Washington Reacts to the Mueller Report: A Closer Look

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Seth takes a closer look at William Barr’s redacted version of Robert Mueller’s final report.
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Washington Reacts to the Mueller Report: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


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18 abr 2019






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devin reed
devin reed Hace 21 un día
devin reed
devin reed Hace 21 un día
Aw. Don't like the outcome cocksucker's? Too bad y'all are next.
FromBeToReality Hace un mes
Rebecca Lyle
Rebecca Lyle Hace un mes
Donald Trump seems to live in another dimension!
David Nelson
David Nelson Hace un mes
It's ridiculous, his supporters believe it too. He was NOT exonerated.
David Nelson
David Nelson Hace un mes
Trump looks like a cabbage patch kid that was ran over by a car.
Hurgin Hace un mes
OBAMA-RUSSIA COLLUSION: Obama to FS Medvedev (Didn’t know microphone was ON!): “Tell VLADIMIR: “ If I will be elected again I will be FLEXIBLE much MORE “ [ Attention to AG Barr]
Juan martin Jimenez
Juan martin Jimenez Hace 3 meses
My question is if all this information is known and there are implications that implicate dumbass Trump why was the only impeached and not removed from the White House I really don't understand this fucking Congress why they let in this man make a fucking circus show out of the United States no president in history has ever behaved this way why are they letting this dumbass get away with so much yo Mike Bloomberg you actually want to fucking do something right hey this motherfucker to quit bro and I might like you for a day or so my question is if all this information is known and there are implications that are already there in the fucking Mueller report why is this man is still in the white house if all this evidence was found in the report I really want to know why doesn't Mike Bloomberg just pay Trump to quit and to make sure that none of his family members ever run for the White House again
BroncoBilly Hace 6 meses
I'm not a trump supporter, but would Seth do the same reports and such with a democratic president? Like the things found with Hillary and Obama, their hands aren't exactly clean either.
ExileOnDaytonStreet Hace 8 meses
10:19 Was that really all that complicated of a link? Every now and then, Meyers REEEEEAAAAALLLLLYYYYY stretches to try to make the Trump admin look bad. Which is totally unnecessary. If we've learned nothing else about Trump, it's that he makes it really EASY to make him and all around him look like morons.
Vijayendra Kolhekar
Vijayendra Kolhekar Hace 8 meses
Drinking leftist tears. Trump made all of the democrats his bitches.
crocusflower Hace 9 meses
congress needs to do its job & hold this monster accountable for at least some of his crimes. are they not because he is a wealthy white guy? i'm tired of watching this debacle go on. he is a menace to our economy, our national security & so many other things & they are simply sitting on their laurels while he escalates?? do your job congress!!!
Andy Macedo
Andy Macedo Hace 9 meses
Anyone that doesn't want to help me and isn't calling or at my door is committing treason and destroying America and their country ! That's indisputable ! Hope y'all are proud of yourselves !
Lisa Gulick
Lisa Gulick Hace 10 meses
Rudy actually looks like he just found half a mouse in his restaurant meal.
golden briana
golden briana Hace 10 meses
Comment these if you think trump should go to hell 🔪 Comment these if you think trump should go to jail 🔫 Comment these if you think trump should go to hell and jail 👻 (I tried to be trump because he suck ass)
Lori Morse
Lori Morse Hace 10 meses
Following Trump is 'like' following HITLER....smh He doesn't read anything and his followers dont either.
J T Hace un año
J T Hace un año
Azhar Ahmed
Azhar Ahmed Hace un año
Michael Cohen got a annoying voice.
mierpub8lam Hace un año
wind it up n wrap it down my fellow unqualified " journalists "
Monk Amani
Monk Amani Hace un año
Guess you "In charge" folks will get off your flat ______ and vote this time. Damm, thought y'all have it right by now. Taking the U.S. down and the rest of the world with it. Trump 2020? How 'bout Hindsight 20/20. Rapping up and winding down. This has been the "45th" Take.
Christine Musselman
Christine Musselman Hace un año
Barr is the Republican Party's fixer. He should be in a cell right next to Michael Cohen.
Doc Vega
Doc Vega Hace un año
Beatle Stories Like so many other blunt skulled ignoramuses refuses to be informed as in 2 years President Trump resurrected the US economy, got a Middle Class tax break that stimulated the economy, took the mandate out of failing Obamacare, and lowered unemployment to 50 year lows while the US leaves all nations behind in economic prosperity! The low information voters are the knuckle draggers from the Democrats. Obama could not achieve any of these accomplishments in 8 years. So wake up you dumb fucks you are the ones who are delusional.
