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After YEARS of work I’m finally allowed to share what we’ve been cooking up! Collaborating with so many amazing people has been a dream come true and I hope you all enjoy the show later this year!
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22 jun 2022






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Comentarios 25 118
Vailskibum94 Hace un mes
ESvid creators getting these opportunities is incredible, you love to see it
FISHTOONS Hace 5 días
Maybe I will get one
Brandon S
Brandon S Hace 12 días
Vall ?
realBROSKIYT Hace un mes
maishidk Hace un mes
Like denis
Mr.cherry Hace un mes
It is I hope you get one
Alex Cronin
Alex Cronin Hace 22 días
Love how the first minute is James recognizing and appreciating his staff. Real class act.
MrIhavezelda Hace 3 días
@nandini tripathi fr fr that last note was 🤌🏽
Prithvi Gembali
Prithvi Gembali Hace 5 días
especially the vampire under the table
Patricia Jin
Patricia Jin Hace 8 días
@Nandini Tripathi hmmm fax
Nandini Tripathi
Nandini Tripathi Hace 13 días
No way the best part was James going ‘TSITSALITSITSALITSITSALITSAAAAA’
Possessed films
Possessed films Hace 17 días
This is probably gonna be the BEST Netflix show
MansHereTrapping Hace 5 días
Your Friendly Degenerate
RenderTag Hace 6 días
I feel like this show is gonna be a cute funny wholesome and a show for all ages with many dad jokes that you can always come back to and still can get a good laugh out of it
loxo .g
loxo .g Hace 4 días
This sounds like a Netflix series that I would actually watch
Audity Hace un mes
congratulations on the show James, I can't wait to watch it!
phantom macai
phantom macai Hace un día
Hey audity
Rutus. Hace 8 días
Tony Rojas
Tony Rojas Hace 11 días
Dylan.S⛈ Hace 15 días
LittleCutie ABDL
LittleCutie ABDL Hace 25 días
Congrats James and everyone who helped create this show "Oddballs" is it? Can't wait to see it - hopefully available in all Netflix platforms across the 🌎? 😊✌
2 commies, 1 loaf of bread
why I can imagine Columbo saying this?
Aaron's World
Aaron's World Hace 19 días
congrats on the show, can’t wait for it to come out, also congrats on 18 million subscribers
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Hace 25 días
If the show is the same quality as James' videos, you know we're in for a treat!
DigitalSoup Hace 4 días
Even though I don’t watch him anymore, cool to see James have his own show now :D
Beniwal577 Studios
Beniwal577 Studios Hace un mes
After all these years of people saying "Imagine if he made a Netflix show!" he finally made one.
Keyon Owens
Keyon Owens Hace 2 días
ChrisMotionPictures Hace 18 días
He’s such a chad
Baldimerl Hace 21 un día
People were actually saying that?
Electric Pepperoni
Electric Pepperoni Hace 23 días
I dont know why everybody is asking if people actually say that but yes people always go on youtube and say people should make netflix shows of stuff, and it does happen to James.
Sofia Garcia
Sofia Garcia Hace 27 días
Y Hi
CaitieandAngel2101 Hace 17 días
this is insane, so happy for you! congrats
SamuraiVert Hace 24 días
Congratulations James! Might be a bit late but I'm hyped to watch it!
Sadie’s World
Sadie’s World Hace 10 horas
This looks like such a good show!!! Can’t wait to watch it
☕samuka☕ Hace 23 días
Congratulations james, this show is going to be amazing! 🤩
William Hace un mes
This guy has gone from MS paint-looking comics his art teacher hated, to basic animations about working at Subway, to writing a book, making music videos, to a full on Netflix cartoon. Progression.
