Village Food in Sri Lanka - Epic 19 DIFFERENT Sri Lankan Dishes!

Mark Wiens
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Weligama is a beautiful town on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, and they happen to have some incredible local food. During the Best of Sri Lanka Food Tour with The Hungry Tourist, we were invited by Uchith and Nick to a relatives home, where they prepared a massive home cooked village cooking and eating experience.
I went a little early to see some of the Sri Lankan food cooking and as they prepared all the dishes. Most of the Sri Lankan food dishes were prepared in earthenware clay pots, cooked over fire to give each dish an incredible complexity and smokiness.
There were more than 19 different Sri Lankan food dishes that they prepared and that we tasted during the day. Some of the dishes were local regional southern Sri Lankan food, and each was spectacular in flavor and complexity of spice.
I wanted to take a little of every single dish, and my plate piled up so high, I didn’t ever realize it. It was an absolutely Sri Lankan food feast!
Huge thank you to Uchith, Nick, and Lakk from The Station LK for hosting us at their family home and for putting on a spectacular home cooked village food experience in Sri Lanka!
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17 mar 2019

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gangie die 19
gangie die 19 Hace 21 un hora
ohhhhhhhhhhhh wawwww
Pathum Herath
Pathum Herath Hace un día
Mark need guidance for how to eat Sri Lankan food..😉
SL memo
SL memo Hace 3 días
Wani Maline
Wani Maline Hace 3 días
INOKA SUDATH Hace 4 días
Rats inna api meva dakin kota nikamma kela gilenvoo😛😛😛😛😛😛👍👍👍👍ammo rasma rasai
Sam Ranarana
Sam Ranarana Hace 4 días
Ela ela
Sheetal Sunwar
Sheetal Sunwar Hace 4 días
Yummy 😊😊😊😊😊😊
Henna Rush Japan
Henna Rush Japan Hace 4 días
Omg I miss you Sri Lanka I’m coming soon 😔
Mangalika Godakumbura
අගයමු අපේ කම දිනේවා මාතෘ භූමි නමදිමි සැමදා බොහොම ස්තුති ඔබ සැමට
lina limbu
lina limbu Hace 5 días
nice video😍😍 from Nepal
Sopnali Sopnali
Sopnali Sopnali Hace 5 días
Awsm mark
susantha shan
susantha shan Hace 5 días
very good but there still so many food in sri lanka ..........no where other place in the world ..
Ranga Thisaraka
Ranga Thisaraka Hace 5 días
Super fun ❤️👍welcome to sri lanka
Trimurti A murti
Trimurti A murti Hace 5 días
Mmmmmmmmm yummy ,i like ,we want to come srilanka soon.from indonesia.
Nanda ස්තුතිය දෙරණ
ගොඩක් සතුටුයි අපේ දේවල් ලෝකයට යනවට 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺
sujith madusanka
sujith madusanka Hace 6 días
Near polathu modara river weligama
aruna kumara
aruna kumara Hace 6 días
Coca-Cola duriian can be poison
Aniket Verma
Aniket Verma Hace 7 días
Mark your appetite...
Mathisha Dias
Mathisha Dias Hace 7 días
Thank you Mark for this lovely video. South of Sri Lanka is anyway a food paradise. What you experienced is a fraction of what Sri Lanka has to offer. There are experiances for a life time here. Greetings from ashramsrilanka.org
Akki Akki.
Akki Akki. Hace 7 días
kuntschok tsering donsang
🤣🤣🤣🤣 Mark put his finger under the covered meats and said, there is a rice inside this. 🤣🤣🤣
Jerome Fernando
Jerome Fernando Hace 8 días
Its 12.30 a.m. in the morning and I am extremely hungry mouth watering 😋 I miss eating sri lankan food . Please do come and visit my country it is an Amazing country gifted with majestic landscapes and wonderful hospitality it is a country like no other 🇱🇰 ❤️
Sumeer Sudhi
Sumeer Sudhi Hace 8 días
i love srilanka 😍😍
danu sandaruwan
danu sandaruwan Hace 8 días
Thatz the real srilankan way
Thrilakshanie Gajanayake
🇱🇰♥️🇱🇰♥️🇱🇰♥️🇱🇰♥️🇱🇰♥️That's My Country!!!! ඒ මගේ රටයි!!! Love You Sri Lanka!!! ආදරෙයි ශ්‍රී ලංකා!! 🇱🇰♥️🇱🇰♥️🇱🇰♥️🇱🇰♥️🇱🇰♥️🇱🇰♥️
peace to the world
peace to the world Hace 11 días
Welcome to sri lanka ! We are willing to host you with our happiness and hospitality. ..
vijaya fernando
vijaya fernando Hace 11 días
Love your video Mark. We stayed in Weligama. Really great holiday
Madusha Silva
Madusha Silva Hace 12 días
Best of luck. Oll of the group. Good. Job.. It's our country in srilanka.. I ❤️., 🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰
Jay Black
Jay Black Hace 12 días
I put a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of pepper, garlic powder and I think I'm really doing something. This video encourages me to step up my seasoning game!
