VELVET BUZZSAW (2019) Ending Explained

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Enter the high stakes and high dollar world of modern art in the horror comedy VELVET BUZZSAW, where it appears that newly discovered pieces of art of connected or possibly responsible for an increasing string of mysterious murders. Featuring an all star cast led by Jake Gyllenhaal, Toni Collete, Rene Russo and John Malkovich this hilarious and gruesome satire leaves us with many questions in the end. Learn all about the film's true meaning, the strange killer paintings, the artist behind them, and explaining the quite open ending.
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9 feb 2019






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Coco Karma
Coco Karma Hace 10 minutos
That cat is so fat!!
Kailyssia Pym
Kailyssia Pym Hace 2 días
I was so happy when all these characters died. They were terrible people but I felt so bad for the assistant that kept finding the bodies. IRL she would be looked at for those murders. Dull movie with so much potential. The last death made me cringe though.
TheDMBfan Hace 2 días
What an underwhelming ending. Seemed like it was missing a third act
iranicus Hace 5 días
Josephina’s end was f'd up, kinda liked her at the start but then she grew into a real narcissistic bitch later
Martín Puga
Martín Puga Hace 6 días
Can someone explain the link between Rhodora's death and Deese's painting? I don't think it was really about "recreating the scene in the painting" cause that would mean she did it by chance - it seems more of a you were destined to die today and in this pose and thats why you didnt die crushed under that sculpture.
Martín Puga
Martín Puga Hace 6 días
Now I really want to go get Starbucks wonder, why that may be
MysticalSparkle 57
MysticalSparkle 57 Hace 7 días
i think it was a really good movie
LaserKatzDimension Hace 8 días
im sorry but does this explain the ending or does he just narrate the whole moviex
Joshua Khane Fondevilla
This is kinda like layers of fear (a kinda spoiler if you never played the game) where the player plays as an artist that uses parts of his wifes body for a painting
Box McNug
Box McNug Hace 9 días
Can't sell Deez Paintings :D
Michel Blue
Michel Blue Hace 10 días
I'll definitely use crayons next time. Blood's a waaaay too mainstream medium nowadays 😂.
xEpiiCx-ANG3L Hace 11 días
KITTY!!!! XD whats its name?
Loaf of beans
Loaf of beans Hace 11 días
5:39 nuts
100% Free
100% Free Hace 11 días
Hes the perfect artist
tori vivi
tori vivi Hace 11 días
I dont think dease would haunt the couple who bought the painting or anyone else unless they knew it was his and tried making a profit off it. Dease, throughout the whole thing only killed people who were using his art for profit, so why kill innocent people who just admire his art? Literally the whole point the movie was trying to make. Appreciate art for how you feel about it not for how people will react to it.
tori vivi
tori vivi Hace 11 días
In the last few minutes I was like 'wait..but it's her museum, why hasn't she been killed off?'...and then of course the ending happened
Jacob Caruthers
Jacob Caruthers Hace 11 días
4:27 damn she got some chapped ass lips
Jeff Barton
Jeff Barton Hace 12 días
What a steaming pile of dogshit this movie was. First its just the paintings made with blood and then all works of art. Wtf?
olra the exposer
olra the exposer Hace 12 días
From nightcrawler to this....
Bradley Maynard
Bradley Maynard Hace 13 días
Get a painting, hang it above the computer, open a 2gb file full of hentai and then wait.
Rising MC
Rising MC Hace 13 días
Really? the ghosts name is Deez? YOUR MAKING THIS TOO EASY!!!!
Yammeh Harris
Yammeh Harris Hace 14 días
twilightgoddess Hace 15 días
tbh i would follow a cat to the edge of the world if it was cute enough.
Terreliv Hace 16 días
"John don Don"? Like *dun dun dun?*
antidote lizard
antidote lizard Hace 17 días
being an artist i can say this is more about how the meaning of your art pieces loosing their original meaning after the rtists death
Tyson Ly
Tyson Ly Hace 17 días
His girlfriend's just a bitch. Should've been the first to die
far 11
far 11 Hace 18 días
Kinda reminds me of ib
Luke Robertshaw
Luke Robertshaw Hace 18 días
So I guess we could say Don Don is a Dum Dum
Sᴛʀᴇss_ Fʀᴇᴇ_Rᴀfʏ
This is the reason why we need the Winchester brothers... SAMMY!
