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We Are #Venom. 10.5.18
One of Marvel's most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the big screen, starring Academy Award® nominated actor Tom Hardy as the lethal protector Venom.
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Tom Hardy
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Riz Ahmed
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24 abr 2018

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Comentarios 134 934
Niekil Datt
Niekil Datt Hace 3 horas
sequel should be R-rated.
josef abidou
josef abidou Hace 9 horas
Iftee Talukder
Iftee Talukder Hace 9 horas
Iftee Talukder
Iftee Talukder Hace 9 horas
Yo in 1:24 the scream but without special efffecys
Silent Kitten
Silent Kitten Hace 13 horas
this story makes venom seem so intense and cool and when you actually watch the movie, its just some loser alien harassing eddie about food and i Feel That
Vimal Adith zyan
Vimal Adith zyan Hace 19 horas
My favorite movie
Reaper Venom Carlton drake fan
I love drake
Reaper Venom Carlton drake fan
I’m not afraid of venom
the lost paradise
the lost paradise Hace un día
Anybody notice this trailer has a little different with the movie? In the movie when Eddie turn into venom in the first time venom just said "eyes lungs pancreas" but in this trailer when Eddie turn into venom he said "we are venom" Little different there
Mad Lad
Mad Lad Hace un día
omfg the movie was fucking amazing i saw it twice 10/10 i love venum
Ethan Ryan
Ethan Ryan Hace un día
Eddie Just Had An Extreme Bath Time. He Was So Dirty With Symbiote He Definitely Had To Take One
Mr Magic Dragon
Mr Magic Dragon Hace un día
Mr Magic Dragon
Mr Magic Dragon Hace un día
Ashutosh Singh Official
Hello There
Hello There Hace un día
The trailer was lowkey better than the movie
Klint Шмекенzi
Litteraly the whole movie in one trailer.
Blood1397violet Hace 2 días
2:22 2:23
HAY DER Hace 2 días
I enjoyed this trailer more than the film itself lol
Haha Hihi
Haha Hihi Hace 2 días
The movie was amaziiiiiiiing. Waiting for venom 2
Kyaw Soe Han
Kyaw Soe Han Hace 2 días
Adrian Novakovic
Adrian Novakovic Hace 2 días
Venom was good. But not as much i expected it to be. It has too much comedy... I wanted it to be darker. 7/10
Ella Star
Ella Star Hace 2 días
I don't know how to react....
Federal Bureau of Investigation
51k critics disliked
Dani Moldovan
Dani Moldovan Hace 3 días
1.4 mil likes ???
Ryse Maxwell
Ryse Maxwell Hace 3 días
There's not a Marvel nor a DC superhero/villain that I could relate with so much until Venom! I guess that's how they chose me too...we are venom!
Zualfiqaf Hace 3 días
Anderson Damião
Anderson Damião Hace 3 días
Very good movie
Kim Angelyn
Kim Angelyn Hace 3 días
I watched this movie and l was like OMG.😏😏😏😏
Mobile Legends And Pokemon
Simbayotes, fck Cringy😑
Matthew Weston
Matthew Weston Hace 5 horas
It's pronounced sym-bye-otes
Läskiboi Hace 3 días
I've wаtсhed yestеrday in full НD qualitу аt thіs wеbsitе: *plushd. info*
carlo pelagio
carlo pelagio Hace 3 días
Can Venom and Spider man be a Team in Avengers End Game to beat Thanos ?HAHAHAH
Isaac Morales
Isaac Morales Hace 4 días
We gotta Amit the hype wasent worth the moive 6/10 black panther 11/10 infinity war 11/10 emoiji moive -37/10
Milla 2006
Milla 2006 Hace 4 días
Is venom of 13? Hope it is
Reinolds Varela
Reinolds Varela Hace 4 días
DOWLOAD shortpe.com/20vF
Zobbtuna Hace 4 días
I'm just glad they changed the dumb pronunciation of symbiote.
Matthew Weston
Matthew Weston Hace 5 horas
How do you pronounce it.
KP-Gaming Hace 4 días
The only bad thing about venom is that venom only appears after half the movie is done, carnage barely got any screen time. However, the effects and animations of this movie was fantastic. The humour was even better and the acting was on point
alejandro rojas
alejandro rojas Hace 4 días
venom espectacular pelicula
Filipe B.
Filipe B. Hace 5 días
The Whirlwind Potato
Really wish they made this R and not PG 13.
