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We Are #Venom. 10.5.18
One of Marvel's most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the big screen, starring Academy Award® nominated actor Tom Hardy as the lethal protector Venom.
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Tom Hardy
Michelle Williams
Riz Ahmed
Scott Haze
Reid Scott


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24 abr 2018






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Aaron emmanuel
Aaron emmanuel Hace 10 horas
The first thing that comes to my mind, is the Demogorgon.
SawbladeKJ77 Hace 18 horas
Trailer music is from the Avengers Endgame trailer also. Sounded awesome in both
Sarath Sekhar
Sarath Sekhar Hace un día
Disney gave venom to sony sony gave spidey to disney
Slash #43
Slash #43 Hace un día
Knowdlegde is power, some of that are dangerous! +16
Nienke Rootlieb
Nienke Rootlieb Hace 2 días
Coole 😊
Nienke Rootlieb
Nienke Rootlieb Hace 2 días
Peter Pinter
Peter Pinter Hace 7 días
venom 2 please
Doggo the Froggo
Doggo the Froggo Hace 7 días
Well, i am Denim
Aiman Danish
Aiman Danish Hace 8 días
Who is here because they just want to know when the release date of the trailer is because they just want to make predictions when the Joker trailer is coming out?????
Aiman Danish
Aiman Danish Hace 8 días
Nobody?? I guess it's just me...
Rohan bhardwaj
Rohan bhardwaj Hace 8 días
Spider man: I made history Venom: Hold My beer
FreeTube Hace 9 días
Anyone have any idea what's being said between 2:00 to 2:08 ?!?
Dizzy Blue
Dizzy Blue Hace 9 días
Dizzy Blue
Dizzy Blue Hace 9 días
Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan Hace 11 días
Villain ❓
Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan Hace 11 días
Venom 2018
Mtax366vS_4 Hace 11 días
Venom 2 rated R please 🤞
Night Wish
Night Wish Hace 12 días
Good movie but honestly the thing i like the most in it is actually that Scrambler...
Buckshot Ransom
Buckshot Ransom Hace 12 días
We are venom
Mr. Malignant
Mr. Malignant Hace 13 días
We call them SYM-BI-OATS, now their are bisexual aliens!
It'sTrix 30 For you
It'sTrix 30 For you Hace 13 días
Venom is bae 😍
Łukasz Kopeć
Łukasz Kopeć Hace 14 días
Eminem Venom
Ashleyy Hace 14 días
Let’s be honest, Venom is adorable.
ROBLOX_GAMER 99899 Hace 14 días
Why couldn't they have made spiderman 4 and not all those trash spider man movies. And, why couldn't they use the original Eddie Brock. I know the original characters have other things to do but still. It would have been cool to see the original Eddie Brock and a spider man 4.
Rocky Ugsod
Rocky Ugsod Hace 18 días
I thought Upgrade is better than this. Well, they are equal in Epicness.
Tom Hace 19 días
I said knock, knock let the devil in...
Martha Cain
Martha Cain Hace 19 días
RJ's Production
RJ's Production Hace 21 un día
Who’s watching this trailer after being disappointed by how bad the movie was
TheCoolRobloxPlayor 2
TheCoolRobloxPlayor 2 Hace 21 un día
2:21 *that scream tho*
مهلوس العتيبي
احد فيه معلوم عربي ايش اسمه هذا قلم
Hunter_k Hace 22 días
Make Venom 2 two hours long
Ang Hace 23 días
Finally got to see it on DVD. Slow start, but once it got going I enjoyed it. Awesome special effects! Hope there's a 2nd movie sometime.
