Village Food in Sri Lanka - Epic 19 DIFFERENT Sri Lankan Dishes!

Mark Wiens
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Weligama is a beautiful town on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, and they happen to have some incredible local food. During the Best of Sri Lanka Food Tour with The Hungry Tourist, we were invited by Uchith and Nick to a relatives home, where they prepared a massive home cooked village cooking and eating experience.
I went a little early to see some of the Sri Lankan food cooking and as they prepared all the dishes. Most of the Sri Lankan food dishes were prepared in earthenware clay pots, cooked over fire to give each dish an incredible complexity and smokiness.
There were more than 19 different Sri Lankan food dishes that they prepared and that we tasted during the day. Some of the dishes were local regional southern Sri Lankan food, and each was spectacular in flavor and complexity of spice.
I wanted to take a little of every single dish, and my plate piled up so high, I didn’t ever realize it. It was an absolutely Sri Lankan food feast!
Huge thank you to Uchith, Nick, and Lakk from The Station LK for hosting us at their family home and for putting on a spectacular home cooked village food experience in Sri Lanka!
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17 mar 2019






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Saroj Chase
Saroj Chase Hace 3 minutos
You dissapoint....how can you pile your platter with all that food, you are not sure what you are eating. Each dish has different spices. To do honour to your hostels you should have tasted each dish individually
صُدَîمْيْ ۆـڱدُî
Vlog Bea k
Vlog Bea k Hace 20 horas
You need a bigger plate Mark :) its look awesome..omg i get hungry when i watch this
Mkina bcn
Mkina bcn Hace 20 horas
nervous?? 4:11
Shirani Nadira
Shirani Nadira Hace un día
නියමයිනේ 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Kange Dai
Kange Dai Hace un día
Ansi Basi
Ansi Basi Hace un día
OMG.... I live in UK... missing all these heavenly food from my mother island.... makes me my mouth watering....
jaclin16 Hace un día
omg this makes me want to become a food vlogger. That home cooked meal, amazing!
Yamuna Liyanage
Yamuna Liyanage Hace un día
Thanks mark......
Malinda Vlogs
Malinda Vlogs Hace un día
visit srilanka.
Lorena Galvan
Lorena Galvan Hace un día
I love Sri Lanka
Sajid Saleh
Sajid Saleh Hace 2 días
Mathis Bailey
Mathis Bailey Hace 2 días
Mark has a bottomless stomach....I would've been stuffed eating the durian alone.
Deepa Swamy velu
Deepa Swamy velu Hace 2 días
U r amazing ur expression ur enthusiasm nice to see
sangeethani prasangika
Omg.....i'm soooooooo hungry 😛😛
Nawodi De Alwis
Nawodi De Alwis Hace 2 días
These are the real sri lankan foods traditional foods in sri lanka.. once again welcome to sri lanka
Rhonda Heggs
Rhonda Heggs Hace 3 días
Suranga Sumith Araa
Suranga Sumith Araa Hace 3 días
umer ca
umer ca Hace 3 días
Look like not good
Susan Velves
Susan Velves Hace 3 días
A plateful Mark!!!!! How do you pack it in? Loving Sri Lanka. Everyone is so nice and the food is incredible.👍👍
sher ali
sher ali Hace 4 días
Nice to see great hospitality, love from Pakistan ( Long live Sri Lanka and Pakistan friendship)
Fatin Hamamah
Fatin Hamamah Hace 4 días
Wow Sri Lanka have Durian too
Nadeeka Karuna Padilage
Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I love duurian
Mene Kim
Mene Kim Hace 4 días
hello brother
salani samira
salani samira Hace 5 días
You come agen my srilankan nice video
Kanimozhiprabha Kanimozhiprabha
Feel jealous on u man
Asanka Disanayaka
Asanka Disanayaka Hace 6 días
thankes mark we are now in aussi
Choclatcotton Hace 6 días
Some beautiful souls in Sri Lanka
Nupur Hasan
Nupur Hasan Hace 6 días
Please don’t show any prog items
Suranji Nisha
Suranji Nisha Hace 6 días
❤ ❤
Vida en abundancia
Vida en abundancia Hace 7 días
I can't believe it! A metate like in México in Srilanka?😮 the metate is that stone where the lady smashes the chily we used to use it a lot specially at South México.
Natz 0775509041
Natz 0775509041 Hace 7 días
Thanks for coming to srilanka Mark wines.
