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Governor Sarah Palin (Tina Fey) and Senator Joe Biden (Jason Sudeikis) square off about the financial crisis, John McCain and getting ""mavericky"" in this 2008 vice presidential debate moderated by Gwen Ifill (Queen Latifah). [Season 34, 2009]
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23 sep 2013

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Comentarios 1 046
Bernard Liu
Bernard Liu Hace 2 días
Tina Fey for president !
Melinda Virosteck
Melinda Virosteck Hace 4 días
Why did this come out in 2013?
Universal Justice
Universal Justice Hace 5 días
YT yokels are clueless that Latifah is supposed to be former DNC Chair, Donna Brazile.
atube4view Hace 6 días
Jaefar SABNW
Jaefar SABNW Hace 6 días
What was with all the unbranded calf talk?
Joan Bartelson
Joan Bartelson Hace 8 días
You act as though he's not a pedophile.
Joan Bartelson
Joan Bartelson Hace 8 días
SNL is the dumbest, most biased program around. It makes me sick. Good thing there's freedom of speech, or else these numb nuts would be shut down. I long for the day when Democraps can think again.
GtG 1980
GtG 1980 Hace 9 días
Queen Latifa should do snl more often. She did good🤗
R B Hace 9 días
Too many libtards here
Black Box Radio
Black Box Radio Hace 9 días
diverse platform: www.prohibitionparty.org
Knight Rider GT
Knight Rider GT Hace 10 días
I want to go to there
Robert Mack
Robert Mack Hace 10 días
slayer 1
slayer 1 Hace 10 días
I swear to God everytime I see a flute player on Saturday Night Live did real or fake I swear they're thinking about me I grew up with Queen Latifah and Keenan I played all over the place I am very sure they know me I mean there are no other inspirational people that play the flute no one that black people give a shit about anyway LOL and I used to play non traditional music like Do the Hustle LOL The Pink Panther Beethoven's 5th it's like rain etc etc maybe they don't remember me but it's nice they think they do I am a musician after all lol
Ol' Ben
Ol' Ben Hace 10 días
Wonder how often Tina’s husband asks her to stay in Sarah character until she gets home...
Kip Tucker
Kip Tucker Hace 10 días
The real Palin is a hottie. SNL's version... not so hot.
Niceness_of_Gemini Hace 11 días
Ahh, simpler times.
yarg snurb
yarg snurb Hace 11 días
Tina Fey is a goddess!
TheNinjaMarmot Hace 12 días
SNL Misses a lot, but this is one of their best all time sketches! Intelligently written, performed and funny,.
Ezekiel Glenn
Ezekiel Glenn Hace 12 días
Tina Faye is so hot here!
Charles Parker
Charles Parker Hace 13 días
This is sooo goddamned funny! My balls are hurting
Robert222 Lewis
Robert222 Lewis Hace 13 días
Tina Fey MmmmmmYummy!!
Meet Doshi
Meet Doshi Hace 13 días
The moderator's expressions are spot on .... 😂😂😂
Corey Willis
Corey Willis Hace 14 días
It's sad that this sort of stupid politics won later on. :-(
tennaj Hace 14 días
@7:09 Queen Latifah's reaction made me laugh out loud !
tennaj Hace 14 días
Besides Eddie Murphy and Will Farrell the biggest stars of SNL are all woman!!
Charllee Dodson
Charllee Dodson Hace 14 días
“Shooting wolves from a helicopter”
larkwick Hace 14 días
SNL is today a partisan pile of dog poop
Preston U-ie
Preston U-ie Hace 14 días
“What would a maverick do in this situation “ He would film a dead body for views and be completely disrespectful
BattleshipAgincourt Hace 15 días
Five years ago. If I were told back then that we'd end up with tRump and his corrupt regime... I would have asked what could have made America so desperate.
FITNQUEST Angels Network F.A.N.
One of the top three debate sketches ever
Cate Justice
Cate Justice Hace 16 días
The more things change the more they remain the SAME!!
Matt Mahgerfteh
Matt Mahgerfteh Hace 16 días
this is good stuff.
Super Sonic
Super Sonic Hace 16 días
Omg, Tina does one of the BEST impressions! We all thought Palin was idiotic but compared to that large orange ass she sounds like Einstein!
Hot Japan Rock Bands Yes
I so would have voted for Palin!
Nomad Ronin
Nomad Ronin Hace 17 días
Keyser Sozie
Keyser Sozie Hace 17 días
Tina looks so hot,,,, 😍😍😍😍
Charles Chapman
Charles Chapman Hace 17 días
Poor Wash. U.hsdto put up with these people every four years! Andit takes nearlythat longgetthe stench outofthe carpets!
