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We Are #Venom. 10.5.18
One of Marvel's most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the big screen, starring Academy Award® nominated actor Tom Hardy as the lethal protector Venom.
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Tom Hardy
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Reid Scott


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24 abr 2018

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PowerStar Alt
PowerStar Alt Hace 2 horas
*i don’t care what the critics say, this movie was awesome*
Ngurah Bramhyang
Ngurah Bramhyang Hace 2 horas
18 october 2018???
Ivan Mlakic
Ivan Mlakic Hace 4 horas
Can somebody tell me, where I can watch this movie for free... please!
Chris Corley
Chris Corley Hace 5 horas
VENOM: MAXIMUM CARNAGE (Sequel). Bring same production team back. ☕ _c.
Cole Lynch
Cole Lynch Hace 6 horas
The movie was great, and the Stan Lee cameo was hilarious at the end
It’s Patastic
It’s Patastic Hace 6 horas
Who Else Saw This Movie??
Nikola Miladinovic
Nikola Miladinovic Hace 7 horas
Bad bad bad! The movie is rubbish. To all fans out there, just watch a trailer and it will be enough
Overdeath shockwave
Overdeath shockwave Hace 7 horas
Have a nice life
WOLF EER Hace 8 horas
Anybody who’s reading this, have a nice life
Vishal doc
Vishal doc Hace 8 horas
We are venom.....👌👌👍
Viktor Charlie
Viktor Charlie Hace 9 horas
get in the rocket VENOM!!!
prabhaker roy
prabhaker roy Hace 10 horas
Marvel has got great superheroes bit this is the super duper villan
Empire Strikes Back
Empire Strikes Back Hace 10 horas
hey spider man how is being a dust like up there? You might wanna fight another villain you know?
SuperPredator Hace 10 horas
The movie is really good! Don't listen to the critics
L D Hace 10 horas
Ljubomir Mihailovic
Ljubomir Mihailovic Hace 11 horas
Movie rating : - first half of the movie 10/10 - second half of the movie 1/10 WHY !? WHY !!!???
buck'd out
buck'd out Hace 12 horas
Still a better love story than twilight
buck'd out
buck'd out Hace 12 horas
Venom coming to defeat Thanos @ Avengers 4
Zildan Muflisyaf
Zildan Muflisyaf Hace 12 horas
Spoilers : venom 2. carnage vs venom
Marco Lizzetti
Marco Lizzetti Hace 12 horas
nice, I saw all the movie without having to see it!
Nateys Wowed
Nateys Wowed Hace 14 horas
Bring venom into the mcu!
Elite Gaming
Elite Gaming Hace 15 horas
Don't believe critics u can't Judge the movie by bunch of advices
Siddharth Naik
Siddharth Naik Hace 15 horas
After this movie RIP DC
Arkan Kruger
Arkan Kruger Hace 17 horas
I went to see it on Sunday, movie was garbage. Will be good if you are a child or an adult who has no idea what a good film is.
Aphra Aslam
Aphra Aslam Hace 19 horas
bull face
bull face Hace 20 horas
YOU KNOW WHO WOULD ALSO MAKE A GOOD VIGILANTE MOVIE.hairy osborn the hob goblin just imagine with the hovor board with two of them swords he had and the sub zero like mask the gadgets he own the theme from spiderman 3 but twisted it would be legit
Julia S.
Julia S. Hace 21 un hora
amazing VENOM is the best anti hero in the MCU
Anilkumar Adithya
Anilkumar Adithya Hace un día
Is that the guy from warrior?
Dog Go
Dog Go Hace un día
EvilGrillCheese Hace un día
Movie was great, but over edited. I really hope the DVD has an unedited version. The score was incredible. Tom Hardy was awesome. Carnage..... nuff said
Chris Cosey
Chris Cosey Hace un día
I knew I seen this before. This is what happened to spawn made him similar they used it for an evil spider man.
