We Built a FRICKIN Laser Cutter - HOLY $H!T

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We harness the power of lasers and make them do our bidding.
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29 nov 2017






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Doesn’t Care
Doesn’t Care Hace 9 días
So what you’re saying is you built it but thanks to linus it doesn’t work?
Nehemz Hace 9 días
In 2 years, this was only used less than a dozen of times?
lordmarcix Hace un mes
This is more like Lego Than ikea
Caleb Drake
Caleb Drake Hace un mes
Resolution on his laser engraving is pretty terrible...wonder if he still has it
asa emmerson
asa emmerson Hace un mes
companion cube
lindalewendling Hace 2 meses
Te=he wiring on the fans were not proprietary. It was just positive and negative +/-
nathaniel hellewell
nathaniel hellewell Hace 2 meses
Bjarne Hansen
Bjarne Hansen Hace 2 meses
Unmanned drones, gps satellites - FOOOOOKIN LAZER SOOIGHTS
Perseus Leow
Perseus Leow Hace 2 meses
Mute : Fookin Laser Sights
Definitely Vladimir Putin
The cake is a lie
Tyler Freeman
Tyler Freeman Hace 3 meses
So dangerous. Get a recalibration schedule.
James Urban
James Urban Hace 3 meses
I'm sure we'll see the "money shot" when that thing runs.
Tomáš Solčan
Tomáš Solčan Hace 3 meses
Its 10M guys
Alejandro Montes
Alejandro Montes Hace 3 meses
I can't believe you called Doge a dead meme
保羅 Hace 3 meses
Please do laser engraving on round surfaces (e.g. steel pipes)
H Doan
H Doan Hace 3 meses
My school has one we use for engraving on our wood projects
MaQuGo119 Hace 3 meses
Make a jole on the wall so I can cross to the unaites
Brad Scott
Brad Scott Hace 4 meses
he forgot to mention the most important advantage of a laser cutter over 3d printing: you can't 3d print a ham and cheese vin diesel sandwich
Huddy _346
Huddy _346 Hace 4 meses
“just like you’ll be using corsairs” double taps nice
Necate .Youtube
Necate .Youtube Hace 4 meses
Please tell me that there's a filter inside somewhere and that it does not just blow CO into your room!
psylentdeath Hace 5 meses
Theres no way, those are the correct screws for the the lid dampeners. Someone fucked up.
junesuprise Hace 5 meses
"Dead meme"
11er33 Hace 6 meses
Engrave designs into acrylic side panels that light up with the rgb
Med ia
Med ia Hace 6 meses
wow that was a rushed video
unicorn7337 Hace 7 meses
'Cable holder tank track chummies' are actually called e-chain or energy chain.
Aaron Sokolowski
Aaron Sokolowski Hace 7 meses
"This weird fitting I'm not sure what it does". Really, Linus? You've never dealt with anything requiring air or water?
Fanman867 Hace 8 meses
To bad about those headphones no mare headphone jack
Nick E
Nick E Hace 8 meses
Do a colab with AvE on your laser dubbelly do, Enginenerd with Compunerd what could go wrong.
Benjamin Smylie
Benjamin Smylie Hace 8 meses
Alex is lookin' to get bitten, stroking the cube the wrong way like that
Charlie delta
Charlie delta Hace 8 meses
Engrave cpu
Obeida Al Darwish
Obeida Al Darwish Hace 9 meses
I bought a class 4 laser 2,5wat blue. I don't know what kind of protection I need for it. Could someone help?😇
Carsten Kinderknecht
I'm sure it's been stated (by now), but those black "tankie" things are called cable chains.
MarksKicksOnRoute66 Movin' Mark
Dat wrench labeled "wrench" got me lmao
Heimvar the Apprentice
"thermal discouragement beam" 🤣🤣
Nick Christensen
Nick Christensen Hace 9 meses
Yet, you could have had a comparable Chinese laser cutter for 500$
Clayton Boen
Clayton Boen Hace 10 meses
We found an inexpensive LASER! Costs $2500
InfiniteNesLives Hace 10 meses
$2.5k for a 40W laser kit?? A 40W laser has to be over driven to cut most acrylic, don't expect your laser to last more than a couple dozen hours. If you're savvy enough to be down for a kit with that kind of budget an 60-80W China blue driven by K40whisperer on the PC is the way to go. Twice the laser for the same cost, fully assembled, and you stand a good chance of it being perfectly aligned out of the crate.
bbpetrov Hace 10 meses
Kw Hawkey
Kw Hawkey Hace 10 meses
Cable chain
pleappleappleap Hace 11 meses
I'm a little disappointed that you didn't exclaim, "Holy Shit!"