Aaron Forbes
Aaron Forbes Hace 19 días
Good idea, done terribly
zZiL341yRj736 Hace 20 días
Movies I don't want to watch so I watched this just to pretend i did.
youlossy Hace 20 días
Ibstopped watching after 90secs u just spoke bs. Then i saw it was a 20minute video gtfo. So many easier videos tp watch...just some advice
youlossy Hace 20 días
Bruh do u hve to yell nd speak so fast all i hear is gibberish.
youlossy Hace 20 días
Some of the actors worst performances. The movie was trash, the killings were g-rated, the ending was boring af.
WhiteFlags Fly
WhiteFlags Fly Hace 20 días
Wow, Daveed Diggs was in this, too? What a surprise!
Nick Ortiz
Nick Ortiz Hace 21 un día
I’m 100% rooting for you to do ending explained on The house that jack built
could you do the movie tusk? its a really weird movie
Hiki Fünkë
Hiki Fünkë Hace 22 días
Comedy? Bish where?
Caleb Corthell
Caleb Corthell Hace 22 días
Mort isn't in it for money, he truly loves art.
drewski west
drewski west Hace 23 días
i just can't sub sorry you talk (yell) too god damn loud, the entire time. take a breath, deeeep breath, calm the fuck down and preset this high quality content. its 7/10 but ruined by the high pitch yelling
KaitF BeepBeepBitchie
KaitF BeepBeepBitchie Hace 23 días
It's a scam, it's a regular buzzsaw just with food coloring😒
KelniusTV Hace 23 días
Uhhh... where was the but where he explained the ending? This didn't explain anything, he just recapped the whole movie.
Snickercole Hace 23 días
I liked the fact that this movie didn't try to explain itself too much. It's like art in a gallery. It merely is.
Terrence Park
Terrence Park Hace 24 días
Aaron Burr, Sir
Aaron Burr, Sir Hace 24 días
How could you not mention Daveed Diggs?!
Dirk Strider
Dirk Strider Hace 24 días
19:27 skip to the best part of the video
LOLLA BUNNY Hace 25 días
they should call this movie DEEZ NUTS 😝
S AvliS
S AvliS Hace 27 días
Love your kitty ❣️ 😻
Scouting Legion
Scouting Legion Hace 28 días
I love the review but honestly, the tabby stole the show!
Vitae69 Hace 28 días
"This guy" is the PI that was hired to find out about Deaze. He somehow found the missing boxes at that garage and stole them. How he got in possession of them, who knows. That wasn't covered.
Laverne Blaszczyk
Laverne Blaszczyk Hace un mes
If she had just released them freely, without asking for money or control, would Josefina still be cursed?! Btw, her death was the best- she will live forever as art....poor bitch. Gretchen I thought deserved her death, she was completely cynical about art, she started off all arty and naive (like Josefina) but sold out entirely and bullied her former coworkers for her own selfish reasons. I'm glad the innocent Coco left unscathed- sometimes the finding fame and fortune in the big city isn't worth it
Laverne Blaszczyk
Laverne Blaszczyk Hace un mes
This is why artists should only become famous AFTER death- bring back artists starving in a garret!! Authenticity is romantic😊
Flat Bear
Flat Bear Hace un mes
Bro that cat is so fat hahaha unlikely he would lead you anywhere but the food bowl
Kimberly O'Sullivan
oh my god i thought it was zooe deschanel???????
McKinley Hace un mes
This movie was pretty lame overall
Top Kek
Top Kek Hace un mes
Am I the only one that thinks Deese is inspired by Henry Darger?
Sander Van Sant :P
Sander Van Sant :P Hace un mes
Velvet buzzsaw the kind of scary movie that isn't scary -_-
That Plot Armor Though
I was expecting an in-depth look at the movie, but instead all this was a basic summary of the movie itself.
Raquel Diaz
Raquel Diaz Hace un mes
Omg ur cat is adorable
Liam Walker
Liam Walker Hace un mes
19:27 that one fat cat
Bruno Bertolo
Bruno Bertolo Hace un mes
the movies are normally mounted, but how did they simulate the Hobo man killing Jack?
Steven Treuden
Steven Treuden Hace un mes
@7:53 is the painting Metallica’s Hardwired album cover?