Jose Guillermo Barceinas Casasola
Epic 2:20
Jude Dwiggins
Jude Dwiggins Hace 24 días
Is that redshift I hear
Chris Henry
Chris Henry Hace 24 días
2019 and I still watch the trailer 😂❤️
Ryan Carrasco
Ryan Carrasco Hace 24 días
Despite already seeing it (and loving it), I still get that excited feeling watching this. Chills at the end and all…
Frank Zapp
Frank Zapp Hace 24 días
I came here for the comments after watching the Movie.. lets just say it.. venom rocks
Basmaaa Hace 27 días
Anju Prova Dutta
Anju Prova Dutta Hace 27 días
Wee Woo Wee Woo
Wee Woo Wee Woo Hace 28 días
I thought this was gonna be a horror movie
krys cohee
krys cohee Hace 28 días
If they put spader man in the movie that would suck bad
joven labitad
joven labitad Hace 28 días
Thysta Hace 28 días
Great movie but I missed the Slim Shady song!
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar Hace 29 días
Rohit Kumar
Lost 2torm
Lost 2torm Hace 29 días
How the hell is this rated 15 in the UK?
ColleenR PierreR
ColleenR PierreR Hace un mes
Im impressed with this show the dialogue and the acting was good for me i laughed at the maskes on copy and the nuggets an tatertotts bit it was simple to the point and a barrel of fun for me. So who doh like it 😛 yuh done watch it hahahahh
Aletta Angel
Aletta Angel Hace un mes
Hot 💋💋💋💋💋
Benson Mecham
Benson Mecham Hace un mes
Finally a stand alone Venom movie. I am very happy that the Spider-Man was not in this movie cause it would not about Venom anymore but Spider-man
Ron Hace un mes
Avengers Infinity War Trailer 2 music
Ginger Ninja
Ginger Ninja Hace un mes
At least they corrected the mispronunciation of the word *symbiote.*
Solange Delfino
Solange Delfino Hace un mes
👏👏👏 Wonderful ! Very good 👍
Angela Reyes
Angela Reyes Hace un mes
Tom Hardy.. why so handsome???
Alejandra Rosales
Alejandra Rosales Hace un mes
Exijo una segunda pelicula 👍👍👍👍
BaDUM Tsss
BaDUM Tsss Hace un mes
awesome movie
Matyas Fekete
Matyas Fekete Hace un mes
Will this Venom ever meet the Tom Holland Spider-man?
Kiffraoe Hace un día
I think it will
Matyas Fekete
Matyas Fekete Hace un mes
Will this Venom ever meet the Tom Holland Spider-man?
Carson Newlun
Carson Newlun Hace un mes
They pronounce symbiote differently in the movie than they do the trailer.
er sony
er sony Hace un mes
the video said: we are venom!!! here's mine : We Are GROOT!!! hehe
er sony
er sony Hace un mes
is venom now one of the villains in the marvel universe ??? against the avengers ???
sasawedx Hace un mes
FloppyRogue Hace un mes
sasawedx sim bi ote
Dalton_cr7 Jerald
Dalton_cr7 Jerald Hace un mes
I've seen venom full movie
Gloria Sampson
Gloria Sampson Hace un mes
I know right!
IssaQueen Hace un mes
This movie is amazing !!
Maxim Max
Maxim Max Hace un mes
Eye , lungs , pancreas, So many snacks! 😂
KempRox Hace un mes
Sim by ote
parveen kumar
parveen kumar Hace un mes
Very nice
Pa12blo Garmilla Urrutia
Someone can put the subtitles, in the coments please I need for a classwork thanks🙏
TitanDimention Hace un mes
Good movie 10/10
J CaR Hace un mes
Y AnaLyZe??😅
Njaay Gamer
Njaay Gamer Hace un mes
*We are Venom*
Njaay Gamer
Njaay Gamer Hace un mes
Military : Mask !!! Other : Copy Eddie: Mask !!! Venom: Copy !!!😎 Best moment of th Movie
Darren Chavez
Darren Chavez Hace un mes
The trailer is better than the movie
The Blue Blur
The Blue Blur Hace un mes
The film was pretty good but it seems to copy Upgrade a little with the voice inside the guy's head and controlling them (which also happened in that film and came out a month before this trailer did)
Zeante Loud
Zeante Loud Hace un mes
"We could do whatever we want!"
