WE FOUND Rey's Parents | Luke's Lightsaber was the KEY

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EDIT: Now that we've seen the Last Jedi well....
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It's probably one of the more complicated Who are Rey's Parents theories out there, but its quiet interesting and it's all leads back to her vision and luke's lightsaber. And no WE DON’T THINK SHE’S LUKE'S DAUGHTER ANYMORE.
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14 oct 2017

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Comentarios 3 874
MIke J. Kelly
MIke J. Kelly Hace un día
those saxophones look much more like bongs
tone Wintour
tone Wintour Hace 3 días
Ry is a clone
shamanranger Green
shamanranger Green Hace 6 días
This is reachy....... like sad.
Paul Pierce
Paul Pierce Hace 7 días
I cant believe u quested parents
viktor133100 Hace 8 días
How far you go to maintain that there's a story in "the last jedi"
Vanilla Gorilla
Vanilla Gorilla Hace 10 días
Oh......wasn't it Captain Butthole Eyes that had the magical plot-pull sabre for NO RAISEN?!?!?!?!?!?!?
MarktheMartian Hace 10 días
great theory dude!
GameScoutz Hace 10 días
Heh ‘lightsaber doesn’t want to be thrown away’ Luke: *Immediately throws away lightsaber after seeing it after a long time*
Qrow Summer-Rose
Qrow Summer-Rose Hace 12 días
But....why do we hear Obi Wan say: “Rey?”
So this means Mace Windu's & Yoda's Lightsaber got a incredible Story in em...and Obi-Wan's Saber must be the most powerful since it's infused with High Ground Force
Star Wars Nerd
Star Wars Nerd Hace 13 días
Anakin was the best Jedi
Bad Cereal Cat
Bad Cereal Cat Hace 14 días
So her parents r the lightsaber
Justin M
Justin M Hace 15 días
please.... it no longer matters...
neil murphy
neil murphy Hace 16 días
I thought Luke rested his hand on artoo as he was using the Force to programme artoo with composite of the Galactic map..the pieces that artoo compiled while he was "asleep" or low power mode..till he wakes up near end of TFA? Also, it was a gesture of need..he was comforting artoo and himself as he was in shock seeing the temple destroyed.. but remember Jedi can reprogramme machines via the Force, is extension of the mind trick..
Joel Louzy
Joel Louzy Hace 18 días
I bet the writers got the idea for the light sabers from Mr. Ollivander. “The saber chooses the Jedi mr skywalker. Even to those who study saber lore it isn’t clear why.”
Dan Marsh
Dan Marsh Hace 18 días
Did you ever realize how much she looks like Elrond?
Junuh5 Golf
Junuh5 Golf Hace 19 días
Kylo Ren is Rey's father. Not biological, Kylo created Rey through Darth Vaders DNA and the darkside of the force.
wade yellowbird
wade yellowbird Hace 22 días
great video I'm subbing
kastinkayak Hace 23 días
Actually it was fun
Jamari Heyward
Jamari Heyward Hace 23 días
Rey's mother is Qi'ra Rey's father Han Solo
coralynn mae Woods
coralynn mae Woods Hace 23 días
Except it is starwars so yeah it not going to make sense but I'll probably love it anyway and love it knowing how stupid it is.
Xoticpluss Hace 23 días
I could have sworn the original story was about two scavengers who found his saber and were on a journey to get it to Luke maybe those scavengers were Rey’s parents
Edgar De Guzman
Edgar De Guzman Hace 23 días
Kylo wants luke’s lghtsaber cuz ani has a saber that killed younglings
Matt Done
Matt Done Hace 24 días
Are you telling me we were this close to having Lego lando and maz smoking a bong? Someone fix this
Milan Tatar
Milan Tatar Hace 24 días
Rey is doughther of Starkiller an Juno
Rodrigo Oliveira
Rodrigo Oliveira Hace 25 días
she is a clone
UFO314159 Hace 26 días
Yo mamma was Rey's parents.
Mikael Rivacov
Mikael Rivacov Hace 26 días
Rey is Look's daughter. Finn is Mace's grandchild 😊🤫🤷‍♂️
Krimson Kyago
Krimson Kyago Hace 19 días
Mikael Rivacov yes looks daughter
Joe Martin
Joe Martin Hace 27 días
In all fairness, this video was released a month before Battlefront 2 revealed who Rey's parents were.
