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Deep below the surface vast lie secrets from the distant past.
When someone brings them to light someday, they'll make their return on the crest of a wave.
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14 sep 2023






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Paper chan
Paper chan Hace 12 días
Main update: *dark, mysterious* Event update: *jolly, bubbly, fun times* Hoyo balancing things as always
ahnnyeo Hace 12 días
Ahahahaha, didn't last year during Genshin anniversary too. Inazuma is on war while in Liyue everyone celebrate festivals. 😂
LemonBunny Hace 12 días
​@ahnnyeoSame as when Sumeru faced their biggest crisis and meanwhile Mondstadt celebrates harvest season 😂 Love it
Paper chan
Paper chan Hace 12 días
@LemonBunny they be giving travellers traumas while also offering them therapy
Summer money
Summer money Hace 12 días
​@LemonBunnyjust like real life
KontauriC07 Hace 12 días
Mondstadt/Venti casually spreading vibes while the other countries are in turmoil
Joe Zieja
Joe Zieja Hace 10 días
So excited for all of you to meet Wriothesley! I had a blast recording him and I know you'll have fun punching people.
Jonah L.
Jonah L. Hace 10 días
Looking forward to it, Joe! Thank you for giving him life!
mint suga
mint suga Hace 9 días
I can't wait to see him in the story, so excited to meet him and hear his voice!! It already sounds good, great job!!
Styx_ Hace 6 días
Can’t wait!
Dodo Hace 6 días
Thank you! Youre amazing, seriously!
UMAR Hace 6 días
amazing job
Felix Hace 11 días
This has gotta be the most hype trailer in Genshin Impact so far...the voice acting is outstanding. Whoever is shouting at Neuvillette near the end gave me chills. So excited to see who's threatening Furina, why Freminet is drowning, what Arlecchino will do, where Wriothesley took the siblings, if Childe will get out unharmed, and SO MUCH MORE!!
Cheesy Cheese
Cheesy Cheese Hace 11 días
Pretty sure the guy shouting at Neuvillette was Wriothesley!
Mcqueen Bby
Mcqueen Bby Hace 10 días
​@Cheesy Cheeseit's not Wrio 😭
Cheesy Cheese
Cheesy Cheese Hace 10 días
@Mcqueen Bby who is it??
Mcqueen Bby
Mcqueen Bby Hace 10 días
@Cheesy Cheese It's similar to the voice that said the "...... can debt be repaid" part. Most likely an npc, but def not Wriothesley. You can hear the distinction in tone in this ver enough, imo, but you can listen to the other versions if it's more clear there
Hellsing Hace 10 días
I think the fatui trailer is still the most hype, or does that not count since it's not a version trailer?
Axolotdraws Hace 9 días
seriously everyone is freaking out about the line screaming ‘answer me neuvillette’, but how come NO ONE is talking about lyney’s line confronting wrio to tell him where his siblings are?? I got literal chills when I heard it, lyneys voice actor is insane edit: changed begging to confronting
Yozora Hace 8 días
Lyney’s VA is also the same as blade’s in HSR
MeliMistaken Hace 8 días
The little voice crack when he says siblings!
Damenation Hace 7 días
He's not begging...He is confronting
Axolotdraws Hace 7 días
@MeliMistaken ikr
mazeditsvsf - was lethalhighway
@MeliMistakenFR 🙏
pieta♡ Hace 11 días
that bit where wriothesley goes "don't go near the pipes at night" followed IMMEDIATELY by ominous flickering gives SUCH horror vibes
Osamu Dazai
Osamu Dazai Hace 11 días
I love both horror games and genshin so I hope they combineee
Elysia, Herscherr of Human
Not to ruin it, but thats not wrio speaking.
Hi Hace 10 días
​@Elysia, Herscherr of Humanwho is it? I like his voice :)
Elysia, Herscherr of Human
@Hi it’s probably an NPC. The same who talked about the “hidden rules” of the Fortress.
Sassy'Jiiva Hace 9 días
Telling me as a player to NOT go near the pipes at night just makes me wanna do it more
sanddry Hace 10 días
I never expected to like Neuvillete as much as I do. His VA Ray Chase absolutely kills it and his entire character is wonderful. Can’t wait to get him!
