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The Crew reacts to some of their favorite Bad and Great CGi Shots from the Star Wars Prequels!
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15 jun 2019

VFX Artists Reactreactvfx breakdownCGIStar WarsPrequelsAttack of the clonesrevenge of the sithThe Phantom MenaceJar Jar Binks






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Captain Teeko
Captain Teeko Hace un hora
No general grievous :c
Alex Martinis
Alex Martinis Hace 2 horas
hey you guys should review interstellar
Slopes Dot
Slopes Dot Hace 2 horas
Please do the Transformer series
Dey Hace 2 horas
Can you do a special on horror movies? Stuff like... the ghost covered by the flying sheets in The Conjuring? Also I request Mousehunt.
Chris Gee
Chris Gee Hace 4 horas
"Solo brought Maul back..." Me: Filthy Casuals...
Yobani Ibarra
Yobani Ibarra Hace 4 horas
Can you guys take a look at the movie Paul
to make a character like jar jar in full cgi in 1999 means he should be a really important character for the story, you know what i mean =)
Woodcock Hace 5 horas
Okay, say what you will about Maul and the Solo Movie, but Maul being alive for Star Wars Rebels was GREAT. Maul and Obi's final showdown was easily my favorite moment in that entire series.
saleem khokhar
saleem khokhar Hace 7 horas
Snaggletooth369 Hace 8 horas
I haven't gotten all the way through the video at the time that I'm posting this, but I'd like to say you guys are amazing! So glad I found your channel. One thing that i super SUPER love is the investigative bits where you break down how a shot was most likely done. I'd love a series just like that. And Clint... it totally is the kid from Jingle All The Way.
Gabe Rolon
Gabe Rolon Hace 8 horas
Please do the stranger things shot in the lab scene, it starts out in a room and the shot backs up through glass into another room
Niffian Hace 9 horas
It is the kid from Jingle All the Way. One of my favorite fun facts.
Dominic Davis
Dominic Davis Hace 9 horas
You guys should make a VFX class
Abraham Wondafrash
Abraham Wondafrash Hace 14 horas
pls react on fast and furious 6
Abraham Wondafrash
Abraham Wondafrash Hace 14 horas
pls react on fast and furious 6
SilverViper1000 Hace 14 horas
You really need to react to the first battle of episode 3, to LOTR and Hobbit. And I also would love to see you reacts to Godzilla 1998. I love old movies special effects and it seems you do too
Eastern Spy
Eastern Spy Hace 17 horas
The guy in the middle needs some fucking male testosterone, he sounds like a prepubecent trans teen lmfao.
mcallis2 Hace 19 horas
Didn't they add Christopher lee's face to the sword stunt double? I seem to remember that from the DVD special features. Shouldn't they have been able to add the light to his cg face then?
Teryn Midzain-Gobin
Teryn Midzain-Gobin Hace 20 horas
I was hoping to see episode 3s opening space battle scene. Unfortunately not this one but hopefully in a future one!? Please Great video happy I subscribed! I’m learning so much and you’re all fun to watch! Thank you
Deep hug
Deep hug Hace 22 horas
waist down was a story arc worth watching over the shoulder of my kids :D
Joe-so- DopeYT
Joe-so- DopeYT Hace un día
React to the Lego movie vfx
VandelayOfficial Hace un día
Please please do a vid on a Godzilla movie.
PaulToombes Hace un día
this man really owe my boy 10 whole dollars thats fuckin insane
Deep hug
Deep hug Hace 22 horas
still this thing called... Google gasp #5minutesofgooglecanmakeyoulooksmart IKR?! There was such a surge of feedback about Maul's death and resurrection, ala Boba Fett'
WoodleyHD Hace un día
The apartment venom seen I have no idea how they did it please react
Michael Fregoso
Michael Fregoso Hace un día
Please do alita battle angel
Devon Zaehler
Devon Zaehler Hace un día
Clone wars said Maul was alive, Solo just rolls with it.
