Durmuş
Cynthia Sanford
Cynthia Sanford Hace 3 meses
1:38:39 WTF!?!?
Cynthia Sanford
Cynthia Sanford Hace 3 meses
53:07 sorry to tell u Dan... Your facing the wrong way!
Jacob Thueson
Jacob Thueson Hace 3 meses
loukas papageorgiou
loukas papageorgiou Hace 3 meses
Imagine Dragons Should release an evolve live album with live believer,thunder,whatever it takes,walking the wire,next to me, mouth of the river,rise up,i don't know why,yesterday,i'll make it up to you
Landon Holtz
Landon Holtz Hace 3 meses
you rule
guns of boom Sai fertz
Wanna fight with bear or powerful thing Think as IMAGINE DRAGONS
mrchubbypikachu Hace 3 meses
I don't like those 390 people that disliked this stream
mrchubbypikachu Hace 3 meses
Imagine dragons is the best band! 👇 press that button if you agree
SongfulBision177 Hace 3 meses
Joshua Moreno
Joshua Moreno Hace 3 meses
I love all their song yall should to bg ky
orquidea delacruz
orquidea delacruz Hace 3 meses
Madelaine Ramirez
Madelaine Ramirez Hace 4 meses
Who is that girl drumming with Wayne in Radioactive???
Yaell Urrunaga
Yaell Urrunaga Hace 3 meses
@Madelaine Ramirez Same question!
наркокот с твоих снов
From Ukraine With Love - С Любовью С Украины 🐲❤️
Lucio Vsc
Lucio Vsc Hace 4 meses
uma pena q não tocaram West coast
Max Romero
Max Romero Hace 4 meses
Ready for a tour
Lưu Quang Minh
Lưu Quang Minh Hace 4 meses
so amazing 😄🚟😥🐾😅😆🤓😆😃😅
Maria Faleiro
Maria Faleiro Hace 4 meses
porque o dan tem um x tatuado nas maos
Andrew Knepp
Andrew Knepp Hace 4 meses
I think hes radioactive
anshuman shrivastava
34:21 people from india ,🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Mochi _26
Mochi _26 Hace 4 meses
35:12 my god i love this song too much
Disk Jockey Mozart
Disk Jockey Mozart Hace 4 meses
Hey guys... 2019? Lol
Advaith Rajagopalan
Advaith Rajagopalan Hace 4 meses
Bad lier
Pancake Lord :P
Pancake Lord :P Hace 4 meses
I need to take my gf on of these concerts.
Maddox Blount
Maddox Blount Hace 4 meses
16M good job guys
Francesco A.
Francesco A. Hace 4 meses
who is the girl playing?
Meme's art
Meme's art Hace 4 meses
Video starts at 29:45
Nicolas De Souza
Nicolas De Souza Hace 4 meses
What happened in 1:38:39 ?
Bendy The Ink Demon
Bendy The Ink Demon Hace 4 meses
I watched from 29:40 to 2:20:10
Arina KV
Arina KV Hace 4 meses
Единственный певец который красиво поёт без фонограммы!
irmao falei!!!
irmao falei!!! Hace 4 meses
Aidan Woodside
Aidan Woodside Hace 4 meses
This is the best thing EVER. I so wish I was there, but I live in NJ so that would never happen. I'm also kinda sad that when they were on tour they came really close to where I live but they performed the night before finals so I couldn't go 😭
My adventure In ROBLOX
You are great
Artuann Carmona
Artuann Carmona Hace 4 meses
Aún se me enchina la piel, cuando escuchó It's Time
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