Joe Martin
Joe Martin Hace 26 días
@Ola Beggot The main protagonist and the other guy from Inferno Squad, can't remember name.
Ola Beggot
Ola Beggot Hace 26 días
And according to Battlefront 2, Rey’s parents were...?
Glass Eyes
Glass Eyes Hace 27 días
Rey is a skywalker clone!!
Edmond Dantez
Edmond Dantez Hace 27 días
So we still have no fucking clue regardless of the title of your video. I fuckin' hate you.
Wolfgare 1960
Wolfgare 1960 Hace 29 días
So, What you are saying is Lightsaber are like the Wand in Harry Potter ?
Elier' Maxwell
Elier' Maxwell Hace un mes
Rey is Bail Organa duh, idiots she is the real princess instead of Leia they put her on the planet to hide her until she is old enough to learn her role and power leia loves her like a foster sister when the knight of ren rise of power it threaten the state of the her future and safety snoke taught her the force when she was small he wanted to over throw palpintine because snoke is plagues the wise
Kole North
Kole North Hace un mes
I don't remember where but I heard of a star wars character called "Rey Darklighter" near the time when The Force Awakens was being made, Luke had a friend when growing up called Biggs Darklighter, this could be entirely false as I've no clue where I heard it from, simply that I heard it and even if I heard it from a trustable source, they could easily be wrong but I like to believe this one
Alabhaya Tandon
Alabhaya Tandon Hace un mes
This so bullshitish
Michael Maxie
Michael Maxie Hace un mes
Bespin is a toxic gas planet with a spice mining operation. When Vader cut off Luke's hand, Anakin's lightsaber either got stuck in the station mechanisms and tunnels or fell through the bottom of the station onto the planet below, where it was scooped up by a dredger and returned to the station and recovered. It was probably traded for food and drink at Maaz' cantina.
giver of the L 187
giver of the L 187 Hace un mes
O we found her parents we good now
Stuart Levy
Stuart Levy Hace un mes
Star Wars isn't Harry Potter but given the lack of imagination in the film industry they mixed them up anyway. What's next? A cantina selling Pumpkin Juice.
Eric L
Eric L Hace un mes
in a deleted scene Lobot is arrested by storm troopers right before Lando and the gang make there escape, making it unlikely he would be in the position to locate the saber
Al Andrew
Al Andrew Hace un mes
This is one of the best theory videos I have ever seen ! Good work !
Marcus Krebs
Marcus Krebs Hace un mes
This guy’s theories actually seem the most thought out and make the most sense.
Jared Lupton
Jared Lupton Hace un mes
Oh so the lightsaber is a holocron, the equivalent to a horcrux from Harry Potter. Someone puts their soul in it and it becomes a part of them.
Kage Muir
Kage Muir Hace un mes
Rey is a clone of Obi Wan! He knew the Skywalkers would still need him after he died!
C21, The Vinc Group
Luke constructed a new lightsaber in return of the jedi... theory busted.
Aaron Wright
Aaron Wright Hace un mes
true that!!
Mercury Draconis
Mercury Draconis Hace un mes
So... maybe the lightsaber is a key to Episode 9.
Mercury Draconis
Mercury Draconis Hace un mes
This makes perfect sense.
Tony Osborn
Tony Osborn Hace un mes
What about Darth Vader’s Lightsaber? The one Vader used while battling his son Luke SkyWalker on the Death Star Just before Luke cut off Vader’s hand and Vader threw the Emperor into the Abyss? What happened to it? And wouldn’t Luke have kept it?
zero hero
zero hero Hace un mes
Shit just got real with lightsaber
Jason Viner
Jason Viner Hace un mes
Rey is a clone of Luke's hand so she doesn't have parents.
Mike M
Mike M Hace un mes
Nothing in the JJ Abrams films add up to anything, so trying to paint a plot or story-line is like looking for fairies in the rose bushes. Abrams just throws shit on the wall to see if it sticks, there is NO STORY LINE! I laugh at these ridiculous videos that take some insignificant clip from the film and expand it to some kind of revelation or plan.. hahah laughable!! Your foolishness is embarrassing. Please STOP!
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