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The mysteries in the depths of The Chasm are complicated and bewildering, and people have gathered here for different purposes.
The mountains and valleys stay silent while the visitors' thoughts are in turmoil. Nevertheless, the path to finding answers is unclear.
Where daylight falls, there are still things left to be done and wishes to be fulfilled.

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19 may 2022






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Ying - 莺
Hope the hoyoverse team is doing ok!! Thank you for giving us so much content during such rough times, PUMPED AS HECK FOR THIS UPDAAAATE
Lonely Sandwich
Even during difficult times, the team gives us such amazing content! 👏🏻
That's the most emotion I've ever heard from Xiao... Stuff's gonna get real this update
im so happy to see more of xiao, his backstory being elaborated on makes me so happy. cant wait to see whats in store for this update
xiao sounding so strained lowkey scares me. he always sounds confident and unfazed, but for once he sounds actually worried. like this is something even out of his control, which should say something because it's xiao we're talking about. this guy's been through it all.
ag's rainbow
ag's rainbow Hace 21 un día
this quest exceeded all my expectations
Its Ya Boi Childe
I've been loving how Hoyoverse has been making characters from different nations interact with each other,hope they'll do more of it
Hype for more Xiao lore!! Maybe we'll get to see the missing yaksha and know what really happened. Also wondering if Xiao's master has something to do with this since they used Xiao's weakness to enslave him and make him commit atrocities as a puppet.
Sakura Hace 21 un día
Watching this trailer after finishing the archon quest hits different. I love every bit of it. The best so far in my opinion. Hoyoverse really never disappoints. 🥺🥺Can't wait for the rest of the story!
Koro Hace 21 un día
As a Xiao main even the voice of worry in his voice is scary, I listen to his confident voice every time I play Genshin but this brings something new to the table which I cannot wait to see!
The quest seems like it is going to make us scream in pain but i hope it gets an ending that we all deserve. And Xiao, i hope he will be ok :,) i love Xiao (he is my fav, kin and main) and i don’t want to see him like this :,))
Love how Shinobu and Yanfei in the end drawing looks cool, Xiao and Yelan being the central character of the story/archon quest while Itto have that
Glad the team is doing fine there. Can’t wait for 2.7!
Moving channels.
Yes more Yanfei content let’s go! Once again I’m glad that the team is doing alright. I didn’t expect a Xiao rerun but maybe we aren’t gonna get a Ayaka and Xiao reruns in a long time. (Since Ayaka’s banner was extended to 240 days and Xiao had a rerun in 2.4).
Watching this was so intense and interesting! I was hooked. It gives off an eerie vibe, which I love! I know this will be one of my favorite Archon Quests!! I especially like it since our beloved Xiao is here ;)
untouchable grass
As a Yanfei main I am very exited that she is going to be in the story more!
Ariilicia Hace 21 un día
im back for this trailer and holy moly the quest was just amazing. probably my favourite event storyline ever. the quest really made xiao more vulnerable and i quite liked it a lot since he’s always so tough and cold. it also showed how the other characters cared for xiao which i appreciate a lot.
AzisuFikury Hace 28 días
Among all the characters, only Xiao is still always alone, lonely and feels a heavy burden on his shoulders, his kindness is irreplaceable to continue to protect others, in his heart he wants to be with his friends but fate says otherwise, poor xiao 😔
as a Yanfei and Itto main, 2.7 will most likely hold a special place in my heart 💖 so excited for this!!