chathura madusanka
chathura madusanka Hace 13 días
As sri lankan in my life i am not eat this much currys one time 🤣 mark seriously you are so lucky. thanks visit to sri lanka 🇱🇰
Bad Hippo
Bad Hippo Hace 17 días
Thats a paradise
Sadu Creations
Sadu Creations Hace 17 días
සුද්දන් ට ඔය වගේ කටට රහට කන්න නම් අපේ රට වල් වලට එන්නම වෙනවා.මොකද ඉතින් සුදු නෝනලා කන්නේ උයන්නේ එකම දේවල් නේ.පව් අප්පා.මෙලෝ රහක් තියෙනවද.වතුර වගේ.එකට ලන්කාවේ ගෑනු අදහන්න වටිනවා.👍🏼🇱🇰
Prakash M
Prakash M Hace 19 días
Superb awesome village food
chandika wijesingha
chandika wijesingha Hace 19 días
I am Sri Lanka ..Good Programe..I Like..
Dammika Tannakoon
Dammika Tannakoon Hace 20 días
Have a nice day සුබ දවසක්
DARK EMPEROR2020 Hace 21 un día
Mark were so lucky to taste one of the best food in the world.
HannahZafiro Hace 21 un día
That guy with nail polish was kinda nasty
Nirmal Pathirana
Nirmal Pathirana Hace 21 un día
Lion Editer Akeen
Lion Editer Akeen Hace 22 días
I. Love my country srilanka
Lion Editer Akeen
Lion Editer Akeen Hace 22 días
I like this gay
Hanifas home tour Trichy
I remove you because you eat pork which is haraam in islam
Saif Ullah Khan
Saif Ullah Khan Hace 20 días
@Hanifas home tour Trichy Sorry for being hostile brother and may you have a pleasant Ramadan
Hanifas home tour Trichy
@Saif Ullah Khan ok brother
Saif Ullah Khan
Saif Ullah Khan Hace 21 un día
Don't be close-minded
Damith Weerathunga
Damith Weerathunga Hace 22 días
Mark your so lucky man
Guna Mekhala
Guna Mekhala Hace 23 días
Hi nice
Sappy Samurai
Sappy Samurai Hace 23 días
Feeling kind of food deprived watching this! Wow! Bless Sri Lanka!! That meal looks ridiculously good!
sumith harshana
sumith harshana Hace 23 días
come here............. its amazing land
Sumith Anusha
Sumith Anusha Hace 23 días
sri lankan is my mom ..thank you bor
Dinesh Baduraliya
Dinesh Baduraliya Hace 23 días
පට්ට අඩම්බරයි කොල්ලනේ උබලා පෙන්නුවා ලොකෙටම srilanka අපි කොයිතරම් සංග්‍රහ ශිලි ජාතියක්ද කියලා 5star ගිහින් වත් ඔය කෙම කන්න ලැබෙන්නේ නේ
July Chetry
July Chetry Hace 23 días
Nirma Sandun
Nirma Sandun Hace 23 días
Woow mark.. good luck!!!
virgo wolf lupina
virgo wolf lupina Hace 23 días
very nice culture and way of cooking
virgo wolf lupina
virgo wolf lupina Hace 23 días
your zodiac is aquarius is it? or i m wrong?
This is exactly like South India!!!! Even some of the dishes are cooked as we Keralites do. I would suggest Mark to Visit Kerala (especially Malabar) and Tamil Nadu of India to try out the traditional dishes.
indeewara Jayasinghe
indeewara Jayasinghe Hace 16 días
yes ..there are so many Similarities..one reason may be having similar tropical climate with Coconut, similar vegetables and fruits
D RLVPRASAD Hace 26 días
Super bro 👌😙♥️ 🇱🇰sri lanka ♥️ from India 🇮🇳
AngelEver100 Hace 26 días
Beautiful country, beautiful peoples. RIP for the innocent souls got perished by some fanatic pigs.
syndle fernando
syndle fernando Hace 27 días
Hiru Vlog in Finland Srilanka
Hi, Hiru blog from FINLAND amazing to hear you like our SRILANKAN FOOD. We are all fan of youre Food travel videos. Youre doing very well. WHEN you have come next time Finland most Welcome to our home. Then you can taste Thilakasiris SRILANKAN TRADITIONAL Food. 🌼
Yesmart Online
Yesmart Online Hace 28 días
Wanna know all the secrets of Sri Lankan cuisines ?? Just buy this valuable book of Sri Lanka's finest chef lady. ! Limited Stocks Only ! yesmart.lk/collections/healthy-living-products-2019/products/fire-and-spice-the-cuisine-of-sri-lanka-curry-house-sri-lankan-cookbook
Prisilla Sterling
Prisilla Sterling Hace 29 días
Hey have you every try Jamaican food
Alen Imsirovic
Alen Imsirovic Hace un mes
haha he is high asf in most of his videos
Denver Gavin
Denver Gavin Hace un mes
This is paradise and the landscaping are so unique Food is amazing people incredible Love motherlank....Peace
syam sasindran
syam sasindran Hace un mes
Hey mark.. after having south Indian dishes lick your fingers... may be disgusting but it's a feelinggggggggggggg......
indeewara Jayasinghe
indeewara Jayasinghe Hace 16 días
in sri Lanka we don't entertain that..that's one thing we may be different in doing
isha perera
isha perera Hace un mes
Wht is this place ?
donna jackson
donna jackson Hace un mes
love love sri lankan food the chili, the sour, the intense flavour
Asil/Aseel USA
Asil/Aseel USA Hace un mes
You have to eat few things at a time with rice 😋.
