WE FOUND Rey's Parents | Luke's Lightsaber was the KEY

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EDIT: Now that we've seen the Last Jedi well....
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It's probably one of the more complicated Who are Rey's Parents theories out there, but its quiet interesting and it's all leads back to her vision and luke's lightsaber. And no WE DON’T THINK SHE’S LUKE'S DAUGHTER ANYMORE.
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14 oct 2017






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Neil Rosenau
Neil Rosenau Hace un día
the light saber belonged to Ben Solo, before he became Kylo Ren
Dennis Carver
Dennis Carver Hace un día
SkhairKro89 Hace 6 horas
What does that have anything to do with Star-Wars??!! Maybe if you said or asked "How many licks does it take to get to the center of Boba-Fett," or something, you know? Cause he got eaten!
SkhairKro89 Hace 6 horas
What the Randomness?! Get out of here you dirty little old Owl!! Lol, those commercials are older than I am!
Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson Hace un día
Rey is Leia's daughter. That's why she passed by Chewie to hug her too long and sniff her neck like a creep.
Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson Hace un día
You know who else is "nobody"..."a filthy junk trader"??? HAN SOLO at the beginning of Solo: A Star Wars Story
Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson Hace un día
I really enjoy this theory. But Rey is Kylo Ren's sister. That is the EU "legends" canon. That is also why he says WAY BEFORE telling her that they are nobody and she had no place in the story: "I saw who your parents are, that is how I know that when the time comes you will stand with me!" - which she does. For a little while. Then she pisses him off and he tells her she is nothing. It is simple manipulation. Weak manipulation at that!
JeepsnBacon Hace un día
I think if her father saw her today, he would say, Hello there.” I think she’s the secret love child of Satine and Obi Wan placed in hiding after Satine’s death.
Jari Sipilainen
Jari Sipilainen Hace 2 días
palpatin come back lol. wtf i not care. its trailer it can edited anyway . so what if there palpatine laught. it can be flash back. it can be hologram. he can be alive. yes he can be alive. we did not see body. he moved in force like luke and found way come in flesh who cares. i hate palpatine. there is allways some big boss. becouse kylo ren turn. we not see blue saber in trailer becouse it would be oblious LOL. what is cannon lol. movies are scripted they not follow any allready scripted play. its scripted then shotted then edited and changed. outcome is what directer want. luke would not die if difrent director. who cares. will rey be in episode 10. i not care. will there be 10 or just movies. who cares its star wars universe. new heros can appear. its just need writted lol. if there will be light sabers and good action i love it.. there will allways be moe bad villain. thats funny. its like. why that villain was not big boss YET lol
Jari Sipilainen
Jari Sipilainen Hace 2 días
no worries. reys parent havent scripted yet. best choise would be luke, everyone would like that,but its too late for that. bad dad not tell lol. everything can change in star wars to next movie. nothing has scripted. vader was not luke father first movie. keia was not luke sister until 3rd movie. there was no written script. george allready talk it. even had ep1-9 somehow plan, and cutted it shot for new hope.nothing what happen after then goerge did not any clue. scripts change 1 month before release if director want. there is no clues. they not scripted it yet. everything in starwars is blank. it could be anyone. nobodies or luke even han.even chewie lol i not really care.(i just want see good movie) i liked luke (died) he did not died he moved on.its AWESOME. yoda is live too (in force). there is no hints like you saying. its visual director who made shots. he not know rays parents. if parents would be scripted 5 years ago. it would be out allready. there is tousand of workers making movies.if someone really know it would be out allready. there is no scripts who pareent is. it is just make it work or change last minute. or just nobodies. i not care. but if rey and kylo is siblings then all saga is ruined. fors leia and luke allmost cuddle...well. mayby they got babi and want keep it secret lol. who really cares. go look movie. enjoy it. new movies come
The Music Life
The Music Life Hace 2 días
RJ purposely destroyed the last jedi. There is a video of him years before talking about how he would want half of fans to like it and half to hate it.