Axel Hace 12 días
That "Is this what justice means to you?! Answer me, Neuvillette!" line sends chills down my spine. Well done, VAs
Lily the cat
Lily the cat Hace 12 días
Do you know who says it?
isa Hace 12 días
@Lily the cati think it's an npc but someone said it's wrio so im not that sure
tetePT Hace 12 días
@isa it sounds like him to me
Not human
Not human Hace 12 días
​@Lily the cati think that will be in his story quest or a flashback in archon quest It might be the guy beside the melusine
Decknamen Hace 12 días
@Lily the cat It's an NPC. It's more obvious in the other languages.
Yune Hace 9 días
Genshin trailers are just unmatched, I feel myself lucky to be a part of this journey, and this is the only game that give me these feelings.
Celina Wang
Celina Wang Hace 9 días
HONESTLY SAME! This feels like I’m part of their journey and I’m enjoying seeing all the new things/content and such they come out with!!
Yune Hace 8 días
@celinawang3428 literally same feelings, we are lucky to witness all this I guess, happy to hear that some people have the same feelings that I have, that's why I love this community.
Novas Hace 11 días
I can't stop replaying from 3:30. It feels like the whole fate of Fontaine depends on Neuvillete at that moment. He struggling to hold what seems to be primordial sea water or some sort of abyssal power, reminiscing the words of what I presume is the previous Hydro Archon, and also that sad yet beautiful melody in the background. Can't wait to play 4.1. Kudos to the Hoyoverse team!
Honeyboo Hace 10 días
That's definitely the same VA as Focalors. hmm
Matthew Skittles
Matthew Skittles Hace 9 días
This trailer just gives me chills. making me want to rewatch it every single time. have been doing this since it release and i’m still getting chills. and it is Furina’s VA that is talking. but she was more… mature sounding than the current sassy one. maybe something happened to her before and after. who knows. unless it is like an alter ego, as fontaine is all about a show and deceit from the audience like magic. I CANT WAIT FOR THIS PATCH AND THE REST OF FONTAINE
Ashley Hace 8 días
@Matthew Skittles ive literally watched this trailer more than 20 times im obsessed
Not Hmm
Not Hmm Hace 6 días
This begs the question if Nuevillette has been the Archon all along and Furina is acting as his proxy. Like Furina is literally begging for her life here and no matter how weak or powerful a God is they have their pride and will never kneel in front of another. Also remember that he had a "?" In his drip marketing .Maybe that was there because he is the wielder of the Hydro Gnosis instead of Furina.
ARYA Dev Hace 6 días
@Not Hmm plus he does not have a vison so he may be an archon or one of the vishap people from enkanomiya bcz of the vertical pupils and he may be both but i dont think the gnosis is with him it may be in the giant weighing scale thingy
mari Hace 11 días
1:00-1:25 I really hope they keep this hype rolling for Wriothesley’s demo ost. Absolute banger!!
Tim Cong
Tim Cong Hace 10 días
Rough steampunk vibess😊😊
bladie step on me
bladie step on me Hace 10 días
Mans is so hot idk why more ppl aren't hyped. Probably because neuvillette's theme was more fire
Prima Yuurin™
Prima Yuurin™ Hace 9 días
I want my man to have this music as main theme on his trailer. Banger after banger pls
Prima Yuurin™
Prima Yuurin™ Hace 9 días
@bladie step on me nah
Sara Hace 9 días
@bladie step on meas a day 1 Neuv fan, I think Wrio’s is better.
🌸Theo🌸 Hace 10 días
I don’t know if they’ll ever make a character I like more than Wriothesley, everything from his design to his voice to his playstyle is perfect for me! Unbelievably hyped for him and Neuvillette
SolarWasHere Hace 6 días
Nico Hace 12 días
Furina, Neuvilette and Arlecchino in 1 frame was something I didn't expect and I'm freaking hype for it.
Andre Farfan
Andre Farfan Hace 12 días
Mechro Nine
Mechro Nine Hace 12 días
@Andre Farfan bruh
Augustus Hace 12 días
based megumin enjoyer
Jelly the woman consumer
Fontaine is going crazy with the characters
IshimurA Hace 12 días
Yep It's extremely majestic
• Raiden Ei Simp ・
Mitsuk Elina
Mitsuk Elina Hace 3 días
It may be arlechino, or how she spells..
Pinkoツ Hace 11 días
I have litteral chills. Firstly Furina, a god, begging for her life (I rlly hope shes ok) and directly after just hearing „IS THIS WHAT JUSTICE MEANS TO YOU? ANSWER ME NEUVILETTE!“ The voice acting is SO GOOD!