Vessu Hace un día
I don't get it one think...and Im not stupid...Im 100% sure , I don't get it why in the trailer Venom seys " Do we gotta deal ? " But in the movie Venom says something ( I do not remember what and after he says " That's the deal " . That's really a big mistake but....I really don't mind , I just recognise it .
diepriye soberekon
diepriye soberekon Hace un día
Fucking awesome
hey at least its better than amazing Spiderman 2 and Spiderman 3 venom
Spent Lizard
Spent Lizard Hace un día
“What are you hungry for?” “TATER TOTS AND CHOCOLATE!!!!”
Gol D. Luffy
Gol D. Luffy Hace un día
Tom Hardy> Topher Grace
Il Bolso
Il Bolso Hace un día
Have anyone noticed that the venom background sountrack is the infinity war's one?
Betta3x9 Hace un día
The atmosphere of this trailer doesn't match with the movie AT ALL. Judging from this, I thought it would be a dark, edgy movie, with kinda of tormented characters and a macho protagonist. Well, I was wrong. So wrong. "Venom" is a buddy comedy - a brilliant buddy comedy. Eddie is SO nice, Venom is a cutie pie (and a loser) and I loved their banter!!! Best comedy of this year!!!! 10/10, I'd love a sequel, THANK YOU.
Manali Yelve
Manali Yelve Hace un día
Riz Ahmed and Tom Hardy looked soo fine in this movie😍😍 loved watching it!
deadesia ??
deadesia ?? Hace un día
74m vews. 1.5m likes. Why people just watch at this awsome trailer and dont give a like?
Enrico Timothy
Enrico Timothy Hace un día
Well... Now im hyped for carnage
Dredin Mcallister
Dredin Mcallister Hace un día
Spider man is still better
Md Zaheer Ahmed
Md Zaheer Ahmed Hace un día
I first saw Venom in Spiderman 3🤔
Priya Santhosh Nair
Priya Santhosh Nair Hace un día
Just hoping that the movie breaks through and becomes a hit but with all these stupid critics,I don’t know about it,movie was great just watched it second time today morning,loved it.... #WeAreVenom
Md Sameer
Md Sameer Hace un día
who came back here after watching the movie??
Funny 2017
Funny 2017 Hace un día
*WE ARE VENOM* i love that xD
Pro- -Gamer
Pro- -Gamer Hace un día
"Do we have a DEAL?"
Jaune Brando1776
Jaune Brando1776 Hace un día
7.1/10 IMDb 31% Rotten Tomatoes ... *31% Rotten Tomatoes* HHHHHMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm...... *Insert some random guy/gal/bot who’s going reply my comment with a scam link here*
Vuppuluri Raghu Rami Reddy
I watched this movie I liked the movie.
Howard Hace un día
In my opinion, this is gonna destroy Aquaman. This is clearly far better like FAR FAR better.
A R Hace un día
Who's watching it after watching the movie 😂😂
MICKEL JAMES Hace un día
who came here after watching eminem "VENOM"
Sean Marly
Sean Marly Hace un día
We are Venom!
myshowvids Hace un día
*Spoiler* Venom kills Riot with a space shuttle..
Zelena White
Zelena White Hace un día
I'm so obsessed with this movie!!!!!!!! It's my new favorite movie!! I have a feeling I'm going to be watching this over n over when it's on dvd!
Jonah Kluger
Jonah Kluger Hace un día
I liked Venom a lot, it was much better than what the critics said. Question though, symbiotes exist in the Spiderman series as well right? If so how is everything connected?
Don't subscribe to me
It's a parasite....Apologize now!
BENZIN Hace 2 días
The movie was so good that when it's ended in the cinema I was really angry , saying " I wanted more, this is too good "
RIASATDAN Hace 2 días
If you're fed up, watch this movie! You'll feel amazing.... Movie of the year 👍
Lost_VoiD Hace 2 días
I watched this and it didn’t seem like a horror movie 1 bit... it seemed more like action, comedy
caw caw
caw caw Hace 2 días
i loved this movie, if they make a sequel i want venom vs carnage :D
Liliana & missael Kmargo solorio
MARIO BROS Hace 2 días
Venom se parece a spiderman por los ojos
Wolf Boi
Wolf Boi Hace 2 días
*looks at this trailer* *looks at venoms chest* ...Where dat spider logo go?
