Watch The Walking Dead Season 9 Trailer (Comic-Con 2018)

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Rick6ull Hace 55 minutos
Havent watched since season 7 episode 1 lol
BigMisterApple Hace un hora
*i just wanted to pull the trigger* Then do it. Stop talking about stuff and start showing it, there is no better way to tell a story than actually showing stuff.
Emre Al
Emre Al Hace 3 horas
Where's Morgan?
safwan ojale
safwan ojale Hace 4 horas
Guys what is the name of the song ?
Luiz Ramos Da Silva
Luiz Ramos Da Silva Hace 5 horas
Será que o Rick morre
Lil_P4ul Hace 5 horas
0:54 what say that black guy ?
Greyn Hace 5 horas
if u press 1 andrew lincoln says "i like daddy"
Twimbo Hace 6 horas
This season seems it's gonna be more political in-fighting than the regular same old repetitive plots we got. Survivors moving from place to place, setting up camp, fighting another camp, everything gets destroyed move on, repeat. Looking forward to it Maggie might even challenge Rick and Michonne for control.
DaniCali1890 Hace 6 horas
I lost interest when Carl died
KJ Demz
KJ Demz Hace 7 horas
Season 9 is coming .the trailer look like you know already the season will look like..they need to spice up so that everyone get thrilled not killing each other way better than that.. and i thought the helicopter we saw it was the new badass enemy and they spying all the time and they live not far from them and the old lady we saw from some episode barter trades some stuffs ,thought they give hints about next season antagonist.thats what i thought about it..but well see ...lmao
W4rlock Hace 7 horas
*fricking helicopter*
Liam's Lenz
Liam's Lenz Hace 11 horas
Are these the promos to each episode?
Chalishah Nur
Chalishah Nur Hace 11 horas
I stop watching since carl death. Thats really make me heartbreak
Zentra Hace 11 horas
If they kill daryl.. I'm not watching this ever again.
Dippy Gaming
Dippy Gaming Hace 11 horas
So where rick daugther?
Af Sk
Af Sk Hace 12 horas
When is the movie?
Tiff Fiddler
Tiff Fiddler Hace 12 horas
OMG I can't wait!!!!!!!
Mallipudi Aditya
Mallipudi Aditya Hace 12 horas
5:19 listen closely the walker whispers where are they.......whisperers are so badassss
Lemow Hace 12 horas
Am I the only one who stopped watching this after Glenn died
Lemow Hace 12 horas
Jesus Christ is this going to be another Lee situation where the main character dies the same way that they started
Nolafan77 Hace 12 horas
Cody James
Cody James Hace 12 horas
Yes!!!!! Season 9 is going to be great. The Whisperers are coming. Love this storyline from the comic book. Glad its being added to the show. So excited 👍👍👍
Barnali Debbarma
Barnali Debbarma Hace 13 horas
I've stopped watching this bcoz its no more about walkers and glenn died and rick becomes the nut shit, dumbass by saving negan
Isaiah Matedne
Isaiah Matedne Hace 14 horas
Whats the name of the song?
Frank Cannon
Frank Cannon Hace 14 horas
I love Neagan. But Rick should have smoked him.
scentless_ apprentice
scentless_ apprentice Hace 15 horas
Are the Whisperers the ones that may kill you and cut off you head and put it on a stick?
William Reese
William Reese Hace 16 horas
The same old shit lol
Liam's Lenz
Liam's Lenz Hace 11 horas
So you think.
