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Governor Sarah Palin (Tina Fey) and Senator Joe Biden (Jason Sudeikis) square off about the financial crisis, John McCain and getting ""mavericky"" in this 2008 vice presidential debate moderated by Gwen Ifill (Queen Latifah). [Season 34, 2009]
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23 sep 2013

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Comentarios 1 558
Jim Truscott
Jim Truscott Hace un día
In the original debate Palin,who is so dumb( according to Democrats) , soundly defeated Biden...so how dumb is Biden ? Very,very,very dumb.
anjaneya damle
anjaneya damle Hace 2 días
people who watch the office are boiling inside at the comments of joe biden
R S Hace 6 días
This was before #MeToo. Some women are "more equal" than others down on the ol Animal Farm.
KITSCH 2017 Hace 8 días
gotta love history
Martian74 Hace 10 días
Poor uncle Joe will be no match for President Trump. Joe should not have stepped back into the ring, his best days are behind him.
Toy Hace 12 días
Are we not doing the talent portion????😂🤣😂🤣
Hank Bridges
Hank Bridges Hace 13 días
Joe can't keep his hands off of children!
M G Hace 14 días
Trump is President. McCain gone. Palin is laughing last!
Elvia Giron
Elvia Giron Hace 14 días
Sí amas Jesucristo te amas a ti pero como no. Amas Jehová y Jesucristo por éso ases dañó. A tú prójimo lo horilla que pasa no todos se van ay hijos y hijas con Fortaleza y perseverancia con Fe así hno y familia de la creación celestial y bien venidos en la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los últimos días y lo testificó con el poder Jehová y Jesucristo Amén
Diggerdog2nd Hace 14 días
The only thing wrong with Jason's imitation of Biden is he forgot to feel up Palin.
Motley Byron
Motley Byron Hace 14 días
Fast forward to 2019...and low and BEHOLD...the democrat party has delivered to the USA, via the IDIOT VOTERS of NY City, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez... you democrats can TRY to cover AOC's DUMBNESS up all you all want...but ANYONE who listens to her speak KNOW, she makes Sarah Palin look like a rocket scientist... good job democrats!
# 63G774298
# 63G774298 Hace 14 días
This would be more accurate if Joe groped some little girls on stage.
USNVA11 Hace 16 días
Tina Fey just knocks it outta the park when she does Sarah Palin ! 🤣
Frieda A
Frieda A Hace 16 días
Ugh! Remember when we were smart enough to NOT fall for liars like Palin, and we actually choose THE RIGHT CANDIDATE? Good times.
The Hand
The Hand Hace 17 días
As it turns out, Joe Biden is really not better than that.
fightthedead-twd feartheliving
I'd laugh if it weren't so true.
Future Mutant
Future Mutant Hace 17 días
All 3 kill it but Sudeckis is amazing as Biden
Llort Ong
Llort Ong Hace 18 días
Joe Biden is a creepy child molester
Ron Wylie
Ron Wylie Hace 18 días
When you think about it someone actually put Sarah Palin down as a real candidate of power, incredible power. when that didn't work we elected Trump!, NOW in the UK in 2019 they are actually touting Boris Johnson {just look him up and one look will tell you everything you need} for leader? we all deserve everything we get
Ron Wylie
Ron Wylie Hace 18 días
When you think about it someone actually put Sarah Palin down as a real candidate of power, incredible power. when that didn't work we elected Trump!, NOW in the UK in 2019 they are actually touting Boris Johnson {just look him up and one look will tell you everything you need} for leader? we all deserve everything we get
Casey Levins
Casey Levins Hace 18 días
Queen Latifah is so sexy.
Arrighi Marie Christine
"And a dear, dear friend ! "🤣
tori2dles Hace 18 días
Can you believe that 11 years has passed so quickly?
Ameha K
Ameha K Hace 19 días
Wish Tina had this accent, she sounds much hotter
Tasha Dre Amatto
Tasha Dre Amatto Hace 19 días
fucking libtards lol
D C1
D C1 Hace 20 días
Sarah Palin always makes me feel like a kid when she talks ; she reminds me of one of my elementary school teachers .
