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Today, we're riding our bikes, dancing, and searching for some cool stuff by the LA river. RL #010
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Listen more about the time Link went mountain biking with one of his sons (and what kind of boat we'd be) on this episode of Ear Biscuits: • If You Were a Boat, Wh...
Note that today's content was recorded in advance of the US outbreak of COVID-19. Please excuse any reference that is no longer accurate or seemingly disrespectful or unhealthy due to general effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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20 mar 2020






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Allyson is Online
Allyson is Online Hace 3 años
Guys we literally watched y'all learn how to cut onions, say nothing but moist and burger for an entire episode, and find a bloated rat in Links attic. This is obviously exactly what we are here for.
Bart Myers
Bart Myers Hace 3 años
Yup I watched all of those except for the tortilla frisbee 🥏
Savy Flores
Savy Flores Hace 3 años
The tortilla frisbee is the BEST episode! They do a sketch at the end
M.G. Simpson
M.G. Simpson Hace 3 años
"I can't believe they added this as part of the course!"
Savy Flores
Savy Flores Hace 3 años
*proceeds to walk like a giant wounded spider across “part of the course”*
Celtic Lass
Celtic Lass Hace 3 años
Definitely (and strangely lol). I've really enjoyed all the vlogs. :)
Man + River
Man + River Hace 2 años
Rhett and Link this is your official invitation to join me for a magnet fishing adventure.
Blobfish Hace 2 años
Yessssss please! Dream collab! 🙌🙌
gulfbut Hace 2 años
Please tell me they read their comments...
flsunshine4u2 Hace 2 años
Please do this!
shauna biddix
shauna biddix Hace 2 años
Yesss!!! You guys have to!
Voltic Hace 3 años
I love how they still hangout and do things like teenagers.
nottah Hace 2 meses
like anyone...
Zibran Karar
Zibran Karar Hace 3 años
Link: “let’s say something inspirational and try to convince people to stop litteri-“ Rhett: “people are littering and I’m pissed.”
SadRat Hace 3 meses
Rhett: "what is wrong with you"
younghex Hace 3 meses
Camilo Garcia Ylasaari
Coronavirus lockdown: *happens* Rhett, sitting in his garage surrounded by apocalypse survival items: "WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?!"
𝒮𝓁𝒶𝓎𝑒𝓈𝓉 𝑜𝒻 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒮𝓁𝒶𝓎
Swag Hace 3 años
Mclaughlin now
Olive O'Connor
Olive O'Connor Hace 3 años
I want a remake of jessie j's "whos laughing now" with Rhett in his garage😂
ArgoNavis Hace 3 años
Grim Hace 3 años
Camilo Garcia Ylasaari 666th like
teacup Hace 3 años
Link: Hates germs. Also Link: TOUCHING ALL THIS JUNK that came out of the nasty-ass LA River.
Gracie White
Gracie White Hace 3 años
And I'll bet he sanitized the hell out of his hands later
falcon_is_furious Hace 3 años
Yep he probably dunked his whole hand in a bucket of hand sanitizer
A Tsum
A Tsum Hace 2 años
and touching his face right after too 🥴
finalbreath15 Hace 2 años
@falcon_is_furious or hydrochloric acid
Coen Thornton
Coen Thornton Hace 3 años
Rhett: Coronavirus was Link's fault Link: It was a creative decision.. wait.
Jaklen W
Jaklen W Hace 3 años
creative decisionnnnn
Eric Ainsworth
Eric Ainsworth Hace 3 años
i was the 666th like now i must go RIP AND TEAR!!!!
Jon The Artist
Jon The Artist Hace 3 años
(The Corona virus is all Link's fault )I'm glad to see they still have a sence of humor
English at Heart
English at Heart Hace 3 años
@Jon The Artist sense*
smok3y 420
smok3y 420 Hace 3 años
@English at Heart cents*
Leah Lasher
Leah Lasher Hace 3 años
Rhett saying “I can’t stop, I can’t stop.” While just rolling past the camera killed me😂😂😂
abigail Hace 6 meses
I haven’t gotten to this part but I can only imagine… I’m cracking up
younghex Hace 3 meses
Kali Styles
Kali Styles Hace 3 años
Imagine if they lifted that pipe opening and pulled it up to see another Rhett and Link doing the exact same thing at the other opening on the other side.