Prayag Suthar
Prayag Suthar Hace 3 días
And the nice thing is that you get to hear it all in-depth from him personally in the videos, and you can easily see it just by looking at the channel page! He's famous, but he's not like some conventional high-up, mysterious celebrity, and it's the best 💖
Sonny Fox
Sonny Fox Hace 12 días
And had stayed consistently funny.
frozen strawberry
frozen strawberry Hace 19 días
And his game
Straton Hace 22 días
Coco Shasha
Coco Shasha Hace un mes
Here finally esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-f_TJ9KMAGQg.html
M_in_M_98 Hace 14 días
I’ve been with you since 100k and now I finally get to see you with your own TV show. I’m so excited and once it comes out I’m binging. Congrats James!
helloIneedsubs47 Hace 17 horas
When James says "Later this year" I bet he's putting this show on Netflix on December 31st
Manav Sharma
Manav Sharma Hace 19 días
Can't wait for it ... congratulations james . You have came a long way and its been amazing watching you grow as an artist . Way to go 🌼
nozomi Hace 12 días
I’m super excited to watch you’re Netflix show James. I bet it will be amazing. ♥️
USAirsoft Hace un mes
Another W for ESvid creativity thanks to TheOdd1sOut!
woof 🌸
woof 🌸 Hace un mes
I’m not a bot!! Yay!!!
Spirit YT
Spirit YT Hace un mes
No he’s an O
M Malinoff
M Malinoff Hace 22 días
I’m so excited! We’re all so proud of you James! Also you did a really great job at the SpongeBob bit! I have to say I already love the show and I haven’t even watched it yet. Great job everyone! Love the trailer!
Lizzie Zelaya
Lizzie Zelaya Hace 8 días
This is so amazing! Congratulations 🥳
LooneyWhoDraws Hace 2 días
Omg this looks phenomenal!! I can’t wait!!😭🥰🤌
I just saw the First Look video from Netflix and I couldn't believe my eyes. I'm so excited to watch the show!
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
You know you’ve made it to the top when you finally get your own Netflix show. It started off as a joke and now it’s finally real.
Michael Atkins
Michael Atkins Hace un mes
that's really true like the truest of trues
Kitty Born
Kitty Born Hace un mes
J053 C4R10
J053 C4R10 Hace un mes
i see u again wtf
The God of Dogs
The God of Dogs Hace un mes
Your in every comment section
The Modelmaker
The Modelmaker Hace un mes
not really most shows in netflix are shit
MC.Docinho Hace 12 días
Congratulations odd! I’m so happy for you :)
EL Hace 25 días
Amazing it's been so awesome to see you grow over the years and come so far!
How do you make these!?
I can’t wait congrats James! Your a amazing guy stay cool!
Shafayat Hossain
Shafayat Hossain Hace 19 días
im literally so happy for you.
Kasey Golden
Kasey Golden Hace un mes
Big, fat, juicy congratulations on the show, James!
SIR Hace un mes
@Tommo 3756 no sobs for you!
panicxpills★ Hace un mes
omg hi kasey im a fan
die Hace un mes
@Tommo 3756 no.
orbrat212 Hace un mes
@Patricia what do you wash it with? 😳
Dsmp_lore Hace 25 días
I have been watching your vids since you first started and it’s been amazing watching you grow by making content and just growing as a person, CONGRATULATIONS JAMES!
Hoss Hace 7 días
Congratulations James! I am so exited to see your show! I know what I am doing or the new t week after the show comes out.
The_Real_Caydyn Hace 24 días
Keep it up man we all love your content and you deserve this show
Kou Lee
Kou Lee Hace 8 días
I've been watching you & Jaiden so much that i even saw you guys in my own dream and i think that this is amazing!
Wolfychu Hace un mes
CONGRATS JAMES!!! This is seriously amazing!!! 🎉⭐️
Dillon Gause
Dillon Gause Hace un mes
PeanutIztheBest Hace un mes
You must be the voice actor of melony from smg4
jaggin 75
jaggin 75 Hace un mes
Hopefully yall could have a turn as well! Bright things are happening!
E- man
E- man Hace un mes
Hi wolfy
Ashley Hace un mes
Hi Wolfychu!
Bapudebepo 4149
Bapudebepo 4149 Hace 25 días
I can barely wait I just know it's going to be hilarious congratulations James
vv Hace 23 días
dude no way ?! congrats james, you've worked so hard
Code name: Fox
Code name: Fox Hace 11 horas
such a cute shows, the comedic timing, it reminds me of the show Uncle Granpa
Liza Dormady
Liza Dormady Hace 16 días
Hi James! I love your videos and keep doing what you’re doing.
Alex Clark
Alex Clark Hace un mes
Congrats. I’m proud of how far you’ve come.