Lucien Morningstar
Lucien Morningstar Hace 20 días
I wonder why SNL suddenly stopped mocking trump hmmmmm.....
Control Z
Control Z Hace 20 días
Bob Z
Bob Z Hace 20 días
Some seriously great stuff.
Susan Clayton
Susan Clayton Hace 21 un día
Its strange how there isn't one funny Republican. Right?
butuh13 Hace 21 un día
Latifah doesn’t really have the comic timing thing down, huh?
James Lonergan
James Lonergan Hace 22 días
Tina Fey is so beautiful...I could eat her pussy for six months.
walter sobchak
walter sobchak Hace 24 días
Queen Latifah is beautiful.
Vasco Apolonio
Vasco Apolonio Hace 28 días
Pallin & Biden. Two faces of the same coin. Bernie will win!
Dee Lish
Dee Lish Hace 28 días
Tina is an amazing Sarah Palin. Jason isn't creepy enough for Joe.
mmffxx Hace un mes
Great job with that dimwit, Bite-me Biden! lol
The Greenman
The Greenman Hace un mes
The joke is on SNL. Trump for 4 years .....then strap your helmet on for another 4. American's are sick of the libtard, American hating left.
Put this in your algorithm ESvid!!
James Bingham
James Bingham Hace un mes
Did Joe sniff her hair?
Linda Costa
Linda Costa Hace un mes
Tina Fey was the best:)
Paul Walnuts
Paul Walnuts Hace un mes
Glenn Gary Goodell
Glenn Gary Goodell Hace un mes
Mark Youneva
Mark Youneva Hace un mes
For those of you who are confused, this is a documentary.
B Jizzle
B Jizzle Hace un mes
Tina Fey makes me feel all funny. Like when we used to climb the rope in gym class.
Jason  Killingsworth
Simpler times...
Joshua Peterson
Joshua Peterson Hace un mes
RIP Gwen Ifill
Disgusted In Tennessee
Ahhh....hey Queen Gwen!
Scott Davidson
Scott Davidson Hace un mes
Tina is a boss
James Barrick
James Barrick Hace un mes
Every liberal communist loved John McCain... burn in hell you traitor
stephen mathai
stephen mathai Hace un mes
be careful with jo baidon . when jo talk to a lady his hand will go all over lady and finally his hand will be sticking to a particular place and no matter what happens he will stick to that place
Brendan Dunphy
Brendan Dunphy Hace un mes
McCain possibly would have won if he just didn't pick a complete dingbat for a running mate.
Joan Bartelson
Joan Bartelson Hace un mes
Senator?? Pailin?
wolfsden3 Hace un mes
Holy fuck...I never realized how good of a Sarah Palin that chick was. Unbelievable! 🤣
David Jatt
David Jatt Hace un mes
funny how that guy doesnt even have to bother doing an impression of joe biden cause noone cares about him.
Too bad Joe Biden is a baby RAPER
Curtis Stapleton
Curtis Stapleton Hace un mes
Queen Latifah look great
Chaz Chillington
Chaz Chillington Hace un mes
Sarah palin jokes will be eternally hilarious
Anthony Festa
Anthony Festa Hace un mes
Critter Hace un mes
What ever became of that dumb ass, Sarah Palin?
Gary Haber
Gary Haber Hace un mes
McCain was a traitor.
kybelian Hace un mes
Funny skit though
kybelian Hace un mes
Both are examples of US decline
Lesbian Amazon Sister
If you didn't admire Tina Fey before, how can you not after this?! 😍🤣
Adam Perkins
Adam Perkins Hace un mes
I would have voted for Palin over Hilary. She is a good woman.
dvdwhi7 Hace un mes
All right this clip is great and Fey is stupendous but dont just criticize the right exclusively. Like Obama wasnt the slipperiest man earth The Rev. Wright scandal, the gay marriage duplicity. C'mon be fair
Ajay Tawde
Ajay Tawde Hace un mes
Ummm 4:29 anyone?
opera.mad Hace un mes
Latifah does a fine Gwen Ifill...RIP
dennis bryan
dennis bryan Hace un mes
Does anyone else get turned on by Tina Fey?