Mr. Artic
Mr. Artic Hace 2 días
wait who was her parents again
AndSo Hace 3 días
Rebecca Lord
Rebecca Lord Hace 3 días
Thank Anakin existance, not frickin lightsaber
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones Hace 4 días
That shit is dumb
Asdruval Ozzie Perez
I don't buy it
Dennis Flores
Dennis Flores Hace 4 días
Except Rey did not learn her skills from her parents, she learned tech from a Y-Wing targeting computer and the Simon Pegg alien. I believe you are correct about the angle of attack of the knight of Ren. If you look at his bo staff it’s the same staff Rey wields. So how did that happen? I also believe you are correct in the lightsaber is showing her it’s memories. Since the saber belonged to Anakin and he was a part of the order when they still took padawans to Illum, it’s possible the crystal was also trying to bond with her for reasons. R2 went into low power mode due to his continuous operation since the phantom menace. It’s stated as such in the Visual Dictionary by Disney. R2 felt the need to reorganize his memory and files because 30+ years is a long time to run without updates.
Stuart White
Stuart White Hace 4 días
1969nitsuga Hace 4 días
The story is so mismatched and full of lagoons, it made no sense at all. Mary sue of the light sabers... I will waith for the Redbox release if I ever see it. The Force Awakens was bad and The Last Jedi was even worst. Woke up wack up mastershit...💩
Parker Avery
Parker Avery Hace 4 días
Wand Lore.. In... SPACE!!!!
Tee Price
Tee Price Hace 4 días
Nope. The Lightsabre was LOST until it was given to Rey, so... it wasn't at the destroyed temple. He had the one he made before Empire Strikes Back.
Thats no Moon!
Thats no Moon! Hace 5 días
I think Rey is iden versio and Del's daughter
Alex Hace 3 días
i think rey is a clone of anakin's mother thats why the saber was calling for her
Shannen Twine
Shannen Twine Hace 5 días
When luke shouts "noooooooooooooooooooooooo" his lightsaber was gone along with his hand....
Marc M.
Marc M. Hace 5 días
Reys parents are Luke and Qi’ra.
Kaitlyn Hace 5 días
OMMMMMGGG. this totally makes sense now. WTFFF
Jack Hace 5 días
This has not aged well, thanks to Ruin Johnson.
minxes69 Hace 6 días
I still think Rey's the sister of Ben. It makes so much sense: she is extremely powerful with the force like a Skywalker In the books Leia is pregnant with two children She also has an extraordinary ability with piloting ships
minxes69 Hace 2 días
+Alex can you tell me where you got this info besides this video
Alex Hace 2 días
+minxes69 or reys parent is iden and del meeko who had there last battle with the empire in jakku
Alex Hace 2 días
+minxes69 reys parents were scavengers
Alex Hace 2 días
+minxes69 no its not
minxes69 Hace 3 días
+Alex just wait
Chris Hackett
Chris Hackett Hace 6 días
Originally, Mara jade recovered the saber from a clone of Luke and brought it back to him. It was then retired to the new temple as a tribute to anakin.
Foe TwiNNy and the TwiNN Step Brothers
Honestly, best theory videos I've seen. Great work!
True Ambitionz
True Ambitionz Hace 6 días
I don't like this tbh but good analogy
Kjones Hace 6 días
Any possible way Obi wan could have been her father?
Max Abramson
Max Abramson Hace 6 días
No, because Obi Wan died 15 years before she was born.
Sunny Suniar
Sunny Suniar Hace 7 días
Her vision/flashback which j.j abrahams created was completely pointless in TLJ. It was wasted! The vision shows she was "supposed" to be Lukes daughter since to connction in the force with luke.. but idiot Ruin Johnson destroyed that and anything that was setup in force awakens.
Worrawit Dulyavitya
Worrawit Dulyavitya Hace 7 días
Ma'rey Sue
Shah Collins
Shah Collins Hace 7 días
Sounds good, except the part about Luke's Saber being in R2, when he put his hand on R2's top. Seems to me, IF theres a lightsaber hidden in R2 at that time, it would be Lukes green saber, not Anakins.
David Bartles
David Bartles Hace 7 días
luke betrayed kylo not the other way around. luke created kylo ren by not trusting him, and being too loud when he decided to cut him down in his sleep.