Kevin Henderson
Kevin Henderson Hace 17 días
Amazing !!…...An entire comedy sketch, with absolutely zero funny moments !.....Outstanding ! Who says Leftists aren't funny...…(well, I do). If you think about, it's really revolutionary…..comedy that isn't funny ! In fact, it may even lead to greater attention to hygiene......after listening to this morose, dull, negative tub of yuk, the listener feels the urgent need to take a shower ! So kudos SNL writers and "actors".....thanks for bringing us a few minutes of humorless comedy and improved personal hygiene ! :) :( *
Bob Brizzo
Bob Brizzo Hace 17 días
Tina Fey......well done
west brit
west brit Hace 17 días
I am a random Irishman , god knows why I am watching this ! but I stayed a couple of nights in Scranton PA a few years ago and really liked it and it's people , when I think about America that is the sort of place I like to think of , maybe this says something about Ireland but mocking it seems off to me
Brains before BS
Brains before BS Hace 18 días
Tina Fey makes funny sexy
justin jockisch
justin jockisch Hace 18 días
Stupid Tina Fey... Made me have the hots for Sarah Palin. 😬
dephxaz Hace 18 días
I love Sarah Palin with all of my guns....
brandonisi Hace 18 días
“...or if it’s just a natural part of the end of days” hahahahahaha God I forgot how much she nailed this
michelle hancock
michelle hancock Hace 18 días
Got to love the uneducated
amanda nelson
amanda nelson Hace 18 días
I wish he was kidding about Scranton PA. 90 percent of the kids who were born in Scranton go to one of the colleges around the area. No one has ambition, all people do is work and go home because there is nothing to do, people are out by 10pm. All the lawyers/political people in the county have never left the county. Its a sad, lame, drug filled, incest pool, pregnant in highschool, mostly poor community. Dont ever go there because of the office, going to Mcdonalds is worth more than going to Scranton
Angela Matamoro
Angela Matamoro Hace 18 días
This is one of my favorite cold opens ever!
jesus guillen
jesus guillen Hace 18 días
Ohhh shit its Queen Latifah thats kool
Science-and-Reason Hace 19 días
This never gets old. I only wish she was a running mate of Trump though.
Ron Norman
Ron Norman Hace 19 días
feels like nailin some palin.oh slam its a white put.
Joshua Eckhardt
Joshua Eckhardt Hace 21 un día
Wow, did we need more proof that Queen Latifah cannot act?
The Simonizer
The Simonizer Hace 22 días
My grandparents live on Scranton
CLuv Hace 23 días
And I have fallen in love with Tina Fey all over again
Kristi Muller
Kristi Muller Hace 23 días
Why not make a skit of creep Joe fondling little girls????
Susan Johnson II
Susan Johnson II Hace 23 días
I would have totally voted for them if they were running today . God rest his soul. This seems so much better than right now .
squarloey M
squarloey M Hace 23 días
Looks like we elected her anyway...
The Simonizer
The Simonizer Hace 22 días
We didn't...
CaesarInVa Hace 24 días
The only time Shotgun Joe reached across the aisle was to grope a ten year old in the CVS candy aisle.
CrazyAceking Hace 25 días
Man this just makes me miss Gwen Ifill now. Rest in peace
Charles B
Charles B Hace 25 días
9:39=8: "Oh, are we not doing the Talent Portion?" -Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!
Rychardewithoutsnow Hace 26 días
I would haply take Sarah over Hillary. Down to earth and not so tightly run by the the uppers.. I might get incarcerated.. please hit me up in A week!
Robert Haworth
Robert Haworth Hace 27 días
As long as Tina Fey lives, Sarah Palin can't hope for any career in politics.
barbara t.
barbara t. Hace 28 días
If I'm gonna be forced to watch ads, they must ALL contain ryan reynolds. Truly. I'll stop bitching. My husband will tell you how impossible that is.
Qurt Qurt
Qurt Qurt Hace 28 días
Sarah Palin said back then that Russia was going to get Ukraine. Her prediction came true.
BigBewtieHoles Hace 28 días
queen latifa is a queer
Adam Greenhaus
Adam Greenhaus Hace 28 días
RIP Gwen Ifill.
B. G.
B. G. Hace 28 días
Question of a lifetime...... Who would you take as President right now....... A) Sarah Palin B) Donald Trump Shittttttttttt
barkah ibrahim
barkah ibrahim Hace 29 días
I wonder how is Sarah Pallin today ?
ROBERT KANIA Hace un mes
Larry Green
Larry Green Hace un mes
It’s great how women support each other ............... wait its only liberal women that they support.
Myke Trip
Myke Trip Hace un mes
Love Queen Latifah! :D
R H Hace un mes
Tina does the best impersonation of any person ever.
GIDE328 Hace un mes
Jason Sudeikis is so cute
Keila Bolen
Keila Bolen Hace un mes
Minute 2.22 perfectly describes the current occupant. Eerie
Mike Richardson
Mike Richardson Hace un mes
The Ratchet Rat Channel
I thought the guy who did Biden was pretty funny too.