Paul Cooper
Paul Cooper Hace un mes
I love that look she gives after playing the flute
Knott Reel
Knott Reel Hace un mes
Pettycoat Junction: Uncle Joe's hands are moving king of slow at the junction.
alienresearchlab Hace un mes
This is hilarious - 10/10. When I was young, I used to think politicians were smarter than the rest of us. I've learned better as I've gotten older.
krrrruptidsoless Hace un mes
:15 She has a book on her desk....🤷 Whu'd she do, plan on reading or something. Isn't she the person asking questions. Should she pay attention instead of reading a book...🤦
sayesh shrestha
sayesh shrestha Hace un mes
Can't wait for Jason Sudekis to be back as Biden in the coming year
Mike Varosky
Mike Varosky Hace un mes
One of the writers is definitely from Scranton. Lol Being from there (and having escaped myself) Biden’s comments hit very close to my shitty terrible home.
sayesh shrestha
sayesh shrestha Hace un mes
Scranton will forever be associated with the Office.. so you have that going for you at least
Java Stone
Java Stone Hace un mes
I find it bizarre that SNL doesn't mock AOC and her Islamic cronies. Mocking those who put America first but not the complete morons? Hmmm
Joshuahj Farquharm.
Im still mad at hillary for ganking Bernie.....five coin tosses in Iowa? c'mon.
John Curiotto
John Curiotto Hace un mes
When SNL was funny
Sophia Hace un mes
Queen Latifah is hilarious in this.
Jp Madison
Jp Madison Hace un mes
Who’s playing Joe Biden?
Mark Kroberger
Mark Kroberger Hace un mes
Tina Fey is absolutely HOT.
fryelee11 Hace un mes
Did Tina Fey win any awards for her performance of Sarah Palin? She is great!
Avery Christy
Avery Christy Hace un mes
Just love the empty political speech. We see this so much. I know Hillary perfected it, but we see it from so many.
John bryant
John bryant Hace un mes
Damn she did a hella good job of being Sarah Palin
_Walt Hamer
_Walt Hamer Hace un mes
I don’t mean to be crude, but Sarah Palin was so awful that even Joe Biden didn’t even want to sniff her hair.
sminthian Hace un mes
I forgot how great Tina Fey was with this...
Mari ZenSoul
Mari ZenSoul Hace un mes
joe bitem better not do it....oh gawd shes worse than trump
DARTH SURAK Hace un mes
Remember when Hillary lost that election thing? Yeah that was great. Good work America!
dave d
dave d Hace un mes
This was one of those *RARE* snl sketches where they ridicule the Republicans.
Julie Gurley
Julie Gurley Hace un mes
Miss you Gwen
r c
r c Hace un mes
Tina is Crushing her impersonation of Palin!!
Jason Felice
Jason Felice Hace un mes
True in comedy. Biden still sux
James Goines
James Goines Hace un mes
This was great! Verbal stupidity at its finest!
Bob leroy
Bob leroy Hace un mes
Sarah now is your time to run against trump You never have looked better
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas Hace un mes
He's back!
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas Hace un mes
RIP Gwen Ifill
Tim Butler
Tim Butler Hace un mes
Who is here in 2019? Joe Biden got owned by Sarah Palin. This is why I am voting Bernie 2020.
r c
r c Hace un mes
Why do so few people have the insight to see what a piece of crap Biden is? If he runs, he splits the field to heavily and Bernie can not win. Biden won't win either and Trump will win. I know too many just Too Many Stupid People who think he is a communist because he is for socialist programs. I suspect that they are just anti-Semitic and using it as an excuse.
Jimmy Gonzalez
Jimmy Gonzalez Hace un mes
Joe biden ✔
Tomi Hace un mes
Hahah Latifa was great ,her reactions were hilarious
James Love
James Love Hace un mes
Obama has never said radical Islamic terrorism, because he does not want to associate Islam with terrorism. Last part about Libya was kind of wonky. Today Libya is in a civil war, thanks Obama for your 2011 actions?
Olu Bukonla
Olu Bukonla Hace un mes
Creepy Uncle Joe announcing his 2020 bid brought me back here.
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