Sunny Suniar
Sunny Suniar Hace 6 días
+David Bartles i understand, unfortunately for us fans yes it is cannon. I really am hoping for jj to fix what happened in the last movie. However i dobt it. The empire is speciest your right. But tbh so is disney since they have no aliens as major characters and not even a part of the main storyline infact they killed admiral ackbar also. Eg twi'leks, ewoks. Chewbacca is a original so he doesn't count. They new characters rey, poe domeron and Finn are very very unlikable and theres too many comedic references for a movie about War. So i really dont care for their story because they are poorly written.. I just hope they can remove the last jedi from cannon or literally start again.
David Bartles
David Bartles Hace 7 días
+Sunny Suniar i mean, thats a cool story but its canon. while i agree its not like the original luke, its what happened officially so...also the empire vs rebels isnt black n white, its grey both sides have done horrible things and are bad for the regular people, if you factor in real world impacts like economics etc then the empire comes out as the lesser evil actually. (personally my only real problem with them is the speciesist approach to recruitment)
Sunny Suniar
Sunny Suniar Hace 7 días
If u have ever watched the original movies pal you can see Lukes character would never think of killing anyone, let alone his nephew. Its not Luke. Darth vader was his father a murderous sith however he wanted to change him. Ruin Johnson and kathleen k aint got a clue about character development or making stories. Luke was not luke even Mark hamill said that himself. So luke didnt betray kylo, the last jedi was not a starwars movie.
A Bookshelf of Fairies and Foxes
Oh my gosh, I love this theory!
Penny Gillespie
Penny Gillespie Hace 7 días
So ..... You haven't found Rey's parents.... And the lightsaber is a cry baby... Probably the worst theory xD
j Chin
j Chin Hace 7 días
One problem. The light sabre in rotj is a different sabre then the Anakin sabre. Luke constructed a new light sabre in rotj. That sabre got blown up with the death star. The only way this works is if the crystals share a consciousness. There you go u got it now
E Cahill
E Cahill Hace 7 días
What about the possibility that Anakin had an affiar during the clone wars and she is the bastard granddaughter of Anakin
pinguim sincero
pinguim sincero Hace 7 días
omg i have that lightsaber
Joshua Twyman
Joshua Twyman Hace 8 días
At 2:13 I blurted out “ And His Hand!”
Grant Buster
Grant Buster Hace 8 días
I would agree with pretty much everything you said EXCEPT for the glaring fact that I refuse to believe that Rey’s parents were “random nobody’s”, it’s long been a Sith faction staple to use “negative reinforcement” as a tool to either berate someone into submission, to convert them to the dark side, or to make them drop their guard long enough to get them killed. So with that in mind, Kylo lied to Rey about knowing who her parents are (were if they end up being dead) as an added note, I still believe Rey is a skywalker or of the skywalker lineage. To elaborate, I’ve ALWAYS thought Rey and Kylo were based off of Jayna and Jaycen Solo I’m the Star Wars books. In the books, Jaycen falls to the dark side and becomes a pretty big baddie and Jayna rises to meet him as the “Sword of the Jedi” trainer by none other than Luke Skywalker who failed at training Jaycen, sound familiar?
Klavs Rommedahl
Klavs Rommedahl Hace 8 días
The fact that the saber change hands does not mean that we know who Reys parents are. But if You go for Your theory on this one. The saber changes hands in the Anakin line only, each time it is in hands of others it is only for a short time. Since we know of Han's and Leia's child, then Rey actually is daughter of Luke though he do not know but sense it. The mother could be the vice admiral Holdo whom destroys Snoke's ship. She answers the escaping Leia saying "You taught me how!", talking about how to overcome a lost.
Mr Fink
Mr Fink Hace 8 días
Luke is her father, the vision of her being left was it with Luke after being given to Luke by the scavenger. He then went and left the saber in the care of Maz Kanata. The saber already knew then that Rey was the next Skywalker of it's future
Super Nova
Super Nova Hace 6 días
weez Hace 8 días
Rey is a Kenobi.
