Virginia vs. Clemson ACC Football Championship Highlights (2019)

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Virginia vs. Clemson: The Clemson Tiger won their 5th consecutive ACC Championship with a 62-17 win over Virginia. Clemson set ACC Championship game records for both points (62) and total yards (619). Wide receiver Tee Higgins was named game MVP as he had nine catches, 182 yards and touchdowns. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence threw for 302 yards and four touchdowns on 16 of 22 passing. Running back Travis Etienne had 14 carries for 114 yards and a touchdown. For Virginia, wide receiver Hasise Dubois caught 10 passes for 130 yards and a touchdown.

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8 dic 2019






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Clemson got that ass whooped
Haha that's what you get for playing a weak ass schedule. Geaux tiger's the real tigers
Marvin Gibson
Marvin Gibson Hace 19 días
Why didn't Bryce Hall play?
darius ennis
darius ennis Hace 23 días
virginia doesnt get recruits and its truly not fair
darius ennis
darius ennis Hace 23 días
virginia will return the favor in basketball
Da blah
Da blah Hace 27 días
Clemson is going to be in for a real surprise when they play LSU lol we aren’t scared of you whimpy Tigers at all
RingMaster Hace un mes
I could hear the game i was so close
Zach Holmes
Zach Holmes Hace un mes
This Clemson team is very good. Really wish they played tougher opponents. Also, wish the acc was more competitive, college football is better when it is
jose martinez
jose martinez Hace un mes
If Clemson doesn't win against the Ohio state buckeyes I'm done with sports
Deathdragoone 2.0
Deathdragoone 2.0 Hace 7 días
@Jason Gilbert I know lsu won against clemson 42-25
Jason Gilbert
Jason Gilbert Hace 7 días
@Deathdragoone 2.0 42-25
Deathdragoone 2.0
Deathdragoone 2.0 Hace un mes
jose martinez
jose martinez Hace un mes
My Clemson Tigers football team
joseph cristal
joseph cristal Hace un mes
As long as Clemson keeps playing glorified H.S. football teams they'll keep dominating. Good luck against LSU.
Ijaimi Valenti
Ijaimi Valenti Hace un mes
Subscribe to shunv plz
Travis Avino
Travis Avino Hace un mes
Its gonna be clemson or lsu for the. Championship hopefully clemson they should of gavr them harder schedule to keep them on there toes but lsu n cldmson will be great lsu gots no defense. But first got to get thru ohip this is grudge match justin beat Trevor in that qb show i cannot wait to see thesr games ohip got a defense so should be good
BeHappy Hace un mes
Even though VT lost to UVA, they're defense would have done a lot better At least it wouldn't have looked like a Pats vs Dolphins game
Kenneth Burleson
Kenneth Burleson Hace un mes
Riddle me this ......was this the worse game Tanner Muse has ever played???? Missed tackle after missed tackle......and getting burnt in pass coverage as usual.....I've said it for 2 years, Tanner Muse is. Outside Linebacker, NOT A SAFETY......GO TIGERS!!!!
CEE Smith
CEE Smith Hace un mes
So let me get this straight, this is suppose to be the team that’s going to beat Ohio State? Lmfao. What a joke
todd easterday
todd easterday Hace un mes
ACC football had to be one of the weakest divisions in NCAAF this year. Clemson annnnnd......UVA? That's it?
Phil Healy
Phil Healy Hace un mes
Never seen so many blown tackles in my life, Virginia
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Clemson biggest win in years in football 🏈🏉🐯👓
Andrew Hord
Andrew Hord Hace un mes
Wait until LSU plays Clemson ain't going to be scoring 60 points be lucky to score 20! LOL Georgia had 3rd best defense in the country and got blown out by LSU!! Bring on Clemson Ohio St don't matter this LSU Year ain't no one stopping that ELite offense. I will give credit to Lawrence he is a heck o a quauterback but wait till CLemson plays a real football Team and they also have to Play Ohio St so fun over for Clemson they bout to get a wake up call lol!!!
Dont'e Dwight
Dont'e Dwight Hace un mes
Georgia had a terrible, not even top 25 offense.
st3alyourb1tch Hace un mes
I would love for the chiefs to get travis etienne if possible 😂😂
sam hohl
sam hohl Hace un mes
Ohio state by 10 if fields gets healthy. Going to be a long day for clemsons D Line. That Girl Scout cupcake schedule is finally over.
Tiger TV
Tiger TV Hace un mes
Full Game: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-hqhRLDji1sY.html
lee jerome
lee jerome Hace un mes
Ilipan Hace un mes
Replace Clemson with USCjr in the ACC. An SEC Clemson could definitely grow its program with several thrilling matchups with other top teams. USCjr already plays a couple ACC teams every year, and they are not SEC caliber in football (4-8 even with UGA upset). The ACC would be a better place for them to have more closely matched games (like an annual UNC-USC rivalry). Then, Power 5 becomes Power 4. Conference Champion from SEC, B1G, Pac12, and B12 get into playoffs.
zebra3stripes Hace un mes
Even the girl who does the Trevor look-a-like videos had two TD passes.
