VELVET BUZZSAW (2019) Ending Explained

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Enter the high stakes and high dollar world of modern art in the horror comedy VELVET BUZZSAW, where it appears that newly discovered pieces of art of connected or possibly responsible for an increasing string of mysterious murders. Featuring an all star cast led by Jake Gyllenhaal, Toni Collete, Rene Russo and John Malkovich this hilarious and gruesome satire leaves us with many questions in the end. Learn all about the film's true meaning, the strange killer paintings, the artist behind them, and explaining the quite open ending.
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9 feb 2019

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Comentarios 2 152
Eternal Dog
Eternal Dog Hace un día
"Who made these paintings?" "Dease" "Dease who?" "Dease Nuts! HA! GOT EM!"
ThatStrangeBugGirl Hace 10 horas
Eternal Dog my thoughts exactly 😂
Meraneus Hace 3 días
Cats are evil after all... that's why I love them. Let's talk about that blonde cat at the end of the video, he's adorable!
VORLDAMARE 666 Hace 8 días
This reminds me of a scp (the predatory street art)
Deborah Wood
Deborah Wood Hace 8 días
19:28 Cute cat! Your cat looks like a big cuddly purrface!
Panic! AtTheWisk
Panic! AtTheWisk Hace 8 días
Honestly, I didn’t really like this movie at all, nothing really collected, I would’ve preferred more of a detective movie, that’s just an opinion so please, no hate
Wants you go black You don’t go back
If I was in this movie I would say your one ugly mother fucker
Zeke Green
Zeke Green Hace 11 días
Dee's was definitely a crazy dude, but torturing & killing his abusive father wasn't crazy... It seems to have been the only moment of closure or justice in his entire life.
Dylan the Cat 2
Dylan the Cat 2 Hace 9 días
you okay bud? lmao I was just saying that his name is spelled Dease lmao
Zeke Green
Zeke Green Hace 9 días
You're missing the point, but I guess people like you have to demean what they can't understand...
Dylan the Cat 2
Dylan the Cat 2 Hace 10 días
Lyv Rue
Lyv Rue Hace 12 días
The only movie reviewer I trust
Kelli Gray
Kelli Gray Hace 13 días
Just love your commentary. Every one so fun. You are THE best movie commentator online. I liked this movie. It wasn’t was I was expecting, but it was a good ride none the less.
The fallen memelord 421
i just want so say: the part where he says that sobriety wasnt good for the artist and agreeing when someone says it was painted while they were alcoholic can make sense if you think of it as "this painting is good. the newer ones suck compared to it".
Soul Hace 14 días
I wasn’t crazy about the tone/satire of the movie generally speaking, but I did actually like the idea of the commercialization of tragedy/trauma. The more they discover about this artist, the more unpleasant/violent his life is found to be, yet it changes nothing about the way they want to profit off of his art (a product of mental illness and suffering).
Chris Kim
Chris Kim Hace 15 días
What is wrong with her hands at 3:49
Eden Hope
Eden Hope Hace 17 días
hi dude you just explained the whole plot - i hate cats now thanks
Sweetheart Cosplays
Sweetheart Cosplays Hace 19 días
carvalionii Hace 19 días
Ur cat a thickie
LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté
The murders and violence making the paintings less sought after? Are you kidding? It would of made them much, much more desirable... And anybody buying the art from the roadside would be immune, choosing the art on its own merit, and their response to it....
theblackgeno 18
theblackgeno 18 Hace 23 días
This movie is just bad
Amanda Mullins
Amanda Mullins Hace 24 días
John's eyes are super freaky while he's hanging there like that O_O. That's a nightmare face right there!
Scurvy Dan
Scurvy Dan Hace 26 días
As a painter myself, I hate this movie.
Christopher Tan Tsjun Moon
Everybody wants to know about, Deez Nuuuutts!!!!
Sp!dey Hace 27 días
This movie is just whack
Weird Tree
Weird Tree Hace 27 días
You are a man with a way of words. Painting: *bleeds* Foundflix: bro just use a fucking crayon. That's not normal
Andrew Stonerock
Andrew Stonerock Hace 28 días
“Use a fuckin crayon or something.. “ best line ever!