Fiery Tiger Gaming
Fiery Tiger Gaming Hace 9 días
Kinda funny the amount of people who think she's just acting, when I can tell you from countless projects that this is the voice that Amber Lee Connors' uses with genuinely frightened characters
Taya Bagley
Taya Bagley Hace 8 días
​@Fiery Tiger Gaming that's called.... Acting
Fiery Tiger Gaming
Fiery Tiger Gaming Hace 7 días
@Taya Bagley OK, let me put it to you a different way - there could be 2 different scenarios to this: She might be getting threatened by Arlecchino, or someone else linked to the Fatui... (Hence the begging) which in turn leads to Neuvilette's plan to infiltrate the jail under trumped up charges. On the other hand, you might argue that Furina was going along with Neuvilette's plan - and acting like a victim in order to get Traveller into the jail (The former more likely, because Furina had encountered the Traveller beforehand - during the trial for Lyney. When it comes to the Fatui, the only 2 members she knew were Childe and Arlecchino... hence the idea of the 3rd party
Taya Bagley
Taya Bagley Hace 7 días
@Fiery Tiger Gaming I'm not saying anything about what's going on in the scenario, you said the voice actor wasn't acting when that's literally acting, and she did a very good job with it.
Fiery Tiger Gaming
Fiery Tiger Gaming Hace 6 días
@Taya Bagley Oh, I thought you meant Furina was acting, lol (Thanks to the amount of people saying it)
snoww Hace 8 días
This gotta be the most insane trailer so far. The voice acting is AMAZING. I have so many questions: what is the "fortress"? Why is frem drowning?? What happened to lynette and frem? What abt Childe? What happened in Neuvillette's past and who is the person that is screaming at him?? Amazing job, hyv
Pantallone Hace 8 días
Wriothesley scream for Neuvillete.
carlosxoxo Hace 4 días
@Pantallonethat’s an npc
Pantallone Hace 4 días
@carlosxoxo 😔
Axailus Hace 11 días
3:17 Furina's VA literally gave me chills here 🥲🥺😭😭
demon cyborg
demon cyborg Hace 10 días
Is that really Furina?
destro react
destro react Hace 10 días
An Archon begging for their life is a scary thought, considering that Archons have enough power to wipe the floor with almost every mortal. This probably means she had direct encounter with Arlecchino.
nope Hace 10 días
Ofc it was with Arlecchino, but they're no way a Fatui, even if he is an Harbinger, can defeat a GOD, A GOD!!!, i don't know what happened but impossible for Furina to die here, EVERY players gonna destroy the games in gaming platform with a big drama💀 ( me too. ) i just save for 1 year for Furina, DON'T DARE TO KILL HER
Z T Hace 10 días
@nope Did you conveniently just forget Nahida mentioning that some of the Harbingers are on the same level as Gods? Furina seems like one of the weakest Archons (being one of the youngest too), so I wouldn't be too surprised if she gets pushed around a bit.
nope Hace 10 días
@Z T Capitano, Columbina and Pierrot maybe but NO WAY Arlecchino is at a god lvl
2D_Emerald Hace 6 días
fontaine is shaping up to be genuinely incredible. I never would've expected something this good out of a free mobile game. can't wait for the future.
Heisenberg Hace 12 días
Genshin's ability to make beautiful trailers is a talent
baruki Hace 12 días
Genshin Concert
Genshin Concert Hace 12 días
0:01, Traveler and Paimon are in prison?
はんとう Hace 12 días
@Genshin Concert undercover
Sunbeam Zora
Sunbeam Zora Hace 12 días
How are you everywhere 💀
Kyler Clarke
Kyler Clarke Hace 12 días
Genshin's ability? Like it's a person lmao
Fiona Roberts
Fiona Roberts Hace 11 días
Hi everyone, I spent a while putting together some timestamps for each voice line. I labelled the characters too. I hope this helps those who can’t really tell the voices! 0:18 neuvillette 0:31 mystery voice (mv) 1 0:38 lyney 0:44 mv 2 0:49 paimon 0:54 mv 1 1:00 wriothesley 1:30 lyney 1:33 mv 2 1:42 freminet 1:48 arlecchino 1:56 neuvillette 2:32 melusine 2:35 mv 4 2:40 npc 2:48 mv 5 2:55 Lyney 2:59 wriothesley 3:00 mv 1 3:09 arlecchino 3:18 focalors 3:24 mv 5 3:35 npc (sounds like focalors, could share VA but likely not the same character) 3:52 neuvillette Hope this helps somewhat
gray Hace 11 días
Thank you!!!
