What Lies Behind the Moral Law by C.S. Lewis Doodle (BBC Talk 3, Chapter 4)

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This third talk became Chapter 4 of Lewis' book 'Mere Christianity' and was originally called 'Materialism or Religion’.
You can find the book here: www.amazon.com/Mere-Christianity-C-S-Lewis/dp/0060652926

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30 mar 2015

C.S. LewisWhat Lies Behind the Moral LawC.S. Lewis DoodlePhilosophy (Field Of Study)Mere Christianity (Book)






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Brian Kelly
Brian Kelly Hace 2 meses
Naturalism vs Supernaturalism; chance vs. intentional purpose - Lewis said it all nearly 80 years ago.
Cynthia Leitner
Cynthia Leitner Hace 8 meses
Beautifully logical and profound. C.S. Lewis knew his stuff!
firefoxhits Hace 8 meses
I read this great book decades ago. Your doodle-art really brings it to life. You have a gift!
Tori Ellise
Tori Ellise Hace 8 meses
THIS IS DEEP. But TBH people especially atheists today still deny that moral laws r written on their hearts. And that the laws we have today are solely from evolution and societal influences.
CSLewisDoodle Hace 8 meses
See those objections answered here: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-l_VYCqCexow.html
Sarah Burkhardt
Sarah Burkhardt Hace 11 meses
Wow, just discovered this. Absolutely amazing.
John Misenheimer
John Misenheimer Hace un año
Love this series!
Kirsten DeMelo
Kirsten DeMelo Hace 2 años
This is fantastic !!!!!!!!
William Brown
William Brown Hace 2 años
This was so good. Just wonderful stuff.
Original Empa
Original Empa Hace 2 años
This was mind opening, the animations very much helped. thanks!
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis Hace 2 años
thank you for putting in your time to make this!
THE SEIDEL Hace 3 años
so epic
Finn Swan
Finn Swan Hace 3 años
Thank you so much!!!
Bobby Miller
Bobby Miller Hace 3 años
Another awesome video!
Gary Glover
Gary Glover Hace 4 años
How can I be just discovering you? This is wonderful. And inspiring. Thank you for what you have done with C.S. Lewis, my favorite writer. Gary
Adamantium Scorpion
Adamantium Scorpion Hace 4 años
Wow! Just Wow. Great work indeed.
Bill Reynolds
Bill Reynolds Hace 4 años
Ditto to the comments below!
solus christus
solus christus Hace 4 años
So Refreshing!
tjak76 Hace 4 años
What a great description of "faith" and how it fits into human existance. Very logical and laid out. The graphics really make his ideas hit home. Outstanding Work. Thank You.
Keith Strang
Keith Strang Hace 4 años
Wow wow wow!
Knight ShaveAlot
Knight ShaveAlot Hace 4 años
Awesome as always! Keep em coming. Love these.
2LiveIsChrist2DieIsGain 2LiveIsChrist2DieIsGain
George Loring
George Loring Hace 4 años
Thank you so much for this
capten246 Hace 4 años
Love this...going to share on my facebook
kzsnow Hace 4 años
Ending nails it. Finished reading Mere Christianity a while ago.. everyone should read this book for real.
Tyrone Barnes
Tyrone Barnes Hace 4 años
These are ingenious. Keep it up!!
MJ the Fellow Actuary
Never stop making these awesome videos!! They are amazing
Casey Ries
Casey Ries Hace 4 años
These are great. I have read Mere Christianity and constantly found myself rereading passages to understand just what C.S. Lewis is saying. However, these illustrations make it much easier to follow and reinforce concepts I didn't fully understand in the first read through. Please keep making these!!!!!
Dan Bennett
Dan Bennett Hace 4 años
truly wonderful work...
Yosh Gar
Yosh Gar Hace 4 años
Incredible job, as usual :D
diybunny Hace 4 años
@Yosh Gar (:D We Love you too, Yosh, I also love Christian Rock Music!!! (:D
Joshua Hults
Joshua Hults Hace 4 años
Always a pleasure to watch your uploads, thank you again !
Bushmansmeg Hace 4 años
Fantastic as usual! please keep it up :)
Andy Eddie
Andy Eddie Hace 4 años
Keep up the good work. A big fan.
alairie64 Hace 4 años
Love your videos, I always wait eagerly for the next one.
Kevin O
Kevin O Hace 4 años
Thank you so much for all the work you put in to your videos! I love them!
Delsin Rowe
Delsin Rowe Hace 4 años
Amazing doodle bro ^^ just amazing
Michelle C
Michelle C Hace 4 años
Thank you again and again for all these
deadlypillows Hace 4 años
love this series! thank you for all the time and creativity you put into these. always makes my day to watch these
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