Luis Rivero
Luis Rivero Hace un mes
@Angela Plays! Pokemon Scarlet And Violet From Josue Colina
Luis Rivero
Luis Rivero Hace un mes
@chandariachan Pokemon Scarlet And Violet From Josue Colina
Angela Plays!
Angela Plays! Hace un mes
Now you make a Netflix show
chandariachan Hace un mes
Me to bro. Me too
Kerfrazleboi - R.I.P. Technoblade
Umm… why’d you poison James with a cake
griiethebee Hace 21 un día
awhhhhomggg it looks amazing! im so excited for when it comes out, congrats :) on the show and on 18m subs :D
Matthew Vasquez
Matthew Vasquez Hace 22 días
I can't believe... that I've never noticed the vocal similarities between james and thomas middleditch
Rowan Childe
Rowan Childe Hace 18 días
That's so great! I even sent you a letter congratulating you! I hope it's kids friendly so that my little brothers and sister can watch! I've loved your channel for years, and I'm so happy you're finally going to get the recognition you need! ---A fan. I'm not electric. I'm paper
Julia R P
Julia R P Hace 24 días
Congratulations James, I'm brazilian and I watch yours videos fandubbed, and see you growing until you get a series on Netflix make me so happy for you and so excited to watch a new cartoon done for you and others amazing drawingners
TheAMaazing Hace un mes
FINALLY!!!! This has literally been in works for years... Congratulations bro 😎
IICoffeeDrinksII Hace 20 días
Congrats James! 🎉🥳👏🎊
Calico Gaming
Calico Gaming Hace 26 días
@shrekisstillinswamp2424 heh thats funny
Wow, your AMaazing!
ProjectMexa Hace 26 días
Hi AMaazing
Calico Gaming
Calico Gaming Hace 26 días
somecoolcomics Hace un día
This is gonna be an amazing show
Eevorin Hace 13 días
This looks sick, I can't wait!
Abby Johnson
Abby Johnson Hace 2 días
Congrats on Netflix! That’s big! 👍🙂
Kia Hace 5 días
The first 25 seconds of the video made me laugh so much! Also I can’t wait for the show!
Berd Hace un mes
can i be on the show? i want to be in the background and i want to get crushed by a rock and never mentioned again thanks i think this is going to work out great for us
Person Man
Person Man Hace 18 horas
Hermitcraft and Pokémon
Sergio Torres
Sergio Torres Hace 22 horas
Sweet Strawberry_Art
CatriedX Hace 4 días
ඩා l
Revenant Hace 13 días
The way it looks the way they move is amazing
Anime Dude
Anime Dude Hace 2 horas
I know as soon as this releases it's just gonna get streamed for free.
AMP Studios
AMP Studios Hace 12 días
hopefully one day I get big enough to be able to make my own show. Congratulations on being able to get this far.
M4peace Hace 15 días
I have always been thinking he should make a Netflix show. Finally!
K3 Sisters Band
K3 Sisters Band Hace un mes
This is sick!! Can’t wait to watch this James! Congrats to you and the team! 🎊
Sweet Lucy
Sweet Lucy Hace un mes
Here finally esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-f_TJ9KMAGQg.html
Don't Read My Profile Photo
Don't read my name !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . .
Rosé Last name
Rosé Last name Hace un mes
Ik dacht effe dat dit K3 was
COUSIN GARY Hace un mes
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-P91LCj8RAOo.html it’s here finally!!!! Yay 😀
Camille Davis
Camille Davis Hace 10 días
I’m so excited for this Show I’ll watch it all day
JBS134 Hace 17 días
this is awesome can not wait to watch!
Revenant Hace 13 días
I can tell they put a lot of effort into this project
SSMe _
SSMe _ Hace 14 días
Cute. I'll definitely watch. Honestly Netflix has really good adult animated shows (not the brickleberry spin off clones). - Def watch "Kipo" and "Hilda"
Mason Parkinson
Mason Parkinson Hace un mes
I'm actually insanely hyped for this.
