We Asked 100 People If They've Ever Been Arrested | Keep it 100 | Cut

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A rapid-fire montage of 100 of us responding to the same awkward prompt.
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We Asked 100 People Have You Ever Been Arrested | Keep it 100 | Cut
#Cut #KeepIt100 #Challenge


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18 ago 2019






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Comentarios 1 146
Chuba Hace 3 días
What did you steal....Alot
Nikola Kircanski
Nikola Kircanski Hace 4 días
0:8 no i dont know what you mean????!!!!
Christine Army
Christine Army Hace 7 días
Surprise BITCH
ElTimotoQK Hace 11 días
0:58 Yeah... temporary tattoos...
Cute disaster
Cute disaster Hace 12 días
"I have been arested " "Shit " I am .......😂😂
This is Lily
This is Lily Hace 13 días
“Surprise b*tch, I got arrested” -that dude
Miranda Quinn
Miranda Quinn Hace 15 días
“Surprise bitch I got arrested”
Tshifhiwa Netshifhefhe
no one: completely no one: cut stranger: surprise bitch, i got arrested
denisse almonte
denisse almonte Hace 21 un día
The first guy saying surprise b/tch 😂😂😂a mugshot for his mom 😂
Anika Gullapalli
Anika Gullapalli Hace 22 días
The guy at the beginning of the video gives me serious Matthew from Big Mouth vibes
Joe Rivers
Joe Rivers Hace 24 días
Wtf is the guy at 1:24 wearing
Olive Brown
Olive Brown Hace 25 días
the first dude is a fucking mood
Diego Grazioso
Diego Grazioso Hace 27 días
This guy just said being white probably helped
Ahmed Alibaba
Ahmed Alibaba Hace 27 días
What is the hanky panky?
TombWraith Hace 23 días
Its slang for having sex
Whllper Hace 29 días
They should ask 100 people what there favourite movie is
Max dibble
Max dibble Hace un mes
“ being white probably helped” shut up you absolute idiot no it didnt
Kass’s Vlogs
Kass’s Vlogs Hace un mes
2:56 LMFAO
Cool guy Ali
Cool guy Ali Hace un mes
“No but I kinda want to... it would be cute...” well then
Samy Hace un mes
the privilege to WANT to be arrested 💀
seanathon burke
seanathon burke Hace un mes
Every cop should go fuck themselves.
Aaron Hoke
Aaron Hoke Hace un mes
All normal people and then guy in robot suit
PapayasPeople Hace un mes
I haven’t been arrested yet
1Million Subscribers without videos
Only the gay guy would wish to be arrested
Claire Mar
Claire Mar Hace un mes
I lost my older sister due to a drunk driver. The person who caused the accident died too. It makes me sick to see so many people proudly saying they've gotten DUI's. They obviously aren't mature or responsible enough to have the privilege of a driver's license. Life is precious, even the lives of the strangers on the roads around you.
Chey427 Hace un mes
Never been arrested but have been put in handcuffs before and i was sooo scared i was gonna go to jail😩
Emany Barnes
Emany Barnes Hace un mes
Yoooooo everytime i see the girl with the blue hat she always looks high
x & pëëp lövër
x & pëëp lövër Hace un mes
2:21 does anyone know this guy? He is sexy as hell
Ginette Parada
Ginette Parada Hace un mes
@evan420dudebrah his ig but he does not answer dms
mr bae man 39 lol man
what's the music name?
mehar Hace un mes
That first guy 😂😂😂❤
Marccos Hace un mes
00:01 SHAME FOR GAYS!!!!!;
Isha Agrawal
Isha Agrawal Hace un mes
Why the hell would you laugh about DUI? Smh
Fallyn Nobles
Fallyn Nobles Hace un mes
2:01 wow he is cute
Philly Neon
Philly Neon Hace un mes