Saga Anserum
Saga Anserum Hace 7 días
no the hero we deserved, but the hero we needed
Cado Hace 7 días
3:35 is most likely focalor. and isnt 2:59 the same mv1
Alexis Ong
Alexis Ong Hace 2 días
⁠@Cadoor maybe it’s the previous hydro archon?
T -Lexin
T -Lexin Hace 2 días
The "Is this what justice means to you? ANSWER ME NEUVILLETTE!" Part never fails to send a chill down my spine. The way he calls his name is on another level
Shadow Hace 11 días
Nothing will ever bring me as much hype as 3.1-3.3 did, but this? This was close. ESPECIALLY 3:32. The music, the dialogue, the cinematic, Neuvilette. God I can't wait for 4.1
Count Hace 8 días
The change of vibe after the trailer happened had me stuck on one spot with the same expression LMAO I was expecting the trailer to go on but it turns out it's already over Fontaine's story continues to not disappoint! I'm so hyped for 4.1, that trailer sent me chills, it's really amazing (I think the woman who was speaking to Neuvillette was the hydro archon, I feel like they were acquittance with each other)
Ariff Shah
Ariff Shah Hace 3 días
3:24 ridiculously good voice acting Neuvillette also giving off archon energy throughout the trailer
William Sherlock Scott Holmes
that "Answer me Neuvilette!" gave me chills! that VA deserves recognition even if he's voicing an NPC he had no reason to go that hard, damn
ShadowGunnR Hace 12 días
I was just about to say that! The way the VA conveys both anger and what sounds like sorrow so powerfully makes it sound so effective. He sounds both pissed and sorrowful, and that delivery is just sick!!!
Mudzarao Hace 12 días
my favorite part. what a performance
The Awesome Dreb
The Awesome Dreb Hace 12 días
Is it an NPC voice? I thought it was Wrio? Well, I was just drawn to the amazing VA
Crinzin Hace 12 días
​@The Awesome DrebI'm pretty sure that was Wrio
Pandora Hace 12 días
​@Crinzinits not Wrio, look up other versions. Its some NPC
Rebel Hace 7 días
3:32 Everyone's thoughts that the one who spoke in this scene is Egeria the first Hydro Archon, but if you hear properly, it was Furina herself instead of Egeria, and it looks like Furina's other personality are the one who spoke in this scene cuz she's sound so wise and mature unlike Furina that we used to know.
《 ♡》Valerie • Valentine
Nuevillette, once of the coolest characters we've had in a while! This was awesome, the future lore looks awesome!
Lenon Castro
Lenon Castro Hace 11 días
Furina begging for her life is something I didn’t expect! That was insane, specially because she’s doing that while the background is so chaotic. That was awesome!
Freily Hace 9 días
Хоевëрс делают потрясающие трейлеры, заставляющие моё сердце трепетать. У меня слезы восторга на глазах после увиденного. Музыкальное сопровождение и визуал - отдельный вид искусства. После трейлера с ещё большим нетерпением жду обновления. Продолжение обещает быть захватывающим
Саша Нагуслаев
1:10 у ризли тут большая эсс🥵
fart Hace 12 días
Kogawa Yuri  Ch. (Not Yet Active)
Superp0o0per 2020
Superp0o0per 2020 Hace 12 días
Admit it my content is way better
Lux Corvi
Lux Corvi Hace 12 días
and the music
PurpleTigress34 Hace 12 días
mizuki agrees
mizuki agrees Hace 11 días
who r u@Superp0o0per 2020
your cecilia ♡
your cecilia ♡ Hace 11 días
Speedy Cat Claws
Speedy Cat Claws Hace 11 días
This might just be the best story trailer yet!! Absolutely amazing job on the animation, design and voice acting!!
Melanie Eloi Way's ★
What I’m most enjoying is the fact every new Fontaine character seems to be taking important role in the main arc events, not only at side stories. That’s a major improvement to an already great storytelling.
Hridyansh jaggal
Hridyansh jaggal Hace 11 días
1:22 the perfect timing that I expect in amvs just got in a game trailer I really am going to love the 4.1 as I loved the trailer a lot the passion in their voices give me chills hope 4.2 will also be great as it is.
Linus Wulff
Linus Wulff Hace un día
That hybrid trap that's playing when Wriothesley is shown is bloody amazing. I need a full version
XenoWeeb Hace 12 días
"Is this what justice means to you? Answer me Neuvillette!!" Hearing that gave me absolute chills! The delivery of that line is AMAZING!