Mike O'Shea
Mike O'Shea Hace un día
there is a part in that fight scene where Maul's blade passes through a door frame, can't believe you missed that
dirty47 Hace un día
I'm new to the channel. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!
Jj Lim
Jj Lim Hace un día
What has been seen. Cannot be unseen
Slap Riem
Slap Riem Hace un día
Victor Coutinho
Victor Coutinho Hace un día
10:30 actually maul is shown alive since the clone wars show
Alejandro Wohlmuth Queijeiro
Lord of the rings
Cliff Compton
Cliff Compton Hace un día
React to Mortal Engines.
TwistDraw Hace un día
I’d love to see @corridor crew do green lantern. Not just to watch them rip it apart, but to see if there is a single redeeming factor
Matsa Sune
Matsa Sune Hace un día
I can't believe I have to say this but, solo didn't bring maul back and neither really did clone wars. It was a book or a comic I forget which. What clone wars did and why so many love it was brought a bunch of fan favorite lore into cannon and visualized it while remaining true to the original design to some extent.
ChilledGamerTV Hace un día
Exploration Station
Exploration Station Hace un día
Nah clone wars the TV show brought back Maul
Ebs SSJ Hace un día
Do starship troopers!
Ajay mc manus
Ajay mc manus Hace un día
How does it cost money to make cgi, is there not like a free website thay let's u do it?
Ed Nigma
Ed Nigma Hace un día
I echo the comments about your comment about "The movie Solo basically said that Darth Maul is still alive" even if you never saw any of the animated series, Rebels, there's still this thing called... Google *gasp* #5minutesofgooglecanmakeyoulooksmart IKR?! There was such a surge of feedback about Maul's death and resurrection, ala Boba Fett's resurrection (he survived in the novels I've heard - See? I haven't read those but that 5 minutes on google paid off ;) ) that his whole dark journey to becoming a cyborg from the waist down was a story arc worth watching over the shoulder of my kids :D
Juliette Elton
Juliette Elton Hace un día
Please react to the Narnia special effects I always thought they were amazing
Wild Lands Airsoft
Wild Lands Airsoft Hace un día
Anything from Saving Private Ryan! So many cool tricks in that movie
MrKaje72 Hace un día
Can we please do a STOP MOTION review? Something really challenging like Coraline, or something very interesting like an Isle of Dogs. Or why not one dedicated to STOP MOTION...so that way we can hit more than one.....
nypad5 Hace 2 días
This is such an interesting video I just hate how it has to be plagued with like... ESvid Algorithm tropes just to appeal to "everybody". that whole part with the JakeLoydd? kid. "DUDE LIKE DUDE...DUDE HE WAS TOTALLY...DUDE HE WAS IN JINGLE ALL THE WAY." "ahhhhh hell no bro thats not him" "dude...liek...dude, omg like its totally him" "Nahhhh man no way nooo way man" "dude ...dude..I bet you like 40 bucks thats him man DUDE!" then it just ends... wow great. really funny guys. But hey, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to get the Family Guy demographic.
Bernard Welsh
Bernard Welsh Hace 2 días
One thing the new trilogy does differently with the lightsabers is that the props have colored LEDs in them. So they are able to light the faces of actors and the environment.
Hunter T
Hunter T Hace 2 días
I don't understand the qui qon clipping part at all
Logan West
Logan West Hace 2 días
Real Star Wars fans like you guys claim you are would know that Darth Maul was shown to survive in the Clone wars show, and in Star Wars rebels. I pity how dumb you feel after you’ve seen solo without knowing all that
Tray Chester
Tray Chester Hace 2 días
I didn't get the notification again. Argh.
Kilroy was Here
Kilroy was Here Hace 2 días
The darth maul fight is the best part of the prequels change my mind
animemotorcycleclub Hace 2 días
I knew I'd seen your Bosstown video with the real logo on it.
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