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The world has enough superheroes. Watch the new #Venom trailer now. 10.5.18.
One of Marvel's most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the big screen, starring Academy Award® nominated actor Tom Hardy as the lethal protector Venom.
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31 jul 2018

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beyond berserk
beyond berserk Hace un hora
I just watch it , the movie is great I recommend it to the fans of Venom and to the people who are not !You will have a great time !
Wants some WI-FI?
Wants some WI-FI? Hace 2 horas
Like a turd...in the wind.
Jalil Abdel
Jalil Abdel Hace 2 horas
Its the best movie en 2018* about the super-héros
Billy Ray Dawg
Billy Ray Dawg Hace 2 horas
A movie for dumb hero nerds who would love a superhero dog turd movie if it had Marvel stamped on it.
Nisa Öztürk
Nisa Öztürk Hace 2 horas
I watched today I am impressed soooo muchh.Don't care what they says.All of them are stupid.Trust MARVEL.
Philip Hunn
Philip Hunn Hace 2 horas
This movie was good, silly fun. I loved it :)
TheScientist Hace 2 horas
The lead female almost killed a great movie. Dr squirt saved it.
Eiad Abdelhady
Eiad Abdelhady Hace 3 horas
Someone spoil it for me
øøf Hace 3 horas
i don't get how critics don't like it. Honestly it doesn't really matter what those fucktwats say, as long as it is enjoyable and the fans like it, then youre good.
Amir Ateito
Amir Ateito Hace 3 horas
Funny is this movie
Joe Fanik
Joe Fanik Hace 3 horas
I'm pretty sure the only people who hated this movie were critics and reviewers
Maya Anu
Maya Anu Hace 4 horas
Haha... So we have another superhero.. Thanks to MARVEL ♥
Gielles Fairon
Gielles Fairon Hace 4 horas
Garbage take on the movie, absolutely terrible actor choices. Hope the remake ends up better than this trash heap!
Kevin Kularathna
Kevin Kularathna Hace 4 horas
Awesome movie. Man can't wait for venom 2
Mohammad Mazloumi
Mohammad Mazloumi Hace 4 horas
Does anyone know how to watch it for free??
platinum fox
platinum fox Hace 4 horas
I think that they will make venom 2 cuz in the ending venom finds his son in another human
platinum fox
platinum fox Hace 4 horas
Kust came back from the movie it was epicccccc u have to watch it
Isaac Hace 4 horas
0:32 when you haven't watched Venom yet and you see thumbnail spoilers on youtube
Nadil Hace 4 horas
The Comic Artist
The Comic Artist Hace 5 horas
When you realize the first shots of the trailer are part of the mid credits scene
Бэлла Магомадова
dmlclan Hace 5 horas
Venom rules, Spiderman sucks.
Zhyar Ergushi
Zhyar Ergushi Hace 5 horas
Who is here after Eminem's song Venom?
anushka 0626
anushka 0626 Hace 5 horas
I have seen in hindi
The Mysterious Red Warrior: Blood
My favorite movie of the year
박성현 Hace 6 horas
We are VENOM
Deadpoolelpro o
Deadpoolelpro o Hace 6 horas
Me gusto
Sky High
Sky High Hace 6 horas
Another marvel hero born 😘
Esaie Prince
Esaie Prince Hace 6 horas
Marine TOAD; Goliath TOAD, Cain TOAD...plus a TRUE TOAD-- so much culture, WITH history IN this story of WARFARE!!! FROG&TOAD!!!!
Esaie Prince
Esaie Prince Hace 6 horas
i wrote a movie called--- WAR WORLD--- where all violent criminals/ prisoners with life (no parole) are sent to the planet MARS along with the trash and landfill Garbage rotting on Earth!!!!!
Umair Baig
Umair Baig Hace 6 horas
SONY hats off to you for making such a fun movie,I was a big fan of Spiderman movies but after this movie I think that Venom rules and this movie is so good that after 6 movies Im not such a big fan of Spiderman if compared to Venom with 1 movie,Some people had been complaining a lot about this movie but ignore them!Those are the people who just want perfection in every single second but remember nobody's perfect!I thought Venom was a villain but this makes me feel that even if you are a monster but you do good then you are a hero though sometimes evil!Keep it up!