Dinolance Will stop project zorgo
The Whirlwind Potato kid love venom
Luxx Gtz
Luxx Gtz Hace 5 días
I want venom part 2. I will wait for it
Mister Brain
Mister Brain Hace 5 días
Is the movie in full hd?
M L Hace 5 días
I have loved Venom since i was a child, read the comics and found spider man 3 amazing, so when i heard that venom got his OWN movie i was so stoked. I went to the premiere in my city and actually was kind of disappointed. Venom looks amazing, just like the comics, the only downside of this movie is that Eddie and venom instantly clicked. It was a kids movie almost, venom should be horrifying and Eddie hates that he is inside him. For years he struggled. I wish the movie was more on the dark side, scarier and less humor. But again, venom looks amazing and the voice is chilling. No hate, because I did enjoy watching venom being a beast hahah.
M L Hace 4 días
Definetly! I enjoyed it too! The music was badass and again venom looks amazing, just like the comics!
Springtrap/ Purple Guy
+M L true true, I enjoyed it though, I agree it couldve been better, but it was fun to watch
M L Hace 5 días
It was towned down so that underage teens also could see it, i do not mean kids under the age of 13. Even Tom Hardy said that he finds the movie too pg-13 instead of r-rated.
Springtrap/ Purple Guy
This is definitely not a kids movie
Fabrice Wandfluh
Fabrice Wandfluh Hace 6 días
Une GROSSSSSE MEEEEEEERDE ! Décevant et minable ! Ce film est une déception et une perte de temps ! Pourtant l'idée était bonne mais l'histoire ne suit pas ! Aucune réalité !
TomyGamer3271 _
TomyGamer3271 _ Hace 6 días
We,are venom
Foxtrot MT
Foxtrot MT Hace 6 días
Just watched the full movie, god, that was awesome. [little spoiler ahead] I sense a sequel with the carnage part at the end, and i want it.
Lem Muel
Lem Muel Hace 6 días
I highly recommend this movie it' is awesome!
mark hamm
mark hamm Hace 6 días
Scientists have discovered that If you dislike the venom trailer your mom gaaaaaayyy
the movie is awful, total bullshit.. no deep and good story, no good Characters, no good enemies and the one thing I was expecting to be made right is that they focus on his dark side (showing us how bad he can be but somehow not worse than his foe)
Springtrap/ Purple Guy
Who cares what you think, go back to watching Batman VS Superman
Yasir Ali
Yasir Ali Hace 6 días
end was suppoed
Yasir Ali
Yasir Ali Hace 6 días
i watched it a and it was really best movie of marvel's.acting of tom hardy's was best and funny.
Darius Turner
Darius Turner Hace 7 días
What is the music from the trailer?
Pclark 9505
Pclark 9505 Hace 7 días
Fox be like
Omar Borg
Omar Borg Hace 7 días
Watched it today , very good movie well done for me it is the best since Tobey Maguire's Spiderman
Marina Ermou
Marina Ermou Hace 7 días
Better than I expected it to be. Great movie
Süleyman Ozdemir
Süleyman Ozdemir Hace 7 días
Bu filmi ben biliyom vidyoyu çok beyendim...
WAY TO SHOOk 0.o Hace 7 días
I saw the movie in the theaters and it was AWESOME
Shadow Fight2
Shadow Fight2 Hace 7 días
Классный трейлер
IrfanTheTinyGamer Hace 7 días
Foe me, this movie was darn amazing!
psy gentleman psy
psy gentleman psy Hace 7 días
i am venom
Arie Abdulghany
Arie Abdulghany Hace 7 días
The Movie is amazing!! Cant wait for Venom 2 and expecting the story of Venom with Carnage.
Ray Guzman
Ray Guzman Hace 7 días
1:26 No one hears Mike Tyson!? LMAO
LIL SHITZ Hace 7 días
This is what stan lee wanted us to see at 1:51 He wanted us to see Eddies nips
Рахат Жумадилова
Tony Vaughan
Tony Vaughan Hace 7 días
Within 2 minutes I was put off by the vehicles being on the wrong side of the road, Malay drives on the left with the steering wheel on the right...
Dopeboidre Gang
Dopeboidre Gang Hace 8 días
We are carnom
Tucker Green
Tucker Green Hace 8 días
Rafael Rubi Espinoza
Can't wait to see Carnage in the 2 movie. Hell yeah👌🤘
NeoMix Hace 8 días
*Fuel in the tank*
Kai Zen
Kai Zen Hace 8 días
One of the best movie out there
DaGreat7 Hace 8 días
I haven't kept up with all these superhero movies, but this movie was great and fun!!!! DON'T LISTEN TO THE CRITICS, trust me!!!