Trey Soto
Trey Soto Hace 3 años
Buddy system season 3
sarah smith
sarah smith Hace 2 años
This has Coraline vibes and I do not like it!!
Warhawk Hace 2 años
@sarah smith also us vibes
mrdaym Hace 2 años
I believe they'd be best friends at a moments notice.
【 Alice 】
【 Alice 】 Hace 2 años
Stranger things vibes (The upside down) also 666 likes
Ava Romero
Ava Romero Hace 3 años
I love how when they were editing they decided that the only reasonable way to conceal a strangers identity was to make them into a squirrel. Innovation at its finest.
deotis1234 Hace 3 años
Link: "Hi, we are Rhett and Link and we would like to talk to you about something important" Rhett: *looks dead into the camera* "What the hell is wrong with you?" 😂🤣😂🤣😂
TieDyeRose27 Hace 3 años
Me: "two dads, biking. This is gonna be so pure." Rhett: "50 points for a used hypodermic needle." Link: "whats the craziest thing you've found out there?" Squirrel: "human bodies..." Rhett: "I found cult symbols." Me: "oh..." 😳 Link: *walks past with stroller* Me: "ah there it is." *Link and Rhett dancing* Me: "nevermind..." 😂
m -
m - Hace 3 años
if you guys start making quarantine vlogs; we won't be mad. at all.
Cela Lauren
Cela Lauren Hace 3 años
Marti Hurford
Marti Hurford Hace 3 años
m - Yes please.
Daniel Ramirez
Daniel Ramirez Hace 3 años
And if we do seem mad about it, thats your problem
kristeve Hace 3 años
Tsering Dolma
Tsering Dolma Hace 3 años
tina Hace 3 años
this video made me smile so hard i love that after all these years, they still can go out and have adventures just like they did as kids. there was a sense of childlike wonder throughout the whole video.
Toomany Francis
Toomany Francis Hace 3 años
"This isn't a contest, we're a team" "That drastically increases my chances of winning"
jess Hace 3 años
Rhett ruining the "inspirational" litter speech is Gold.
Baseball Road Tripper
I'd like to thank Link for that underrated "Old Money" joke. It's like he was finishing my sandwiches.
Elon muskrat • 22 days ago
gherkin man 3000 frozen jike
darkhafgor Hace 3 años
21:06 I can't stop thinking about the fact that they just laid down their camera on the road, and having to come back for it after they cycled away 😂
Boop Hace 3 años
There’s a reason I love Rhett and Link and it’s become apparent to me through these videos. It’s not encapsulated in the games on their channel as much as it is here. The love and unbreakable bond of two friends who never stopped being kids. Even after marrying and having children, and growing a massive business together. They still represent what everyone hopes their future will be like with their best friends. Thank you Rhett and Link for showing everyone that Mythicality has no age.
Nicole Kingsley
Nicole Kingsley Hace 3 años
Boop ❤️❤️
CanyonsEdge2076 Hace 3 años
Well said!
NxtLeft Hace 3 años
Celeste Essel
Celeste Essel Hace 3 años
fo sho
Sana Lulu
Sana Lulu Hace 3 años
Zain Khaled
Zain Khaled Hace 3 años
I love how they’re mindlessly giving each other points 😂 😂
Matthew Desrochers
Matthew Desrochers Hace 2 años
They made 196 or 197 points depending on who you ask
Isabella Wong
Isabella Wong Hace 3 años
rhett: i will literally deposit your body in this river if you litter link: wait wait now hold on, take a different tone!!!
Courtenay Walker
Courtenay Walker Hace 3 años
Watching these vlogs has made me realize how self conscious Rhett is. He has no need to be and he seems so confident on the show; it somehow makes him even more relatable though. Love you guys. Thanks for continuing to make us smile during these crazy times 🧡
Rosalynd Byass
Rosalynd Byass Hace 3 años
Can i just say Rhett and Link's vlogs are honestly the most entertaining I've seen
LiMMY Hace 3 años
I like the idea that anybody in LA has a high probability of stumbling upon a wild Rhett and Link pelvic thrusting to hardstyle beatboxing in shady places at basically any moment.