Ntig Dona
Ntig Dona Hace 8 días
yes luke was part of the jedi order... you know, the jedi oerdee that was destroyed before he was born? sounds about what you would expect from 5he last jedi, doesn't it
Anthony Coles
Anthony Coles Hace 9 días
Roulio R
Roulio R Hace 9 días
Rey is Lando Calrissian's daughter
falcon 1776
falcon 1776 Hace 9 días
My theory: Luke was the balance of the force and Rey is a clone made from the DNA of Lukes severed hand. That is why she is so strong with the force. Also that's why she has the reaction when she first picked up the lightsaber. It was the last thing he held.
Can I get 1.0m subs no videos
Not to be mean but this just doesn’t sound correct. But I see your point
1969nitsuga Hace 4 días
Interesting story to fill the black holed script...
Diana Lee
Diana Lee Hace 6 días
Oooooo, I like this theory. "Rae.....I am your father.....from a petri dish in a galaxy far, far away." "Noooooooo!!"
Hamza Okanovic
Hamza Okanovic Hace 10 días
The lightsaber ain’t Luke’s!!! ITS ANAKINS!!!!
falcon 1776
falcon 1776 Hace 9 días
0b1 gave it to Luke and said your father would have wanted you to have it.
Trick Shot
Trick Shot Hace 10 días
CONGRATULATIONS!!! You're officially more intelligent than MatPat.
TheKewlGamingMonkey Hace 10 días
This is a long way of saying what a lot of people already thought, that reys parents were nobody special. (I thought this before episode 8)
Just Looking
Just Looking Hace 10 días
Well, that was entertaining. I'm just not buying a robot going into low power mode because it was mentally traumatized and a light saber having abandonment issues.
J. Alexander
J. Alexander Hace 10 días
... Or maybe luke dropped Rae off for leiah
Ocean Master
Ocean Master Hace 10 días
I love this theory but I would think luke would care about his old light saber and his farther before him...nope he tosses it freaking away.why? Because the writers probably never watched the original trilogy they probably watched star trek.
Jon w/ No H
Jon w/ No H Hace 10 días
Pretty awesome, dude. Love the insight!
anakin koppen
anakin koppen Hace 10 días
Rey's parents are Iden and Meeko from Battlefront 2 it is even stated in the main campaign
Michael Bart
Michael Bart Hace 10 días
You see Rey embracing Leia like a daughter embraces a mother. Luke and Leia are twins. Ren and Rey are twins.
Just Looking
Just Looking Hace 10 días
Makes more sense than 90% of everything I've seen on the subject so far. Light saber with abandonment issues indeed.
Chris Evans
Chris Evans Hace 10 días
WE FOUND REYS PARENTS... some random skavengers that might already be dead... So WHO are her parents? do you have names? has their faces already been on screen? can you point them out? I like your thought process but you have nothing of substance in this theory.
Wolf King
Wolf King Hace 11 días
Reys parents trained under Luke. They had to leave and didn't trust Rey to be left alone with Luke and Kylo because for some reason Kyloi and Rey did not like each other (when Kylo has Rey captured and restrained he says, "You still want to kill me"
Emma Hace 11 días
Oh my gosh how have I never thought of this
Network Soda
Network Soda Hace 11 días
My god, a lightsaber wants a home, it’s wife is probably gonna be a blaster.
JimiCooper Hace 11 días
But that´s not the saber he had when the temple was destroyed
ashzole Hace 11 días
Lucas said he used the point of view if the droids in telling the story. Your argument that the story could be seen through the eyes of the Lifesaver makes certain scenes give u that mind explosion. Almost everyone insults Lucas or anyone directing SW the genius in their misdirects and reveals. No one ever thinks that when the see a plot hole , the storyteller doesn't care because that's not where they want you to think or follow. Every stupid Star Wars fan wants the dramatic reveal example, "Luke I am your father" , but when Lucas have a reveal for the next generation of st fans, fucking fans cried and yelled and fax email, letters, at Lucas FUCKED UP MY CHILD HOOD LUCAS FUCK U LUCAS FOR TRYING TO ENTERTAIN ME , FUCK YOU LUCAS FOR JUST WANTING TO TELL A STORY WITH SURPRISES IN IT. FUCK DISNEY FIR TRYING TO MAKE A LOVE WE WILL LIKE,!!! After Last Jedi, the only thing was books, and another ST won't come out 20 yrs later, sci fi to me , I need the visuals and sound effects, you don't get that in books. Now Disney can make a Star Wars 1-2 times a year.fucking awesome. AND THE GOD DAMN FUCKIN FANS RUINED THAT BECAUSE THEY ARENT GETTING THE STAR WARS THEY THINK THEY OWN.??????,! NOW DISNEY IS PUTTING THAT ON HOLD. FUCK,! God damn fans ruin everything, yet this same people will make 8 hours ESvid video bashing Star Wars and explain how it should be done. Yet they never make their own film showing us how it's done using and risking their money and everything they own. Why aren't so call Star Wars fans who do like the movies ignore the fuckers who cry and scream and tell everyone they know not to support Disney or Lucas, tell them to fuck off. Fucking Americans think everyone owes them, I'm shooting my own foot, but sometimes I wish another country destroys us and liberties are taken, just so these fans can appreciate the ppl or company's that just to entertain them.