Travis Hudson
Travis Hudson Hace un mes
The LEFT (CNN fake news, a lot of top Hollywood stars, FBI and top Gov officials etc) are all making up lies about Trump to protect the elite pedophile ring. Once Trump signed the executive order "human rights abusers" in 2017 giving the government the power to seize all the assets of a suspected pedophile, hundreds of CEO's resigned (esvid.net/video/vídeo-7x5jFRjT1Kw.html). Rather you like Trump or not you should research the truth why the LEFT wants Trump out. This FBI whistleblower tried to tell the world before he got killed. I'm sure all you child malestors out there will stick together and criticize this post without doing any research. If you want to know the truth watch the video or stay with the child malestors (LEFT) ... esvid.net/video/vídeo-do_swOstGaI.html
James Bond
James Bond Hace un mes
Do you know who is more dumb than Palin? The Dumber who picked her as his running mate. He is also a coward, a liar and is no hero. Being a POW does not make you a hero.
raelonewolf Hace un mes
Remember the good ole' days when we thought Sarah Palin was the craziest/scariest thing the GOP ever gave birth to? Yeah...2008 me had no idea what 2016 would bring...
JL Hace un mes
Tina Fey is a genius.
tomitstube Hace un mes
classic bit, the queen was quite beautiful.
Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall Hace un mes
Soooo good - this doesn't get old!
Nicsho_ALT Hace un mes
RIP Gwen Ifil.
Chunky Monkeyed
Chunky Monkeyed Hace un mes
B. Bailey
B. Bailey Hace un mes
this is one of the BEST ever SNL - and yep, who'd a thunk it could have gotten WORSE with Twitterpants?
Mohamed Alfalo
Mohamed Alfalo Hace un mes
Tina Fey is a legend, and a national treasure.
ginseattle Hace un mes
She sounds brilliant compared to the current WH occupant.
Goldenrod636 Hace un mes
Watching this now: would you rather have had her back then or Trump now?
Rocky Raccoon
Rocky Raccoon Hace un mes
Comrade "what ever" not only do you not know how to spell Russian you pretty much don't know how to spell anything .Baffoon, ear, crate and loibtard . If your are not Russian then maybe Ukrainian. Obviously not an American. but in any case ignorant. Any way if you come to this country in a couple of years perhaps you can visit Trump in whatever federal prison he happens to be in. The good thing about you is your a foreigner and can't vote so who cares what you think !
Paul Gagnier
Paul Gagnier Hace un mes
thanks for fucking the world up Tina Fey!
Paul Gagnier
Paul Gagnier Hace un mes
funny how Obama turned out to be an America-hating Muslim, white hating, racist, homosexual, traitorous, spier on opponent yet got caught, who loved racist preachers, armed the enemy, spied on Trump yet got beaten by superior DNA, persecuted Christian groups by hiring extra IRS agents to go after whitey, less white babies born under his rule shows he did have influence, yet not helpful, since Obama, who did very little before not working as an elected person can. Flew his family around the world on vacation most of the time and paid them with tax dollars to live above any they could earn. He has way too much money now if you added up all his legitimate income sources, Audit Obama! he loves hot-dogs, and both kinds!
Sage Dakota
Sage Dakota Hace un mes
Never realized it before, but I swear Tina Fey is part elf. Check out her ears! (Not meant as an insult; I LIKE elves!)
Victor H Barajas
Victor H Barajas Hace un mes
Tina Fey is so sexy
Addam K
Addam K Hace un mes
The same liberals that mocked McCain back then now cannot stop doting over him cause he was against trump . The left will worship hitler if he would have been against trump . Lol
Michael Cotto
Michael Cotto Hace un mes
You do know that in Charlottesville the American Nazi party supported Trump? You do know that Trump backed the American Nazi party when he said, "They were very fine people on both sides"? You do know that the lead organizer of the Charlottesville White Supremacy March is affiliated with Nazis and the KKK? You do know that every single Nazi leader interviewed in present day America supports Trump? You do know that you look a little bit brown and can get deported? You don't? Well, you know now!
Space Racer26
Space Racer26 Hace un mes
They like McCain cause he wasn’t afraid to reach over party lines you moron
Allan Hegyes
Allan Hegyes Hace un mes
When in doubt, mention the (small G) god Regan. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20.
Allen Bray
Allen Bray Hace un mes
This seems presidential now.....
eakherenow Hace un mes
And then Obama sold out completely to Wall Street,escalated wars and increased penalties for whistleblowers.
Sebastian Eugene
Sebastian Eugene Hace un mes
It’s good to talk without the filter of the gotcha media. With their follow up questions, fact checking, incessant need to understand what your words mean and why’d you put em in that order... 💀
Edward Patrick Molina
Tina Fey, you are AWESOME!! You nailed it. One of my all time favorite sketch on SNL.
Dan McDonald
Dan McDonald Hace un mes
Why was I jerking off when ever Tina Fey was talking? I'm a sinner
vinyltapelover Hace un mes
To paraphrases Flip Wilson's Geraldine, "The Devil made you do it"! lol, lol
MIKE Hace un mes
Sarah Palin had the hottest legs I’ve ever seen!!! God Bless her!😀
vinyltapelover Hace un mes
MIKE For the current generation, I can give Tina Fey props, but before her, back in the day, Vickie Lawrence. In both cases, the legs supported great humorous ladies with great personalities.
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