The Reddie Squad
The Reddie Squad Hace 3 años
“When you breath in this air you gain knowledge” ~Link Neal 2020
Annly Hace 3 años
“Are you ok” just the high pitched voice coming outta nowhere got me rolling
randomlikings Hace 3 años
Rhett dealing with people who litter is a MOOD
Faith Campos
Faith Campos Hace 3 años
“Hi we’re Rhett and Link and we would like to... hurt someone that just littered” 😂🤣😂
Landon White
Landon White Hace 2 años
This video is like someone gave two ten year old boys a camera, told them to go play, and this is the result and I love it. The amount of imagination and creativity they have is crazy.
Sydney Mason
Sydney Mason Hace 3 años
I feel like this was a glimpse into them as children
Diamond Bones
Diamond Bones Hace 3 años
I couldn't agree more. It's actually amazing. This video makes me want to go out and do stuff with my friends without any inhibition. How about you?
Did they ever even grow up?
Anna Blanchette
Anna Blanchette Hace 3 años
Watching this after the last Ear Biscuits episode, you can see how much Ben has influenced your lives and inspired the men you've grown to become and I find it absolutely beautiful. 💙
Taylor Lane
Taylor Lane Hace 2 años
That was such an amazingly touching EB episode! And you're right- Ben really does shine through them.
Brianne Holben
Brianne Holben Hace 3 años
I love how y’all wear the helmets even when not on the bikes. Lol
weiwen Hace 3 años
I never thought watching 2 middle age men explore a concrete ditch would be this entertaining.
Just Kate
Just Kate Hace 3 años
I love watching adults do the things that my friends and I used to do when we were kids. My friends grew up and got so laaaaaame. I want to play outside!
RecklessHobo78 Hace 3 años
"Im PISSED about litter, what about you?" I'm pissed too Rhett.
Slambrew Hace 3 años
Rhett: “the Coronavirus outbreak is Links fault” Link: “it was an artistic choi... u wot?”
ashley G
ashley G Hace 3 años
ashley G
ashley G Hace 3 años
Sorry to be that person haha
Lee Hitashi
Lee Hitashi Hace 3 años
@ashley G Father?
mel_virgo Hace 3 años
u wot m8?
B W Hace 3 años
it came from that dirty ass ball they found lol
Grouthorax Hace 3 años
imagine being one of these guys' child and seeing this video on the internet where anybody can see what a time to be alive
Prince Jugali
Prince Jugali Hace 2 años
These are so goofy and fun, I didn't know I could love rhett and link even more than I already do
Blobfish Hace 2 años
I had anxiety the whole time about them leaving their bikes unattended 😅
Megan Is Awesome
Megan Is Awesome Hace 3 años
I need someone to make an edit of just their littering PSA 😂
yasha Hace un año
i wish they started uploading on this channel again
Magdalene Hace 3 años
This just goes to show that no matter how far one goes in life, no matter how many subscribers someone gets, no matter how much fame... sometimes, two boys just gotta ride their bikes round town together, play in the mud, and toss around a random ball they found! I love Rhett and Link, y'all have never lost that sense of childhood and pure joy. I suppose that's just the definition of Mythicality
Celtic Lass
Celtic Lass Hace 3 años
Very much so. :) It's a tragedy when someone loses it, especially if they never get it back.
Daniëlle Vos
Daniëlle Vos Hace 3 años
So true
Andrew Schmidt
Andrew Schmidt Hace 3 años
Here it is. The reason we all love R&L
Tin Man
Tin Man Hace 3 años
there was something so satisfying about this and something so reminiscent... i like it guys.
