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3 may 2021






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Charles & Alyssa Forever
OMG!! Who’s excited for the new videos!!! 🔥 Foreversquad, If your ever in Arizona let’s hangout!!! 🥰
Honey Bunnz
Honey Bunnz Hace 2 días
I'm excited for you guys!!!! Congratulations!!!
Ana Ellorenco
Ana Ellorenco Hace 5 días
Congrats charles and alyssa..god bless
tinaj sews
tinaj sews Hace 24 días
Repent , Jesus Christ is coming back.
Jaye Tv
Jaye Tv Hace un mes
Omg i stay in arizona i stay in downtown Phoenix i would love to meet both of u
Shonia Anset
Shonia Anset Hace un mes
So hapoy for you guys x
Sk Cass
Sk Cass Hace un día
Nice 🏡. I'm from AZ also ☀️
Betsy Gasior
Betsy Gasior Hace un día
That’s not a mini-grill for burgers, guys. Cook your burgers on the grill. Those are gas burners for pots; corn on the cob, beans, etc. while you grill. Enjoy your new home! :)
Ri’sVision Hace un día
Lila's Family
Lila's Family Hace un día
Congrats Alyssa and Charles this house feels like more home 🏡 not a big huge mansion echoing house anymore 😊
Brianna Ferreri
Brianna Ferreri Hace 2 días
i love you guys and i'm so happy for you guys!!!
kirsty humphrey
kirsty humphrey Hace 2 días
You two are amazing, wish i could come out from the uk and meet you both, congratulations on your gorgeous house stay blessed xx
Annmarie mcleod
Annmarie mcleod Hace 4 días
Congratulations guys
nunia vailahi
nunia vailahi Hace 5 días
out of ALLL the couple ESvid houses… yalls house is the best one ive seen so far. so pretty n family type vibes!
Diane Sansregret
Diane Sansregret Hace 6 días
Congratulations to you both and I wish you much more success in your life and much more happiness keep on rocking it you guys are beautiful BigMamaBear
lyricfreak Hace 6 días
Congratulations 🍾🎉🎊🎈
Autumn White
Autumn White Hace 8 días
Omg congratulations ! I wish we were close to Arizona so we could meet you 2! I love watching even my 2 yr old boy watches yall with m! If even in Arizona we would love to come hangout!!!
Brittany Eyler
Brittany Eyler Hace 8 días
Congratulations!! I'm so HAPPY for yall🌹❤🌹
Katherine Soussi
Katherine Soussi Hace 8 días
Congrats on your beautiful new home.Wishing you the best!!!
Denise Kidd
Denise Kidd Hace 9 días
The smaller burner is for pots and pan use
Denise Kidd
Denise Kidd Hace 9 días
Kalynn Henne
Kalynn Henne Hace 14 días
Beautiful house absolutely I love with it !!!!!!!!!! I was never a fan of the last kitchen or the house in general this is a beautiful upgrade so happy for you guys fav part is deff the pool and up stairs 😭❤️ and the beautiful kitchen !
Kalynn Henne
Kalynn Henne Hace 14 días
I like this house a lot better than the last one I really didn’t like the last one honestly this is beautiful though
Haley Colburn
Haley Colburn Hace 15 días
Super happy for you two and your accomplishments! You’re my favorite ESvid couple because you can tell you’re so genuine. I’ve been watching y’all since day one and you two stole my ESvid heart back then! Can’t wait for baby Davis!!
Jayar Tongan
Jayar Tongan Hace 15 días
Congratulations 👏❤️🎉
Tracy Brown
Tracy Brown Hace 15 días
So happy for y’all!! That house is amazing!
Lawanna Johnson
Lawanna Johnson Hace 15 días
I'm so excited for y'all the new house looks amazing and I absolutely love y'all
Jaynee Medrano
Jaynee Medrano Hace 15 días
beautiful home for such a beautiful couple😍😍 and yey sushi for coming home!! love it❤️
Hannah Locklear
Hannah Locklear Hace 16 días
Y’all are literally my favorite ESvidrs☺️💕
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith Hace 17 días
The house is beautiful! Congrats to u guys. Love u guys. That would be so fun to come hang out. I'm all love! 😀❤
AeMi KoRi A
AeMi KoRi A Hace 17 días
nice house… congrats…
Kaitlin Baudoin
Kaitlin Baudoin Hace 17 días
This place is my favorite ever! Love all the white and the outdoor space is adorable! Great find you guys!
