VLOG: college week in my life | Virginia Tech

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VLOG: college week in my life | Virginia Tech
here is my first college week in my life vlog. this was filmed a while ago so I finally have my routine down! my roommate and I have been really sick so I'm sorry about the lack of uploads :( I'm getting back into it! i'm currently on the way back home for the weekend. let me know any videos you want to see here in college :)
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Jerry Sigado
Jerry Sigado Hace 12 días
Lee right?
Katie Rig
Katie Rig Hace 23 días
Where did you get the crew neck in the thumbnail?! I love it!
oğuzkan berkay yakıcı
Next year I will be right there I hope so
PLAY Franklin
PLAY Franklin Hace 5 meses
Chamem aí, gringos Jogar Free Fire
PLAY Franklin
PLAY Franklin Hace 5 meses
I'm brazilian
Chap 567
Chap 567 Hace 5 meses
We want more week in my life videos
Rosario Torres
Rosario Torres Hace 6 meses
How do I find the care packages? 😭 I will be a first time college student in a few weeks!
jian kim
jian kim Hace 6 meses
there is cho sheung hi? he is legend lol he is my hero
ivy Hace 6 meses
. What were your stats in highschool?
Peacekeeper Hace 6 meses
I’m from VA. I got a lot of friends that go there!!!
Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller Hace 6 meses
World Regions was a dope class
Asja Bozic
Asja Bozic Hace 6 meses
lovinggg the college content❤️
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith Hace 6 meses
Girl . I just watched your community college routine and now Virginia tech . YES . I’m currently in community college and I’m transferring next fall 🤗🤗
Makyden Parreira
Makyden Parreira Hace 6 meses
Morgan House!!!!!!!!!
I love college videos in general
Morgan House!!!!!!!!!
Song in background?
Sage Delricco
Sage Delricco Hace 6 meses
I’ll be at Virginia tech in five years my dad went there and played football he graduated 95 #41
Hi maya
Noah Madel
Noah Madel Hace 6 meses
TheBoyz305 Hace 6 meses
Awesome video !!
PURR Artist
PURR Artist Hace 6 meses
What is your major?
Kolin Martz
Kolin Martz Hace 6 meses
Oh hell yeah. A fellow hokie.
Cameron Martin
Cameron Martin Hace 6 meses
im applying to vt soon so im so excited to go! thank u for these
Rocio G.
Rocio G. Hace 6 meses
You’re literally 3 hours from me & I have friends at tech. What a small world 😭
Marjorie Lazo
Marjorie Lazo Hace 6 meses
i can’t wait for college but at the same time i’m terrified for it
Study With Additti
Study With Additti Hace 6 meses
absolutely love this video :)
Chala Perry
Chala Perry Hace 6 meses
I love college vlogs ☺️☺️
LittleMissHailey Hace 6 meses
I actually know a lot of people at Virginia tech
I Love B&BW
I Love B&BW Hace 6 meses
Lol the juul charging
B B Hace 6 meses
These college vlog channel will never really last. Every subscriber you get from a video that blows up are freshmen excited for college once they get Into college the won't really see college videos.
B B Hace 6 meses
​@Terri L dont get me wrong i'm not hating or anything or maybe it sounds like i am on my comment. i actually enjoyed her video. ill probably go ahead and delete my comment i get what you mean. just getting subscriber count is a big accomplishment.
Cherissa Lindsay
Cherissa Lindsay Hace 6 meses
Such a cute video! I've been loving your college videos❤️
kenz canuel
kenz canuel Hace 6 meses
Ahhh I’m loving these college videos!!! I hope you’re living it up!!!
Melissa Moreno
Melissa Moreno Hace 6 meses
Love u
Claire Brooklyn
Claire Brooklyn Hace 6 meses
*also how gorgeous are you?*
Alfie Nicholls
Alfie Nicholls Hace 6 meses
I love this vlog!!
Claire Brooklyn
Claire Brooklyn Hace 6 meses
*who else loves college vlogs?* can’t wait to film my own college vlogs on my channel! Hope someone can show some love and help me each 2k 💛🧡
iconic Hace 6 meses
USE ME AS A “I LOVE HER” BUTTON❤️ 👇 i’m a youtuber too ✨✨✨
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