M7MDGAMING PW Hace 6 horas
I just watched venom Great experience Action/Scary
Local Lad
Local Lad Hace 6 horas
Venom is awesome if like or dislike
Γιαννης Γκουλιωτης
Carnage is stronger
Michael Struss
Michael Struss Hace 7 horas
‼️Was venom good? Or bad? Comment below‼️
Asha Giri
Asha Giri Hace 7 horas
Nice movie
Latte gaming
Latte gaming Hace 7 horas
Boogie ASL
Boogie ASL Hace 7 horas
I bet mgk will not gonna watch this movie. Iykwim
bbq Hace 7 horas
Venom 2 ?
bbq Hace 7 horas
Kaos Jay
Kaos Jay Hace 8 horas
For some reason i think in venom 2 since karnage is in gonna be in it I believe spider man is gonna be in it because in the comics its was always venom and spidey vs carnage
Yosef Eletabi
Yosef Eletabi Hace 8 horas
Dis is pretty good.
dhjd Hace 8 horas
Venom cokıtı fılm fılm bıtttıgındr bile film hakkında troti üretilmeye drvam ediliyor venom efsane film
Favorite channel
Favorite channel Hace 8 horas
everything except blood
Umid Alnuaimi
Umid Alnuaimi Hace 8 horas
Who is here after Eminem's Empire State Venom song?
zohan YKT
zohan YKT Hace 8 horas
ждём веном 2
Janice Tan
Janice Tan Hace 9 horas
Fell in love with venom😍😍😍
Yasir Rehmat
Yasir Rehmat Hace 9 horas
Andiv Good
Andiv Good Hace 10 horas
I'm here cuz Eminem..
Gede Meidy
Gede Meidy Hace 10 horas
I Really Like This Movie its cool but i disappointed bcs When riot vs venom the fight are to fast. Overall Its good must Watch This!
ICET100 Hace 10 horas
I Just went and watched it Today
KacPro Hace 10 horas
venom is good
Red Liner
Red Liner Hace 10 horas
i saw this movie 3 times in cinema theater
MiX ContenT
MiX ContenT Hace 10 horas
Venom the best in mov
WanderByUs Hace 11 horas
SO GLAD I didn't pay to watch this.
zbturtle the original
zbturtle the original Hace 11 horas
The movie has a serious number of flaws, ranging from the storyline to the graphics and the entire movie. For instance, take the near end scene where the other symbiote materializes without a body, as the main antagonist already was dead, the symbiote would need a host to use in order to form the shape it comes back up as. Altogether, this movie was an utter disappointment. This movie is known as the worst of Hardy, and all of those who can't see that, I pity you. A better example of how good of an actor Hardy can truly be would be Upgrade, a movie in which he acts to a much higher standard than in this. If you wish to know the only thing this movie really has going for it, look to the title of the ocmpanies who worked on it and the graphics.
Ty1 gamerZ
Ty1 gamerZ Hace 11 horas
coooll it s spiderman
Jon Sellers
Jon Sellers Hace 12 horas
I rarely comment on anything ever. But, I have waited since the first Spider Man movies with Tobey Maguire for Carnage to make an appearance. STILL waiting.
Umaru Gaming
Umaru Gaming Hace 12 horas
Yang ngedislike tolol
Jovan Tegeltija
Jovan Tegeltija Hace 12 horas
Critcs be like:Oh new Venom movie let's see no Spidermen,no Marvel,no emo Peter Parker,no Disney,we are Lady Gaga fans, lets rate 30%.
Rizky. Production
Rizky. Production Hace 13 horas
Woaaaaaaw this is greaaaaat maaaan By the way where spiderman????
Salman Rasheed
Salman Rasheed Hace 13 horas
Awesome movie man
Steve Geo
Steve Geo Hace 13 horas
I want SO much this Venom in next Avengers.