Renaud Duhaime-Rochon
rhett:humping the air Link:does the same
Leg day
Leg day Hace 2 años
I dont know why, but seeing them just living their normal lives is so entertaining and interesting to me, i love it so much
Essential Healing
Essential Healing Hace 3 años
the way Rhett says “moss” at 21:52 has me peeing my pants
Kiddo Hace 2 años
I expected a lot of ways he could say that but I didn't expect that one
Essential Healing
Essential Healing Hace 2 años
Kiddo Hace 2 años
@Essential Healing for me it was just how deep and nasal it was. Just "MOS"
Essential Healing
Essential Healing Hace 2 años
@Kiddo and the combination of both of those things just made it 100x better
Packersfan Hace 2 años
No need to comment the Timestamp. It’s woefully old and unoriginal
NoHeart Lando
NoHeart Lando Hace 3 años
Rhett going into the tunnel: “There’s something in the distance” *Goes closer towards it*😂
Shawn Robertson
Shawn Robertson Hace un año
Humanity in a nutshell
David Gough
David Gough Hace 3 años
This was a genuinely solid 20 minutes of smiling and laughing for me and it’s definitely something I feel I needed.
Lil Strats
Lil Strats Hace 3 años
Even before a minute in, “Two hunks hunkering with their families.” 😂
Timothy Bassett
Timothy Bassett Hace 3 años
Yeah every time I start a video I just start laughing but sometimes not becase me and my boyfriend broke up and he did that because I think he has a crush on the new girl and she was my girlfriend now nope because I broke up with her because she was littrely crap
Arianna Jassal
Arianna Jassal Hace 3 años
Same for me the 20 mins were the best..... But the other 2 mins ion want to talk about it
That piece of chicken underneath the couch
Timothy Bassett sorry to hear that
greed Hace un año
Watching Link chase after Rhett's car and being locked out... Friendship goals.
Angela Kujawa
Angela Kujawa Hace 3 años
link's biking "mixtape" made me laugh so hard I have tears in my eyes
Badusername2000 Hace 3 años
I would LOVE if yall did some more Urban Exploration (legally of course), it would be fun seeing you to doing fun stuff in abandoned buildings and stuff, because this was a super fun watch
Owen Verry
Owen Verry Hace 3 años
“Hi, were Rhett and link and we want to talk to you guys about something important...” “What is wrong with you?” Rhett and Link-2020
samantha valeriano
samantha valeriano Hace 3 años
The chemistry and their dynamic is y their vlogs r funny asf n genuine
For These Are My Thoughts
This is weird, but I’m in awe that they are biking in black skinny jeans
Herbivore 710
Herbivore 710 Hace 3 años
Rhett definitely is, but Link looks to be wearing joggers.
inthefort Hace 3 años
That's LA for you
o00thunderhawk00o Hace 3 años
its better than baggy pants that get stuck in the chain
Edgar Hernandez
Edgar Hernandez Hace 3 años
For These Are My Thoughts Never been to LA?
CdrBuffaloFlubbs Hace 3 años
Jasmine Bullard I've done such things in black skinny jeans. In fact I've done such in super skinny jeans and stingers. Then again that's all I own lol
Tyler Doe
Tyler Doe Hace 5 meses
This video helped me out at the beginning of the pandemic so much. Made me feel like I wasn’t trapped in my house 🧡
Katie Might
Katie Might Hace 2 años
I actually really appreciate the person that asked if they were ok! If it was actually someone getting hurt it's nice to know that those people would help :)
S C Hace 3 años
“Listen I’m not mad. If I seem mad... that’s your problem” 😂
I am cool (real not fake)
Literally so funny, its my new catch phrase
Sidharth Chadha
Sidharth Chadha Hace 2 años
Every girlfriend after an argument 😂😂
sleepy Hace 3 años
Bike riding and crawling through tunnels, still young at heart with spirits for adventure. I love these guys man
John Hogan
John Hogan Hace 2 años
These vlogs need to make a comeback. This is some of the best mythical content y’all ever made
Tanisha Hace 3 años
Rhett: this isn’t a competition, we’re a team Link: that drastically increases my chance of winning I like the way Link thinks 😂
Beacher Ross
Beacher Ross Hace 3 años
he was immediatley anticipating himself losing before he even finished explaining the game 😆
Boo Hastings מים
Boo Hastings מים Hace 3 años
I like the way Link thinks, but I prefer how Lincoln thinkins. ...sorry, I haven’t slept in a long time. That was actually funny in my brain.
Novite Hace 3 años
Seeing you two desperately try to come up with vlog content on the fly is the secret to why these are so fun to watch. Never plan more.