Coco Shenel
Coco Shenel Hace 17 días
She seems like such a sweet girl.
Bella Cardenas
Bella Cardenas Hace 18 días
Jeydeliz Torres
Jeydeliz Torres Hace 18 días
Congratulations you guys deserve this and many more ❤️
Nora Mildred
Nora Mildred Hace 18 días
This house is so big and beautiful, I love it ❤❤
Mirella Chavez
Mirella Chavez Hace 19 días
So blessed! Stay blessed!
Yasenya Pedraza
Yasenya Pedraza Hace 19 días
beautiful i love you guys
lilyana salinas
lilyana salinas Hace 20 días
Love this house for yall.
Candace Sanchez
Candace Sanchez Hace 20 días
Why are you guys not buying???? Renting is just throwing ur money away this is the prime time to buy!!! Interest rates have been crazy low!!!!!!
Master Cia
Master Cia Hace 20 días
Omg Im so happy for both of you 🥺🥺🥺🥺🦋💙
Jo-Anne Pell
Jo-Anne Pell Hace 20 días
Beautiful house. Can you buy this from your landlord one day?
Dezinae Mcfarland
Dezinae Mcfarland Hace 20 días
Stephanie Riquiac
Stephanie Riquiac Hace 20 días
Im so happy for u guys i seen u guys grow so much and i know that bigger things are coming too u guys love ur house and i know suchi will love that place stay safe guys GOD bless u guys
Shadia Gaddah
Shadia Gaddah Hace 21 un día
Where sushi
Comment007 Hace 21 un día
I can't wait to hear the pitter patter of little feet running through the house 🥰
Cresilda Moralla
Cresilda Moralla Hace 21 un día
Congrats both of you I wish u have a baby hehe😍😍😍 I hope u shout my name in your next vedeo love u guys I'm your fun her in the Philippines davao city 😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Infamousyoly Hace 21 un día
I’m soo happy for y’all ♥️
Chelsea Greene
Chelsea Greene Hace 21 un día
You guys are too sweet 😘
annmarie lewis
annmarie lewis Hace 21 un día
Congratulations on both of you guys
Nina Muminovic
Nina Muminovic Hace 21 un día
Moved again? What happened to the house with the black kitchen?? I can’t keep up 😪
Therese Richardson
Therese Richardson Hace 22 días
Mabeth Andrino
Mabeth Andrino Hace 22 días
I'm so happy that you guys found a home that sushi is allowed to live with you guys... Excited to see sushi soon 😘😘😘
Araminta Johnson
Araminta Johnson Hace 22 días
Julia McGrath
Julia McGrath Hace 22 días
Wow love the layout of this place!! So happy for you guys 🥰❤️
Erica Del Rio
Erica Del Rio Hace 22 días
Hellllloooo.... guest bedroom!!!
Tamarra Koenig
Tamarra Koenig Hace 22 días
Do a house tour now that’s you guys have moved in! 😍
Gregg Jeanlouis
Gregg Jeanlouis Hace 23 días
hi's congrats
Angela Tallman
Angela Tallman Hace 23 días
It’s beautiful 🤩
gloria penano
gloria penano Hace 23 días
sharon mccann
sharon mccann Hace 23 días
the house is AMAZING I would love 2 come over for a BBQ n swim in that BEAUTIFUL pool yes Charles I wanna take a dip lol ne ways with 5 bedrooms ya need 2 get busy n fill them rooms up with some babies
Nikki Hace 23 días
I am so happy about sushi coming back 🥺🥺💕💕💕💕💕💕! I was waiting in the beginning to hear about sushi. 👏🏼👏🏼
Hk Anil
Hk Anil Hace 23 días
Ewww that makeup 🙄💩💩
Ashley Hace 23 días
Congratulations so happy for you both 💗💓💖❤💛💕 : ))
Alice Beard
Alice Beard Hace 23 días
This is so much better of a place!! Y’all will be happy!!!!
alicia church
alicia church Hace 23 días
Rachel M
Rachel M Hace 23 días
Living room is small..(Not hating) But pretty home!! Congrats yall ❤
Alrac Miroro
Alrac Miroro Hace 23 días
Iris Dease
Iris Dease Hace 24 días
Beautiful!! God bless you two
Abi’s World
Abi’s World Hace 24 días
Y’all forever stay moving
M&J BONDOC Hace 24 días
This couple is my only foreigner vlogger that i watchi hope soon i will be like them 😅😅 hope there's someone who can appreciate my youtube channel also thankyou in advance guys dont forget to subscribe also thankyou 😊
tinaj sews
tinaj sews Hace 24 días
Repent , Jesus Christ is coming back.