Multi Hoe
Multi Hoe Hace 8 días
I'll call my lover "parasite". It's our new endearment. Anyway, I love this movie
Verdi Brilliant
Verdi Brilliant Hace 8 días
Btw, this movie is way better than _Parasyte: The Maxim._
Justino Low
Justino Low Hace 8 días
I don't know That killed me
Sund Mand
Sund Mand Hace 9 días
Michelle Williams destroyed this movie ... she has as much charm and talent as Jaden Smith ...
javier josefides
javier josefides Hace 9 días
VENOM IS A DEMON and all demons just can be defeated by the power of the name of Jesus Christ
Jerk of Hearts
Jerk of Hearts Hace 9 días
Nail in the coffin of Fleischers career.
Adeel Khan
Adeel Khan Hace 9 días
Best Single Hero Marvel movie Even was better than Black panther and even Deadpool A completely different storyline from other movies Loved the Action,Humor Bike Sliding onto Venom was my fav Plus the elevator scene Lol Critics can't judge a movie seriously,if not for the bad criticism the movie might had been the top movie of 2018!
Biniam Gaming
Biniam Gaming Hace 9 días
I just noticed this trailer has Infinity War’s music near the end
Fullyraw1991 Hace 9 días
Good movie liked it
Johnny Serrano Barraza
2:17 in the movie he should’ve said that IT WOULD’VE BEEN so good to hear Ik he said it at some point but in that scene it would’ve been a killer move
Jackson Fryeee
Jackson Fryeee Hace 9 días
🛑 VENOM 2018 HD Quality ➡ *PLUSHD­­­­.­­­­INFO* Fantastic movie! I recommend to everyone!
- Erika -
- Erika - Hace 9 días
Seems like stranger things
chakib el gharbi
chakib el gharbi Hace 9 días
Taki - taki remba
Baby Oliver
Baby Oliver Hace 9 días
People seeing the movie after saw the trailer is common BUT people comeback to enjoy the trailer after watched the movie is freaking awesome !!! WE ARE VENOM !! Give me venom 2 !!
Sergio Ricardo
Sergio Ricardo Hace 9 días
Venom e muito massa
MR. K Hace 9 días
Can anyone that has seen this movie tell me why Venom is so sexualized? It’s the tongue isn’t it.
Elena Lavigne
Elena Lavigne Hace 9 días
This was honestly the worst movie I’ve ever seen but somehow I still like it.
Spinx the Lynx
Spinx the Lynx Hace 9 días
The gauy is strong in that one....
Spirit Diana
Spirit Diana Hace 9 días
Sony trailer spoiled everything in the movie
Chaofun Hace 9 días
That oughta be a lesson to Marvel
Drarry Rulz
Drarry Rulz Hace 9 días
December 18, the DVD release date, is only a few days away!!!!!!!
DyAnn Hace 9 días
Where spiderman..?? Lol
Sub Liminal
Sub Liminal Hace 9 días
*I got that adrenaline,momentum that's why they call me VENOM* *-EMINEM* 🐐
Sub Liminal
Sub Liminal Hace 9 días
*I got that adrenaline,momentum that's why they call me VENOM* *EMINEM*🐐
Debora Cyclone
Debora Cyclone Hace 9 días
The Great Wall, xXx Return of Xander Cage, Skyscraper, The Meg, Mile 22 and now Venom another bad CGI asian movie with few american actors
Eni Jusi
Eni Jusi Hace 9 días
Did I just watch the entire movie
DayDreamTalks 7
DayDreamTalks 7 Hace 9 días
Bruh I’m very curious. I feel that this movie is so good. How to watch some free movies?
N0T AP3RS0N Hace 9 días
Okay now this, is epic.
Hirakai Ko
Hirakai Ko Hace 9 días
Bruh why do I have to watch an ad before watching an ad
Inxblot Hace 9 días
When I saw Stan Lee in this movie, I cried. I know you all did too.
Inxblot Hace 8 días
No I watched after Stan died.
Lil Dillon
Lil Dillon Hace 8 días
No you didnt cuz in October he was still alive, unless u watched it again
imickey503 Hace 9 días
THIS is how you do it.
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