Flames the Flareon
Flames the Flareon Hace un mes
Coco Shasha
Coco Shasha Hace un mes
Here finally esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-f_TJ9KMAGQg.html
Sweet Lucy
Sweet Lucy Hace un mes
Here finally esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-f_TJ9KMAGQg.html
So_indecisive Hace un mes
Hase Biam
Hase Biam Hace 24 días
LOVE IT keep up the great work
Artuar3CRaFT Hace 5 días
This is all we wanted and is finally here!
BrazilBall Hace 21 un día
just one question, Will there be a dubbing in Portuguese? Hue
FISHTOONS Hace 5 días
Literally after you posted this, I thought. What if I had a Netflix show? (Wrights on bucket list)
Dylan Monahan
Dylan Monahan Hace un mes
Congratulations James, you absolutely deserve this. This guy has gone from small videos to a full blown Netflix show and he’s only in his 20’s. Well done James 🥳❤️
We're Better Than This
James leaves a trail of chaos and hilarity wherever he goes
laya Hace un mes
right im so happy for him!
Dapper Alligator
Dapper Alligator Hace un mes
I just hope he writes it or something along those lines, so its not crappy Netflix dialogue. if that happens this show will be incredible👍
Phi Hong
Phi Hong Hace un mes
Last fight esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-u244gu7o5ys.html
No Hace un mes
Wtf are these comments anyways yes dude holy fuck I’m super excited
Savannah M
Savannah M Hace un día
Congratulations I'm so excited!🥳👍🎉
Alaska Hace 24 días
He's grown so much, I'm so excited for the show
Gemma C
Gemma C Hace 25 días
It looks awsome! Congrats! :D
piratemonkey Hace 24 días
cant wait to watch it congratulations on the show btw
Supertron Hace un mes
Based on the short clip you showed at the end, this show seems like it's gonna be really fun to watch.
Its giving me Amphibia vibes , ngl
Robert Caldwell Simulator X.D. Videos
I know, right? From internet quality animation to TV quality animation. He's a true LEGEND.
Don't Read My Profile Photo
Don't read my name !!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . .
@CopperStarToons Proof?
CopperStarToons Hace un mes
It looks awesome!!! :D
Emmz Williams
Emmz Williams Hace 12 días
I'm SOO excited to watch!
Mason Underwood
Mason Underwood Hace 18 días
You are my and my mother's favorite ESvid and we have watched most of your videos over the years!
Tania Sofía Estrada Cermeño
Good luck in your show James. 👍
Taylor Huntley
Taylor Huntley Hace 15 días
I hope I see the show soon :)
Sonofastud studios
Sonofastud studios Hace un mes
I hope Netflix doesn’t cancel it since it’s been recently canceling a bunch of other animated show including the adult ones. And I really hope that your show pulls through!
storozh777 Hace un mes
This life temporary. What matters is where you'll spend eternity. You'll either go to heaven or hell forever. Being a “good” person and doing good deeds won’t cover up your sin. The only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ because through Him we have forgiveness of sins. God loves us and created us to be with Him. But our sin separates us from Him. So He sent His only son Jesus to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins. Jesus died for our sins on the cross and rose from the dead so that we can have a relationship with God, forgiveness of sin, and eternal life. Call out to Jesus right now. To be saved trust in Jesus as your savior and repent (confess your sins to God and forsake your sins). Read the Bible and obey it.
Not enough Memes
Not enough Memes Hace un mes
@ZiamZ That was years ago, they haven’t been on the service for a while. Netflix canceling all of these animated shows before they could even be released or before their next season would come out reached its peak in the past year or two.
The Nyan
The Nyan Hace un mes
*Cough couch* wings of fire *cough cough*
ZiamZ Hace un mes
@Not enough Memes well family guy and bob's burgers were on netflix and i think the simpsons was before disney bought it
Green Bunny TNT
Green Bunny TNT Hace un mes
@:despair: troll
CBG Studios
CBG Studios Hace 23 días
Been watching since the 1st grade. Love to see it man!