Shay Tuck
Shay Tuck Hace un mes
I tried to wacth this three times.....so glad you do these because I couldn't make it
anand altantsog
anand altantsog Hace un mes
The movie kinda sucked to be honest I like the concept and the idea but.....i dont live nightcrawler movie its the same guy who made this film This movie is not good as nightcrawler but entertaining to watch I liked it,but it wasnt scary enough
Pizza Parker
Pizza Parker Hace un mes
I thought hobo was about to stick his pp in the other guy
Angie B
Angie B Hace un mes
They should of put it in a woodchipper then burned it
nadz yea
nadz yea Hace un mes
this movie is so shit, no joke, such a cringy movie, its like final destination without good characters
Julien Despois
Julien Despois Hace un mes
I also like how both Marf and Rhodora don't actually destroy the paintings, maybe because they are still attached to their value, Marf wants to store it while Rhodora just takes it out of her house.
The Yeeter
The Yeeter Hace un mes
You know.. I'd love to replace all of those DVD's in color order
DJ Salad
DJ Salad Hace un mes
Man i was soo keen after watching the trailer but the movie did not live up to the hype
To all those confused. Q. Who produced the movie? A. Netflix Q. How is this movie classified on Netflix? A. Thriller, Drama Therefore, IT'S NOT FUCKING HORROR Thank You
Deirdre F
Deirdre F Hace un mes
This should really have a different title... it’s a recap of the entire movie not the ending explained. Just waisted 18 minutes of my life smh
Marlow Morbid
Marlow Morbid Hace un mes
i haven't seen the whole video yet but here's a better ending for the movie "who was he? WHO WAS DEES" whole place burns down, and from the air you see the flames spell out: . . . DEES NUTS
Kaboom Luong
Kaboom Luong Hace un mes
Tyler Harris
Tyler Harris Hace un mes
You’re just explaining the plot of the movie...
Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon Hace un mes
Yeah I will agree with the idea that the trailer made it look WAY more like a horror flick than it actually turned out to be, I was really sorta looking forward to "Night At the Museum" but going full nightmare mode. I didn't hate what we got, heck I would not even say I disliked what we got. I simply thought it was ok, I did like the commentary they had about the art community, as well as the story behind everything, but I just gotta knock points off. Its like when you order a Pepsi at a restaurant and you get a Dr. Pepper instead. Yeah its still a pretty good drink, but its not what you where hopping for when you took that first sip.
GYS_Gaming Hace un mes
Just use a fuckin crayon or something. I'm dying.
Anagi Hace un mes
6:50 actually Vincent Castiglia uses his and others blood for his art irl
Ana StaysGolden
Ana StaysGolden Hace un mes
DONT be GREEDY! That’s it!
Ren the Seer
Ren the Seer Hace un mes
apparently, I wasn't the only one who had a revenge fantasy against the art industry for promoting modern art to such arbitrary standards
Huskii Doggo
Huskii Doggo Hace un mes
Why does JGL look like Maynard James Keenan?
bludfire01 Hace un mes
Hey foundflix have you seen the film on netflix "the night eats the world" ?.
sweet lullaby
sweet lullaby Hace un mes
Just saw this few minutes ago.. it's a good movie. Jake Gyllenhaal's acting is superb. I feel sorry for Coco for going through all that stuff
HelplmAlive Hace un mes
I thought the movie was long and boring. Big waste of time.
Candy Cane
Candy Cane Hace un mes
Josephine was such an ass
sebastian Metayer
sebastian Metayer Hace un mes
Jake gylenhaal might be as good as Christian bale as far as versatility
Dumb backup bish
Dumb backup bish Hace un mes
I really enjoyed this movie, the death by art scenes were entertaining tho!👍 Loved seeing john malkovich in it!!💛
thatbitch karen
thatbitch karen Hace un mes
could you do an ending explained of await further instructions? love your vids btw! ♥️
Amikko moon
Amikko moon Hace un mes
I love this movie
Technimechanical Hace un mes
Why am I here even though I have never heard of this movie... I saw donnie darko and I clicked
Crusader Maximus
Crusader Maximus Hace un mes
When someone says "Destroy these {Insert Object}" you probably should do so.
MrDeadlyMatt Hace un mes
i love the deaths that happend and its creativity but i am also glad i didnt watch it in the end
Kira the cat girl
Kira the cat girl Hace un mes
*Deez* nuts
Jeremy Kent
Jeremy Kent Hace un mes
Jake Gyllenhaal looks like Jonathon Hills from Buddhism Hotline in this film
Who goes to an eye doctor for halucinations?
BunBun91 Hace un mes
I think I would have liked this film better if the supernatural element was removed and more of a parody of critique maybe I’m being snobby myself idk
The Female
The Female Hace un mes
Josephinas overly british accent was killing me
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