Gaetana Nelson
Gaetana Nelson Hace un mes
Clemson will win it all.
Derek Russell
Derek Russell Hace un mes
Whole division is either to old (as in not good enough) or to young ( not experienced enough) and/ or most importantly fucking hurt
ClemsonMan4 Hace un mes
Why are there so many Hokies fans in this comment section. Y’all lost last week 😂
ClemsonMan4 Hace un mes
Sandiego2019 the one that I’m in a conversation down there is a psychopath. I told him to sit down and shut up because they have no bragging rights and he threw a temper tantrum 😂
Sandiego2019 Hace un mes
Exactly! They just got beat by Virginia but they feel like they would have gone on to beat Clemson. They study a different type of math out there. Would have been the same result. Clemson is just that good. 28 wins in a row should tell people something.
Derek Russell
Derek Russell Hace un mes
That’s why the coastal was like a car crash approaching the edge of a cliff with the bottom being an ass whipping
flash 22
flash 22 Hace un mes
Clemson- please kick the shit out of OSU
Serge R
Serge R Hace un mes
OSU vs Clemson Any thoughts?
John Daniels
John Daniels Hace un mes
@joseph cristal sounds. Good we ohio state fans are sitting here laughing our ass off were planning on beating them like dogs
joseph cristal
joseph cristal Hace un mes
Idk what to do for Clemson on that game. They're going up against practically an NFL team.
flash 22
flash 22 Hace un mes
Clemson by 2-3 TDS. 5 TDs is OSU comes out like they did last night
wahoo strike
wahoo strike Hace un mes
Clemson wins it all again the offence is too good cant be stopped
Gaming History Source
Let's be honest ... Did we really expect a different outcome ?
CME Hace un mes
Virginia cannot tackle lol
joseph cristal
joseph cristal Hace un mes
Give Virginia a break. They're only a high school team, just like the rest of who Clemson have played so far.
Ryan Estrada
Ryan Estrada Hace un mes
All of us Ohio State fans are sad about playing against Clemson in the Semifinals.
flash 22
flash 22 Hace un mes
Good luck. Might be another massacre
Avy Kirpan
Avy Kirpan Hace un mes
The comments man y'all cracking me up. Anyways im a clemson fan
Jay Ellis
Jay Ellis Hace un mes
Clemson vs Ohio state in fiesta Bowl gone be a good one
Chris Ruth
Chris Ruth Hace un mes
I'm picking Clemson to beat Ohio State in a close game in the #2 vs #3 playoff game
flash 22
flash 22 Hace un mes
They will fuck OSU up like they did in 2016
Bert Hull
Bert Hull Hace un mes
4:42 Clemson scored so much, they couldn't even fit all the touchdowns in the summary video.
T South
T South Hace un mes
SmithN' Wesson
SmithN' Wesson Hace un mes
Clemson has some elite WR/RBs.
Jesse Smith-Garcia
Jesse Smith-Garcia Hace un mes
This reminds me of when Florida State owned the ACC for the entire 1990's, that dominance eventually ended and so will this Clemson run, so enjoy it while it last.
wahoo strike
wahoo strike Hace un mes
no my friend not going to end for long long time Dabo is young bobby was ancient
Brice looked like he ate all of McDonalds hamburgers before the game.
Ostrich Wayne
Ostrich Wayne Hace un mes
Easy win for Clemson....
zacharylansing Hace un mes
ACC is so trash ha
OhMy MyM
OhMy MyM Hace un mes
play another HS team clem. no wonder your coach has to beg for respect. at least Ohio State & LSU play contenders
Avy Kirpan
Avy Kirpan Hace un mes
They cant choose who they play tho
Will Jones
Will Jones Hace un mes
OhMy MyM did they not beat Alabama by 28
Mr. Smalls C/O 2016
This is a clear example of Clemson's dominance in the ACC. 5 straight ACC Conference Titles, that is astonishing. As for the rest of the ACC, get better. It is embarrassing that one team has been so dominated for half a decade. Not a Clemson fan but speaking facts.
Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson Hace un mes
Mr. Smalls C/O 2016 Bobby Bowden did it as well and Clemson wasn’t even near the conversation of national titles or ACC titles and Florida State has a choke hold on the rest of the conference. I’m just going to enjoy it as long as I can
Giovani Castillo
Giovani Castillo Hace un mes
Even the back up qb had a touchdown 🤷🏻‍♂️
joseph cristal
joseph cristal Hace un mes
Well against a glorified H.S. football team like Virginia they better score a lot.