Tom Solveson
Tom Solveson Hace un año
individual number 1 refers to peeing, being peeped on...
chuyo caca
chuyo caca Hace un año
"friends we all know what Donald really is!" Joe Biden.. well for starters the Man is a Con Job to say the least!
chuyo caca
chuyo caca Hace un año
bet you my last dollar! that Barr gave the full (unredacted) Mueller report to Trump before the both his summary even dried on the paper......
saultube44 Hace un año
www.justice.gov/storage/report.pdf That report was printed then OCRed then redacted or something similar, then put on a CD-ROM, not DVD-ROM, no, CD, this was purposely given the worst digital treatment available in hope data will get blurred or damaged at the seems, or computer in the Gov are really old which I don't think so, since several computer manufacturers are in the US, but this shows how obscure and dishonest the US Gov tries to be They used Windows 95 and redacted it on Word 95, hahaha who says the '90s are gone? Why they keep calling Fredd Flintstone Barr?
Frederick Arcala
Frederick Arcala Hace un año
Mueller’s not Canadian..whaaa???
Akram Hamed
Akram Hamed Hace un año
Bet anyone a million dollars trump will get elected again.. Thank God
animalia555 Hace un año
Does anyone else feel the Republican Party should go the way of the Whigs?
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Hace un año
animalia555 I’m pretty sure the 🍊🍄💩 _is_ the nail in the coffin
Prince Raul
Prince Raul Hace un año
Our President have "blonde hair "😂😂😂😂
Mary S.
Mary S. Hace un año
trump says “ SUPECESS “ what is that ? help !
Mr, Boo Boo 1972
Mr, Boo Boo 1972 Hace un año
I'm curious... Do people actually still put in www. Anything..ever anymore...? Lol
65wiseman Hace un año
If you are looking for strong and honest leadership, you will not find it in Trump - no kidding.
Joseph Hace un año
mueller's report; Trump WON . . .👏👏👏👏 " B O D Y C O U N T " B A C K A T T H E D O J Fired: James Comey - FBI Director Fired: Andrew McCabe - Deputy FBI Director Fired: James Baker - FBI chief lawyer Fired: Mike Kortan - FBI assistant director for public affairs Fired: Lisa Page - Legal counsel to Andrew McCabe Fired: Josh Campbell - Special Assistant to James Comey Fired: David Laufman - Chief of the Justice Department’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section Fired: John Carlin - Assistant Attorney General (Head of DOJ’s National Security Division) Fired: Mary McCord - Acting Assistant Attorney General (Acting Head of DOJ’s National Security Division) Fired: Sally Yates - Acting Attorney General Fired: Rachel Brand - Associate Attorney General - No. 3 official behind Rosenstein Fired: Peter Strzok - Chief of the Counterespionage Section Demoted: Bruce Ohr - Associate Deputy Attorney General
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Hace un año
Joseph Good job! I reminds me of early on when Rachel kept a list of staff departures until she realized that she would soon need a larger sound set for her show..
Fraser ODonnell
Fraser ODonnell Hace un año
14:46 "no person is above the law" that's so true
WEMY Huyghue
WEMY Huyghue Hace un año
Stephen Hill
Stephen Hill Hace un año
Just the stumbled comment "No Russia"... no Russia What!? I have news for you Donny Russia is REAL and if you end up there (if your lucky and run away instead of a cell in Leavenworth) Exiled they wont do a thing for you! Not even loan you a chair for all the long lines you will be in to get toilet paper!
Israel Morales
Israel Morales Hace un año
Damn liberals dont know when to give up 😂
Livs Opinion
Livs Opinion Hace un año
Where are the jokes you can make seth??? I love that segment!!
Peter Karel Kraus
Peter Karel Kraus Hace un año
Seth Meyers = 💩
nonamesleftdammit Hace un año
I want to see a mashup video with all of the times that Seth does his impression of Trump's old doctor. The one where he talks about being out of it since his band broke up is my favorite.
ZenobiatheAngry BlackWomanRussell
They should send his ass to San Quinton...
aldo s
aldo s Hace un año
No collusion no more I'll indictments. Get over it.
Valerie Wagner
Valerie Wagner Hace un año
45 is ALL about CYA and where's the money. Any jackass who thinks different is a dumbass. Put it in your basket.
Tayce Sells
Tayce Sells Hace un año
If his mouth moved like that it would be a Canadian SP character not Cartman but lol still cute...
thomas saldivar
thomas saldivar Hace un año
I can't wait to see the whole report.
Kelly Beresfordcole
Kelly Beresfordcole Hace un año
This is a job for American people We the people?
Peter Hoang
Peter Hoang Hace un año
‘Cave Beast Demon'
No, I will not bless Trump because he is a Vile Nincompoop! Thank you, - God!
