Top 10 Creepiest Romance Movies

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Top 10 Creepiest Romance Movies // Subscribe: esvid.net/u-MsMojo
These movies are actually creepy more than romantic if you actually think about it. While You Were Sleeping, Big, Twilight, What Women Want, Meet Joe Black, Fifty Shades of Grey, 50 First Dates, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button are some of the movies whose love stories should make you think twice!
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28 oct 2017

Moviescreepiest romance moviesTwilightWhile You were SleepingBigWhat Women WantMeet Joe BlackFifty Shades of GreyMsMojotop 10top 5creepy romanceedward and bellaanastasia steeledakota johnsonthe curious case of benjamin button






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Deren Subasi
Deren Subasi Hace 12 días
I really tried watching 50 shades of grey, but like no no no. Also idc but I love twilight
Erin Dougherty
Erin Dougherty Hace 14 días
What about “Call Me By Your Name”?! That’s pure pedophilia trying to pass off as romantic! Probably the most disgusting film I’ve ever seen, nothing but a grown man grooming a boy and calling it love. 😵
Shelby Ramirez
Shelby Ramirez Hace 17 días
Bella and. Edward. Are. So. Cut
Shelby Ramirez
Shelby Ramirez Hace 17 días
Jerrica Mcfarland
Jerrica Mcfarland Hace 22 días
5 4 3 never seen them the rest I love
Monstamash112 Msp
Monstamash112 Msp Hace un mes
I’m a simple girl, I see Edward Cullen, I click. Also, big is the first movie I watched that wasn’t in my rating
Piper Sanderson
Piper Sanderson Hace un mes
I love twilight tho!
The Loch Ness monster
It is butterflies I ate a couple
Emily Alvarado
Emily Alvarado Hace 3 meses
Uuuuuh Groundhog Day is waaaaaay worse than 50 first dates - how is it not on the list??
Victoria Semenenko Real Life Victory
What is make 50 shades SO MUCH creepy about PLAGIAT to "9 and a half weeks" 1986 with Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger
Ms DarkstaR
Ms DarkstaR Hace 5 meses
Also how the heck is Secretary not on this list?? That was quite the crazy relationship and also a great movie!
Ms DarkstaR
Ms DarkstaR Hace 5 meses
Wtf Ms Mojo, Cher and Josh were not blood related! It’s not weird at all.
obsessive fangirl
obsessive fangirl Hace 5 meses
Numbers 1 and 2 couldn't be more accurate!!!
Axel Rodriguez Armas
Axel Rodriguez Armas
What the hell
Axel Rodriguez Armas
Catwoman selina kyle eiza González
LovelyLies16 Hace 6 meses
I DETEST how Clueless is on here, that's one of my favorite movies! (Although I notice Mojo seems to think it's a creepy pairing as it's been on their list before for negative couples. This, in which HEAVILY annoys me. But, I guess everyone has their own opinions.) Cher and Josh's relationship is NOT incest! They are NOT in any way related. Yes, they were at one short period STEP-siblings, but even then they were not BLOOD related. (Yes, some states arguably consider step-family relationships incest from a legal standpoint. But I believe incest to be a romantic/sexual relationship between BIOLOGICAL family members. There is literally NO arguing the okay-ness in that type of relationship.) Cher and Josh knew each other from that brief time period when their parents were shortly married, but their parents divorced LONG before the story line takes place. But since Josh kept hanging out her father because he liked him and the stability he brought, they knew each other from constant interaction. (In a brief scene in the movie, the father facially implied he knew Josh's romantic feelings for Cher and was okay with it.) They didn't grow up as siblings and emotionally don't see each other as family because of it. Therefore, their romantic bond is NOT illegal in ANY way whatsoever Seriously, this is getting annoying. -_-
Christina Fethers
Christina Fethers Hace 6 meses
you should add Reylo to the list
Jyrena Gueye
Jyrena Gueye Hace 6 meses
Twilight is INCREDIBLY creepy and here are my reasons. 1. She's 17 and he 117! 2. He WATCHES HER SLEEP AND STALKS HER. 3. He tries to control her life and doesn't let her make her own decisions and he says it's out of love tor he "protecting her" but he's really just overly jealous of a werewolf who Bella literally shows to feeling for. I could list MULTIPLE reasons why it extremely creepy.
