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The world has enough superheroes. Watch the new #Venom trailer now. 10.5.18.
One of Marvel's most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the big screen, starring Academy Award® nominated actor Tom Hardy as the lethal protector Venom.
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Tom Hardy
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Riz Ahmed
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31 jul 2018

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x4rd0n Hace 4 minutos
The only thing I didn't like about the movie is that they changed Venom voice, it sounds so weird in movie but so epic here in the trailer... rest is fine tbh, enjoyable, not great, but fine
Fernanda Lopez Olvera
Fernanda Lopez Olvera Hace 13 minutos
La película estuvo aburrida
La película estuvo super chida
Oussema Hmeid
Oussema Hmeid Hace 26 minutos
WEeee! are Venom😈
Maverickmordy Hace 47 minutos
Why Eddie wants to get back to the girl that left him , screw her, when everything is fine i love you, when things go bad i left you...too easy
Shady Fontaine
Shady Fontaine Hace un hora
Venom and eddie have the best friendship.
Clesh Alseder
Clesh Alseder Hace un hora
Fim nice
pedroMRwrestlemania Hace 2 horas
Who would believe venom was so sensitive?
cuando van a subir la película en youtube ?
Red Spirit
Red Spirit Hace 8 horas
Yasir Ali
Yasir Ali Hace 16 horas
i just finished movie now and after i watch trailer again then i can say that trailer shows whole movie man......it all each primarily scene.
ayra delosantos
ayra delosantos Hace 17 horas
people who have seen venom didnt really got panic. the rocker dude, the cashier lady etc. lol
1 of billions
1 of billions Hace 19 horas
Not as good as it should’ve been the scenario is a disappointment..too much humor ruined it . must people in the comments are superficial .. you guys love movies because they are movies regardless of the other things that only critics can notice
Angel Blackham
Angel Blackham Hace 19 horas
Alekey3 Hace 19 horas
this movie is basophie
David Lanphear
David Lanphear Hace 20 horas
Nasty. Brotha, you need God almighty
Haissen Barrios
Haissen Barrios Hace 21 un hora
💪🏁venom si
Callie Savage
Callie Savage Hace 22 horas
Hey yo is there anywhere I can watch this rn IM DYING
Václav Nováček
Václav Nováček Hace 22 horas
They presented this as a scary movie, it ended up as a comedy bromance :D
Swaleh mazrui
Swaleh mazrui Hace 23 horas
Knock knock let the devil in
Silly Sasha
Silly Sasha Hace un día
just watched the movie... I can't stop thinking about how the story will continue
Marina Ermou
Marina Ermou Hace un día
Great movie
quang anh nguyen tien
Sony really did Venom justice in this one.
Süleyman Ozdemir
Süleyman Ozdemir Hace un día
Ben bu fılmi flaş beyleye yükledim. Çok güzeldi yaratığın adı VENOM...
Léna Lockhart
Léna Lockhart Hace un día
I've seen so many Venom x Eddie tentacles porn fanarts since this movie was released, internet never disappoints
Liz Marshall
Liz Marshall Hace un día
Tom holland should have been in this movie
Layla Bates
Layla Bates Hace un día
1:41 when your dog licks your face
cmkwan59 Hace un día
Apologize! Well I just didn't expect this~
Stephen Breen
Stephen Breen Hace un día
I can't wait for Blu-ray!
C K Hace un día
Arie Abdulghany
Arie Abdulghany Hace un día
Amazing Movie! Love it!
IstAlexPlays XBS
IstAlexPlays XBS Hace un día
I would have that thing control me
Aditya phutane
Aditya phutane Hace un día
Trailer starts with the very last scene
Djozsah Lladones
Djozsah Lladones Hace un día
Really entertaining. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Trần Hoàng Anh
Trần Hoàng Anh Hace un día
Cho em xin bản quyền phim với ạ Give me the film rights
Claude LeBel
Claude LeBel Hace un día
A very funny movie.
mc bad robot voice
mc bad robot voice Hace un día
Grate movie but anyone else notice that is is just parasite?
Popescu Marius
Popescu Marius Hace un día
11/10 would 100% watch again
Alyx E
Alyx E Hace un día
just watched the movie but wanted another taste so here I am again
Amy Lou
Amy Lou Hace un día
Amy Lou
Amy Lou Hace un día
Omg hot
sharon ferrie
sharon ferrie Hace un día
Fairy Dust
Fairy Dust Hace 2 días
We Are Venom
Eddy's Bizzare Adventure Stand User: Eddy Brock Stand Name: Venom Abilities: eating people's brains and taking other people's bodies
Fay Cal
Fay Cal Hace 2 días
Great movie 💞🔥😍
ludo nguyen
ludo nguyen Hace 2 días
worst movie ever
Esg sg
Esg sg Hace 2 días
RIESTER12121 _
RIESTER12121 _ Hace 2 días
Reminds Me Of The Parasyte Anime
the best 12345
the best 12345 Hace 2 días
One of the best movies i have ever seen like if u agree.
Huseyin Tanriver
Huseyin Tanriver Hace 2 días
Benim dan kaç
Jeremy Boone
Jeremy Boone Hace 2 días
Cooperate and you just might survive!
head&hand 11
head&hand 11 Hace 2 días
waste of time bad acting ..bad scenario .... ..and michelle w. realley needs to quite acting ..
psy chedelic
psy chedelic Hace 2 días
venom is like a very strong weed he munches and he throws up lol
istf isof
istf isof Hace 2 días
VENOM: that you hurt someone from the city, we will find and hope your hands and feet and then Snakl your face from your head I understand! 😂😂 Then it becomes a creature that has no face, feet and hands (inserted in the street like a piece of baz in the wind)
Omar Turkostani
Omar Turkostani Hace 2 días
I just watched the movie but who is the guy in prison at the end of the movie? Personally I give this movie 7/10, I enjoyed deadpool 2 much more.