natalie ̮̈
natalie ̮̈ Hace 16 horas
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez Hace 16 horas
Oh shit I can’t wait to not watch this lame ass show
AT U Hace 17 horas
I'm more interested to know what stuff they build than who they fight smh
austin27lj Hace 17 horas
Ohhhhhh shit! They evolving
bn ezabela
bn ezabela Hace 18 horas
one Q why is this so popular when you just have to survive "walking" dead yes i said it "walking"
Ociffer Otis Carter
Ociffer Otis Carter Hace 18 horas
Oh shit they got Luna!!! 😀👍
հokцƽ ρokus
հokцƽ ρokus Hace 18 horas
Fuck You scott gimple
Luke Hogan
Luke Hogan Hace 19 horas
Ricks gonna die so will Maggie calling it right now
Ben Kennerley
Ben Kennerley Hace 20 horas
2:15 who thought that that was carl in the background
Summer Girl
Summer Girl Hace 21 un hora
This makes me so sad that the full series isnt on netflix anymore
Samantha Conrad
Samantha Conrad Hace 21 un hora
Any one else imagine how dale, Carl, Glenn, andria, Jackie, Lori, Beth, ed, Hershel, tyreise, Sasha, bob, Lizzie, Mika, and abt 100 other people if they where still in twd wat y’all think it would b like???
Paulo Barbosa
Paulo Barbosa Hace 21 un hora
there is much explicit violence. I hate.
Y Y Hace 21 un hora
Look at 2:15 is that Carl in the background
iplaygamez Hace 22 horas
5:19 where are they??
Andrei Pardut
Andrei Pardut Hace 23 horas
is this finale?
HNLTTE Hace 23 horas
they should have just made the series end in season 8 its just getting repetitive now
gamesoflord chedikan
gamesoflord chedikan Hace 23 horas
Stop not more season omg
GottaDiePlaying Gamez
I did not know they were still making The Walking Dead episodes I thought they were done
MarcoMelesio Hace un día
Show is doomed after rick and Maggie leave, it’s gonna be absolute trash and no one can change my mind
Cari Moody
Cari Moody Hace un día
Looks good, but that was fucked up to already lose, Carl grimes an Glen too, if we lose Rick or my favorite Darrell i am going to be hurt, who else will...😰😥
James Principe
James Principe Hace un día
Title of the song
Darren Strange
Darren Strange Hace un día
Go Team Maggie! Who's with me?! :)
soy carmen # amo soy luna
si mi serie favorita regresa
Barracuda Zone
Barracuda Zone Hace un día
It looks like that tall stud could be Beta! We might have Whisperers that are sleeper cells collecting intel on the survivors!
Dr. Matthew A. Young, D.Min.
Why isn't anyone discussing about the zombie talking at the end of the trailer?! That's crazy!
ABC Gamers
ABC Gamers Hace un día
4:24 is that ricks shoes🤨🤨
garota bolada
garota bolada Hace un día
Amo essa serie 😍😍😍😍
Yt Thundi
Yt Thundi Hace un día
What Rick is Dead
Yt Thundi
Yt Thundi Hace un día
Rick ;-;
Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy Hace un día
Negan is back???
Gassebol Hace un día
TWD = the story about the native americans in the 17th centuary when the plague hit them?
Its Neight
Its Neight Hace un día
Just wish they would completely END the show this season and go out on a bang in an upward swing. Rick Grimes IS this show. Walking Dead will NOT survive without Andrew Lincoln; hell its barely survived with him multiple times. I have loved this show for years so I just want to see it go out on a positive note... not into obscurity the way its looking like it will.
coughcoughsigh Hace un día
I can't do it anymore. The last two seasons messed us around too much with pointless filler and themes and stories that go in circles. "We should kill people." "No we shouldn't!" Again and again and again. Plus there are now characters whose personality and motivations change depending on what is convenient for the story. Maggie and Daryl are particular offenders in this regard. I literally have no idea what drives or motivates their morality anymore because it's never consistent. Rick and Carol are in close second.
Red Hace un día
Where is Heath??
Chasity Fluitt
Chasity Fluitt Hace un día
Rick cut his hair thank god.....now can Daryl cut his....looking like a greasy mop...at least tie that back or something so we can see if he ever makes a different facial expression
kenneth lam
kenneth lam Hace un día
What happened to the official comic con trailer posted on amc? Did it get removed?
Nicolaos Wise
Nicolaos Wise Hace un día
I want was like a season 1,2
ilovesparky13 Hace un día
This actually looks really good.
