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Johnny Allen Shane Prater
Johnny Allen Shane Prater Hace 34 segundos
Was the beginning a bit where they were in his house just wondering around lol it's hard to tell
zeinawali shaheera
zeinawali shaheera Hace un minuto
Lol #2 trending yas!
CF Nudel
CF Nudel Hace un minuto
lmao the editing for this video started two weeks ago
Grenzle 24
Grenzle 24 Hace un minuto
Anonymous Hace un minuto
Sydney Bean
Sydney Bean Hace 3 minutos
He seems like a really cool guy :)
Allie Ryan
Allie Ryan Hace 3 minutos
This is fucking fantastic. Got we need you to make a ESvid channel
Afsana Husain
Afsana Husain Hace 3 minutos
Starolg. 6 Y. G. Y
ALL HER MIGHT. Hace 3 minutos
GT is a short king and I love him now.
zeinawali shaheera
zeinawali shaheera Hace 4 minutos
Deepest Cut
Deepest Cut Hace 4 minutos
Can I say that this is the prime example of boys supporting boys man
Charlie Leeper
Charlie Leeper Hace 4 minutos
Omg I love him
E. Rubin
E. Rubin Hace 4 minutos
Maybe I'm just too much of a radical, but I honestly felt kind of worse about this guy after watching the video. Like, he's sane AND down to earth and funny, but still hoards all that wealth and material ...? I'd rather he be some delusional rich dude than a competent rich dude, yknow ... :/
olivia :D
olivia :D Hace 4 minutos
follow-up where cody & noel go to the danish guy to get an energy orgasm
WittenCityChilla Hace 5 minutos
Now I wanna try Kamboucha for real
ShortStack Hace 5 minutos
So spoiler alert. The android did become human, and a fine one too. Love happy endings.
CHIN CHIN Hace 5 minutos
Who was the guy making the bowl sounds? Seriously?
Bangelols :3
Bangelols :3 Hace 5 minutos
Wow what a fucking dope dude!😹🙌🏼
Jonas Vanden Broecke
Jonas Vanden Broecke Hace 5 minutos
I love this video! cool people ;) have a nice day
Bob Tamsma
Bob Tamsma Hace 6 minutos
Afonso Lamy
Afonso Lamy Hace 6 minutos
WHAT happened to the MAZDA????!!!
NovaSerenity121 Hace 6 minutos
This video has a great vibe :)
WittenCityChilla Hace 8 minutos
GT Dave is the man for doing this and not being butthurt at all
Phanda Panda
Phanda Panda Hace 9 minutos
#2 on trending in aussie awesome dudes
Jermaine Tagpuno
Jermaine Tagpuno Hace 11 minutos
GT Dave is a Fukin cool dude
Flynn Martin
Flynn Martin Hace 12 minutos
#2 on trending!
Deathborr Hace 12 minutos
#1 on trending bois
Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith Hace 13 minutos
Okay but really, what does he eat?!
Stefi Fantabulous
Stefi Fantabulous Hace 13 minutos
sidenote / random thought: why doesn‘t any brand make ur code codykode 😂😂😂
ellie.011 Hace 14 minutos
its good chance for GT to set some things straight. that forbes vid was creepy as fuck lolll
not redbankmask
not redbankmask Hace 14 minutos
Things got good the other way huh
Test Test
Test Test Hace 14 minutos
#1 trending chodesters you did it boys
Dewgy Houser M.D.
Dewgy Houser M.D. Hace 14 minutos
"i bought an owl" "why?" "cause fuck you that's why."
El Gee
El Gee Hace 15 minutos
not redbankmask
not redbankmask Hace 15 minutos
Things got good the other way huh
she said
she said Hace 15 minutos
And I'm over here thinking drinking fermented vinegar beverages originated in India.
Draugr Deathlord
Draugr Deathlord Hace 16 minutos
Gt seems like such a wholesome person
Milk !
Milk ! Hace 17 minutos
I love this video so much omg
MoistMan Hace 17 minutos
Holy shit 1 on trending nice
ZombixMix Hace 17 minutos
He's so fucking funny _oh my god_
Rephraseit Hace 17 minutos
Aside of a wholesome video, the lower pitched ending gives me chills.