Krysis215 Hace un año
I just can't....
B K Hace un año
The facial expression that Rudy made, thats priceless. That's his reaction as he was reading the final report. He was thinking oh S**t they are screwed; and that Trump will be joining his friends that already have been indicted behind bars.
humanidee Hace un año
Proof of lies in the Muller report: vimeo.com/331034117
planet__ X
planet__ X Hace un año
Drag the scum Obama in for questions
‘Cave Beast Demon'
Trump will be led blind folded and handcuffed, wearing a crown of thorns, to the rose garden, forced against the wall crying, pleading, with a brown stain on his pants!
Azrael Hace un año
Finally a late night host lambasting media other than FOX. There are enough idiot pundits to go around without *solely* focusing on the right.
‘Cave Beast Demon'
The media is nothing like Fox News! Yes, they run off at the mouth but they are not traitors that support Trump!
Gary Jeffers
Gary Jeffers Hace un año
Are there any rational thinking people that do not think this president is a danger to the continued existence of this country? Barr was a fine choice by the prez to bring the DOJ to heel and set it under his control and working for himself!
Amanda Bell
Amanda Bell Hace un año
Something Clever
Something Clever Hace un año
The press conference was so important bc trump and barr knew trumps base wouldn't read it
Sergio Medina
Sergio Medina Hace un año
Just to be fair, a CD-ROM (or DVD, but I assume the report is less than 700MB) is a much safer way to pass information than, let's say a cloud stored file or a USB that can be infected in an easier way than a CD that has been written and locked.... Just wanted to point that out. #GeekingTooMuch
Whoopashigitt Hace un año
Cohen used "for the record" the most literal way possible
Mark Dowse
Mark Dowse Hace un año
Trump is complete and utter .... Enough said.
a2pabmb2 Hace un año
It's bad enough I have to look at Seth Meyers but do I really need 69 clips of stupid words spewing from an oompa loompa as well?
Maritza Piccarillo
Maritza Piccarillo Hace un año
Barr looks like Orange-a Tang APE
Maritza Piccarillo
Maritza Piccarillo Hace un año
Garbage in the White House....... Why did Cohen go to prison and trump and his kids are FREE .....you pay an attorney to do illegal things....you should be in jail too!
Wolffey Hace un año
Everyone is mad that Trump was proven innocent.
Samantha 78
Samantha 78 Hace un año
Samantha 78
Samantha 78 Hace un año
Miri S.
Miri S. Hace un año
I'm kind of surprised (in a negative way) that 0% voted on the Russia investigation being important for their 2020 vote. I think they are not aware at all that Trump was elected because of a sophisticated campaign starting in 2014 by Russia to undermine the election via manipulating any American voter who gets their information of the internet. Actually, people voting for Trump often did so because they were influenced by Russia. Where is the awareness for this?
mickey6688 Hace un año
Fuckwit, they used physical media for the report because it's more secure. You can't hack a physical disc. Don't you remember how the start of this whole farce was due to a bunch of hacked emails?
Franz Grueter
Franz Grueter Hace un año
butt hurt
butt hurt Hace un año
Libtards will never get it #pathetic
BILL MURRAY Hace un año
Is the Barr open? What are the hours , and what type of drinks do they serve? Is it an open Barr, or members only?
Herman Klump
Herman Klump Hace un año
This is a total travesty-- worse than the dangling chads of 2000. A living nightmare.
Paul Carpool
Paul Carpool Hace un año
All your minds have been kidnapped, brainwashed and fooled by the American MSM, and late night talk hosts.
Fallout Guy
Fallout Guy Hace un año
Trump is still POTUS? Trump is still tweeting? The left is miserable AF? Life is good LMAO
Spiritdove Hace un año
mueller reminds me of my doctor back when I was a kid in the 60's he would walk down the hall and say "next" in a low deep monotone voice.. hall was dark and he was tall and wow it was like frankenstiens doctor coming to get you.. but he was a good doctor.. lol
Never Again
Never Again Hace un año
Guess who else is about to quit 😜 or impeached
J R Hace un año
Republicans Pounce!
CaptainGinyu Hace un año
don't mind me, i'm just here to downvote
Buck Anderson
Buck Anderson Hace un año
Fix your audio levels!!!!!!
Andy Hace un año
Can I get some extra mayonnaise with my nothing burger?
paul Hace un año
I bet IF they investigated Clinton likely similar number of her people would went to jail - but hey, you just CANNOT touch democrats, they are sacred, they always right, etc - or may be simply Dems own most of US mass media and are better at corrupting the system without getting caught.
Richard Olson
Richard Olson Hace un año
No collusion! Trump can't collude/ coordinate/cooperate with anyone. He got WORKED like a tool.
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