Marshmellow Bros
Marshmellow Bros Hace 22 días
Soooo excited for your Netflix show to come out and you should make a game about you're ESvid character😉
kenzo.h3r3 Hace 20 días
The animation reminds me of rick and morty cant wait to see it James i been watching you for years and kinda grew up with you im like a proud son 😆
Re:Ducks22 Hace 15 días
Congrats ! I hope it will be on Netflix Romania
FamousEgg Hace un mes
This is the best thing I’ve ever seen 😂 can’t wait to see this
Sweet Lucy
Sweet Lucy Hace un mes
Here finally esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-f_TJ9KMAGQg.html
nōkon Hace un mes
Xander the Hybrid
Xander the Hybrid Hace un mes
KiddWid Hace un mes
Wonder what would it be..
immy Hace 18 días
I’m so excited to watch this!!
Jelly _milk
Jelly _milk Hace 6 días
Yes!! And congratulations I can’t wait to see it!
•Softblush_angel• Hace 19 días
omg james im ur biggest fan and i cant wait to watch the show! you must have worked so hard to finnaly make this happen!
Gael Atriano
Gael Atriano Hace 15 días
You always had a neat art style and voice
Patterrz Hace un mes
This is awesome man huge congrats!! Super looking forward to seeing it *later this year*
Coco Shasha
Coco Shasha Hace un mes
Here finally esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-f_TJ9KMAGQg.html
your mom
your mom Hace un mes
@Don't Read My Profile Photo i won’t
your mom
your mom Hace un mes
Cristian Birb Castro
Molly Hace un mes
Ok I won't read your name, I'm not nosy guys 😌
v1nce fan
v1nce fan Hace 19 días
james i have been subbed since 2016 and now its so exiting that youre making a SHOW?! keep up the amazing vids
Puffee animates
Puffee animates Hace 19 días
Just letting you know, my latest video got 2.4K viewers and it was because you inspired me to make videos. Thank you James. And can’t wait to see your show!
ungaaa Hace 23 días
Gostaria de assistir a sua série, parece que será interessante, só queria saber inglês para entender 99% do que você falou
canal do kitty
canal do kitty Hace 21 un día
Aaaa.. vai vai vai vai vai vai ... viu ? Tudo deu certo ............. aaaaa(triste) eu queria ser uma letra também
$LittleTøm$ Hace 17 días
OMG! Can't wait for see it! Congratulations!
Samsonator Hace un mes
this actually looks quality sure hope Netflix doesn’t immediately cancel it knowing the Netflix animation catastrophe
sparkz Hace un mes
@Sam Lewis yeah hopefully they don’t cancel it
Samsonator Hace un mes
@Grand_Tourist i mean let’s face it it’s gonna happen eventually, I can *feel* it
Yellow Kantaron
Yellow Kantaron Hace un mes
@Eat Your Creal yessir
Samsonator Hace un mes
@Seriously? 😑 i didn’t do anything lol, these bots just have no life
Seriously? 😑
Seriously? 😑 Hace un mes
What'd ya do to get a bot army here
Xavier Matlock
Xavier Matlock Hace 19 días
I’ve been watching since the first video, and this is great!
meta 1022
meta 1022 Hace 20 días
I WANNA BE A LADDER honestly James, you have been my favorite ESvidr for a long time and the reason I have decided to become an animator, can’t wait to see the show
featureEnvy Hace 22 días
OK this looks so cute though. I will absolutely watch it.
Emma Hace 7 días
You know you're well loved when you have over 450k likes and no dislikes
TCA Hace un mes
James bringing back a humorous bit from our childhood while illustrating his own Netflix show, is downright clever.
we Hace un mes
Believe in the King of Kings and Lord of Lords 👑. Our Saviour Jesus Christ died so that we will live. Jesus said, "I'm the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me".
LitoMikeM1 YT
LitoMikeM1 YT Hace un mes
@kung Fu panda Lets be honest we all enjoyed your existence by not
LitoMikeM1 YT
LitoMikeM1 YT Hace un mes
@Tinder in real life 🅥 [BOT KILLER 200] Finally its here
Gamer 9 Smith
Gamer 9 Smith Hace un mes
@TCA np but the bots have overrun this comment now
Minor League Gaming
Minor League Gaming Hace 7 días
As someone who doesn't Netflix, I demand nei require, the show be released here on ESvid for free
Entity Gaming
Entity Gaming Hace 10 días
The show looks pretty neat!
msk Hace 8 días
Omg the aesthetic is so adorable 🥰
Decimator 517
Decimator 517 Hace 11 días
Looks dope can't wait.
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