drew quick
drew quick Hace 11 días
Reys father is palpatine
Zachary Gleason
Zachary Gleason Hace 11 días
you keep saying that, "lukes lightsaber" I do not think you know who's lightsaber that is.
p L
p L Hace 11 días
Star wars + Disney = trash
Richard A White
Richard A White Hace 11 días
So the lightsaber is really the Elder Wand.
Tyler Kloster
Tyler Kloster Hace 11 días
They were smoking that bong completely wrong.. legos
Grand Admiral Thrawn
Grand Admiral Thrawn Hace 11 días
I see the republic commando pic in the back yesss I love those books
Clifton McDowell
Clifton McDowell Hace 11 días
She's kylos twin. I mean come on it's obvious Luke and Leah separated at birth come on. They are reusing the twin scheeme how else can she communicate with kylo. Star wars recycles their stories at times.shes the daughter of Han
Superkennylogan Hace 11 días
The one were Kyle den kills that guy could be in the future
AncientArcher Hace 11 días
Or Rey is the daughter of Mara Jade, who also served palpatine with darth Vader. In the books before they were made non-canon, Mara jade and Luke had a son Ben skywalker...funny right?
Scott Prange
Scott Prange Hace 11 días
You put more into this idea then all the new shitty starwars writting
saleitem Hace 11 días
She is a twin.... birthed from parents who had a son.... explins the connection between her and leigh... and Kylo Ren. Just a thought. They were seperated at birth to save one of them... LOL
Bull Durham
Bull Durham Hace 12 días
So Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker exist in the same universe? The Light Saber chooses its owner now?
Steven Bent
Steven Bent Hace 12 días
Rey's parents is Luke in a female scavenger when Luke was out searching for relics he came to jakku and then left but didn't realize he impregnated a woman after Saucy weekend with her the woman then comes extremely poor and sells the kid why the lightsabers drawn to her as well as a ties together as Anakin was a slave traded and he was a scavenger just like his son who could fix pretty much anything so it makes sense tied off that way
theloniousMac Hace 12 días
New Star Wars is so bad that fans must rack their brains to come up with theories to make sense of it.
The Judge
The Judge Hace 12 días
Isn't it obvious? Rey is the Skywalker. She's Han and Leia's daughter. Luke (Jedi) wiped away everyone's memories to protect her. That's why she's strong with the Force, has that link with Kylo, etc.
Rob Moore
Rob Moore Hace 12 días
The severed Luke hand could make complete sense if whoever had it was in the battle of jakku or if two groups were fighting over it and it fell then her parents found it and it was in their ship watching the young force sensitive girl being taken away to be watched while they sell a lightsaber something outlawed by the empire so it would be worth a fortune. Rhe only part that diesnt make sense if his organic hand still being attached unless it had no flesh. But it could be they took a page outta heir to the empire when Thrawn found his saber and made a clone of Luke the timeline would be a little off.
Jon Snow is Reys Father!
tenryuta Hace 13 días
if rey is kylos daughter, kekeke
Nautilus1972 Hace 13 días
She's a Skywalker, as pointed out in trailer #2 of TFA. Told ya!
agus Hace 12 días
what do you mean?