Inoka Darshani
Inoka Darshani Hace 8 días
Great video ..respect of you dr wooow this is my motherland 💕🙏
chala anal
chala anal Hace 8 días
I am choosy when it comes to food but all this varieties makes me hungry
Ohemaa Serwaa
Ohemaa Serwaa Hace 8 días
Gotta love Mark Weins! Love from ghana....check this out tho 👉👉👉 esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-b4L7dWuxjCs.html
neihoiching chongloi
sir i want you to visit manipur as well😊
Jayshree Waingankar
Jayshree Waingankar Hace 9 días
What a expression! After testing food. Ur cute baby, like my son. #Mark Wiens.
Thakshanika Lokaya
Thakshanika Lokaya Hace 9 días
Jair Canada
Jair Canada Hace 9 días
Did you try Kottu Roti ? I hear the sound of metal on metal I know it means good food... please watch my video eating Kottu in Sri Lanka ?esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-6VzSiYYR1wk.html
Do not spoon अरे भई हाथ से क्यों खा रहे हो
NoorAlishba's Cooking in Canada
Amazing 👌 👌 👏
Esteban Ventura
Esteban Ventura Hace 10 días
Just like the mexican one just that ours is a bowl
Nakamizo Nakano
Nakamizo Nakano Hace 10 días
Looks delicious!
Sanj Gunetileke
Sanj Gunetileke Hace 10 días
Thanks for another great video. I don't understand why anyone would down vote this?!
chandani geetha
chandani geetha Hace 10 días
Wow👍 thank you
Chandi nirosha Priyadarshani
Niyamai, Ape rate de niyametama deela thiyenawa.. 👍👌🙏💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐
Manju Kaur
Manju Kaur Hace 10 días
tanks .mr.mark.i.love you .
vigneshwara Hace 11 días
after all these many videos one thing u forgotten is how to eat......why u r stacking piles & piles of food all-together its the worst way to eat, u dont even know what the hell u ate disgusting style of eating
Anita Taib
Anita Taib Hace 11 días
Mark duria make tempoyak he
Ash channel
Ash channel Hace 11 días
Zahid Sandhu
Zahid Sandhu Hace 11 días
Beautiful sri Lanka love from Pakistan
#Biyahenimike# Cadena
#Biyahenimike# Cadena Hace 11 días
Wow great foods ever
ad Naz
ad Naz Hace 11 días
Love Sri Lanka from Pakistan
Danushka Nadun
Danushka Nadun Hace 12 días
Love you Mark..
Tripti Haldar
Tripti Haldar Hace 12 días
Ye khana Sara mila Kar nikale today test kaise Pata chalega bewokufo ka khajana are thodi Thodi Kar k nikalte or khate
carina hernandez
carina hernandez Hace 12 días
That molcajete!!
Lilani Rajakaruna
Lilani Rajakaruna Hace 12 días
Hi sir i like ur video ...
Master Recovery
Master Recovery Hace 12 días
Every time gives same expression Wooow woow woow please say something new
Jarrod Spurgeon
Jarrod Spurgeon Hace 13 días
Mark, How do you prepare for big meals? Do you do stomach enlargement exercises? Competitive eating? Love your videos. I pray for your family. Love Ying and Micah as well! God bless brother!
Jagath Wickramasekara
Jagath Wickramasekara Hace 14 días
the best ever in Mark's all videos
Jhen perera
Jhen perera Hace 14 días
I tried all this food already 🥰🥰🥰 my bf is from colombo Srilanka But presents we are now i dubai staying together i love Srilankan food spicy and yummy 😋
Thushara Indunil Gamage
This is the best review for Sri lankan Traditional Food and i greatly appreciate your effort. Thanks again Mark.
Traveler and Chef
Traveler and Chef Hace 15 días
somawathi warigamage
somawathi warigamage Hace 15 días
Welcome to sri 🇱🇰! I saw you like tearing while you were eating spicy.but i was watering my mouth,while you were eating.you have awesome experiense with every kind of food eating all over the world.💪👏👏😂😂
Carole Bridgeman
Carole Bridgeman Hace 15 días
I think this is one of the best videos
Shanique Simpson
Shanique Simpson Hace 16 días
Time for a tour of the Caribbean... Mark I'm inviting you to Jamaica, the land of wood and wata...take a trip,you won't regret it #Caribbeanpeople
Arangika Ranasingha
Arangika Ranasingha Hace 16 días
ape ratata Loku adambarayak
No way
No way Hace 16 días
OH| please
bubu joo Estes
bubu joo Estes Hace 16 días
Gaya Line
Gaya Line Hace 16 días
I love my country. Sri Lanka.
Copy TV
Copy TV Hace 16 días
Thanks Mark for uploading this video youtube.. Thanks again!!
Iram Sharif
Iram Sharif Hace 16 días
U r smile is to good n v innocent...
