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We Asked 100 People Have You Ever Been Arrested | Keep it 100 | Cut
#Cut #KeepIt100 #Challenge


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18 ago 2019






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Lavinia Hace 22 horas
00:8 no i really don't know what you mean
Jarrueche Tran
Jarrueche Tran Hace un día
"Surprise bitch" ROTFL
hooligan fam
hooligan fam Hace un día
The beginning had me dead
Spacehyun Hace 2 días
0:16 I've been watching a few of these videos and she pretty cute ngl
Unfinishedthoughts Hace 2 días
I feel like a lot of the people in the comments are being rude and judgy. Like people make mistakes, and I think alot of people are laughing not because they thinks it funny because there nervous and lil embarrassed. Also that being things like drinking and driving is really bad and irresponsible, however people make mistakes hopefully alot of them only did it once but who knows. But one mistake can leave to bad consequences and if they do drink and drive often they are being stupid and should know better there adults get it together.
TombWraith Hace 2 días
Its fine that people make mistakes but you can tell when people are regretful of their actions. Some of them clearly were laughing uncomfortably, but most were not. Drinking and driving is not a mistake. Its a choice you make knowing the decisions that come with it. I was paralyzed because of someone else's stupidity. I lost my fiancé to someone else's stupidity. That isn't funny.
El Soubryn
El Soubryn Hace 5 días
I wanna see body camera footage of all of them saying the cops were bad
TombWraith Hace 6 días
I like this and all, but there's something about people laughing about having DUI's that disgust me. In 2013, I was hit by a drunk driver who completely blew through a red light going 50 MPH. The bleeding on my brain caused me to develop epilepsy and he paralyzed me from the waist down. My fiance died 2 days later following the injuries. Its not funny. People like them ruined my plans for the future. I was taken out of school for 4 years and I STILL have PT 6 years later. You destroy other people when you drink and drive. Its not a joke.
Michelle Ruiz
Michelle Ruiz Hace 6 días
Stop driving drunk! How is this even still a thing?! How could someone be so stupid
I once killed A man with my shoe
Smoking pot underage? Still don’t recommend it because it kill brain cells but it’s not THAT bad. Stealing? Usually bad, especially in a small and independent store. Getting into a fight? Also do not recommend and fairly bad especially if you’re the one that started it. Driving under the influence? This is something under NO circumstances you should do! It is putting a risk on not only YOU but also OTHER PEOPLE on the road!
lauritus17 Hace 6 días
Why all of them are so fuckig cool!! Where do that people live?
Tony Leonhardt
Tony Leonhardt Hace 7 días
Ohhhhh, snap. I wish I'd known about this. I have a great "almost arrested" story for streaking a minor league baseball game in front of about three thousand people. Police, ballpark security and angry parents/little league coaches all tried to catch me, but I got away as free as my bare butt had been racing across the baseball field. 🏃🤣
Iliana Hace 7 días
1:23 What the...
Just Me
Just Me Hace 8 días
That last guy ... TRUTH! Some cops get hella offended at people that know their rights!
TombWraith Hace 5 días
Only crooked ones, but we aren't getting the whole story here.
Anonym way !!
Anonym way !! Hace 8 días
1:23 what IS he?
Carolina Rodrigues
Carolina Rodrigues Hace 8 días
1:23 wtf?
Nadine Mascarenhas
Nadine Mascarenhas Hace 9 días
“Being white probably helped” wow
Sole Scythe
Sole Scythe Hace 10 días
2:42 damn that’s fucked up😂😂
Thailan Hace 11 días
The tea at the end of this video...
Σταμάτης Γαβαλάς
1:20 we will get them aliens next time fcking area 51 guards
Danayël Lemaire-Marchand
1:23 ight imma head out
Victor López
Victor López Hace 13 días
Koji the ilustrator
Destiny Seavey
Destiny Seavey Hace 15 días
1:52 is Tate!!!
Erica Narduzzi
Erica Narduzzi Hace 15 días
1:43 and here we go with another video that his students could watch xD
Angèle Hace 16 días
You should add a sum up with statistics at the end of the video (when possible)
Alexus Leeann
Alexus Leeann Hace 17 días
The guy they first show is a trip. Love that dude 😂
Jason Beck
Jason Beck Hace 19 días
Anyone know the music in the background? Great video btw!
