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Why did Ryan not react to Anthony's name in the basement? Also the motivation behind Shane's bold style choice.
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16 oct 2019






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Comentarios 2 195
Lex Lou
Lex Lou Hace 3 días
Awww Ryan “ I don’t agree with her don’t think she should replace you...” AWW SO CUTE
Gen Gutierrez
Gen Gutierrez Hace 5 días
Hats sure are helpful huh
Shashank Shekhar
Shashank Shekhar Hace 6 días
Does any body not noticed the db cooper tshirt ryan is wearing
Mei O’Cummins
Mei O’Cummins Hace 6 días
Shane I don't think I understood the "ym good friend Ran Birgaria" please say it again?
Mei O’Cummins
Mei O’Cummins Hace 6 días
Please post a video on november 29th because it's my b-day and also the b-day of some british serial killer if i remember correctly it was "rose" or something from that serial killing couple years ago
Luna Bearess
Luna Bearess Hace 8 días
I'm surprised they didnt talk about when Phoenix said, "Thank you," when Ryan said how much he liked him and how he was a fan. If I was Ryan, id probably have cried
Ticci Tiffany
Ticci Tiffany Hace 8 días
When Shane Said “now we are gonna to youtube” I laugh s dang hard because of Shane face at that time
Ashleigh Miller-Hayes
Ghoulie boys!! I have a ghost! 👻 I never even turned on my captions but they just turned themselves on. Then I turned them off and they just turned back on!!! 😱😱😱
kayla boyd
kayla boyd Hace 9 días
6:16 ur welcome
Hayley Ann Marie
Hayley Ann Marie Hace 9 días
Shanes shirt looks like an upside-down pentagram, demon Shane confirmed
Angel Savannah
Angel Savannah Hace 9 días
RUSTPUNKtv RUSTPUNKtv Hace 10 días
Shane’s shirt proves he’s a demon
Theo Sherman
Theo Sherman Hace 10 días
Whatever happened to Freerangegrasss
Ashley Victoria
Ashley Victoria Hace 11 días
Nice hair, boys
Delanie Campbell
Delanie Campbell Hace 11 días
ryan: have a conversation with yourself in the dark! Me, who had DID: so here's the thing-
Saikopath Hace 12 días
All hail the watcher
Saikopath Hace 12 días
Shane's hair is the best thing I've ever seen, really, I love it
Grace Love
Grace Love Hace 13 días
Why is Shane's shirt perfectly pressed but Ryan's is like a Mcdonalds burger wrapper after like two weeks?
dumb lesbian
dumb lesbian Hace 14 días
comment about the dad reminds me of when i walked in on my parents watching the show
KimPinPenguin Hace 15 días
Please don't exchange Shane, Just don't.
Marcee F
Marcee F Hace 15 días
Bullocks. If Shane leaves, I’M OUT!! SHANEIACS UNITE!!💗🎉🥰
Miriam Perkins
Miriam Perkins Hace 16 días
Did anyone notice their hair at the beginning? It was so messy, and then they put hats on Lol
Elka Olafson
Elka Olafson Hace 17 días
I can’t hear ‘Anythony!’ Anymore since listening to game grumps
Brenny Boy
Brenny Boy Hace 17 días
This episodes roastmortem scares me
MsLunaWinter Hace 18 días
I didn't like her. I love Shane way better ♡
T Fangirl
T Fangirl Hace 18 días
RaG3 Ac3
RaG3 Ac3 Hace 18 días
Rip jokers brother
Dakota Schule
Dakota Schule Hace 18 días
This week on Top 10 videos that made me turn down the volume when my family came into the room
Carolyn McHugh
Carolyn McHugh Hace 18 días
you do realize you guys just described like every youtuber... aka people who just talk to themselves and film it in their room alone...
TheARGblue Hace 19 días
What the hell is going on with y'all's hair? No Shane it is not style! #RoastMortem
Abihail G. López
Abihail G. López Hace 19 días
Is no one gonna mention THE HAIR
Rigpa Hace 20 días
When Shane sees a real ghost the ghost will run for the hills with that hair of his and he will say not a ghost but Ryan i saw your mom. :)
Sarah D
Sarah D Hace 20 días
i can't believe style died on shane's head
Catherine Nicole
Catherine Nicole Hace 20 días
Shane is your friendly neighborhood demon
Correy Kowall
Correy Kowall Hace 20 días
Bring back Reed.
Sharon McComb
Sharon McComb Hace 20 días
Why bring him with u
Steph Ss
Steph Ss Hace 20 días
8:20 Social experiment: talk to yourself, and not look crazy for 20 minutes. Well, go to streaming platforms and watch people talk to themselves, endlessless..... Streamers do it all the time. Challange, debunked.
Steph Ss
Steph Ss Hace 20 días
Is the New Romantic era hair coming back?? Yeeeesss
LittlexLola Hace 20 días
That hair at the beginning tho 😂
Rania Hace 20 días
Wtf happened to your hair
Carla Burkhart
Carla Burkhart Hace 21 un día
Hard to get a coffee? In London?? Where the hell did you go??
Noelia Gonzalez
Noelia Gonzalez Hace 21 un día
This is the ghoul bois challenge! 😂😂 talk to yourself for 15 minutes in Shane's mind
MiCKi914 Hace 21 un día
The fact that Ryan admits that you can hear different things in the spirit box just proves that it's all horseshit. It's all subjective.
Emma Cook
Emma Cook Hace 21 un día
No one: Shane’s hair: ⬅️⬆️⬇️↗️↘️➡️↙️↖️⤴️⤵️↩️🔄🔀
Real_Jim Halpert
Real_Jim Halpert Hace 21 un día
I talk to myself in my room all the time
chaoticinflation Hace 21 un día
Shane is actually wholesome and cares abt Ryan 😤😤😤😤
peeping ukulele
peeping ukulele Hace 21 un día
9:33 Shane 🤣🤣
tate wind
tate wind Hace 21 un día
@Shane Madej, I wouldn't say your life is meaningless. You have a net worth of 1 million
Ruguru K
Ruguru K Hace 22 días
To shreds you say...
Cecelia Jones
Cecelia Jones Hace 22 días
#BringReedBack 😂😂😂
Bunnxie Hace 22 días
I think they’re friends but idk..
Stella Starlight
Stella Starlight Hace 22 días
Pssht. I knew Shane is a runner. He got dat playboy bod.
L S Hace 22 días
Roast mortem today sounded like big bill hell combined with the sunday sunday sunday Meadowlands arena monster truck commercial
Halia Leigh
Halia Leigh Hace 22 días
I literally talk to myself/ghosts everyday so like...I like to think I’m pretty good at it😂😂😂😂
Kendall Rugebregt
Kendall Rugebregt Hace 22 días
I missed last weeks postmortem and when you guys said she’s great, I stopped watching and went to watch that. It was so good. She really did nail it.
Gurly Gurl
Gurly Gurl Hace 22 días
I wanna see Ryan when he goes back to listen to the spirit box responses
Trash Trash
Trash Trash Hace 22 días
In a dim room I could hold a conversation with myself forever. In a pitch black room I could probably do the same if I were in the right mindset. But In a pitch black room Id sleep. Or tell stories.
RanndiMarie01 Hace 23 días
You did not answer why they haven’t dug up the crawl space. That was the one question I wanted answered!
Hedge Witch
Hedge Witch Hace 23 días
OK, I gotta ask- who is Shane mouthing words to in the beginning of the video? I can't be the only person who noticed this, lol
JennTasya Hace 23 días
definitely my favourite post mortem in the last long while👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 crying laughing
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