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The world has enough superheroes. Watch the new #Venom trailer now. 10.5.18.
One of Marvel's most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the big screen, starring Academy Award® nominated actor Tom Hardy as the lethal protector Venom.
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Tom Hardy
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Riz Ahmed
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31 jul 2018

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Bailey Henderson
Bailey Henderson Hace 3 horas
Amzn is dieing JCP frsh shld win they have better earnings per share they say so on the news of the stocks
Erin Martina
Erin Martina Hace 3 horas
Wow. Scaryyy 😭
doomboy71426 orange turtle2017
Spiderman trilogy and amazing Spiderman: how do you like me now VENOM: how do like me this MUCH
Fick Nitz
Fick Nitz Hace 4 horas
tom hardys acting looks terrible in this
Andrew Shuboy
Andrew Shuboy Hace 4 horas
Is this part of the MCU? Does it take place after Infinity War?
bernard ngatunga
bernard ngatunga Hace 4 horas
I thought it was rated R not pg13
bernard ngatunga
bernard ngatunga Hace 4 horas
Did he say like a turd in the wind WTF
bernard ngatunga
bernard ngatunga Hace 4 horas
Ok it looks good hope those aren't the best scenes from the movie
Harold Peña
Harold Peña Hace 4 horas
Just Venom´s voice makes this movie a hit... Bane´s voice feels like a lullaby vs Venom´s
Jesucristo_ el robot del futuro.
esto tiene que ser un peliculon
호흡곤란 Hace 4 horas
2:45 We.....are Venom
Jepersprepur Hace 4 horas
Soooo this movie is gonna be a weird one
Sean Henderson
Sean Henderson Hace 4 horas
I wonder is this Venom is gonna be part of a villain in the upcoming new Spider-Man movie. I wonder what is there planning?
PatrickMatrix Hace 5 horas
I'm not sure weather that was carnage fighting venom or another symboit
PatrickMatrix Hace 4 horas
John Laney ohh ok im sorry i just thought of carnage of my head forgive me
John Laney
John Laney Hace 4 horas
PatrickMatrix dude no. Carnage is blood fucking red and has thin elongated features. He isn't silver and buff like venom. That symbiote is Riot, not carnage.
PatrickMatrix Hace 5 horas
There was another symbiot in the end it could have been carnage
PatrickMatrix Hace 5 horas
John Laney well carnage is reddish
John Laney
John Laney Hace 5 horas
PatrickMatrix .....well...does it look anything like carnage? No.
MrCouchmen Hace 5 horas
No spider webs?
Ethan Wei
Ethan Wei Hace 5 horas
What a voice venom has
movies want
movies want Hace 5 horas
esvid.net/video/vídeo-BxV3A4g8Fa4.html venom official final trailer
Emily Calhoun
Emily Calhoun Hace 5 horas
That music though
OneEyedGhoulX Hace 6 horas
How are people mistaking Riot with Carnage? Carnage is red and he isn't buff like venom
John Laney
John Laney Hace 5 horas
OneEyedGhoulX dude seriously. Its pissing me off so much. People are dumb
Дима  Плисак
R or PG-13 ?
Sam E
Sam E Hace 6 horas
they didn't learn
Fadel fikri
Fadel fikri Hace 6 horas
Ban Venom (Fighter)
reza asadi
reza asadi Hace 6 horas
well the trailer just showed everything in the movie . no need to waste money on that
Egyptian Comedy
Egyptian Comedy Hace 6 horas
Subsscribe Now
BA86ali Hace 7 horas
2:54 makes MY mouth drool.
Oli Couz
Oli Couz Hace 7 horas
Venoms power is licking peoples face off
MrSuperVikingo Hace 7 horas
Can’t wait for this flick and the newest Spider-Man game. Go Team Sony!!!
Mr. Tholib
Mr. Tholib Hace 8 horas
No spiderman ? 😁😁😁😁😁
jackson nkwama
jackson nkwama Hace 8 horas
But Venom is villan right? If so, Avengers Infinity War should be called Thanos then
John Laney
John Laney Hace 5 horas
jackson nkwama huh?
Lemonman Hace 8 horas
Never expected a Venom movie to be made, but this looks so awesome on so many levels. Can’t wait.