David Clarke
David Clarke Hace un año
Please make a acrylic test bench with radiator mounting. If possible, cheers.
Dovahheimiik Hace un año
I would love to see you guys build a crazy hardline pc with at least one custom manifold/distro plate, maybe more!
Elmojomo Hace un año
So what ever happened to this thing? I never see it mentioned on the newer videos. Did you guys burn out the tube, or just give up, or what?
MR. E Hace un año
is it good for acrylic cutting?
SEG Operation
SEG Operation Hace un año
3:29 cable Chain ;)
Mac cat
Mac cat Hace un año
But can you laser cut acrylic sheets and make a wall so Americans cant get in?
Darren Phillips
Darren Phillips Hace un año
Make sure you have plenty of ventilation. Some materials release harmful fumes.
N9.The_Noob Hace un año
and how many watt(s)
N9.The_Noob Hace un año
where is styropyro?
Wretched Slippage
Wretched Slippage Hace un año
Tank trap chummies.
Marek Čelko
Marek Čelko Hace un año
how do you call that love cube in the beginning of the video?
Elmojomo Hace un año
Weighted Companion Cube
felixu95 Hace un año
Use the laser cutter for your sketchy heatsink series.
Jay Time
Jay Time Hace un año
need G sync forsure on the fabwool cotwo
Skywolf750 Hace un año
0:00 sights!
Chris W
Chris W Hace un año
We want to see you engrave Linus... tattoo style! (JK).. So, assuming there's a separate connector for the laser gas, the one near the power input is where the anti-flame kit hooks up - basically blows air on whatever your cutting to keep it cool enough that it doesn't catch fire.
Mathiasisneat Hace un año
I have friends that are actually ok with screen tearing and it upsets me.
King DarkSide
King DarkSide Hace un año
Also... Spent $2500 on a freakin laser, and you couldnt spare another $600 to get it with the freakin laser pointer? Come on.
Elmojomo Hace un año
Wait, was this thing seriously $2500?! My fully assembled, fully calibrated, 50watt laser was only $1400....delivered!
King DarkSide
King DarkSide Hace un año
I think it would be cool to make some really awesome custome water blocks. Dickbutt CPU waterblock.
Nice N' Crispy
Nice N' Crispy Hace un año
Engrave a CPU.
Joshua Marcocchi
Joshua Marcocchi Hace un año
is that a wisp arcana ?
Penguinator Hace un año
Linus is it FREAKIN, or FRICKIN those two words are pronounced quite differently.
Christian Soldier
Christian Soldier Hace un año
Make a coffee-table cased dual pc with a touch screen top but do it extra. Better yet, just build the most ridiculous OC gaming rig in the icy cold depths of space.
21starsinthesky Hace un año
DrewDriver Hace un año
where is the followup video?
Yo Mama
Yo Mama Hace un año
I don't but Corsair
Christopher Lawrence Newton
where is part 2?
blackholecat Hace un año
You should use it to carve your name in the moon.
catsoften Hace un año
heh I'm listening to this with a hs50
Cesar Motoa
Cesar Motoa Hace un año
Cut stuff like the waterjet channel where they slice all kinds of crazy stuff and rack up millions of views!!
colinthomas5 Hace un año
Laser cut a chattering teeth onto the feet of a chattering teeth
Andrew Smart
Andrew Smart Hace un año
Youre just taking the piss out of william osman aren’t you
Aaron D
Aaron D Hace un año
did anyone else cringe when the mirror was handled with non-gloved hands? REEE!!! I'm so throwing one of these on a credit card...just don't tell my wife.
Ratkill Hace un año
Table Flipper
Table Flipper Hace un año
Consider fiber optic laser?
Blackmegagun Hace un año
I run a million dollar version of this at work. It's great to see that Linus can have fun with this.
Mohammed Al-Alaw
Mohammed Al-Alaw Hace un año
start engraving the logos!
Jake J
Jake J Hace un año
Dear god, that laser kit is probably the worst cost/performance value on the planet. The exact same laser with a slightly smaller build area that comes fully assembled and ready to go out of the box is $400 on Amazon. I'll take my K40 any day over that $2500 pile. If your're going to spend $2500 buy a glowforge.
Steven Hull
Steven Hull Hace un año
Igus Chain.
Genzforth Hace un año
Just turn on vsync
Wang Kevin
Wang Kevin Hace un año
He looked like the guy from deus ex lol
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