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It's barbie time! Watch us try all the gourmet meats Australia has to offer! Also, we ate at the same place THOR eats!!! AKA: Chris Hemsworth... AKA: a dream come true! Which meat would you want to try first? Let us know in the comments below! 🥩
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13 nov 2019






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The Try Guys
The Try Guys Hace 8 meses
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issy roylance
issy roylance Hace 10 días
In Australia they're just called pies. Not meat pies.
Yusiana Suciati
Yusiana Suciati Hace 4 meses
Ya iknw right
TheEshmolWaffle Hace 4 meses
@Andrea Rae if you want to be vegan, vegetarian, whatever, doesn't mean everybody has to appeal to you. you can obviously tell your opinion is not favored here, so whats the point? Not like they'd listen to a comment, and change a decently large part of their channel.
cookie_wookie Hace 4 meses
Keith is annoying. he's not funny.
Emily Kim
Emily Kim Hace 6 meses
when are y'all gonna head to Korea??
Aubrey Litchfield
Aubrey Litchfield Hace un día
"We all loved that joke."
ashley Davidson
ashley Davidson Hace un día
This video made me full😂
Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys Targaryen Hace 2 días
2:08 this is obviously very heartfelt to me because I am Keith
Arianna Jassal
Arianna Jassal Hace 2 días
Seeing mal open up to them and be silly at the end is the best
Finn Marshall
Finn Marshall Hace 3 días
English food is not bad American food is disgusting processed shit
Muffin of CHAOS
Muffin of CHAOS Hace 3 días
Mal is absolutely a trooper. He's a man that's most likely grown up in the country where people don't speak unless they need to and he's come to the city to fulfill his dream of cooking and he has no idea how to handle these dudes.
Ariana Negron
Ariana Negron Hace 4 días
What makes tartare edible? Isn’t it still raw beef ??
Ashby Young
Ashby Young Hace 4 días
Idk why but Ned saying “bald eagle” was funny. 😂
Mango. liver
Mango. liver Hace 4 días
remember when we could do shit like this
Bec N
Bec N Hace 5 días
Mal: Oh shit...
Lauryn Oviedo
Lauryn Oviedo Hace 5 días
i promise us australians aren't as boring and dead inside as mal and whatever his wifes name is
Lauryn Oviedo
Lauryn Oviedo Hace 5 días
i promise us australians aren't as boring and dead inside as mal and whatever his wifes name is
Magda Piaf
Magda Piaf Hace 5 días
Maddi Long
Maddi Long Hace 5 días
I LOVE vegetables! is a phrase my mother probably wishes she would hear me say
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez Hace 6 días
Some people go to Spotify or Apple Music. I come back here to listen to the Bucket of Beef song
Tyson Spurr
Tyson Spurr Hace 6 días
No Ned, not Richmond, any team but Richmond 😂
Opal Dove
Opal Dove Hace 6 días
*a u s t r y l i a*
Riley D'Amico
Riley D'Amico Hace 7 días
Everyone: eating with their hands Eugene: eating oh so delicately with a form and knife
EmiRachelNatalie Hace 7 días
lemme just say again.....New Zealand meat pies are more superior cause us kiwis do it way better! lmaoo
Belle I
Belle I Hace 7 días
Im just salivating the entire video while I eat cup noodles at 12:30 am.