Van Cleef
Van Cleef Hace 11 días
Did Wriothesley said that?
idk Hace 11 días
​@Van Cleefnope but I'm guessing it's a npc
ReQ Hace 11 días
@idk I guessed it was an npc too since in the 4.0 trailer the most dramatic lines were from an npc(Marcel) "your so-called justice, your beloved drama. While turning a blind eye to the suffering of the people!" Which seemed to be a much more important line than it ended up being. Hoyo does a great job at showing a lot, but not enough to really understand the whole story in the version trailers. It could be another npc line to bring more drama to the trailer, but I think it could well be Wriothesley but made the trailer so people might think it's an npc... Honestly, it could be either way. I kinda wish it to be Wrio
Frostborne Hace 11 días
@idk It was Wriothesley. You notice it clearly from Daisuke in the JP trailer.
K Hace 11 días
@Frostborneyou sure? It doesn’t rlly sound like him
Meloy Hace 10 días
Well, look at Kaeya's trailer, and this. Genshin improved so much. Voice acting, theme, storytelling... absolute perfection.
Petrichor Hace 11 días
I'm so hyped for the update!! I can hardly wait to play the story and see Arlecchino, Furina, and Neuvillette especially.
Aether Hace 10 días
"Is this what Justice means to you? Answer me Neuvilette!" Ok stop that gave me chills. Like this was perfectly voiced!
tobiuchiha winchester
tobiuchiha winchester Hace 11 días
The fontaine trailers are so dramatic and intense. As expected from a nation of theatrics, hoyo really stepped up so much since version 1.0. And all characters are highlighted. Cant wait to know arlecchino's purpose, furina's real involvement as the archon, neuvilette's lore, wriothesley's story, and all other revelations for this version.
Keylia Hace 11 días
i’m a whole day late to this but oh my… this has been, imo, the most intense and nerve-wracking trailer of genshin so far. this sent absolute CHILLS down my spine, i’m so excited for 4.1!!
mayuiiiii Hace 12 días
The way Wriothesley runs from the Primordial Water and Neuvilette tries controlling the said water sends chills down my spine
Vemin Hace 12 días
Would you mind sharing when that happens? I don't think I spotted that.
Jelly forever
Jelly forever Hace 12 días
Timestamp please
MainDoorFrameCrispy Hace 12 días
I'm guessing 3:35 is where nuivellette is trying to control it
mayuiiiii Hace 12 días
3:05 and 3:24 - Wriothesley running from Primordial water 3:33 - Neuvilette trying to control the Primordial Water
A P Hace 12 días
⁠@VeminWrio runs from it at 3:05 Neuv blocks it at 3:34
Axailus Hace 11 días
These quests and trailers are getting better and ever better over these years ❤️‍🔥
catetski Hace 6 días
2:47 line is soo good and 3:52 is also really good love the hype for this version
Александра Назарова
Как же я обожаю эту игру и ее сюжет. Спасибо большое, что работаете над ней!❤
Ben-Tao (Beneton)
Ben-Tao (Beneton) Hace 11 días
_"Is this what justice means to you? Answer me Neuvillette!!"_ Ugh....that was delivered strong! No cap! 🧢 P.s Exciting trailer! Can't wait. The voice acting the and build up is astounding! 👏
visit my profile for free robux
I genuinely don't think I've ever been this hyped for a version because of it's trailer. The animation, the voice acting, everything! Every time I hear "ANSWER ME NEUVILETTE!" I get chills. So hyped for 4.1!!!
yari Hace 11 días
i have a feeling this is going to be one of the best archon quests ever
mhamad dayyat
mhamad dayyat Hace 12 días
The most character that I feel sad for besides nahida is neuvillette, i know that arlecchino is targeting furina but i feel like neuvillette will be the one that makes a sacrifice for Fontaine
Monster Hunter x RWBY
Monster Hunter x RWBY Hace 12 días
Due to the blue highlights in his hair, I think he is going to end up becoming the Hydro Archon.
Az Hace 12 días
@Monster Hunter x RWBYwe’ll see in 4.2
RootedPen Hace 12 días
god i wish@Monster Hunter x RWBY
Withered Away
Withered Away Hace 11 días
@Monster Hunter x RWBY those are his horns, not hair, he's the hydro dragon
Aleksander Kazecki
Aleksander Kazecki Hace 11 días
He's gonna be playable, there's no way anything will happen to him.
Anier Hace 11 días
2:02 Visual Kei! It's been years since I heard this style again. That totally fits Neuvillette. Thank you thank you Hoyomix team!
• MythixDestiny •
I love how we got a dark, cold, and hype trailer for Fontaine, and then we have Hu Tao and Venti hosting a poetry festival.