Direction and Magnitude
*Yeah, it's past 12, but I need to see this.*
Cody Lacefield
Cody Lacefield Hace 13 días
This video was a waste of time. Poor hypothesis and this guy trying to be funny is terrible.
robert brown
robert brown Hace 13 días
Rey is Leighs daughter ,twin to Kylo that why they are connected.Just like Luke and Leigh.Han dies cant give info and Leighs death was a mistake she has to return to tell her.Same story line repeated over again just different spin
JUNGO Hace 13 días
goddamn man....do you have fuckin' life more than youtube star wars...……...
Keldor D'Antrell
Keldor D'Antrell Hace 13 días
The lightsaber couldn't possibly have survived the fall from Cloud City to Bespin. It (as well as the hand) would have burnt to nothing on entry into the planet's atmosphere. Any theory that has this lightsaber surviving would have to have someone capable of using the force saving it. Who exists who could possibly have done this? Vader, Sidious, Yoda, and Luke. Luke can safely be ruled out at once because he built a new lightsaber. Sidious and Yoda may have been capable of saving the saber from a great distance away but why would either one of them do so? If Yoda saved it it certainly wasn't to get it back to Luke because he never mentioned it. I see no reason why Sidious would have saved it. Of the four, Vader seems the only one who might have an interest in getting the lightsaber and certainly he was in a position to do so easily yet he gives not the least indication even that he was interested much less made an effort; he was also, of course, deeply emotionally focused on Luke at that time. Then there's the fact that he didn't once mention to Luke any interest in getting back his old lightsaber. He didn't even refer to it when he found himself in the possession of Luke's new lightsaber. I also don't see the Sith as collectors of memorabilia. As for the EU notion that kyber crystals are sentient to some extent, I reject all EU as non-canon (not to mention that I don't like that idea).
Keldor D'Antrell
Keldor D'Antrell Hace 9 días
+Joe McGinty, hmm. It looked pretty thin 'atmosphere' to me and there's no knowing that Luke wasn't breathing the atmosphere that was generated in Cloud City and venting through the exhaust. All the signs were that he was dying and no one dies from a cauterised lost hand. Also, you've seen how high above the planet's surface Cloud City hangs when the Falcon is racing away chased by TIE fighters. Yet even so, terminal velocity is 120 mph on earth. For a lightsaber, analogous to a sturdy flashlight, to survive *unscathed* (as it is depicted in Nu-Star Wars) would be nothing short of miraculous and for it then to wind up being sold by a scavenger is far beyond my suspension of disbelief. In the first instance it would have to land on something like a sloping wall of canvas such as a marquee, or on a bouncy castle! Once picked up, it would quickly be recognised for a jedi's weapon (in which case it would be highly prized as an extremely rare artifact/object d'art) or as the most remarkable cutting tool ever devised. I don't see anyone giving it up. Why didn't the Disney idiots simply use the *correct* lightsaber, the one that Luke made himself?
Joe McGinty
Joe McGinty Hace 11 días
The drop would have begun already in the atmosphere...remember Luke was dangling on a thin metal antenna from below the city for several minutes, breathing, etc. The saber would reach terminal velocity, but that’s it.
Dorth Surreal
Dorth Surreal Hace 13 días
At this point I'm willing to accept anything I mean look midi-chlorians pissed me off when I first found out about them. So now the lightsaber sentient whatever I still love it May the force be with us all.
Govitt12 Gaming
Govitt12 Gaming Hace 13 días
Han Solo is the dad
jm sparger
jm sparger Hace 13 días
OH FFS... this has been too easy... Find the first novel after ROTJ.. It's set @ 30 years later.. Yes I know they said there's new Canon.. They say alot of stuff. Too many of us old fans to rebuke. Rey and Kylo are... Jacen and Jaina... (but with different names) I bet you a dollar.. TLJ Kylo "Did Luke tell you what happened.." ESB Vader "Did Obi-Wan tell you what became.." All that was missing from TLJ was "I.. am your brother"
Ryan Burger
Ryan Burger Hace 14 días
So they have turned the Anakins lightsaber into the Elder Wand?
Omar Silva
Omar Silva Hace 14 días
That would be the saddest book title "The lightsaber that only wanted a home."