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones Hace 2 años
They seriously have the best friendship. Like this should be everyone’s friendship goals. They make me so envious I don’t have any friends especially a really close friend like this to do things with.
Edward Baker
Edward Baker Hace 2 años
"Memories are things you can make up." -Link Neal 2020
Leanne At Home
Leanne At Home Hace 3 años
When link says “you like that?” and I’m just like oh his poor wife
PollyPocket Hace 3 años
1st thing I thought 2
Jen Hace 3 años
I honestly think this is my favourite video from them. 💛
🇵🇭 Arte ᜐᜒᜈᜒᜅ᜔ Sining Art
Thanks GMM, GMMore, Rhett and Link Vlogs, and Ear Biscuits for being a part of my daily lockdown, state of calamity, city ban, and enhanced community quarantine routine... 🙏😇😊💕 I hope you are also all safe, secured, and healthy R&L, Mythical Crew, and all Mythical Beasts. 🙏😇😊💕 -From Zamboanga City, Philippines.
03_AustinDrake Hace 3 años
It doesn't matter what they are doing, Rhett and Link always manage to have fun. Their vlogs have been so great.
Korey Hitchcock
Korey Hitchcock Hace 5 meses
I’ve came back to this video multiple times because the pure happiness they get from the treasure hunt and awarding points generally is one of the most genuine entertaining things I’ve ever seen.
Winslow Hace un año
Can someone explain to me why this is one of my favorite videos on ESvid? Love this channel. Classic and unproduced shenanigans from our two favorite down home boys. Also, the editing is capital-C-Crisp.
DutchGuyMike Hace 2 años
I love that whatever what, these two never lose their Mythicality-ness!
Tommy Reed
Tommy Reed Hace 3 años
Guy: We find bodies down there. Link 5 minutes later: Lets go down there.
Jaqen H'Ghar
Jaqen H'Ghar Hace 3 años
Why the heck would they actually go into the river and play around like it was the relatively clean river they used to frolick around in back in North Carolina? Is it safe to swim in the LA River? The Los Angeles River is heavily polluted from agricultural and urban runoff. Fed primarily by rainwater and snowmelt (in winter and spring), the Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant in Van Nuys (in summer and fall), and urban discharge, it is one of the few low-elevation perennial rivers in Southern California.
Ingrid StPierre
Ingrid StPierre Hace 3 años
@Jaqen H'Ghar hope they had hand sanitizer lol
BEST psy music BEST
BEST psy music BEST Hace 3 años
Nr 100
Transidify Hace 3 años
“I think he was joking about the bodies”
Hongo Bongo
Hongo Bongo Hace 3 años
@Transidify lol never lose your optimism
Mic Quinn
Mic Quinn Hace 3 años
20:21 the door is cat shaped, Rhett can’t you see they are trying to trick and sacrifice you!?
Hex Hace 6 meses
You guys were my best friend group in 4th and 5th grade. !!Shout out to Terence and Felix!! Thanks for filming my childhood memories from 40 years ago!
ashlyn c
ashlyn c Hace 3 años
seeing Link aggressively bike away from the camera to rock music is the only thing i need in life
lilwavesz Hace 3 años
after the perfect catches link looking at the camera all excited like “you liked that didn’t you??“ 😂😂😂 he’s not wrong
gdragon521 Hace 3 años
"20 points for patriotism, minus 20 points for underwear"
otto Hace 3 años
69th like for this comment
sezabean Hace 3 años
I cant explain why I am enjoying this content so much. It's sending me old school youtube happiness please don't stop. This is exactly what we need
Ijaz Mailbox
Ijaz Mailbox Hace 3 años
I just commented the same thing! These boyish adventures are so fun and interesting, I could watch all day!
Carla Burkhart
Carla Burkhart Hace 3 años
"What is wrong with you!" "Listen I'm not mad, if I seem mad... That's your problem." "You bum!" I am Rhett at heart.
