Wallace and Gromit: Jam Launcher (ft. Binging with Babish)

William Osman
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Today we spray jam all over toast with ESvid MegaGigaStar Andrew Rea aka: Binging with Babish.
Andrew's channel: esvid.net/u-bgfilms
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Thanks you Inspire to Make for the cat shirt!!! esvid.net/u-inspiretomake
music at Babish's: "Fly Away" by Otis McDonald

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19 sep 2017






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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish Hace 2 años
Come back and make a mess anytime
cringeyboi .memes
cringeyboi .memes Hace 2 meses
@kväcky_duck oh my nooooo
kväcky_duck Hace 2 meses
If you know what I mean.
cringeyboi .memes
cringeyboi .memes Hace 2 meses
That was pretty great
Victor Masson
Victor Masson Hace 4 meses
Oh, that's why I almost taught that the thumbnail was a Babish one
suzie Hace 4 meses
I have that same shirt , I got it from Wal-Mart :D
Retro AJ
Retro AJ Hace 2 días
Evening Gromit
JellyBean Films
JellyBean Films Hace 2 días
babish should of put some non stick spray on the spoon for the thick jam/jelly also with you having an x carve you should re try it with metal parts for the spoon holder :)
Oscar S
Oscar S Hace 2 días
THE most ambitious crossover event
SilverLining Hace 2 días
I’ve accidentally clicked this video a few times thinking it was a Binging with Babish video based solely from the thumbnail out of instinct
Brooke Hollister
Brooke Hollister Hace 3 días
*science:* methodical, organized, complete *william osman:* science, but throw in Homer Simpson, rainbow bandannas, jam launching toasters, general aura of chaos, etc.
Ari Schuman
Ari Schuman Hace 3 días
couldve greased the spoon
Charlie Knox
Charlie Knox Hace 3 días
Baddragon69 Hace 4 días
0:55 idubbztv
64Modder Hace 4 días
8:05 I have that exact same jar and funnel. XD
Hella Sweet Jeff Bro
Babby really needs to republish his video on this was so sad when I couldn’t rewatch
Rodrigo Aceves
Rodrigo Aceves Hace 4 días
That catapult is not the way to go lmao
jem Hace 5 días
their house is so musst i can’t even pay attention
JooshuaYee Hace 5 días
Don’t like the lady in ur vids, she’s really naggy bossy and annoying
WOKE BOii ? Hace 5 días
baby powder and hair spray
Ingrid Ayala
Ingrid Ayala Hace 6 días
Okay but imagine using an air pressure thingy to blast jam out of a cannon
Listen here Sweaty🌺🌺
Your fire alarms made my dogs cry for two hours
Alex Hasse
Alex Hasse Hace 6 días
Should have tried spraying the spoon with hydrophobic spray so jelly didn’t stick.
will mittens
will mittens Hace 7 días
His house is so chaotic
lost-_- player
lost-_- player Hace 7 días
Even 2 years ago, you were collaborating with big ESvidrs
Tompa Lukacs
Tompa Lukacs Hace 7 días
hug time
Joshua H
Joshua H Hace 8 días
Let Mark Rober try making this.
No Akomplice
No Akomplice Hace 8 días
Why do you use wood for anything like that when you have a 3D Printer?
Kathryn Loudon
Kathryn Loudon Hace 9 días
Sam Cooper
Sam Cooper Hace 10 días
Okay first thing you’re going to need is an improvised spoon with a lip perpendicular to the handle of the spoon at the end of it to stop jam flying off as the spoon rotates. Then you’re gonna need to make the whole thing out of metal to stop it moving when the spoon stops Speaking of the spoon stopping, you need a very rigid stop so that when the spoon stops rotating the jam keeps moving Then you’re gonna need to fire the jam a few times and watch in slow mo to see how fast the jam moves and what it’s trajectory is and see if it’s repeatable Your toaster is fine, maybe add a guard to stop jam getting in it Then you’re gonna need some kind of timing mechanism. Use a micro controller of some kind, so that when you press the button there is a delay between the launcher and the toaster. Then it’s trial and error: fire, watch in slow mo, change the timer. This can work.
