Watch What Happens When You Puncture Easy Cheese

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Today we're throwing the warning labels out once more and checking out what happens when you puncture and play with easy cheese.
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21 abr 2019






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Comentarios 80
Eth Dim
Eth Dim Hace un hora
Animagitate studio Gdtention
“Technically that’s a wyvern.” THATS MY MAN!
animedood 5503
animedood 5503 Hace un día
this stuff is disgusting like an anime dub
Doesn’t Care
Doesn’t Care Hace 2 días
That’s a trick question. There 0 cheese in the can, it’s not cheese, it’s plastic.
Gaming With Ryan
Gaming With Ryan Hace 2 días
Bet I’m the only one who used an entire can on one ritz cracker yes I have SEVERE cheese addiction issues
Jim Richner
Jim Richner Hace 5 días
Calli says,I've got an axe,and that spray cheese is looking at me funny!😆
Random Guy watching yt
Roses are red My dong is blue ? Beat the meat too ?
hammer down
hammer down Hace 8 días
cheese ball for party awsome idea
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith Hace 8 días
that vase is a fondo'nt
Flyingcar100 Hace 8 días
Put a can in the microwave.
Alex Nassar
Alex Nassar Hace 10 días
i am playing raid right now
Leroy Hace 10 días
Imagine having to put made with real cheese on your canister.
russ kc
russ kc Hace 15 días
Calli you Should of grabbed a handful of it and smacked Nate in the chest with it
how we make it epic things
9:53 laminar flow
Budd Junior
Budd Junior Hace 20 días
You should've melted the cheese before putting it in the vac chamber. It's hard to get a reaction when it's hard like that.
Diego Chunux
Diego Chunux Hace 22 días
Kaden Autry
Kaden Autry Hace 22 días
Celery = crunchy water
Kaden Autry
Kaden Autry Hace 22 días
Never used spray cheese
korie kory
korie kory Hace 23 días
I seen what you did there tower of cheeza (goofy movie)
Forgiven By Grace Divine
0:08 reminds me of pus.
Clayton Barber
Clayton Barber Hace 27 días
Do a video about things not to do with spray paint cans but do it with foam in a can
Braxton Powell
Braxton Powell Hace 27 días
T. Van der kooij
T. Van der kooij Hace 28 días
You know, we have stuff like that in europe, but it works like toothpaste/mayonaise in a tube, not like whipped cream.
Joy Stone
Joy Stone Hace 28 días
3:27 Mama mia itsa Sphegetti
Matthias Roca
Matthias Roca Hace 28 días
I've never heard of spray cheese...
Katie B
Katie B Hace 28 días
I wonder what their tax write offs are...
EpicGames 503
EpicGames 503 Hace un mes
"Let's take a look at our sponsor, Raid shadow legends" **points at made with real cheese label**
Marlow Makes
Marlow Makes Hace un mes
*Callie and Nate call me outside in white suits* Neighbors: Oh wow, they are not messing around about coronavirus
Angelo Fusella
Angelo Fusella Hace un mes
You should of freeze dried the cheese
Holly Summers
Holly Summers Hace un mes
I know this exists but please freeze dry the spray cheese
Christiaan Bronoord
What happens is you put Easy Cheese in the freeze dryer? Or in a cotton candy machine?
Azhar T
Azhar T Hace un mes
4:40 Nate: I think you wanted to try something with that. Calli: Immediately grads blowtorch.
Prab Han
Prab Han Hace un mes
5:10 When you wanted flamed cheese dishes
Ckinggaming 2.cking
It looks like pasta
cgwworldministries Hace un mes
Holy heart attack
Brandi McAfee
Brandi McAfee Hace un mes
What will happen if you put acid in a freeze driver
Sarah E.
Sarah E. Hace un mes
It’s the leaning tower of CHEESA
iAmJE Gaming
iAmJE Gaming Hace un mes
That cheese looks like a pile of udon noodles and you can’t change my mind
Weed Weekly
Weed Weekly Hace un mes
0:06 Litteraly every question you asked is answered by the name of the product a
yingxia wei
yingxia wei Hace un mes
01:06 Them: Let’s take a look at our sponsor, Ra- Me:⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩ Edit: yes, I liked my own comment
Violet Gold
Violet Gold Hace un mes
Cucumber is just chunky water
Scott Lucchese
Scott Lucchese Hace un mes
You know what the Twinkie wiener fog with spray cheese is or uhf for instance?