Mitchell Plyler
Mitchell Plyler Hace un mes
Had two, only showed one. Edit: He led two, had one rushing. Was off a little bit there...
imaflirt82 Hace un mes
It’s a joke to watch all that arm tackling no wonder some players have good stats
Delta Charlie
Delta Charlie Hace un mes
I’m a Clemson fan, I thought Virginia played hard and definitely has a bright future with bronco, that game was just a small example of the distance between Clemson and the rest, many will say it’s only the ACC , but they beat Alabama and ND by At least 27 points in the playoffs last year. Maybe better competition this year. We’ll see GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
D M Hace un mes
I hate clemson
jaydogg305 god
jaydogg305 god Hace un mes
I play football
Battle Axe
Battle Axe Hace un mes
DAMN, .. that's all I have to say!! ✌✌👏👏
Zach Morris
Zach Morris Hace un mes
When you think Clemson is good but you find out they play a bunch of nobodies.
Rebecca Ennis
Rebecca Ennis Hace 6 días
@Jason Gilbert we play nobody, but when we do, OSU, Alabama, Notre Dame, OU.....
Jason Gilbert
Jason Gilbert Hace 7 días
@Rebecca Ennis Seriously? You guy's play in the ACC, you literally have a free pass to the playoffs every year. That's not saying anything, smarten up Rebecca.
Rebecca Ennis
Rebecca Ennis Hace 7 días
@Jason Gilbert let's see who is back next year. And the next ......
Jason Gilbert
Jason Gilbert Hace 7 días
@Rebecca Ennis LSU enters the chat.
Avy Kirpan
Avy Kirpan Hace un mes
@Rebecca Ennis dont get me wrong im a clemson fan I was just saying that they werent in there conference
Jeremiah Judah
Jeremiah Judah Hace un mes
Isiah Simmons isn't getting enough hype.. this dude plays linebacker ,DE , Safety & Slot Corner dude is a Monster
Nicholas Marshall
Nicholas Marshall Hace un mes
Jeremiah Judah thank you! We need to give that man some props!
Johnny Clemson
Johnny Clemson Hace un mes
ACC = Another Clems()n Championship !
Johnny Clemson
Johnny Clemson Hace un mes
@Brandon Elledge we shred them all in big games
Johnny Clemson
Johnny Clemson Hace un mes
@Brandon Elledge Ha Ha. You have to watch it happen. Now we are the Clemson Tide.
Brandon Elledge
Brandon Elledge Hace un mes
Johnny Clemson If you can get your opponent’s coach to take a dive again like Saban lol
Moo Moo
Moo Moo Hace un mes
UVA scored more points than Alabama did in the national championship against Clemson last year.
Letha46 Hace 4 días
I think the best Alabama team was the one that beat LSU
Sandiego2019 Hace un mes
@Brandon Elledge Imagine Saban throwing a game. This is a man who lost his s@!* on national TV over one second being put back on the clock last week. Haha
Brandon Elledge
Brandon Elledge Hace un mes
Moo Moo I wonder when Dabo’s gonna pay Nick Saban for throwing that game.
Taiwan Sanders
Taiwan Sanders Hace un mes
Jake Wilson
Jake Wilson Hace un mes
Clemson beats Virginia in the ACC championship game!!! Let's go Clemson!!!
Chris Adams
Chris Adams Hace un mes
Maybe Clemson is just that good they blow out every one especially during the late season including playoffs.Even teams like Alabama and Ohio State are not the same team when they are playing Clemson.
joseph cristal
joseph cristal Hace un mes
Relax Chris. Clemson played a ranked Virginia at #24. Lol.
Andrew Hord
Andrew Hord Hace un mes
@Jordan R Unlikely LSU would lose to Clemson no one has stopped LSU offense and Georgia had the 5th best defense in the country and they got blew out! CLemson would be lucky to score 21 points on LSU LSU has stepped up their defense in last few week of season. Just wait and see
Jordan R
Jordan R Hace un mes
I’m an OSU fan. I don’t see how people can say Clemson doesn’t play anyone and just ignores the fact they blew out Bama last year in a way we’ve never seen. The schedule was soft yes, but they basically destroyed everybody so who cares. I thought they would have some trouble replacing the D line and Lawerence was shakey to begin the season. But Clemson is probably the best team in the country right now. The winner of the OSU/Clemson game I would almost guarantee is going to beat LSU/OU.
Nicholas Marshall
Nicholas Marshall Hace un mes
Right. No one seems to understand it and the only argument is, “ they don’t play anyone.” 🤦🏻‍♂️
RubTheRock64 Hace un mes
Chris Adams exactly
Little Johnny
Little Johnny Hace un mes
Go BEAST or go home!
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