ByCoolPumpkin YT
ByCoolPumpkin YT Hace 8 horas
at least Venom hasn’t lied throughout this trailer. “ What are you “ “ We are VENOM “ ask and you will receive
Ocean Valdez
Ocean Valdez Hace 8 horas
Great, now prototype will never get a movie
John Laney
John Laney Hace 5 horas
Ocean Valdez those mediocre games would never get a movie anyway
Omar Moosani
Omar Moosani Hace 9 horas
Venom Lookalike Spiderman🦊
Rahmian O. Cody
Rahmian O. Cody Hace 9 horas
Venom never started off as a good guy. He is A villain who fought spider man, and teamed up with spider man later on to defeat carnage and his crew when some of his venom symboit have found new hosts. Venom then took on random battles to fight random supehumans elsewhere.
talmat farid
talmat farid Hace 9 horas
Curtis Sobye
Curtis Sobye Hace 9 horas
"We will eat both your arms ,then both you legs,then i will eat you face right off your head. You will be this armless legless faceless thing rolling down the street...,like a bird in The wind .WE ARE VENOM.OH! i have parasites.....,night mrs chen"
Sudarshan Kumar
Sudarshan Kumar Hace 9 horas
Calin Masca
Calin Masca Hace 9 horas
Venom ' s voice is so cool and scary
Curtis Sobye
Curtis Sobye Hace 9 horas
hamzy hagjer
hamzy hagjer Hace 10 horas
Is that riot
jimmy reagan
jimmy reagan Hace 10 horas
I have a bad feeling about this. Spawn comes to mind..
Tim O'Rourke
Tim O'Rourke Hace 10 horas
1:22 when you think you have voices in your head
TIM UNKNOWN Hace 10 horas
it looks better after I drunk 4 beers
maybe in the next movie they are going to say "*we are carnage*"
Ace15 Hace 10 horas
2:20 the silver symbiote is bonding with eddie look closly at his arms and his neck. also the venom symbiotes dong the same to carlton drake I fell like venom will absorm riot and become really op
Amirmohammad Khani
Amirmohammad Khani Hace 11 horas
That's awesome
karthik kat
karthik kat Hace 11 horas
*We* *ArE* *VeNoM* 🔥🔥🔥
TrZ-VeNoM_ San
TrZ-VeNoM_ San Hace 11 horas
At 2:16 is this Carnage ?
VENOM CARNAGE Hace 8 horas
Yes bro
John Laney
John Laney Hace 9 horas
TrZ-VeNoM_ San no
Hopeeles vs Realitate
Hopeeles vs Realitate Hace 11 horas
Крутой фильм 😎😎😎😎
ptlutube Hace 11 horas
Yet another shitty, forgettable superhero movie - keep the machine rolling Hollywood.
Dirty Fighters
Dirty Fighters Hace 11 horas
I really hope that Spider-Man is in this movie
Сергей Петров
Жуткая херня! И приходит же такое кому-то в голову?!
Jake Oo.
Jake Oo. Hace 11 horas
First I will eat your legs first then I will eat you arms and then your face from your head and then you will be this armless legless thing like a turd floating in the wind
Vivek Vishwakarma
Vivek Vishwakarma Hace 12 horas
There could be a much better main character in the movie,
The One Way Road
The One Way Road Hace 12 horas
Okay in all honesty I want my own Klyntar ( I can't remember exactly the name of Venom's species ) symbiote now, and we would just be in synch with each other and be more like Cletus and Carnage minus the psychotic serial killer thing. We'd be more like them power and ability wise, as well as how they are always on the same page.
Communist twat
Communist twat Hace 12 horas
So far this is the worst movie choice that tom hardy has to cast within, the trailer is more than enough for me there shouldn't be anymore of this cringe, I mean look at how cheesy the dialogue is, it's unbearable, and tom's movements, acts and persona rivals that of a 12 yo edgy teenager here, it just doesn't suit him and the movie sucks, tbh SPE should've stopped making garbage, esp after the emoji movie....what a fucking disaster...
Benjamin Guzman
Benjamin Guzman Hace 12 horas
I hope he has his symbol on his chest.
Jordy M. Mendoza
Jordy M. Mendoza Hace 12 horas
Time for villains movies. 🍿😏
Brandon Knecht
Brandon Knecht Hace 12 horas
I can't wait to see it! 😊
plz_leave acomment
plz_leave acomment Hace 13 horas
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Dusan Stojanovic
Dusan Stojanovic Hace 13 horas
Finally marvels movie that doesnt suck
John Laney
John Laney Hace 9 horas
Dusan Stojanovic this isn't marvel
vidz06 Hace 13 horas
Was that carnage they allowed to get taken over?