One Shot07
One Shot07 Hace 2 días
That Stan Lee cameo hits me hard, man I miss that pretty cool old man
Edas Vess
Edas Vess Hace 2 días
Venom = theybie
Sheryl Caber
Sheryl Caber Hace 2 días
Venom part 2 please😭😭😭😭
World Knowledge
World Knowledge Hace 2 días
Thanos son of alars
Thanos son of alars Hace 2 días
Thia venom eye is bigger than s3 and the body look bigger and funnier than s3
Mega Pro Pro 123
Mega Pro Pro 123 Hace 2 días
Pls venom 2019
Noobskelzz Hace 2 días
Turian92 Hace 2 días
Probably the Scream symbiote
Wyatt Roselli
Wyatt Roselli Hace 2 días
ikr i want to know too
Jason Abejo
Jason Abejo Hace 2 días
Lil MNIKER Hace 2 días
Stanford Bowman
Stanford Bowman Hace 2 días
That is my favorite scene in this movie and I haven't seen it yet I want to see it soon And Rico already saw the movie and I wish I had it on DVD
Mitchell Mamani
Mitchell Mamani Hace 3 días
No entiendo ni mierda u':
Smart Panda07
Smart Panda07 Hace 3 días
This movie was about to be a bomb but the funny part of it ruined the seriousness of the movie... but it is a good unexpected twist though.
The Most subscribed channel without any post
Venom is hilarious 😂
Ellie EAGaming
Ellie EAGaming Hace 3 días
Anyone else just watching this and thinking: what would happen in a Thanos vs Venom showdown?
Wyatt Roselli
Wyatt Roselli Hace 2 días
ye lol
Mathias Pedersen
Mathias Pedersen Hace 3 días
I loved Venom 😎👍 It was a Awesome movie 😎👍
Air Gorden
Air Gorden Hace 3 días
This movie was so trash. Just a cash grab for the movie studio execs.
dahshinin91 Hace 3 días
the movie was good loved when they truly combined and hope to see more.. like the iron man movies they are dope together
khan sajida
khan sajida Hace 3 días
spider man return in new face but story same .LOL
Ryu Hace 3 días
I heard many rumors that the movie lost some action scenes as Sony intended to delete "R" rated scenes to get "PG", but believe me i just watched the movie and honestly it was the *Best Movie* i Experienced in 2018. Honestly i want sequel of *Venom* before i die which would include *Carnage*
Christian Ines
Christian Ines Hace 3 días
Join the avengers 🙌
mr. loungensmritz
mr. loungensmritz Hace 3 días
While the story could have been better but overall I enjoyed the movie. It reminded me of that anime called parasyte the maxim (Y'all should watch that) and the original Spiderman. I'm giving it an 8/10
Venom 2:Maximum Carnage or Venom 2:Lethal Protector
nabila shukri
nabila shukri Hace un día
must be carnage..they show carnage at the end of the movies
xd Zaki
xd Zaki Hace 3 días
Love the part when venom was a girl
Mr. Galaxy
Mr. Galaxy Hace 3 días
I was a kinda of a loser back in my world ~Venom
Mr. Galaxy
Mr. Galaxy Hace 3 días
I just love the personality of Venom
TheProGamer Ethan
TheProGamer Ethan Hace 3 días
this is the best movie ever. they need to make number 2 asap.
Moon of light
Moon of light Hace 3 días
Like Black spider Man
Yeamin Hossen
Yeamin Hossen Hace 3 días
Naya Pfirsch
Naya Pfirsch Hace 3 días
V Ve Ven Veno Venom
Debora Cyclone
Debora Cyclone Hace 3 días
The Great Wall, xXx Return of Xander Cage, Skyscraper, The Meg, Mile 22 and now Venom another bad CGI asian movie with few american actors
Easy Taiwanese Lessons
I like this film A LOT. SIMPLE and ON POINT. Not too complicated and action packed with humour.
Jae Carter
Jae Carter Hace 3 días
This seems like a movie that could’ve came out in 2011..
AngelHunter Wolf
AngelHunter Wolf Hace 3 días
We know how you feel ];))
AngelHunter Wolf
AngelHunter Wolf Hace 3 días
I know how you feel ];)
Ilsah Ahmed
Ilsah Ahmed Hace 3 días
“PARASITE?! APOLOGIZE APOLOGIZE!” *boy, venom you have a tantrum right there lol 😂
Othoiee Kumarpul
Othoiee Kumarpul Hace 3 días
I attained 6 month netflix acc at *netflix. bitgame. us* several hours back. today i might watch that and relax
Ruth Gomes
Ruth Gomes Hace 3 días
Eminem - Venom
Q. Hace 3 días
just finished watching and i never knew venom was a good guy lmao wow but he ate that man in the store and everybody just chilling like i would’ve passed out wtf
Adam DABOSS Hace 4 días
"who are u". "We are venom" "yh and I am *batman* so stop lying "
Sound And Fury
Sound And Fury Hace 4 días
It's a good movie but he still has that mad max tone of voice and look
vvyolo Hace 4 días
🛑 Venom 2018 HD Quality ➡ *PLUSHD­­­­.­­­­INFO* Fantastic movie! I recommend to everyone!
Pea Dough
Pea Dough Hace 4 días
Poem Logy
Poem Logy Hace 4 días
this is the rabies african virus just shown in a heroic way but in reality this ended half of our world - KGB Moscow,Russia
Noman No
Noman No Hace 4 días
I have spoiled the whole movie
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