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Creative Direction: Virgil Abloh

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29 nov 2021






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Exequiel Godoy
You are the Idol of many small designers.
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Virgil showed me that so much was possible
Pico Mingstones
Virgil really changed so many lives with his inspiration, seeing what everyone had to say just made you understand how important he was. Virgil changed my life, when I was younger I saw what he was doing with Pyrex and starting off white and just instantly fell in love with his work. We’ve all seen him progress all the way to becoming the creative director of lv and he has done an amazing job there putting everything into each collection. He inspired me to become a fashion designer from a young age and I’ve been working on that ever since, he has shown us where working hard gets you and it’s because of him that I’ve worked so hard to hopefully make my dreams come true. So far I’m still in school but getting the top levels and it’s because of the work ethic I’ve learned from Virgil. I owe it all to him, I’m so thankful and I am heartbroken that he is gone. My biggest dream was to work with him at lv one day and sadly that can’t ever come true now but he has inspired so many to continue his journey that his legacy will always be with us. Rest in peace goat 🕊✨®
This era lives forever.
Rest easy.
A career like his is really remarkable in the short time span he managed to accomplish it.
Awoken Entertainment
Awoken Entertainment Hace 21 un día
So many inspiring pieces here, may Virgil Abloh's legacy live forever.. 🤍🕊️
Samuel Ofoe
The ending makes even the coldest people cry...God Bless you eternally Virgil...Thank you for everything 😓😓
This is beautiful, he was ground breaking, they shouldn’t have took him so early, Rest In Peace Virgil.
Brian Kang
"Life is so short you can't even waste a day subscribing to what someone else thinks you can do versus knowing what you can do..." Virgil was here, but you are still here. Hope watching the show from heaven was even more magical than watching from my house.
Thank you for everything, Virgil. "FOREVER"
Numba 10
This was more than just a fashion show, it was a celebration of life through art. Although he’s no longer here with us, his energy radiates & he’ll forever live on through what he’s created for us to enjoy. This is living proof that if you have a dream and chase it to you can’t no more, it could definitely come true.
This show read like a love letter from Virgil. Thank you for sharing your beauty and greatness with us while you were here. May your family be comforted and find peace knowing how many lives were touched and inspired by you. ❤️🕊
catarina abreu lima
“Those who pass by us, do not go alone, and do not leave us alone; they leave a bit of themselves, and take a little of us.”
He devoted his life to the next generation and left a legacy for all of us to follow
Muffin Th3 MUA
This made me look at my son in a different light ❤️ I want him to be as fearless as Mr. Virgil was. Such an iconic man ❤️
So much love Virgil. Rest in Peace and Power
Hunter De La Ghetto III
He's given us sooo much in such a short time. Endless Vision. Perfect Execution. A Big Red Hot Balloon of creation.
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