Haritha Annamalai
Haritha Annamalai Hace 2 días
I can't stop myself from hearing the voice of Bane.. No one? Ok bye
Sebastian Pretelin
Sebastian Pretelin Hace 2 días
Te triller is amazing
Damian Hernandez
Damian Hernandez Hace 2 días
1:34 I don't know is so funny I started dieing
Captain Barodeft
Captain Barodeft Hace 2 días
I was not expecting it to be this good. GG Marvel, GG.
Rhydian Llyr Morgans
I'm just glad they fixed how they said symbiote
Merlyn Valeri
Merlyn Valeri Hace 2 días
🔵 *VEN0M ᴴᴰ (2OI8)* Fᴜʟʟ Mᴏᴠɪᴇ: t.co/8Frhr6ufqn An óutstanding móvie that keeps you looking fór more until the very end of the movie. #Wearevenom
Robert_6- _
Robert_6- _ Hace 2 días
The whole movie in this trailer i freaking swear
Bibin Thomas
Bibin Thomas Hace 2 días
If Venom was in India, he will be destroyed less than seconds because of noise pollution.
kiatko q8
kiatko q8 Hace 2 días
just finish watching in 4D..very nice movie😍❤️
Empowered Anime Person and Boruto Extraordinaire
I hate those people who think they decide if the movies bad. I was reading some reviews on Google and they all say the movie was terrible I have to disagree
PedrosMatos Hace 2 días
Who is here after you watched the movie
Broskies wicki
Broskies wicki Hace 2 días
yo I like how they communicate eddie and venom
jeff Gross
jeff Gross Hace 2 días
Meghna Mallik
Meghna Mallik Hace 2 días
I just saw the movie today. It was fucking amazing
JessXoX Hace 2 días
Me and my friend came in the cinemas to watch this and they didn't let us in because one was 15 and in 14...:(
Abhishek Yadav
Abhishek Yadav Hace 2 días
Who's here after seeing the movie?
chocolatecigar1 Hace 2 días
It's nice to see Venom on screen again; what it lacks in your average comic book writing and depth of emotion, it makes up for the use of special effects in action sequences. Venom is made for kids and my hopes for Spiderman/Venom movies is to be made for adults where kids want to watch it (and know it doesn't have to be R-rated). Dark Knight Trilogy anyone? I like the idea of Tom Hardy as Venom, but I don't find Woody Harrelson as Carnage to be appealing, but maybe he played it too kiddish. A better choice in my mind would be Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen).
Spartan Taha
Spartan Taha Hace 2 días
This does put a smile on my face)
Sasha Nein
Sasha Nein Hace 2 días
This is really just too much. Haha xD
Costi Matei
Costi Matei Hace 2 días
Im venom...🙊
Pallavi Hace 2 días
Where can i watch the movie online?
abir ghazouani
abir ghazouani Hace 2 días
It reminds me of 'upgrade' some voice in tbe head and he is talking to him this voice control his body he doesn't want to kill or hurt people but the thing inside him do it anyway 😑😑🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨
The Wolverine
The Wolverine Hace 2 días
Good that they paid attention and pronounced Symbiote correctly in the movie unlike this trailer.
Jackson Lim
Jackson Lim Hace 2 días
how old are you vemon
Jackson Lim
Jackson Lim Hace 2 días
i think so good
AFKNM 3416
AFKNM 3416 Hace 2 días
I think its looks like prototype skills
Shane Christiana
Shane Christiana Hace 2 días
I just saw this at the movies tonight, came home and saw this. Awesome movie, love it. Surely my favourite Marvel movie. #WeareVenom
Platonicchutoy4 Hace 2 días
This comment section is certainly full of people being agressive against others who liked the movie forming opinions without structure or anything, it's literally a shithole.
mysterious Hace 2 días
just telling you all it was one of the Best movies ever created by marvel . You guys should totally watch it !!
Sk94 _xoxel
Sk94 _xoxel Hace 2 días
Chandrakant Darji
Chandrakant Darji Hace 2 días
kmusic Hace 2 días
I don't know why it's getting such low ratings... The movie was fuck8ng great!
f0rest Hace 2 días
My god guys , best marvel movie.
Larry Lumlum
Larry Lumlum Hace 2 días
i saw this movie and its awesome.... i really love it, very very nice movie to watch with all of your friends😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
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