Errol Khan
Errol Khan Hace un mes
Love it.
PinkiixxxmakeUp Hace un mes
My mouth always watery when I watch your videos my tastebuds go crazy wish I can teleport all of those yummy foods right to my tv Nd into my tummy
Mehnaz Naushad
Mehnaz Naushad Hace un mes
Love my 🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰
Drew Mosher
Drew Mosher Hace un mes
You should 100% go to Amman, Jordan!!!
Net Alibaba
Net Alibaba Hace un mes
hey mark im sri lankan and i live in italy at the moment, dude literally i'm dying watching you eat all of that goodness
mohamed faizal
mohamed faizal Hace un mes
Thanks a lot mark to visit srilanka i hope u will back again
amz Star
amz Star Hace un mes
Looks incredible lucky mark gets to eat it all lol very skilful cooks
ingrid jones
ingrid jones Hace un mes
That was some feast. Such great hospitality.
TONY GARGANO Hace un mes
Mark, this was a very insightful as well as educational look into Sri Lankan culture and food; the love for sharing friendship and food is inspiring.
Lillie Le
Lillie Le Hace un mes
What is the coconut?
Snarkado Hace un mes
King Coconut I think
Regina Lima
Regina Lima Hace un mes
O amor a comida a música e a dança une as pessoas ! Brasil x Sri Lanka 💕💋
Udana Shasthree
Udana Shasthree Hace un mes
Thanks Nelson mama and family..You have propagated a set of Sinhala traditional food to the world..And Thank you Mark and his team.....❤️
Amali Gode Vithanage
Hi what is the exact location of this place? Love to go 💖😊
CreeD_ D
CreeD_ D Hace un mes
CreeD_ D
CreeD_ D Hace un mes
Come to india
Champika Werasinha
Champika Werasinha Hace un mes
Very good I won't go to my country i mis my country food
Pritisha Chakraborty
has anyone noticed that Mark doesn't consume alcohol.
Albert Romero
Albert Romero Hace un mes
Oh wow! Lol
Fred Basset
Fred Basset Hace un mes
නිල් වන්
ade ape mark ayya 😍🥰😍🥰
thisuri liyanage
thisuri liyanage Hace un mes
Rita Lama
Rita Lama Hace un mes
Thanks Mark and the other people who invite him as well as us into their culture and tradition and the food. Pray and love for Sri Lanka and Mark family.
StephTheCoolKid Hace un mes
19 Sri Lankan Sinhalese Dishes , worth to specify just like you specify Tamil food in your other videos
Thilini Pathigoda
Thilini Pathigoda Hace un mes
Seeing your videos I feel like I left food heaven to come here. Oh!. 😢😢😢😢. I took it for granted .
Yosisoy Sid
Yosisoy Sid Hace un mes
creo que exageras con el durian realmente no sabe tan bueno como haces pensar a la gente.
vineeth ch
vineeth ch Hace un mes
Bro I invite you Gods on country kerala in India
?? Hace un mes
mark brother thank you for old
?? Hace un mes
ohh my kuntri sri Lanka very nice itt thanks you come Sri Lanka 🙈🙉🙋🙌
Roshan fernando
Roshan fernando Hace un mes
did he eat that all
Nahzia Skye
Nahzia Skye Hace un mes
I just love the love and hospitality in these videos man!!! Oh the foooooood!
gaanan gaanan
gaanan gaanan Hace un mes
I'm from Jaffna srilanka Can you join with us?
gaanan gaanan
gaanan gaanan Hace un mes
Omg Where are you now?
Sdr Fuyal
Sdr Fuyal Hace un mes
love from nepal......
Amanda Senarathnalage
මෙහෙම කන්න නම් ඉතින් අපේ රටටම එන්න ඕන.මෙච්චර රස කෑම තියෙන්නෙත් අපේ ලංකාවෙම තමයි.ශ්‍රීලාංකිකයකු වීම ගැන හරිම ආඩම්බරයි මට නම්.
Danushka D A
Danushka D A Hace un mes
I know the taste of that meal. i'm from weligama and the lady(manike nanda) who cooked that meal is very close of my family. i know how tasty food she can make. waiting to go back to sri lanka to taste her food again.
Thushara mahi Mahi
Thushara mahi Mahi Hace un mes
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