Jact01 Hace 10 días
But can it take a K26?
Green Hace 10 días
Rav wings :)))))
DukeOfEarle88 Hace 14 días
Maybe with an elastic, hot-glue spoon it would have worked better...
Psilocybin Psychonaut
Psilocybin Psychonaut Hace 19 días
This man barely ever thinks things through when he does these videos. I love it
Codyheroboy95 ;p
Codyheroboy95 ;p Hace 20 días
I know im late but I cannot live without one of the tats
ran scorpio
ran scorpio Hace 22 días
mate thats jam not jelle jam
Death Incarnate
Death Incarnate Hace 24 días
thai tea is amazing
the invisible me
the invisible me Hace 25 días
What the heck?
J L Hace un mes
Even before he said this knife even has Dexter on it I thought when they're putting the plastic wrap up this is definitely Dexter setting a Kill room💉🗡🛢
catamatic Hace un mes
Camera man John is like gromit
tatidy the first
tatidy the first Hace un mes
Anyone gonna notice John is actually a really good artist
Rodney Mcclung
Rodney Mcclung Hace un mes
Petition for drone and roomba fanfic
Blue Rach
Blue Rach Hace un mes
Make the breakfast conveyor belt in chitty chitty bang bang
pieeater108 Hace un mes
0:56 Hey
howtofixbrand Hace un mes
Heeeyyyy, thats pretty good
Absolute Retard Gaming
damm william b4 he burnt his house down was so much better
Why not use a bigger spoon? Might help get more on the toast
The Southern Angler
Thanks for making everyone in my house wake up when the fire alarm went off in the video 😂🤣
Insert cool Channel name here
Cameraman John is like how to basic and buttered side down mixed together.
Dark H.
Dark H. Hace un mes
Why didn't you build it with sheet metal instead of wood?
Bryson Austin
Bryson Austin Hace un mes
Rip house
Zerozsaber Hace un mes
Cat tattoo
Volcano_ Head__
Volcano_ Head__ Hace un mes
Did babish make a video on this cause I can't find it if he did
Kevin Tish
Kevin Tish Hace un mes
OMG my best friend was in this video! His name was laser.
Hazypan !
Hazypan ! Hace un mes
We need a redo present day will could do it
Jeevan Dhillon
Jeevan Dhillon Hace un mes
0:55 Idubbbz meme
Wallace The cheese consumer
That’s great and all but where’s the Wensleydale
devin augo
devin augo Hace un mes
Why is your gf always bitching lol
Jack Horrigan
Jack Horrigan Hace un mes
Yeah nothing has exploded except for his ass
Jezzibolt Hace un mes
I feel like William Osman, Binging with Babish, and Michael Reeves Working together with the right equipment could get this to work really well. The only real issue here was the stop/aim and the timing. If you could laser cut a stop and angle it correctly on a servo stand, then write a tracking program for the jam to time it with the launch of the toast and aim it at the bread, you could have one that legitimately works really well XD
NunoCoelho Hace un mes
9:37 that guy is like me on math class
benJAMin Hace un mes
Lol the fire alarm.
M1911A1ak47 Hace un mes
Challenge accepted i can do better for sure I know how as well thanks to something my unlce invented and does it have to look the same as the cartoon or could you make a jelly cannon if it has to look the same as the cartoon then I know how to I played with catapults and targets making my own catapults to launch dog food at pop cans hanging on strings well if I figure out timing I could use a robot to do the work for me like a sentry gun but in a catapult form and heave it only be able to track flying toast im sure Michael could make something like that but imma do that myself as a new home project
Kaylo Shearer
Kaylo Shearer Hace 2 meses
I bet Colin furze could make this
Nick Hace 2 meses
Was I the only person that freaked out and looked up at my own fire alarm when it first went off..?
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