Saranya Khatwani
Saranya Khatwani Hace 6 meses
Twilight is not creepy at all guys.... Who all think... I'm true
Adelaide Jane
Adelaide Jane Hace 6 meses
Brad Pitt in "meet Joe Black" 😍😍
Last Life in the Universe
While You Were Sleeping is one of my favorites. I don’t think it’s creepy but now that you think about it... if roles were reversed.... And that kind of makes it unfair. So... I guess mojo has a point.
Kimberlee Latchan
Kimberlee Latchan Hace 6 meses
Love twilight 😍😘❤💜
Mary Santa
Mary Santa Hace 6 meses
#2 he Breaks in to her room to see her sleep. He is 90 at the beginning of the book. He is sexually and blood frustrated. She is anorexic with a degree of albinism and mild depression from moving, up to when he leaves and then she becomes suicidal... I could go on as to why is creepy. As for #1 there is such difference between being a sadistic rich egomaniac and being a Dom... Like seriously RED
Limerence Hace 6 meses
What about Overboard, where a man kidnaps a woman with amnesia so he can trick her into being his wife and so he can get her to do housework and torture her just cuz she refused to pay him for one job.
Beatriz Jardim
Beatriz Jardim Hace 6 meses
My god! I bloody love the creepy romance movies.
Linn Baardsen
Linn Baardsen Hace 7 meses
No. Pretty woman is beautiful
paingoret6 Hace 7 meses
Ew Twilight and 50 Shades are both so gross. I always loved human/vampire (or other supernatural being) romance (Black Dagger Brotherhood is way better than Twilight) but Edward and Bella were just horrible. He was a stalker and she was codependent and obsessed. Plus no real vampire sparkles in the sun and if I remember correctly he didn't even have fangs? Then they had the werewolf fall in love with their baby?! Awful story all around and 50 Shades was just a fanfic of Twilight so no more even needs said on that one...
Enfys Best
Enfys Best Hace 7 meses
The commentary in the Twilight section describing Bella and Edward’s relationship was hilarious!!
Emilie Hace 7 meses
I suppose it's poetic that the series that knocks Twilight out of the number one spot for creepy and unsettling obsession-type love story is a series based on a Twilight fan fiction.
1987vosje Hace 7 meses
I agree with Twillight and 50 shades, but come on... don´t you people have any imagination? Can't you see these movies for what they are? Most of these are unrealistic.. fiction! you know.. fantasy! But not creepy..
Cam Hiddleston
Cam Hiddleston Hace 7 meses
Anyone ever see Remember Sunday? It's kinda like 50 First Dates, but less comedic and stars Zachary Levi. I freaking love that movie.
Moments of life
Moments of life Hace 7 meses
I love twilight. It doesn't matter matter it's creepy or not. It's just awesome
Kiki Terhune
Kiki Terhune Hace 7 meses
Am I the only one who hasn't seen Fifty Shades ANY of them?! Please tell I'm not!
Shipper Trash
Shipper Trash Hace 7 meses
I hate this generation with their incessant, whiny, over-analization of EVERYTHING! If While you were sleeping & 50 First Dates "bothers" you.....you've got much, much bigger issues!
Yvonne Karnaga
Yvonne Karnaga Hace 7 meses
BTS love
BTS love Hace 7 meses
I love TWILIGHT Saya
Vexington Leifang
Vexington Leifang Hace 7 meses
I didn't think Twilight was that creepy.
Constance Smith
Constance Smith Hace 7 meses
If Bella didn't want Edward to watch her sleep anymore she could have threatened him with B&E and problems with her police chief father. Twilight is about mutual love and mutual dysfunction complete with codepedence, so it is the perfect love story for modern times.