Vivii Hace 7 días
3:20 to 3:58 is pure gold, epic video & music !!!! unbelievable how they reach such a quality in these cutscenes i hope it will be even better ingame And i hope it announces even more epicness for the rest of the story lol
Ashley Emeraldwood
Ashley Emeraldwood Hace 6 días
Genshin never fails to disappoint!! So hyped too play this ❤
Neon Hace 8 días
I'm keep watching and watching this Trailer Cuz I'm In Love with their OST 😍😭.
Shiven's Impact
Shiven's Impact Hace 12 días
This trailer is truly epic. The way they incorporated the greyness of justice perfectly. Furina is definitely hiding something and we get our first look at Arlecchino. May Neuvillette and Wriothesley wanters be havers!
Tv Man 🅥
Tv Man 🅥 Hace 12 días
Its finally completed: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-AOg5JNc9efk.html
L17 Hace 12 días
Jesus loves you ❤️ please turn to him and repent before it's too late. The end times described in the Bible are already happening in the world.
《KayFour(K4)》 Hace 12 días
no worry im at 50 pity with gurantee, with all the event coming i will have wriothesley MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA and maybe i might c1 if im lucky qwq. Goodluck to whoever your gonna pull for as well
Pua Renoh Ajinasawor
Pua Renoh Ajinasawor Hace 12 días
I want them but I still building my wanderer
Bianca Hace 12 días
@L17 this is not a religious video
Tanh Nguyễn
Tanh Nguyễn Hace 10 días
3:34. Furina really having the BEST English VA in Genshin. From sheer voice tone she elevated from sassy brat to legit Hydro archon.
Dylann Smith
Dylann Smith Hace 8 días
So excited for the story line, events and the new characters especially Neuvillette!
Maldie Hace 6 días
3:30 I hope we get a full theme for this cutscene becuase this OST MADE ME CRY.
Amanveth Hace 2 días
Same, it's so beautiful from the visuals to the music to the voice acting
AntiGravity Hace 6 días
The VAs have been killing it. Hyped for more story!
Zcorgi Hace 5 días
I've never been shaken by a trailer before... good job can't wait
Yukiii i
Yukiii i Hace 12 días
Neuvillette's role and cuts in this trailer are so unique. It gives such lore potential that is unique compared to other characters. This version may showcase his identity and the theories about being the hydro dragon and how does he end in current fontaine under or with furina's jurisdiction.
Jelly the woman consumer
I already know he is gonna be my favourite character.
Di Hace 12 días
they really make it so obvious about he is the hydro dragon
SilverJuly 93
SilverJuly 93 Hace 12 días
He's the ludex. Of course he's gonna put the final judgement on Fontaine
Helenaa P
Helenaa P Hace 12 días
As a lore player, i feel like they gave away too much. The trailer alone basically confirmed a bunch of theories at once. I sort of smell a inazuma AQ coming, i hope they have much more story that what’s in the trailer.
Rabin Gurung
Rabin Gurung Hace 12 días
the voice speaking to him must be from previous hydro archon.
бови Hace 10 días
Aside from every great moment ov this trailer what got me the most is Neuvilette looking surprised (or scared) while the crowd chants "he's innocent" It feels like such an important moment even though we don't know the context yet
Dropped Croisant
Dropped Croisant Hace 11 días
This one looks so dramatic and emotional, I'm so glad they keep getting such good VA's, I'm officially hyped again
hotik Hace 7 días
У МЕНЯ МУРАШКИ ПО КОЖЕ- как же это ПРЕКРАСНО! Боже мой, я обожаю эту игру, эту вселенную, спасибо!
Riddle Hace 2 días
this gave me goosebumps, hoyoverse never disappoints
Qiqi Hace 11 días
3:24 really gave me the feels Holy crap, Neuvillette rlly is one of genshin’s best characters imo
Kriptionite Hace 11 días
Honestly he feels more like the archon at this point lmao
Shreya Hace 10 días
He's so beautiful, he's guaranteed
Atharv Patil
Atharv Patil Hace 10 días
yup hes hogging the spotlight in fontaine much more than furina
Arno Wisp
Arno Wisp Hace 10 días
Whp is Furina at this point? His trophy Consort
Otogiri Tobi
Otogiri Tobi Hace 10 días
@Kriptionite Agreed
Fallen'Rain Hace 11 días
To everyone saying that Genshin is a kids game, here you go: The plot line, the events that had happened in this trailer is pure perfection, I’m so excited for Arlecchino!! I love the angles and the new characters, this might just be one of the best trailers released by Mihoyo.