Kathy Ochoa
Kathy Ochoa Hace un día
4:02 Gregory kills maggie
Kathy Ochoa
Kathy Ochoa Hace un día
2:33 beta????? In the background??????!!!
Kathy Ochoa
Kathy Ochoa Hace un día
Jesus dies episode 8 or 9 Aaron loses his arm Lydia comes as cassady mcclinton Regina and arat die
Ron Jans
Ron Jans Hace un día
2:20 bruh lil Henry drops my man Zach McGowan fy kid
the infamous_Joker
the infamous_Joker Hace un día
3:55 se ve a rick guiando a los caminantes en el caballo blanco justo como decia el guion filtrado en ese momento es cuando muere
shortyluvs420 Hace un día
Oooohh daaayum...this shit is going to be gooood!!! I seen Maggie with her baby& stuff..In which i really do love Maggie but it was an acquired love bc i wasn't to thrilled about her pregnancy. I thought that would be a pretty selfish&stupid thing to do at that period of time.I mean,in the middle of an apocalypse?!?!? Atleast not till shit has settled down some and you have a safe place to live with a doctor...But i still cant wait..LOVE the show!!!!!
shortyluvs420 Hace un día
But luckily she did cuz of what happened to Glenn..Now she will have lil glen(i know its Hershal) to love❤❤❤and hopefully wont end up a lil tasty snack..
Andrew Filkins
Andrew Filkins Hace un día
Why isn't anyone talking abou how the Windmill says Commonwealthon it?
Bob Hull
Bob Hull Hace un día
Come and join my group Proud Missouri stoners
Eduardo Polanco
Eduardo Polanco Hace un día
Oh shit!!! You can hear the whisper say “where are they” 😂😓
Janaina Moraes
Janaina Moraes Hace un día
2:43 Rick sangrando!!! 💔
Raees Hussain
Raees Hussain Hace un día
Omg I can’t wait to watch it
Josuha N. Alfaro
Josuha N. Alfaro Hace 2 días
What Is the name of the song? So fucking amazing
Sahil Agayev
Sahil Agayev Hace 2 días
I can't think TWD without Andrew Lincoln without Rick Grimes
Mooky Blaylock
Mooky Blaylock Hace 2 días
Also, Jesus is going to die and Aaron will lose his arm like comic Rick
Nevaeh Blyth
Nevaeh Blyth Hace 2 días
Reece Kelly
Reece Kelly Hace 2 días
That part on the bridge where everyone charged forward looks epic
kenneth lam
kenneth lam Hace un día
Reece Kelly The camerawork and the music made ir look badass
Анастасія Гучок
Please, say me, what's called this song
The Robinhood
The Robinhood Hace 2 días
I wont watch the series if Rick dies.. For me Rick is the walking dead!!!
dave lolin
dave lolin Hace 2 días
im so excited for this...
abraham limarga
abraham limarga Hace 2 días
TV 1# drama? What do u mean AMC?
Garid Gansuh
Garid Gansuh Hace 2 días
I wish...
ucheucheuche Hace 2 días
Just when you thought the trailer had ended
Adam Ethridge
Adam Ethridge Hace 2 días
This would make a good final season wrap it up with a movie later on
Vault Girl 4
Vault Girl 4 Hace 2 días
Where's my Dwighty boy???
REYDER Hace 2 días
Это просто ауф
Osman Beale
Osman Beale Hace 2 días
I wonder how rick’s gonna die.
HighDraxa Hace 2 días
Im sorry but i got more hype on the teltate twd last season either than this YES IM A NERD
Zaid Fadhul
Zaid Fadhul Hace 2 días
4:28 *LUNA* ? #THE100 ❤
Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper Hace 2 días
Srsly the moment when this season seems so badass rick is probably going to die why r u doin this to us??
jirinovski ng
jirinovski ng Hace 2 días
Maggie jesus daryl pisliklerrr
Layane Santos
Layane Santos Hace 2 días
Samira Paiva
Samira Paiva Hace 2 días
Leudwig C
Leudwig C Hace 2 días
Meh....... More of the same. It never ends.
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