Tim Jordan
Tim Jordan Hace 18 minutos
Yess 4K quality... Now I can see even more of your rimples
yrsa Hace 18 minutos
Tamara Travani
Tamara Travani Hace 20 minutos
Mad respect to the reptilian kombucha king for having a rad sense of humour
Indee go
Indee go Hace 21 un minuto
Vioren Stars
Vioren Stars Hace 21 un minuto
GT's teeth are so white, they can reflect my poor ass life
Martin Mikula
Martin Mikula Hace 21 un minuto
Fuck man. Now I want to drink Kombucha
Josefine Asmr
Josefine Asmr Hace 22 minutos
GT Dave is actually really cool
ZoMbi5lAy3r Hace 22 minutos
Mac Alton
Mac Alton Hace 22 minutos
Who was the female voice at the end
Meme in person
Meme in person Hace 22 minutos
Number ONE on TRENDING 😎😎😎😎😎 KEEP IT 50 NIC
_trdl Hace 22 minutos
my man is #1 on trending WOOO
me Gustav
me Gustav Hace 22 minutos
13:08 😂😂😂 I died
Delikaadann Hace 22 minutos
Vega Bilbo
Vega Bilbo Hace 23 minutos
This video is literally number one on trending in Denmark wtf 😂🤯
Dean White
Dean White Hace 23 minutos
I wish him well!
amber lynn
amber lynn Hace 23 minutos
GT is such a likeable person lol he's amazing. THanku to u guys
eddgge boiii
eddgge boiii Hace 24 minutos
This is surreal.
Sohail 257
Sohail 257 Hace 24 minutos
Omg it’s so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣 they should collab more
iiTimmy Hace 24 minutos
No way this is #1 on trending
Play Time Is Ogre
Play Time Is Ogre Hace 25 minutos
literally drinking kombucha while watching this...
Just another army goat
Just another army goat Hace 26 minutos
The kombucha king is also a short king
Veljpoeka Hace 26 minutos
GT is like Elon Musk level chill
HL Vlogs
HL Vlogs Hace 26 minutos
#1 on trending. Ya did it boys
Val D
Val D Hace 27 minutos
He looks more human w a beard ok
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith Hace 27 minutos
Much respect to GT....what a great man
Le Maître
Le Maître Hace 27 minutos
Hi guys follow me pleaaase
Maya Theresa
Maya Theresa Hace 30 minutos
the whole beginning I was getting so uncomfy just expecting him to walk out as they're fucking around like when they opened the fridge I was like oh fuck that's gonna be so awkward.
Rin Morgan
Rin Morgan Hace 30 minutos
this is wholesome
Pelagia Wauchek
Pelagia Wauchek Hace 30 minutos
What a sweet man
Snonk Hace 31 un minuto
#1 on trending congrats
Moofy Hace 31 un minuto
This is funny as shit 😂
Tilda Spridd
Tilda Spridd Hace 31 un minuto
this video is so dope lmao
Milo Ratcliffe
Milo Ratcliffe Hace 31 un minuto
Gt is so cute 💞
v Hace 33 minutos
connor k.
connor k. Hace 33 minutos
#1 on trending you deserve it
Bryan Martínez
Bryan Martínez Hace 33 minutos
We made it bois Cody is #1 on trending
William Blatchford
William Blatchford Hace 33 minutos
What a cool guy!
Nora Allen
Nora Allen Hace 33 minutos
Gregorius Hace 33 minutos
Now this is a nice man.
Brandon Libecap
Brandon Libecap Hace 33 minutos
Glad to see the dudes are trending
Jochen Tutkochen
Jochen Tutkochen Hace 35 minutos
oh my fuckin gosh
Future Rainn
Future Rainn Hace 35 minutos
Wow #1 trending... wait I'm up late don't tell my mom.
finesse GOD
finesse GOD Hace 36 minutos
#1 on trending .. nice 👍
piccledice Hace 36 minutos
Kombucha sales increase by 100%
KagAyamas Ass
KagAyamas Ass Hace 36 minutos
Imagine coming into your house and then there are just two dudes in front of a sculpture like "can you fuck that?"
Nora Allen
Nora Allen Hace 36 minutos
That shit by Danielle Brigolle or Broccoli or whatever the fuck that’s #3 on trending rn better not take #1 on trending from this
Waqar Baig
Waqar Baig Hace 37 minutos
This was pure GOLD
kasra zahery
kasra zahery Hace 37 minutos
Apeiron TO
Apeiron TO Hace 37 minutos
this blurry thing hurts my eyes
Nathan Ohanian
Nathan Ohanian Hace 37 minutos
#1 on trending fukkkkk yeeaaaa
kasra zahery
kasra zahery Hace 37 minutos
kasra zahery
kasra zahery Hace 37 minutos
nanuka kiknadze
nanuka kiknadze Hace 37 minutos
Mary Shenouda
Mary Shenouda Hace 38 minutos
Cody, this video #1 on trending!!
The Coleman Films
The Coleman Films Hace 38 minutos
He actually seems cool lmao, the original video made him seem like a rich asshole but he has a sense of humor lol. Really cool guy as far as I can tell
Nora Allen
Nora Allen Hace 38 minutos
#1 on trending. Kombucha is taking over.
Tessa Goodman
Tessa Goodman Hace 38 minutos
#1 on trending!!!❤️
m0raka_ Hace 38 minutos
Fuck yea bro #1 on trending that’s what I’m talking about
Heavyn Leigh
Heavyn Leigh Hace 39 minutos
GT Dave is cool As shit.
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