Drinking and driving is not funny or awesome. Also, neither is texting and driving. My 18-year-old cousin Frankie Lopez is dead because the guy thought it was cool. he survived. my cousin didn't... it was a closed casket. that was in 2001. His Mother still to this day, lays on his plot and cries the same tears she did the day he died. She still hurts the same day he died. It tore that family apart. He was somebody. Hw wanted to be a Father and a Husband like his dad. He wanted to see the world and help it all at the same time. Think about what you are doing. There are peoples children,parents out there. There is a Husband and Father. There are grandmas. teachers. You can destroy a vehicle but what you can't do is bring back the life you take. DONT BE AN IDIOT>
Shandelle Ghg
Shandelle Ghg Hace un mes
1:23 what in the fuck is he wearing?😂
Selish Hace un mes
people are talking about how dui is very bad. and you all ignore the murders.
Mar Rodríguez
Mar Rodríguez Hace un mes
"being white prolly helped" HAHAHAHAH
Daddy Vibes.
Daddy Vibes. Hace un mes
0:09 I love him 😍
Jellyjorge .59
Jellyjorge .59 Hace un mes
That gay guy acts like being arrested is so QuIrKy shut the fuck up please.
xxxAlbertooox- Alberto
1:21 what the hell
Arcien Hace un mes
1:16 wot
Aamir Bashir
Aamir Bashir Hace un mes
He called her mom bitch how rude at 0:8
Пушыстый Хомячёк
00.34 Morfius/00.47 Jessica Bill/02.51 Notorious B.i.G/
Trinity Brown
Trinity Brown Hace un mes
I've never been arrested, but I've been in handcuffs. 😐 Too far, I'm sorry.
ichfixxi Hace un mes
1:23 his look is so great
Lucas Lopez
Lucas Lopez Hace un mes
Is no one gonna talk about the guys with a cable rapped around his neck 1:23
Twickzys Hace un mes
I want Chick-fil-A so if you can ship me some food here’s what I want 1 Chicken sandwich with no pickles 1 Chick-fil-A fries 1 large soda 2 Chick-fil-A sauces
Scarlett Cornell
Scarlett Cornell Hace un mes
I Have
Movie Box
Movie Box Hace un mes
1:23 what the fuck
Benjamin H
Benjamin H Hace un mes
Pause on 1:23 WHAT THE HECK IS HE WEARING!!!!!! Maybe it’s a Halloween costume?
Zoya Faisal
Zoya Faisal Hace un mes
Lemme get this straight... This dude wants to get arrested *to give a mug to his mom with a picture of him in jail?!?!*
markly Hace un mes
Nono jsjshahhdja he wants to give her mom his MUG SHOT which is a picture of him in jail, not actually a mug lololol this was so innocent.
Elena Hatebur
Elena Hatebur Hace un mes
Like you know „hi bitch I got arrested“ omg HAHHA
Mrs. Jones Camillia Jones
Curtis: “Surprise bitch! I got arrested” 😝 definitely the greatest Christmas gift you could ever give your mom! I adore him 🥰
LaylaOneShot Hace un mes
As someone who had to be in the car with a drunk during my childhood all the time (My father was a hardcore alcoholic), and as someone who had 2 of my siblings and my step mom die in a crash with a drunk driver, the people who had duis make me so sick, in 2019, there is no excuse, call an uber, call a Lyft, call a friend, its so selfish. I dont understand how people justify it, i hear “I’m not thaaaaaaaaaat drunk, i can still drive” or “i have to get home fast” or other excuses, just....stop.
L. Reinhart
L. Reinhart Hace un mes
"being white probably helped"
Leslie 레스
Leslie 레스 Hace 2 meses
Wait you can get arrested for getting caught having sex in the car? I thought you would get just a ticket or something
TombWraith Hace un mes
Depends on the state, but thats public indecency/exposure, which in my state is a class A misdemeanor.
Oliver A
Oliver A Hace 2 meses
Curtis ALWAYS got some shit to say I love it
peachybearx Hace 2 meses
1:16 im the bad guy...
a Supernova
a Supernova Hace 2 meses
Being white probably helped🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Knowledge Is Key
Knowledge Is Key Hace 2 meses
Id like to get arrested Bernie style
Jacquelyn Chin
Jacquelyn Chin Hace 2 meses
Can someone pls help me find the girl in the Stephen King Rules t-shirt from 0:34?? she is too pretty and seems cool from the other videos omg 😭
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