Jennifer Langjan
Jennifer Langjan Hace 25 días
Congratulations y’all love it 😍 🥂🙌🏼 it’s a blessing keep pushing your way up ⬆️ guys
RIP DMX Hace 25 días
There is no way this house cost 10 million. You aren't even worth that. All the fans here are so easily convinced. Do you think they have 10 million dollars for this house??
Kompanija WS
Kompanija WS Hace 26 días
Bathroom towels
Kompanija WS
Kompanija WS Hace 26 días
U beautiful house
Kompanija WS
Kompanija WS Hace 26 días
Do u have alarm od someone pii sensor
Daysi Lopez
Daysi Lopez Hace 26 días
Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you both ❤️❤️😃😊
Jasmin Legaspi
Jasmin Legaspi Hace 26 días
Wat happend to her face...
Taya Nicole
Taya Nicole Hace 26 días
Yay sushi gets to be home with you !!!
Faith Butler
Faith Butler Hace 27 días
Congratulations 🍾 I’m a little late to the party but your house is absolutely stunning!!!!!!
Gerty Sakati
Gerty Sakati Hace 27 días
JLSlay Bay
JLSlay Bay Hace 27 días
Best house so farrrrrrrrrr I’m diggggggin this vibe omg I want it
Darlyn Faith Quillo
Darlyn Faith Quillo Hace 27 días
I really like you two . I watch your videos in facebook and i justlove it . Lots of love from Phil 🇵🇭🇵🇭
Sandra H
Sandra H Hace 28 días
Congratulations guys!! It’s a beautiful beautiful place!! Living the high life is wonderful until It’s cleaning time 😆 Leave it to your cleaners!! Definitely a baby making home 😉
sochyvonn nora
sochyvonn nora Hace 28 días
Omg...her make up looks so bad
Crazy Z & Brisy Bri
Crazy Z & Brisy Bri Hace 28 días
She said they had 2 1/2 bath. Pretty sure they have 1 full on second floor and 1 full 2 halfs baths on the first from what I counted. That's pretty cool tho. That's what I need because say when u have people over .. say I'm one of them guest and I go to use bathroom , bout to pee myself type sh** and someone is already in there. I don't have to sit and wait forever for the other person to hurry up and come out exp. I can just go use the other one. Then you dnt have to worry about having to let someone go use the other one(s) upstairs.
Nena Babiië
Nena Babiië Hace 29 días
Congratulations 🤩🤩🤩🤩
mercedes jones
mercedes jones Hace 29 días
Y’all should stay in this house and get a nice big couch make it homey for u guys
Diane Peluso
Diane Peluso Hace 29 días
That’s 10M?
Donna Davis
Donna Davis Hace 29 días
Congratulations your new spot looks awesome so happy for you guys now get busy start filling up the bedrooms haha
Creyebabyunicorn Hace un mes
I’m claiming to have a home like this😭🙏🏼🧲🧲🧲
MStracee918 Hace un mes
Life With Ki
Life With Ki Hace un mes
I Remember When I First Started Watching You Guys When Y’all lived In The Apartment. You Guys Grew So Much I’m A Proud Supporter!! Love You Guys !!!
congratulation guys
angele cutajar
angele cutajar Hace un mes
Omg so happy for you guys xxxx so happy that you can be with your sushi nowww 😍😍😍 🐶
Rekitia Kendrick
Rekitia Kendrick Hace un mes
foxivtec Hace un mes
What a beautiful place !!! and that pool!!! I’m excited for you guys with that!
Jamie Leah
Jamie Leah Hace un mes
Yall deserve it
Jamie Leah
Jamie Leah Hace un mes
Aww congrats
Jennifer Samaniego
Jennifer Samaniego Hace un mes
Omg I love the new house!! It’s gorgeous!! Congrats!🎉 y’all deserve it!❤️❤️❤️
Tiah X
Tiah X Hace un mes
I really be waiting 2-3 weeks for a shit ton of uploads so I can binge watch ya'll, sixteen minuets is just not enough!!!
Heather Towns
Heather Towns Hace un mes
Love you guys!! Been here since day one and have enjoyed watching you grow, you’re incredibly motivating💜
teamlovepanda Hace un mes
Landlord?! Theyy sure love you! Don't waste your money renting!!!! OWN! Build that generational wealth. Stop playing!
Dasha Kae
Dasha Kae Hace un mes
Fave part is the ski challenge lol
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