Video of Conor McGregor Punching Old Man in Head in Whiskey Dispute | TMZ Sports

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Conor McGregor uncorked a shot to the head of an elderly man in an Irish bar in a dispute over whiskey -- Conor's whiskey -- and TMZ Sports got this video showing the violence.
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15 ago 2019






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Comentarios 27 773
Kaji Otosaka
Kaji Otosaka Hace 11 horas
He used his Up+B
Abdul Shohid
Abdul Shohid Hace 15 horas
Mcnugget is all talk and hype
Tuavae 241711
Tuavae 241711 Hace 23 horas
Great guy
Argent 2
Argent 2 Hace un día
That is when DANA WHITE promotes low lives rats in MMA sports and not actually values skill set just who is biggest clown and who will bring them more money.
khabib murder this man
Salford Pride
Salford Pride Hace un día
What a pussy!!! I doubt he can even beat Roy Keane 1on1 without throwing any cheap pussy punch.. punch when people looking straight at you; not behind them...what a PUSSY!!!
Realistic Views
Realistic Views Hace un día
Paul C J Cambell YOU SAID : " It's kinda tragic that this type of Behaviour is Condoned......what about pressing assault charges against Conor ? He is a bully.....". Most likely , the Connie---Bitch just Settled----It----Out----Of----Court , just like he has done with other cases........1 of them , being the Altercation that Connie----Bitch Single----Handedly Beat---Up the BUS , Knowing for Guaranteed that the BUS Will Never Ever Hit Back.
Mustafa S
Mustafa S Hace un día
The real bandit is this guy. Not the eagle jumping from the cage against Conor’s gay team. Connor you fuck up
will homeby
will homeby Hace un día
Old man told Conor he punches like a chicken. Conor said, I tap like one too
Agna Ilmi
Agna Ilmi Hace un día
what a disgrace, right now his name is Connor fucking McNugget
Paul C J Campbell
Paul C J Campbell Hace un día
It's kinda tragic that this type of behaviour is condoned,,,,what about pressing assault charges against Conor? He is a bully,,,,,,,,
Jak Hace un día
9.5 mil views haha shame
Khairuul Anwar
Khairuul Anwar Hace un día
That old man say" my grandson can punch more better 😂😂" he can't feel anything conor
michael angelo
michael angelo Hace un día
what you doing man lol
Onel Infinity
Onel Infinity Hace un día
Can you find the GAY in the video? Yes !! It's Conor McGregor !
Liew Liew
Liew Liew Hace un día
Coward Connor. Find me I will knock the fuck out of you including 10 generations of Connors!
dany kinslow
dany kinslow Hace 2 días
Connor McGregor is a fucking piece of shit, period
Armageddon Hace 2 días
Khabib ended his career. Now he is kicking drunk grandpa for a living.
Jarvis . J
Jarvis . J Hace 2 días
He clearly threw the whiskey at him.
conic9 Hace 2 días
That was really low
Akilles97 Hace 2 días
mcChicken felt irrelevant after the khabib loss.
Elmito Itachi
Elmito Itachi Hace 2 días
This guy got a stronger chin than aldo
Kobe24 Hace 2 días
Conor is the UFC version of Adrien Broner
Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Hace 2 días
This is how he injured his hand
Kodi-Experte-Fire-Stick KEFS
Khabib : gregor i fuck you ...gregor: and i fuck the old man :)))
Kodi-Experte-Fire-Stick KEFS
Please drink no Alcohol
Kodi-Experte-Fire-Stick KEFS
This man is a terrorist
Kodi-Experte-Fire-Stick KEFS
What a fucking man
chupacabra Hace 2 días
Haha hilarious
Goutam Real01
Goutam Real01 Hace 2 días
Whiskey and your bad attitude will drag you down conor.
Who Me
Who Me Hace 2 días
Just lost any remaining respect for this douche.
rajarshi kumar
rajarshi kumar Hace 2 días
Conor is practicing with old men for rematch with Khabib.. And getting rejected for aweful 'Proper Twelve'...
Turan H-zade
Turan H-zade Hace 2 días
After punching an old man Conor McChicken : "My hand is a balloon, my hand is balloon." "Help me Dana"
Turan H-zade
Turan H-zade Hace 2 días
Hey Conor McChicken. You are the fooking coward and shit. Fuck you and your fucking Irish whiskey. I can even KO you now. You are the shittest person in the world.
Rama Ramadhan
Rama Ramadhan Hace 2 días
Where conor fans?? Fuck u All.
Kratos Spartan
Kratos Spartan Hace 2 días
fuck you Irish crybabe
David Dumont
David Dumont Hace 2 días
jeremy ferrari
jeremy ferrari Hace 3 días
Que paso alguien me puede explicar?
Bitch Please
Bitch Please Hace 3 días
After punching the old man Conor yelled "Me fewt was a belloon"
Khaleel Abulnaja
Khaleel Abulnaja Hace 3 días
His actions are comparable to his chest tattoo, a joke
CovertPhilosopher Hace 3 días
at least there is a silver lining in all of this for the old man, he will get a sweet ass retirement when this is settled
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan Hace 3 días
Imagine the sound: "You'll do nothin, old maan, you'll do nothin"
Jasper M
Jasper M Hace 3 días
connor went just like the irish dude at the end of rocky 4 lol
X88B88 Hace 3 días
Loool that guy didn’t even flinch!
andria gamgoneishvili
i just lost all respect for connor and its very sad to me what does he do except drink anymore its his fall from grace you need to put down the alcahol and start trainning NOW and he needs to prove why he is the notorius conner mcgregor
Novan Hamid
Novan Hamid Hace 3 días
Does he represent how Irishmen? I think yes. Big mouth and idiot.
Mahendra Suyadi
Mahendra Suyadi Hace 3 días
😂😂😂 he can't KO old man...what a shame
dr solz
dr solz Hace 3 días
The old man took that left hand like it was a pat on the back....Not 1 fook was given...probably grabbed his walking stick n went to go read the newspaper in the park
daniel siwak
daniel siwak Hace 3 días
Ziya Deen
Ziya Deen Hace 3 días
uno más entre varios
Pussy mcgregor
Edgar De Luna
Edgar De Luna Hace 4 días
What a piece of shit ban this Weasel from the UFC!
Jennifer S
Jennifer S Hace 4 días
Supremefrey Hace 4 días
thats how you know connor mcgregor can talk shit but he is weak and has no honor and pride he calls himself an mma fighter and punches an old man
Strangers Alliance
Strangers Alliance Hace 4 días
How dumb can you be. Invest millions on your whiskey business, promote it at every occasion en then punch an old man for not drinking it. I hope this is also the downfall of his whiskey business, that would be great.
talha zubair
talha zubair Hace 4 días
Khabib:You think whiskey will help you? Well now I understood what khabib really meant😂
copyy copyy
copyy copyy Hace 4 días
Send me location.
Александр Дробот
macherghorg like a little girl ......
Mcgregor is past
Mo Ali
Mo Ali Hace 4 días
Lol the old geeza was still chillin waiting on his next drink
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