Gabriel Bevente
Gabriel Bevente Hace 14 días
Too bad it’s NOT LUKE’s lightsaber!!! He didn’t construct that, neither did ray. It’s anakins lightsaber! Luke has his own lightsaber and Disney needs to give ray her own
Aidan Frei
Aidan Frei Hace 14 días
Rey's parents are Han and leigha.
Chris Tenorio
Chris Tenorio Hace 14 días
What if Rey parent are scavenger and unknown to them are Force users without training!?
SkhairKro89 Hace 15 días
And people still want to believe Disney went in Half-Baked / Blasters Half Cocked! ((Or I guess Blasters don't have that feature like standard Guns)) Disney became an EMPIRE in and of Itself, not through overthrowing a Republic like in Star Wars and Hi-Jacking it's Army, nah! Disney became what it has with a very Talented Man and his one little $200 some dollar Film Camera and a team of Artists who all shared a marvelous Dream and Vision!! They built that from next to nothing into what it has become today, and Disney wouldn't be what it was if it wasn't for the Quality of Craftsmanship it's PROVEN to have Crafted time and time again throughout the years!! Was it coincidence that Most all the Disney Animated Films during the Disney Renaissance of the early to mid 90's had Timeless Productions / Musical Scores and Storytelling?! This was because Walt made Damn sure his Team of Artists were fit for the Job! He even put them to school in his Studio and helped teach them how to Craft Films and Stories!! He would know better, after-all he's one of the Pioneers of the Animation Industry in the first-place, just like how George Lucas was the Sole Visionary of Star Wars! I mean sure they both got help with excellent folks who also helped make things what they were, Geore's Ex-Wife especially helped save A New Hope in the Edit and a ton of credit goes to her for making that Film what it was as well, but they crafted this Amazing thing, both Walt and George from almost Nothing at the start!! That's why Star Wars was such a Great fit for Disney, they both shared a similar origin story, both Lucafilm and The Walt Disney Company! With that all said.. It's clear to me that every line, every shot, every scene was meticulously thought out and planned by the Writers, Directors, and Team of Folks over at Lucasfilm with these Final Trilogy Films! The proof my fellow Star Wars Fans Brothers and Sisters, is undoubtedly in the Pudding!! With all The Last Jedi backlash trying to poke at Disney with things like "Disney didn't have a plan" or "They went all rushed in without thinking things through." Well, this video helps attest to the FACT that that couldn't be further from the Truth!! I rest my case! May The Force Be With You, Always!! Happy Star Wars Celebration everyone!! I'm super stoked, just 1 more day and Episode IX Teaser Trailer / Title Reveal!! I CAN'T WAIT!! I hope everyone get's enjoyment out of that and it help unite Fans again!! ((Laterz))
RedJuggernaught Hace 15 días
light sabers are not harry potter wands...
Jack Dare
Jack Dare Hace 15 días
yes.. light sabers 😮
Shaki Ron
Shaki Ron Hace 15 días
Disney's version of Star Wars still sucks and this video didnt change my mind
Frowden Flug
Frowden Flug Hace 13 días
Ok..lul grow up
Im sorry but I dont consider TFA or TLJ to be apart of the Star Wars I've known and loved throughout my life. These "movies" are nothing more than SJW pandering trash with NO interesting characters and an even LESS interesting plot, if they ever had one. Their PC/SJW pandering is sickening to 90% of the original fan base with the other 10% being those who DIED in real life. Disney is nothing more than a greedy conglomerate thats been buying up ANYTHING with a loyal fan base (to shit straight down their throats with virtue signaling to the demented left when they appear out of their closets to protest whats got them pissing their pants THIS week), only to bilk money out of these people with horrible stories and even worse characters. Just watch what happens to its version of the MCU after End Game, its all going to go straight to hell just like the comic book division of Marvel is currently atm. So if I where you, Id stop wasting energy trying to fill the plot holes JJ and Kuntleen Kennedy scattered throughout the entire series. They weren't made to keep you guessing, they're there because of some of the shittiest writing you'll ever see this side of the century...
checky monkey
checky monkey Hace 17 días
I love the way that u see things that are not there. I can see ur really using ur Jedi training not👿
UltimateBargains Hace 18 días
So, Rey's parents found the lightsaber somewhere, and traded Rey and the lightsaber for a ride off of that stupid planet?
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