Марина Коркина
After watching the trailer , goosebumps went down my skin ! I'm waiting for patience update 4.1 😊❤
Prince of Darkness
Prince of Darkness Hace 2 días
Can’t stop watching this, best trailer they ever made until now
SupaRush Hace 11 días
This is the best trailer they've ever put it. Has me so hyped, if you haven't played the latest archon quests in fontaine, do it now!! Best story in a long time.
Vando Hace 4 días
I am so excited for this! Good luck for those who want to pull the next character banner!
Average User
Average User Hace 12 días
I believe that everyone is really hyped for everybody in this trailer. Arlecchino, Wriothesley, Neuvilette are so cool that it is unbelievable to see them in a single trailer.
はんとう Hace 11 días
They finally learn, The 4.0 trailer was the most boring of all and this trailer made a big hype
Axailus Hace 11 días
Praise to all the VA's They literally did a really really great job with voice acting, literally gave us chills in this trailer 🫨
King Herry Farm
King Herry Farm Hace 10 días
The introduction of Wriothesley is sick!! The beat is fire!! 🔥🔥🔥
jenstar_27 Hace 11 días
this trailer is hands down one of the best they've ever made. im crying with pride
Yohan Hace 5 días
3:15 ate 4:05 meu tempo favorito, cada linha jesus, estou tão ansiosa
lumi •ᴗ•
lumi •ᴗ• Hace 9 días
Que bonitoo, espero la versión con ansias!😸
Roiah Hace 12 días
Just from this preview alone, I think we can all agree this update is gonna be sick!
Kon Hace 12 días
I think it's going to be just funny with the traveler going in jail
Andre Farfan
Andre Farfan Hace 12 días
Andre Farfan
Andre Farfan Hace 12 días
@Kon yes
Jelly the woman consumer
Cant wait to see where they'll go with neuvillete's writing
Andre Farfan
Andre Farfan Hace 12 días
@Kon Thanks
chockitkat Hace 7 días
I'm looking forward more to the event between Liyue and Mondstadt because they are the chillest place in genshin to me AND I HOPE HUTAO AND ALBEDO MEETS SOMEHOW. Like the fact that NOELLE AND CHONGYUN met??? THIS IS *INSANE*
Ash_ Hace 11 días
Everything looks so cool! The story, the characters, and the voice acting!
Ren Hace 10 días
actual chills 😭 the music at 3:30 is absolutely beautiful
kenwillyu11 Hace 11 días
Furina's voice actor really did a good job. The line "please don't kill me" made me anxious for some reason. Cant wait for the next patch!.
DemonInDeath Hace 11 días
Genshin's trailers are always a sight to behold
BestieBasil Hace 11 días
I genuinely don't think I've ever been this hyped for a version because of it's trailer. The animation, the voice acting, everything! Every time I hear "ANSWER ME NEUVILETTE!" I get chills. So hyped for 4.1
MimikyuFan Hace 9 días
I'm not as hyped for 4.1 as I was for 4.0, but I still like this trailer much more(especially the "ANSWER ME, NEUVILLETTE")
Mithun Joarder
Mithun Joarder Hace 11 días
genshin never dissapoint in trailers.it's making me pull for neuvillete even more looks like everyone had chills in this line "Is this what justice means to you? Answer me Neuvillette!!" 4.1 is going to be way better than 4.0
Nephat Macharia
Nephat Macharia Hace 11 días
I can't stop watching this trailer, this is amazing
jean osorio
jean osorio Hace 10 días
Se viene algo realmente grande para la 4.1. Felicidades 👏 👏 👏 👏
Sherly Hace 11 días
fontaine brings lot of surprises. i previously decided to quit after 3.6 but the archon quest in 4.0 was too epic to be skipped. it brings me back again. cant wait for the next chapters of archon quests❤❤❤
nini Hace 10 días
this is beautiful 😭😭😭 and omg i can’t wait to see more of neuvillette soon!
SpookWave Hace 12 días
I hope Neuvillete's theme stays similar to what it is in this trailer. It sounds so amazing.
Tyler Matheson
Tyler Matheson Hace 11 días
i think neuvillete is secretly an archon ...