Farhat Naaz
Farhat Naaz Hace 7 meses
Folks, Twilight is from Bella's point of view not from Edward's, that's why we can't see why Edward falls in love with her... There is a book "The midnight sun" which is twilight from Edward's perspective, just read it once then you'll get to know that why he fell in love with her (it's not because she smells good... Trust me)
Jamiyah Nelson
Jamiyah Nelson Hace 7 meses
Hey hey don't hate on the Twilight
DuckyHellBird Hace 7 meses
Agree expect Benjamin button. Come on
Antoinette Herrera
Antoinette Herrera Hace 7 meses
Another creepy romance? Milk Money. Nothing says love like a preteen boy (and his friends) hiring a prostitute...
Fifi C
Fifi C Hace 8 meses
You missed out back to the future when his mum is around the same age and attracted to him 🤢
PrincessA Hace 8 meses
And HOW does 50 First Dates qualify to be in this list?
PrincessA Hace 8 meses
So...Twilight is found to be creepy. What about Buffy and Angel?
Rahat Sandhu
Rahat Sandhu Hace 8 meses
There are a lot of things wrong with Bella and Edward's relationship but I don't think age is one of them? Because since he's a supernatural being, he never ages so it eliminates the age factor? I thought that is an understood fact in supernatural romances. You could have described his manipulative, obsessive, stalker behaviour instead
Niara Hancock
Niara Hancock Hace 8 meses
Um heathers helloo🙄
Paisley Mitchell
Paisley Mitchell Hace 8 meses
Edward is not a monster!
dragoon650 Hace 8 meses
Clueless is based on Emma by Jane Austen josh is the mr knightly character who was not related to Emma (Cher) so not creepy lol
ScreamaSinclair Hace 8 meses
How could you forget about The Notebook? The love story in this film is just disgusting, it's abusive and just unnatural.
Julie McIntyre
Julie McIntyre Hace 8 meses
I can't believe 50 Shades of Grey is even considered a romantic movie, it's nothing but pure abuse and rape. They also have the nerve to show these movies on Valentines Day. What the Hell?
Babyface Blossom
Babyface Blossom Hace 8 meses
Add „passengers“ to the list. Kidnapping as romance wtf
Abram Sullivan
Abram Sullivan Hace 9 meses
John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN it's about a evil mass murderer that has a crush on Jamie Lee Curtis
amidthephantomsrose Hace 9 meses
I don't find while you were sleeping creepy. The whole point of the story is a misunderstanding that occurs when she saves Peter. The hospital nurse thinks she's his fiance and tells the doctors so she can see if he's OK. Since they were only allowing family in. Then when she meets the family, the nurse tells them she's Peter's fiance and she tries to deny it, but it doesn't work because the family won't give her the chance. And the whole family dynamic is special because Lucy doesn't have a family since all her family is dead. So she appreciates and loves the family Peter has and enjoys spending time with them.
Amanda Soares Paiva Azambuja
Shashie Moser
Shashie Moser Hace 9 meses
This list ruined Clueless, 50 First Dates, While You Were Sleeping, and Pretty Woman
Shashie Moser
Shashie Moser Hace 9 meses
It's funny that Brad Pitt is in 2 of these movies 😆😀
Tianne Murray
Tianne Murray Hace 9 meses
Twilight wasn't honestly that creepy
Oma Rumunna
Oma Rumunna Hace 10 meses
I thought so too.
Lucy Splendid
Lucy Splendid Hace 10 meses
I think including clueless on the grounds of mild incest is unfounded. Josh is not her fathers child nor is he any relation. Her father met his mother and after their divorce continued to be a father figure to him. He was more like a fostered child. As for Benjamin Button, the fact they are tragically out of sync is the point. When they meet as children their relationship is platonic, get your mind out of the gutter.
Cecilia Calmon
Cecilia Calmon Hace 10 meses
Why do you guys hate so much clueless??? Cher and Josh were stepbrothers for like a year and fall in love years later.