#225 Hace 19 días
Yes twice 🤣🤷🏾‍♂️
Lily Pink Baker
Lily Pink Baker Hace 19 días
America, you have a massive problem with drunk drivers.
Kit Shortridge
Kit Shortridge Hace 19 días
1:23 somewhere where i shouldnt have been!! I bet it was area 51
adam Hace 20 días
where’s the disclaimer that says not to be encouraged by the people who have been arrested for breaking the law? don’t encourage drinking and driving, fighting, stealing, none of that shit. i got caught shoplifting one time and never again. we shouldn’t be encouraging youth to be quirky and anti-law enforcement.
Sophie Hace 21 un día
That opening was so problematic
Rebecca Astaix
Rebecca Astaix Hace 21 un día
1:47 is KJ apa with longer hair
Kara Nelson
Kara Nelson Hace 21 un día
*surprise bitch i got arrested*
Riya -
Riya - Hace 21 un día
Why are they so proud about drinking and driving
スタリリStary Hace 22 días
*I have bin arrested..* *At GTA*
Julia M.
Julia M. Hace 22 días
1:23 that guy came straight from Area 51 and then got arrested
Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams Hace 22 días
1:44- sexy as fuck woah
ellie ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
ellie ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Hace 22 días
i hate how this kinda makes being arrested a ‘cool’ thing ew wth
O H Hace 23 días
The first guy can die. Too many blokes like that around nowadays just fuck off
Jack Coma
Jack Coma Hace 23 días
they should include Bobby Higley full repsonce
Hannah George
Hannah George Hace 23 días
I can’t believe that she would laugh about drunk driving. Drunk driving has hurt and killed so many people. My elder sister died in a car crash caused by a drunk driver.
OM. Hace 24 días
dude called his mom bitch
Official Purpose
Official Purpose Hace 24 días
1:23 woahhh who let Edward Scissorhands on here
Lit Hype
Lit Hype Hace 25 días
Damn that boi gay af
Elizabeth Hace 25 días
Our we not going to talk about the bad police…
Mayito Ceballos
Mayito Ceballos Hace 25 días
Surprise bitch, I got arrested KDKDKSKSK that kills me lmao
Brittany Chanel TV
Brittany Chanel TV Hace 26 días
Being white probably helped at least you’re aware of your white privilege
SwftzzZ Hace 26 días
Wait hanky Panky is Illegal in a car?
Atrab Hussein
Atrab Hussein Hace 26 días
“Being white helped”
Bríon O'Sullivan
Bríon O'Sullivan Hace 26 días
A person dies because of drunk driving every 48 minutes in the United States alone. If you do it, you’re a prick.
Cameron Pearce
Cameron Pearce Hace 26 días
1:15 no it did not
benny mitchell
benny mitchell Hace 26 días
The lady’s hair at 1:49 is GORGEOUS wtf
Jason Duverney
Jason Duverney Hace 26 días
Don’t need a permit to search your car my mans
blegghhh Hace 26 días
0:00 only a white person would say some shit like that smh
Autumn Brindley
Autumn Brindley Hace 26 días
boy i wish i had a chance to be apart of these little clips
Crystal A
Crystal A Hace 26 días
Are we just going to ignore the entire group of people who were wrongfully arrested and profiled? Boils my blood
J Squad Vlogs
J Squad Vlogs Hace 21 un día
Crystal Mann that’s what court is for if you’re wrongly arrested take it to court
Zabivodka [Clips In 60fps]
"Being white probably helped" LMAO this nigga a 🤡🤡🤡
Crucified Hacks
Crucified Hacks Hace 27 días
1:23 What the hell is going on there and what is he into wtfff
Draedon Apotheosis
Draedon Apotheosis Hace 27 días
0:30 I like this girl more every episode she's featured in.
Kio Yamaku
Kio Yamaku Hace 27 días
Hopefully my mom never finds my one mugshot, the cop and I kept joking around so I'm smiling lmao
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