Coach Bamboo
Coach Bamboo Hace 11 días
​@Tyler MathesonYou thought wrong. There are no other active gods besides the 7
MiZsTeAk Hace 11 días
@Tyler Mathesonhe’s the hydro dragon
chizumi Hace 11 días
😍Satans wife😍
😍Satans wife😍 Hace 11 días
A.A.F.A Hace 8 días
Genshin impact trailers are amazing as always I'm just so happy that neuvillette is a character now and also I think neuvillette and wriotyesley know each other and also I hope that wriotyesley and facalors become characters soon too. This even truly is a mystery and I can't wait to find out more abt it!!😆😁
Rxnatopos! Hace 9 días
I almost cried throughout the trailer 😭, I already want it to be 4.1, I'm very excited
pathe Hace 11 días
I don't understand how the music keeps getting better and better and better every time amazing amazing so many chills during just this one trailer
seectumsempra .-.
seectumsempra .-. Hace 11 días
это первый трейлер, который вызвал у меня восторг, а играю я практически с релиза игры.. музыкальному сопровождению ставлю 300 баллов из 10 🤯
Daniel Dodson
Daniel Dodson Hace 11 días
Dear Lord, 3:28 game me chills. I was not expecting Neuvillette to go full Moses. That shot of him holding back the primordial sea was so epic and packed full of emotion. Can't wait to see it happen in the story.
Vincent Hace 11 días
Not only that but you can hear the real Furina talking to him as well
Daniel Dodson
Daniel Dodson Hace 11 días
@Vincent I know right! It reminds me of a theory I have about Furina, where she was originally much truer to her ideal, but much like Nahida, was not as well loved by the people of fontaine as Egeria was. As such, she had to constantly put on a show and curry favor in order to maintain her power/status as an archon. Perhaps this line is what Furina was like before centuries of insecurity took their toll.
graffty Hace 11 días
​@Daniel Dodson woahh thats a good theory first I thought the voice was egeria in neuvillete flashback but after seeing the other languange its definetly furina but much more calm its either furina has different personality or hint of egeria conciousness is inside of furina thats why she has 2 different colored eye or its just the old furina talking
Noodles Sama
Noodles Sama Hace 11 días
@Vincent it wasnt furina, u can hear the japanese , the one talking to him was elynas, the one we spoke to in the melusine quest. since it has to do with the melusine and elynas birthed the melusine
ysmn Hace 9 días
"Is this what justice means to you? ANSWER ME, NEUVILLETE!" really sounds so amazing!
Mistyplays Hace 9 días
I can't believe this is a game. This is to good.
David Camargo
David Camargo Hace 7 días
I never imagined a Genshin trailer would make me wanna cry
Kraudia Hace 10 días
Waow, this trailer send chills down my spine. And with the voice acting, this time I really love the English VA, especially Neuvillete.
Хару Додцу
Хару Додцу Hace 9 días
Невероятно захватывающий трейлер ❤ Очень интересно что дальше будет🤔🤨
deta Hace 12 días
It's honestly hilarious how the Anemo Archon is scorned for always being absent yet Mondstadt is the most peaceful nation in all of Teyvat, even with more than half of their military power absent. Stormterror couldn't hold a candle to the other nations' crises.
Gravity Raven
Gravity Raven Hace 11 días
To be fair, a lot of the bigger crisis from Monstadt happens before the game, and being the first area of the game, the developers probably didn't wanted to make it too complicated and probably didn't had everything planned out, just a general idea of were they wanted the game to go, but Venti does deserve the scorning, he literally let the aristocracy enslave Mondstadt, and he is just irresponsible overall, the whole "letting people be free" is just an excuse for him to be lazy and not worry of ruling over, or at the very least, supervise his region.
Keizel Harf
Keizel Harf Hace 11 días
Lore wise, Barbatos never absent. He's always appear when Mondstat in real danger.
فمفم-fmfm Hace 11 días
⁠@Gravity Raven tbh as someone who’s obsessed with venti for 2 years now i used to always get annoyed when it comes to opinions like yours and think but maybe he is forced to sleep! And other excuses. But now i dont mind this opinion because i watched nana and i want to see broken characters be wrong i want to see him struggle with all of this with him not taking care of his children i want him to face the reality that he is a horrible irresponsible god and i want to see how he will deal with it what types of consequences will he face because of it. If his second story quest is him putting his glass down and being forced to face his horrible decisions and if genshin is bald enough to keep consequences and show him as the simply bad god that he is that would be such a beautiful quest worthy of 3 years of wait and the character i love so much
lunorious1 Hace 11 días
Lorewise Mondstat is endgame content, with it beung the entrance to Celestia and Venti having ties with the God of time. That explains why Venti still still doesnt have a 2nd story quest.