John Laney
John Laney Hace 9 horas
vidz06 no
HKY TV Hace 13 horas
Channing Regan
Channing Regan Hace 13 horas
Jack DeWitt
Jack DeWitt Hace 13 horas
Whoever thinks the other Symbiote is Carnage, it’s actually Riot.
KGame Gaming
KGame Gaming Hace 13 horas
Chéo sub no
HeavenPlaysRoblox _YT
HeavenPlaysRoblox _YT Hace 13 horas
it seems iv gone to this side of the internet today .-.
Luis Trevino
Luis Trevino Hace 13 horas
Im kinda confused..is Venom suppose to be a good guy in this movie...fighting against another guy who also has the alien parasite but is evil? Is it like Good Venom vs Bad Venom?
Leslie G
Leslie G Hace 13 horas
Ngl Venom's voice is really sexy... or am I just that weird?
minh thu nong
minh thu nong Hace 14 horas
Do you guy know that marvel ask sony will tom holland as spidey can be in the movie
Sabari Baskar
Sabari Baskar Hace 14 horas
Oh great
Joaquin Galvez
Joaquin Galvez Hace 14 horas
2:18 whoss that symbiote?
CountdownSmiles Hace 14 horas
I have a number of issues with this movie; the first and foremost one is that Venom has no relation to Spiderman which takes away from the character's appeal for me, next would be that these sympiotes look like government projects which is kinda gay, and then there's just a ton of symbiotes in this movie. meaning i gotta tally up another fucking mirror match superhero movie
gnarly441 Hace 14 horas
Soo that's it huh? WE are some kind of... *VENOM*
Thedoctor19000 Hace 14 horas
"Embrace the Darkness! Ha ha ha!"
MineCraft Masters
MineCraft Masters Hace 14 horas
If i came face to face with him i would pee my PANTS like if agree
Olivia Wankling
Olivia Wankling Hace 14 horas
I’m only interested if Tom Holland’s in it sorry
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Hace 14 horas
I can use a break from the good guys. 😈
Jr Hace 14 horas
This better be rated R
zippy bangbang
zippy bangbang Hace 14 horas
i think the scene at the very beginning of the trailer when eddie is visting a prison will be at the end or post credits. Eddie is pretty much dressed in black or dark attire and venom can mimic clothing so i believe this is after eddie has grown comfortable with the symbiote and visiting the prison will be our first glimpse of Cassidy and before the scene cuts to black we see a part of venom separate and attach to Cassidy setting up carnage
William Wright
William Wright Hace 15 horas
Hey honey dose this alien parisite Make butt look big
Gabriel Girón
Gabriel Girón Hace 15 horas
Donde está mi Spider-Man?
Horacio Martìnez
Horacio Martìnez Hace 15 horas
Kung Lao Law
Kung Lao Law Hace 15 horas
Idk about you but I've never seen a turd rolling in the wind before
Gabriel Nicolás Vazquez Muñoz
in minute 1:34 i see this little ecene very fake when venom lifts this man
Dennis topia
Dennis topia Hace 15 horas
i will say aha!!!!
Dennis topia
Dennis topia Hace 15 horas
wow,that amazing
God of Games
God of Games Hace 16 horas
Agh :/
Elizabeth Anne
Elizabeth Anne Hace 16 horas
Austin Liske
Austin Liske Hace 16 horas
Cyber Assasin
Cyber Assasin Hace 16 horas
2:15 just like carnage
John Laney
John Laney Hace 15 horas
Cyber Assasin looks nothing like carnage.... because its not carnage
DOOM GAMING Hace 16 horas
jg player433 gby
jg player433 gby Hace 16 horas
We are venom☻☻☻
RollexCars Hace 16 horas
It be cool if spiderman appears in the movie but seen as a character that appears randombly, like just one more character in the movie, would make it as the movie is centered in venom
poppedmon Hace 16 horas
They should make a carnage movie
Jessy Qim
Jessy Qim Hace 16 horas
We Are sooo gay, i mean Venom. We are venom....gay venom???
Thoralmir Hace 16 horas
Just in time for Halloween!
Average Stupidity
Average Stupidity Hace 16 horas
At 1:33, just slow it down to .25 speed. Pure magic.
Iron Ram
Iron Ram Hace 17 horas
Tell me the Venom Symbiote doesn't sound like Tony Todd aka the CandyMan!!!! Love it every tasty bit
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