Stormbreaker636 Hace un mes
That would be a nice tagline-"We like to break stuff". lol
Ave_Muse_Mage Hace un mes
Im so going to bring a plate of easy cheese to a christmas party now 😂😂
Mrs. Anita Giroux
Mrs. Anita Giroux Hace un mes
We need to do something like this agen!
Raven Hace un mes
So this was the episode that got them into Raid Shadow Legends. Lol
Henco Kriel
Henco Kriel Hace un mes
The ultimate dip😋
Cynthia Burns
Cynthia Burns Hace un mes
I would LOVE to see what happens when you freeze dry the Easy Cheese.
Jenna Cowart
Jenna Cowart Hace un mes
Has anyone pointed out that their food experiments are like majorly contributing to the molecular gastronomy field
Elizabeth Hace un mes
The plate did nothing xD
Noah Clark
Noah Clark Hace un mes
You should take a vacuum chamber pressure it and shoot it
ErlisGameStar Hace un mes
For best results, open cap. 2:54
no no
no no Hace un mes
My question to America: why? Just why would you want cheese - of all things - put into a can to spray? just w h y
J Bluewind
J Bluewind Hace 27 días
Headframe Hunters
Headframe Hunters Hace un mes
I live here and I'm honestly not sure.
Brenden Conley
Brenden Conley Hace un mes
You should do the same thing but shaving cream
丂ズ8尺Thomas Hace un mes
Rip headphone users in the intro
Mandy Rivera
Mandy Rivera Hace un mes
I'm so triggered by how they're wasting such delicious cheese...
Ruby Gemstone
Ruby Gemstone Hace un mes
Foxlife37 Hace un mes
Restraunt: Would you like some cheese noodles that came in a can and were burnt? Customer: Wait, what? Restraunt: Oh, or some frozen cheese noodles that froze in liquid nitrogen? Customer: Neither.
Marayah Torres
Marayah Torres Hace un mes
Is the main page of your you tube like the for you page of tiktok??? Or would your recommended be the for you page of tiktok hmmmm🧐🧐🤔 interesting
Ralph Munisami
Ralph Munisami Hace un mes
Yup definitely not found in South Africa bro
Ana Esmeralda
Ana Esmeralda Hace un mes
Nina Elbert
Nina Elbert Hace un mes
Dan Beard
Dan Beard Hace un mes
don’t lie it’s not cheese
Jamie Mcpherson
Jamie Mcpherson Hace un mes
We dont get that in the UK, Please send me one! Haha, looks delicious
Aaron Wood
Aaron Wood Hace un mes
I want to see an experiment with edible underwear!!!!!
Priya Zissler
Priya Zissler Hace 2 meses
Nate and Cali drilling into Easy Cheese, Nebors: gets blasted with Easy Cheese; "How did that get there?!"
Nena Kelly
Nena Kelly Hace 2 meses
Wh wh why
Lily Vlogs
Lily Vlogs Hace 2 meses
My friend made me download the app today and I love it
Fayt Albel
Fayt Albel Hace 2 meses
It would of been hilarious if that cheese would have made the sidewalk and hit someone while they were walking down it. Imagine that story when they got home what is that? Is that cheese how did you get spray cheese in your hair? Well you see two youtubers were bored with a drill.
Venus007e Hace 2 meses
To skip Raid 2:35 Thank me later
Connor Currie
Connor Currie Hace 2 meses
Venus007e thanks
Kalob playz
Kalob playz Hace 2 meses
Frezze dry it!!!
Gia Han Pho
Gia Han Pho Hace 2 meses
U should try freeze drying itt
Taylor Dampier
Taylor Dampier Hace 2 meses
You have to try it on pepperoni and chicken nuggets
Devan Devan
Devan Devan Hace 2 meses
That stuff’s nasty
ADH-DIY Hace 2 meses
Put the whole can in a vacuum.
Sad Squid112
Sad Squid112 Hace 2 meses
'It's not easy being cheesy'
Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown Hace 2 meses
"For best results remove cap" Oh really?
who put this car here
charlie would love this
Zakary Johnson
Zakary Johnson Hace 3 meses
I haven't had it and I live In Minnesota
NinjaIan2011 kennedy
My bro used to cover goldfish in a mountain of easy cheese 🧀
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