Massanti Müller
Massanti Müller Hace 2 años
you're the only guys i know, that can make being responsible look like a meme, or a bad joke
xavier gutierrez
xavier gutierrez Hace 3 años
Dude i freaking love the random deep convos they have like its nothing and then they completely change topics
Preeti Sulgaonkar
Preeti Sulgaonkar Hace 5 meses
8:08 Rhett filming Link filming the little doggies and laughing is precious to me 😌
MegaroniMegster Hace 3 años
I love adventures like this!! I love doing this kind myself and with my friends too!!
Veeps Hace 3 años
Rhett with license plate: "That could legitimately be part of an investigation!" *Leaves fingerprints all over it*
Critical Role Highlights
Just like all those cops in cop shows like CSI that pick up bullet casings without gloves.
Niklos Hace 3 años
neversaygoodbye Hace 3 años
I was thinking that! 🤣
iAmMadeOfSoup Hace 3 años
Or the VHS
Madeline Wotruba
Madeline Wotruba Hace 3 años
*Buzzfeed Unsolved music plays* *Shane and Ryan enter the chat*
Leslie Rae
Leslie Rae Hace 5 meses
This is LITERALLY how I spent allot of my adolescence, and something I still genuinely enjoy doing. “It’s creepy…..and *fun*”😂👏
High Tide Soaps
High Tide Soaps Hace 2 años
Can you imagine how well a heard of Mythical Beasts would come together to clean up a stretch of road or coastline?! That would be so fun!
Brianne Holben
Brianne Holben Hace 3 años
You guys need a tv show. These are the vlogs we didn’t know we needed. 😂
Z Newton
Z Newton Hace 3 años
It's kinda weird saying this but I'm really glad they still get a long like best friends after all these years. Like playing catch with the tennis ball game made me laugh
TheTwinTuberz Hace 3 años
“When you breathe in this air, you just gain knowledge.” - Lincoln Neal 2020
Jessica Hevron
Jessica Hevron Hace 2 años
Thats not his name tho
Aiden Smith
Aiden Smith Hace 2 años
@Jessica Hevron Link is short for Lincoln
☆sky☆ Hace 3 años
"Coronavirus was Link's fault" "It was a creative choice"
julia Hace 3 años
I really like these vlogs the guys have been doing. I feel like it really shows us their true friendship and their genuine conversations not scripted. You know on GMM sometimes it feels like their friendship is just work but I like the more relaxed vlogs too
Zack M
Zack M Hace 2 años
This is one of my favorite videos they have ever done. I've watched it a dozen times and it never gets old. I miss these Vlogs; hoping they film more in the future!
emilyp_ Hace un mes
I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever laughed out loud for realsies watching any other video 😂
DutchGuyMike Hace 2 años
I love how these 2 never lost their childhood innocence/amaze :D
thatnickgrantguy Hace 2 años
I think itd be great to see more "in the wild" vids like this
Gui Porto
Gui Porto Hace 3 años
"Your hair looks absolutely asinine." "You look like you belong in 'Grandsons of Anarchy'." Link was on fire today.
That’sAMoray Hace 3 años
“An inhabitant of the River”
Scarlett Hace 3 años
“What are you, Tony Hawk?”
Galina Atanasova
Galina Atanasova Hace 3 años
That part got me rofl😂😂😂😂
SDR Picasso
SDR Picasso Hace 3 años
oceanblu -skies
oceanblu -skies Hace 2 años
I used to go on bike ride adventures as a kid with my mom, then as I got older I did them solo and would explore the creek I lived by. Watching this definitely brings back those memories and I love it. Its like bike riding with the two dads I never had hahaha
Beckaboo3397 Hace 3 años
You guys are hands down the funniest Channel on You Tube. Beyond that you seem like such down to earth just kind people. Just wanted to say I and so many others appreciate what you do.
Blackfire Phoenix
Blackfire Phoenix Hace 3 años
Damn, I wish I had the amount of energy that they do. I'm a little more than half their age, but between having EDS and hypersomnia, their energy makes me feel like a senior citizen lol I love watching them do this kind of thing though. I was a bit worried that they'd legit stumble across a body or some other horrifying find down there. Rhett voiced the amount of anger I was feeling after seeing all of that litter. Smfh
Leslie Rae
Leslie Rae Hace 5 meses
“It’s thrilling when you see a heron” 😂 Link is so pure