이미희 Hace 14 horas
I like venom.
Royal Albert
Royal Albert Hace 14 horas
Watch the movie in popcorn time
Ashil Jr
Ashil Jr Hace 14 horas
Does anyone like me who doesn't love any super-heroes and sci-fi movies?
CooL DuDe
CooL DuDe Hace 14 horas
This trailer uses the same soundtrack the second trailer for Avengers: Infinity War did. Audiomachine - Redshift.
Elber Galarga
Elber Galarga Hace 15 horas
but how promising this movie is, it's sure to sweep the box office :D
Trev Palentinos
Trev Palentinos Hace 15 horas
What the hell are you We are Number one *number one music plays*
Felipe Harger
Felipe Harger Hace 15 horas
venom cgi is unrealistic af
Moe Sheranzey
Moe Sheranzey Hace 15 horas
My teacher put this on but halfway the annoying girls said it was scary and after that we watched a slender men video btw I’ve watched venom
senogumira adyatmadja
senogumira adyatmadja Hace 15 horas
Then how about the other venom, the one testing and all that...
Gabriel Yanes
Gabriel Yanes Hace 16 horas
There will be carnage ! 😈
Tide Pods
Tide Pods Hace 16 horas
john wick was in the movie
Yon E
Yon E Hace 16 horas
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Iker Amaro
Iker Amaro Hace 16 horas
Es el mejor vídeo LooooooooooooooL
MajikHustle Hace 17 horas
Now Insomniac Games need to make a playstation exclusive Venom game :D
Hasan Winchester
Hasan Winchester Hace 17 horas
The movie was really good . R rating would have made it better .
Akirie TVTM
Akirie TVTM Hace 17 horas
Is it just me or does Eddie look like jangee
david lim
david lim Hace 18 horas
This is not horror movie for me🤣🤣
Michael Muniz
Michael Muniz Hace 18 horas
Parasite? Freakin herpes... It creeps up on ya. Really does.....
AdamBomb Hace 18 horas
We can do whatever we want
Groot _
Groot _ Hace 19 horas
I am Groot!
Dan Columbo
Dan Columbo Hace 19 horas
Ask the band THE BROWNING.to make music for your next movie. Real music 😁🎂
Raghawa Bujji
Raghawa Bujji Hace 20 horas
Nice will you became my friend
Lisa Rosé Jisoo Jennie BLACKPINK!
It's very XD movie
Guja Jangirashvili
Guja Jangirashvili Hace 20 horas
Eminem Venom music will be so perfect with this trailer.....
kirito sao3
kirito sao3 Hace 20 horas
Best part of the whole trailer After watching the movie 0:00-3:14
Tray Daniel
Tray Daniel Hace 20 horas
Let’s hope that Venom could join The Avengers to help defeating Thanos.
Nallely Salinas
Nallely Salinas Hace 20 horas
It so cool 😆😎
Nallely Salinas
Nallely Salinas Hace 20 horas
I like that movie so Mach 😆
Wooden Doggo
Wooden Doggo Hace 20 horas
Welp it is official, tumblr has ruined Venom
I hope they will have venom 2 cuz I enjoyed the movie sooo much
Jesse Marina
Jesse Marina Hace 21 un hora
1:23 when ur mum tells u tv off at 10 but she goes to sleep at 9
RageBoii Hace 21 un hora
Why the "We are Venom" sounds different in the movie?
T H E M O U S E Hace 21 un hora
I already watched this movie but I just wanna watch it again bro. You feel me? It’s just too epic to be watched only once...
Venom Hace 21 un hora
We are venom
Uttam Gavali
Uttam Gavali Hace 21 un hora
AbsoluteAnimeGamer Hace 21 un hora
Sony better make a game bout this
Strogie from Tumblr
Strogie from Tumblr Hace 21 un hora
You put Eminem in a movie. This is Eminems movie.
Nitish Dosanjh
Nitish Dosanjh Hace 22 horas
This hands down was the best movie I watched this year.
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