Iram Sharif
Iram Sharif Hace 16 días
Nice videos mark keep It up 👍
Sneha Sanbal
Sneha Sanbal Hace 16 días
U r Soo fit after eating thiiiiiiissssss much food how man
ruwan randeniya
ruwan randeniya Hace 17 días
ලංකාවේ උඹ ලා සෙට් එක නියමයි බං ❤❤
*Somerset Skylark*
*Somerset Skylark* Hace 17 días
This whole scene was just beautiful 🤗😍what a lovely experience for us to share with you all! Thanks for all your videos they are the best 🌻🌻
K John
K John Hace 17 días
Sri Lanka looks badass.
K John
K John Hace 17 días
Doing the amazing Sri Lanka proud.
PajHuab Ncua Vwj
PajHuab Ncua Vwj Hace 17 días
Wow.....that's alot of food.
Stella-Grace TV
Stella-Grace TV Hace 17 días
Mark how comes you don't gain weight from all these gross eating? You are so blessed
SAKUN Hace 17 días
This is the best sri lankan food review video i hv ever seen in youtube. Just amazing!! Totally unique sri lankan dishes. Thats the most important thing when you visit any other country. Always Try their unique dishes in their traditional way. At the end of this i felt sad coz i hvnt tried some of these yet as a sri lankan. 🙈 Good luck guys! Love from Sri lanka. ❤
Prathamesh Pable
Prathamesh Pable Hace 17 días
Me @ 12:54 .. Checking flights to Srilanka.. 😋😋😋
Jill Meli
Jill Meli Hace 17 días
U always amaze me - now I want to Visit Sri Lanka For the Coconut 🥥 and Curry 🍛 Yum!!
Ivan Goldreck Uy
Ivan Goldreck Uy Hace 18 días
What a food plate but if you taste all of it... It taste the same. Mark you should have another plate to explain what kind of food is that and how is the taste.
Halime Kurtoglu
Halime Kurtoglu Hace 18 días
07.17. “ o kadar lezzetliki” i heard someone speaking Turkish?
Shehan Kolambage
Shehan Kolambage Hace 18 días
Does anyone know this place in Weligama? I Can’t wait to have a lunch there next time in my vacation ❤️❤️❤️
Hec Oxy
Hec Oxy Hace 18 días
Great hosts and great trip Mark! Sri Lankan food looks amazing. Drooling in SoCal.
Kusal Silva
Kusal Silva Hace 18 días
Mark is the luckiest guy on the earth 🌍. He eats a lot of food but never gets fat. 😁 Good luck mark.
I deal aspirin
I deal aspirin Hace 5 horas
Mate, matt stonie
Deepa Swamy velu
Deepa Swamy velu Hace 2 días
Yu r right absolutely
aqeel malik
aqeel malik Hace 18 días
Love from pakistan to siri lanka wishbu peace and properity
aqeel malik
aqeel malik Hace 9 días
+Agatha Christieif a scadule cast person is not on a respect able position then beheding of him and his family is right and rapping the womens just bcz therer religion or cast is not well u people are hypocrates ....
Agatha Christie
Agatha Christie Hace 10 días
+aqeel malik our president belong to schedule caste...we touch his feet because he is at respectable position and u r talking hypocrite
aqeel malik
aqeel malik Hace 10 días
+Agatha Christie what do u know about extremeisam and radical islamist and wht about the hindu isam just slagtring people bcz they salughter a cow u hindus even dont shke hands with the low casts hindes
aqeel malik
aqeel malik Hace 10 días
+Agatha Christie go get ur life u dont know whts going on
Florence Napa
Florence Napa Hace 18 días
Ooh yes ooh yes
paradise lotus
paradise lotus Hace 18 días
thank you mark .....for this great video!
nisha cherian
nisha cherian Hace 18 días
Best video Ever... Food looks amazing!!! I wish I could taste all of it😘
Nisar Khan
Nisar Khan Hace 18 días
I'm.Pakistani.me vist colombu 15 day nice good mor mor good from india
Agatha Christie
Agatha Christie Hace 16 días
But Pakistan is terrorist country
Janet's Purpose
Janet's Purpose Hace 18 días
I love your videos, i would love for you to show us like a man in your video of where the location is, I show these videos to my daughters
Vanathee Jeyananthan
Vanathee Jeyananthan Hace 19 días
Omgggg my mouth is watering..... looks amazinggg!!!!
ChesaYamisa Hace 19 días
im not used to watching food orgys. That coconut is so WEIRD! its like...natures fluffnut version of a marshmello...
Robinson Dubai
Robinson Dubai Hace 19 días
Thank you for you coming srilanka and marking this video 👍
Shouki Fong
Shouki Fong Hace 19 días
Tim Sykes?!!!!
Shouki Fong
Shouki Fong Hace 19 días
😍😍😍oh boy much better than 5star fancy food!!!
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