amy clarke
amy clarke Hace 10 meses
top 10 films that have weird love bits 10 gwtw nobody has pointed out that ashley and mel are related ook victoria the queen married her cousin but to have scarlett help them have the child yo 30s 9 pretty woman 90s yeah kind of glossed over prossy point 8 clueless 90s step children falling in love hm ok i just wouldnt date mine 7 big yees good point older woman and kid 80s 6 50 first dates sad 00s but they find ways around it not too odd 5 twilight 00s weird monster but they are not related at least yes he stalks her but he sees it by protection freak out some not me 4 50 shades dull 00s just unexciting guys 3 love actually sad the laura linney character can't have a normal relationship because of her bro 00s not weird sad 2 jack Nicholson in something gotta give dates both daughter and mum yees 00s 1 young victoria 00s exciting cousin marrying film glossed over by history but you can legally marry your cousin odd but true 😑
Tosin Akin
Tosin Akin Hace 10 meses
To everyone who considers Twilight to be a non-creepy romantic film, please remember that 50 Shades of Grey, a very problematic franchise, started out as Twilight fanfiction. That is not okay, and you cannot reconcile that by saying that one is bad and the other isn't. They draw certain parallels. To make it worse, Twilight can be related to Romeo & Juliet. Just no. I can appreciate it for what it is with a certain suspension of disbelief applied, but that doesn't make it okay. Seriously, how does one argue for a relationship that nearly resulted in one or both parties deaths are only a year or two. Mind you one of them was a teenager who had major issues in almost every aspect of her life and was probably not in a serious relationship prior to this. The other was a century old vampire who liked to watch her sleep in her underwear for a good while even before she gave permission for it. How is that okay? It isn't. There is nothing wrong with liking the franchise(s) if you want, but don't make that relationship anything but what it is. Also, Jacob and Renesmee.
Riyaa Setia
Riyaa Setia Hace 10 meses
Twilight is not creepy. Its about accepting people how they are and still loving them. And keeping the worth of love alive.
Sweet Home Alabama
Sweet Home Alabama Hace 10 meses
I don’t know why you always freak out about Cher and josh. They aren’t blood related. I don’t find anything creepy about it
Persona Uno
Persona Uno Hace 10 meses
I can't believe so few people are talking about 50 first dates in the comments
נועה אסידו
נועה אסידו Hace 11 meses
No no no❌❌❌❌❌❌you dont know anything ❌❌❌what the hell is creepier than twilight?, NOTHING and you put some amazing couples there
Sydney Basinger
Sydney Basinger Hace 11 meses
I will always consider Secretary to be the creepiest romance
Hermoine Lovegood
Hermoine Lovegood Hace 11 meses
Excuse me? 50 first dates and twilight,!
Yoda Hace 11 meses
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Rashi Lakhani
Rashi Lakhani Hace 11 meses
:0 I guess most of the creepy movies were made in 80's and 90's
BlueBerryFairy1 Hace 11 meses
I'm glad Shades is Nr. 1 - this story in its ways to deal with psychological problems and abusive relationships is just ... dangerous. I often feel like it deserves a lot of the hate that Twilight received. I'm not saying it has no flaws, but Shades of Grey... people just seem to be more sílent about the mass of issues here (mostly because they're cowards - go ahead and shame young girls, but once adults are the readers and sex/what looks like BDSM is included, they all shrink back...)
Tricia Ramgoolam
Tricia Ramgoolam Hace 11 meses
If you read the time travellers wife, you read that Henry, the main character, didn't feeling romantic love when he travelled and met his wife as a child, he said he felt protective of her. He protected her. Plus, it's not his fault that his body travels to that time. And with 50 first dates. It's not as creepy. Because Lucy deserved to be loved and to have someone love you when they know the next day you'll forget them takes dedication. Many people won't put up with it.
Jeannie Rodgers
Jeannie Rodgers Hace 11 meses
I absolutely loved while you where sleeping thought it was brilliant
Emma L
Emma L Hace 11 meses
Meet Joe Black is one of my favorite movies. The music is absolutely stunning and the acting is amazing.
Naomi Wicks
Naomi Wicks Hace 11 meses
Lol I love 50 First Dates 😂😂😂
Martha C
Martha C Hace un año
In clueless My understanding is that the marriage between their parents was brief. I don't think that's creepy. There is no biological reason that step siblings who are not related or have even been raised together. Not creepy. Unconventional I guess but not that bad imo
dldavi Hace un año
I LOVE While you were sleeping
awkward bunnee
awkward bunnee Hace un año
Seriously? Clueless and While you were sleeping? Not fcking creepy at all. They shouldn't be on this list
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