Andrew Haines
Andrew Haines Hace un mes
6:52 voice crack
everytime i saw daveed diggs i died a bit inside because found flix didn't mention bim
Jamès *3-13-14#
Jamès *3-13-14# Hace un mes
Ash cant burn something 😂
Kenniff Kanniff
Kenniff Kanniff Hace un mes
"Just use a fucking crayon or something...."
Louis Mcarthur
Louis Mcarthur Hace un mes
This movie help me find what was wrong with me I was selling a couple of pieces and eventually I was losing my muse and love for my work until I nearly quit after watching this it made me realize me doing art for money instead of because of my love for it was what was killing my love for it...I have given art a break and to live a little life and get better inspiration
Jen C
Jen C Hace un mes
Aw please a “cursed painting” would be worth more money than before
Rhianna Felix
Rhianna Felix Hace un mes
when i watched this film on netflix i ax didn’t even know that it was a horror film😂😂
HikariNo Yami
HikariNo Yami Hace un mes
taiaze bennett
taiaze bennett Hace un mes
this is literally one of the best concepts for a movie i've seen
KissMyAspergers Hace un mes
Just goes to show, you should always respect an artist's wishes. Especially if they're *dease-eased.*
REBS76 Hace un mes
The cat looks like a rat-on purpose
YowLife Hace un mes
What an oddly specific serial killer.
I.S. Swinburne
I.S. Swinburne Hace un mes
K who is the guy who plays jon dondon? That guy will be cast like crazy
Snow Paw
Snow Paw Hace un mes
... deez nuts
Patrick Rucker
Patrick Rucker Hace un mes
Glad I skipped this, looks awful.
Ben McCabe
Ben McCabe Hace un mes
At 7:53 there is an image of the cover of a Metallica album Hardwired...to self destruct.
Suzi Q Chav
Suzi Q Chav Hace un mes
that's one well fed cat😸
Frobo Hace un mes
DUDE, “along with John malcovitch...” DAVEED DIGGS IS RIGHT THERE. LAFAYETTE!!!! 1:12 love ya
Charles Hermey
Charles Hermey Hace un mes
This movie was pretty terrible despite the good cast.
HansAlRachid Hace un mes
I worked various jobs at several galleries over the years and I feel somewhat qualified enough to confirm that most of the art world is focused on nothing but money without any regard for ideology or artistry. I feel like there should be a distinction between the art scene and artists themselves. My point is: Art dealers are scum. ^^
hugiism Hace un mes
Nerdy_Geek Hace un mes
If I'm being completely honest, I only watched Velvet Buzzsaw because Daveed Diggs was in it...
Mark Youneva
Mark Youneva Hace un mes
Most people watching this movie would wish they owned a Dease painting (cause of them wanting to be dead an all)
luwoo is endgame
luwoo is endgame Hace un mes
I'm not following any of this "dont go after cats" bullshit. A cat's a cat man, I will pet it.
luwoo is endgame
luwoo is endgame Hace un mes
@Taylor Wiser Gladly
Taylor Wiser
Taylor Wiser Hace un mes
Then perish
Poundchan Hace un mes
"just use a fucking crayon or something" I'm dying
Stacey Stones
Stacey Stones Hace un mes
One time this cat was chillin outside of this chinese restaurant i was at and i walked outside to follow it down the alleyway, it went around the corner and when i went around the corner to see where it went, i saw a bum taking a shit in broad daylight
Nock Hace un mes
I jsut watched it and its fucking insane, i love it
Joey Deluke
Joey Deluke Hace un mes
Thank you for making these, it always gives me something to watch! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
expose him 123
expose him 123 Hace un mes
Isn't one of the 4 deadly sins greed he could be one of the 4 deadly sins
Gabe Giorgio
Gabe Giorgio Hace un mes
Am I the only one that saw John don don and the guy that died in the truck at the end of the move
YungAndVicious Hace 2 meses
*then Morf turns into Mysterio and destroys the Hobo Man.*
Ricardo Miranda
Ricardo Miranda Hace 2 meses
If you encounter cursed artifacts DON'T TOUCH IT, BUY IT, AND DON'T BRING IT TO YOUR HOME, also because are most dangerous and cursed artifacts.