disappointing movie ever #PG13myass
Qobamo Q
Qobamo Q Hace un mes
YouTube Man
YouTube Man Hace un mes
Sunset Betty A 2009
Conor D
Conor D Hace un mes
the blonde from 90210
Lea Yambao
Lea Yambao Hace un mes
I love this movie. I can't explain but I just love it. I wish I have my own Venom. Lol
Antonio 777
Antonio 777 Hace un mes
Best Movie 10/10
Apex Predator 2230
Apex Predator 2230 Hace un mes
+Storm Panther Ugh, If I was in Cap's shoes I would care more about both finishing my objectives and bringing the rest of the Avengers home safe and sound than telling them to not cuss.
Storm Panther
Storm Panther Hace un mes
+Apex Predator 2230 that's just the way Capt is though.
Apex Predator 2230
Apex Predator 2230 Hace un mes
+Storm Panther Trust me. I dont like anything that Disney has done with these characters. The only movies I did like where Civil War,The Winter Soldier and The first Avenger.First off, in age of ultron no one can even say *Oh crap* without Captain saying *Language!* Like, really??? Hes on mission yet cares more about bad language than his objectives. And too much comedy. This is so stupid. Why can't anything that is not like the mcu even allowed to exist. That is why I hate the MCU. And hell,with theX-men being introduce into the mcu soon, I hope they're NOT going to cast Kevin Hart as Wolverine. Trust me,this is why I hope they don't buy Transformers or Godzilla.
Storm Panther
Storm Panther Hace un mes
+Apex Predator 2230 really? I'm surprised
Apex Predator 2230
Apex Predator 2230 Hace un mes
+Storm Panther I didn't really neither Black Panther or Infinity War because of Disney. I liked Deadpool 1 and 2,and this film.
Paintedawg Hace un mes
I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Thought it was gonna suck but it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!
Anekoh Akrii
Anekoh Akrii Hace un mes
Im getting Alex Mercer Prototype vibes tbh
Dj Geek/Hater sa mere
SoulZ_X Hace un mes
I seriously don't know why people don't like this movie cause this is a really good movie especially the ending scene
Dennis Di lucq
Dennis Di lucq Hace un mes
It's a good movie and also thé humor is on point
DA-TMX Hace un mes
TheoMonty Hace un mes
Sim-bee-oats. Not sim-bye-oats. That's just stupid. Glad they fixed THAT
Josemaria Emmanuel San Juan Torres
Albert Mag
Albert Mag Hace un mes
TWas a ggoden for shore ...
Chris Gilbert
Chris Gilbert Hace un mes
It still pisses me off that they referred to them as sym-bye-otes
Chocolate Cow
Chocolate Cow Hace un mes
2:16 is what i was looking for
Kitty Tom
Kitty Tom Hace un mes
Does anyone see white squid arms in the reflection of venom’s eyes at the end?
Oopss7 Hace un mes
So this film opens with an Australian and an Englishman playing at being daft yanks in the first scene. The real disease is stupidity, and the Muricans should really build their walls and stay behind them so as to contain it wirh the epidemic of obesity.
Huginn Evuson
Huginn Evuson Hace un mes
Who would ever make a film about the enemy of Spiderman?
Julie Collins
Julie Collins Hace un mes
Jefri Apriyandi
Jefri Apriyandi Hace un mes
W.4.T.C.h:*:: w2.yt/Xs2xkip5
yusuf muhammed
yusuf muhammed Hace un mes
What is the boys name ??? Plz tell me
Mr. Magistral Malik
I just love how the Venom symbiote just smile before literally eating off someone’s head off.
Ćosa SW
Ćosa SW Hace un mes
Best movie ever
Daniel P
Daniel P Hace 2 meses
Who are we? ___________________
Griffin Tubridy
Griffin Tubridy Hace 2 meses
Venom should be an Avenger
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