Ricardo Miranda
Ricardo Miranda Hace 2 meses
The reason why you don't follow cats because they stand for bad luck!.
Waldo Mulder
Waldo Mulder Hace 2 meses
Nevermind the cat. Never leave a door unlocked (she left a door unlocked in the movie).
ForeverLostDarkness Hace 2 meses
Awe! Love the kitty! (I mean, yeah the ones in the movie, but the reviewer’s big orange one, too!)
hina kobayashi
hina kobayashi Hace 2 meses
its sad that art has become all about the accumulation of money without effort.
A Very Gay Butterfly
The crazy old man from Red
Mochi Bean
Mochi Bean Hace 2 meses
Omg daveed diggs is in it.?!
Za Pilgrim
Za Pilgrim Hace 2 meses
Shoutout to Simpleflips
ash Hace 2 meses
Coco was the real victim
Mshina Sherman
Mshina Sherman Hace 2 meses
What about the part in the movie were the guy said to the other guy "the waters warm come jump in" and he made love to the dude before the women. I loved that scene I think about it ever time I hear this films name. Its in my dreams the best scene ever in history it really needed to be in the movie for flavor. And it makes me think about pools in a different way. It was a delicate moment in this masterpiece!
Pedro Bronze
Pedro Bronze Hace 2 meses
I was expecting more than a summary or an in depth analysis of the movie. Found a shallow summary with below average review. If you watched the movie you have the option to escape to @18:00 an try to sieve for no more than one or two points made. If you didn't watch, why would you consider watching this? That put aside, the way the ''reviewer'' speaks make it impossible to hear it in low volume and horrible to hear it in higher volume. That's because he speaks too low and too loud intermittently and at the same time with a heavy intonation. In the end I felt my attention was being drained in every other word as if something really important was going on thought the content of the review was shallow. Thanks for the review, was an exercise of patience.
Nik Nack
Nik Nack Hace 2 meses
More of a summary than an explanation
Lucas Brock
Lucas Brock Hace 2 meses
anyone else see daveed diggs?
Stitchy Hace 2 meses
please stop hacking my recommended section
heather lewis
heather lewis Hace 2 meses
i like the guy with glasses... i hate that he died :(
draft galosa
draft galosa Hace 2 meses
the movie sucked, the only reason people say they like it is cuz of politics. Jake Gyllenhaal was the only redeeming actor also.
-Nyaoxneko- Hace 2 meses
If I see a cat I'm gonna take my chances
i dunno
i dunno Hace 2 meses
man i hated Josephina SO much and i hated the actress too for some reason she just wasn't good for me she was so stiff and wooden
VOIZ CRACK Hace un mes
I was so dissapointed her death wasn't as brutal as the other deaths
Tea Tsuneko
Tea Tsuneko Hace 2 meses
i dunno she just seems like a bitch to me
PD Zombie
PD Zombie Hace 2 meses
It was pretty good, but he mix of horror and satire didn't struck as hard as something like 'Get Out'. I prefer 'Nightcrawler' for being much darker despite no supernatural elements. Thanx!!!
commiesarentpeople Hace 2 meses
Pretentious art douches
commiesarentpeople Hace 2 meses
Have you hear of dease? DEASE NUTS!!!
Eden Hope
Eden Hope Hace 17 días
D Angus
D Angus Hace 2 meses
Moral of the story: Cats are evil!
Nicole Hace 2 meses
Too little of Daveed Diggs
KawaiiLemon Hace 2 meses
Okey now Deese is just a dick! Unintentionally recreating a scene Is vastly different than greedily profiting from a suffering artist’ work. And it doesn’t make any sense that he should ‘teach them a lesson’ if they aren’t alive long enough to pass on the message. Also the tattoo was unrelated to his work but he still punished her?! Deese didn’t want to punish wicked people, he was just a dick ghost with a history of limp brushstrokes. Also art’s purpose is to literally be seen by others. That’s why it’s created. Else there would never be a lesson in artists or styles or materials. There would never be a market. Art was invented to be shared. To send a message. I think no one on set ever explained to the director what art is.
KawaiiLemon Hace 2 meses
You could say ‘Deese’ Nuts’ ?
Christian Gerhardt
Christian Gerhardt Hace 2 meses
It's not a cat it's a Flerken!
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