gothicgoo R
gothicgoo R Hace 7 días
They don't... Have meat pies in America? What? -a confused Australian
iQ Sverxi
iQ Sverxi Hace 8 días
Gays smh
Leo Smith •19 years ago
What the hell is happening in this video I swear there dellirousy
Abby Stirling
Abby Stirling Hace 9 días
I need buckets of beef on spotify 😂
Jules Baeppler
Jules Baeppler Hace 9 días
Chris Hemsworth doesn’t represent Australia, Mal does
Jules Baeppler
Jules Baeppler Hace 9 días
Just saying, we do not put ”shrimp” on the barbie, they are ****ing prawns
Ria Nair
Ria Nair Hace 9 días
I feel bad for Mal he’s trying so hard to not get mad at Keith 😂
Leah Koehler
Leah Koehler Hace 9 días
Me, eating an entire bag of white cheddar popcorn at midnight: I wish I had that. :(
Angel Noble
Angel Noble Hace 10 días
i just think it's cute that they know each other's food limitations and preferences and watch out for each other like brothers do
Ruby Hodgetts
Ruby Hodgetts Hace 11 días
ariana miller
ariana miller Hace 11 días
I don’t eat red meat so when they tried the steak with the carrots, I was drooling over the carrots and vegetables
Marianita Bustos
Marianita Bustos Hace 11 días
Poor Mal, he's shy, trying to do his job, but... Keith: DADDY! Egene: I love filling things with my meat. Dear lord LOL
Ethan Hynd
Ethan Hynd Hace 12 días
'British food is pretty terrible' I'm hurt
holly stirewalt
holly stirewalt Hace 12 días
holly stirewalt
holly stirewalt Hace 12 días
Adam said “hi I’m Zadam”
holly stirewalt
holly stirewalt Hace 12 días
A+ Zach A+
Random Hace 12 días
Mal has more character development in this video than most tv characters in a whole season! 😂😆🤣
Christina Smith
Christina Smith Hace 13 días
Keith is so annoying, loud, and obnoxious. Poor Mal for having to suffer through that.
andyt2k Hace 13 días
Paused on the menu, Steak, Bacon and Cheese is what I'm going for
twocheeky Hace 13 días
its funny that they dont think Kangaroo is gamey,, bc as an Australian i think kangaroo is very gamey
Kaja Kozlowska
Kaja Kozlowska Hace 14 días
The only thing I could think of with the cracked pepper pie was just a steak bake you get in the uk in like a spar deli
Rafaela Yamaki
Rafaela Yamaki Hace 14 días
Omg I'm laughing SO HARD at them singing with Mal Not Keith Daddy WTF HAHAHAHAH
SydneyRey Hace 14 días
* Keith tries to show how accurate the outback steakhouse is to Australia * * Australia starts cracking their knuckles * " do tell Keith....................do......tell..."
MyNameSquid Hace 14 días
Eugene: Detective how did this man die? Ned: Well, he was fucked to death by mashed potatoes.
Lillian Bentley
Lillian Bentley Hace 15 días
I think you guys should do a English breakfast 🍳 in the uk it’s the best
Tom Bruce
Tom Bruce Hace 16 días
When Eugene says all British food sucks, is he also referring to haggis? As a Scot, I think I speak for all of us when I say haggis. Is. Delicious. Loved the video btw even tho I’m veggie
Natalie Gomez
Natalie Gomez Hace 16 días
...let-me-kiss-your-beef-with-my-beef 🎶 Lol
sarah Bevan
sarah Bevan Hace 17 días
They didn't try a Ned Kelly Pie
Mat V
Mat V Hace 18 días
Like cats are also Fucking abundant Zach and adorable but it would be wrong to eat them. So why eat a fucking kangaroo
Mat V
Mat V Hace 18 días
I actually find it super fucked up they petted a kangaroo in a Fucking conservation enclave and now they’re eating it. Do they not see how this may be messed up?
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee Hace 18 días
The owner of keith's burns so fast hahaha 2:03"you got tiny hands", 2:58 "join the club" 4:18 "he's got daddy issues"
Aslyxn Hace 18 días
Never put shrimp and barby in the same sentence 😤
Jennifer LeMesurier
Jennifer LeMesurier Hace 18 días
Is anyone else watching during quarantine and just laughing hysterically at how they get Mal to sing and dance?
Twinkle Singh
Twinkle Singh Hace 19 días
Mal was kind of cute 😂🤣 love him and of course our try guys ❤️
Courtney Bellerby
Courtney Bellerby Hace 19 días
Honestly if the try guys have never had parmo they need to 🤣 :)))
FBI Hace 19 días
I really wish this video was real, everyone know Australia isn’t real
jjs-x-art Hace 20 días
All the other try guys look like basic American white men and then there’s eugene is just a fashion icon
Sanji wani
Sanji wani Hace 21 un día
Drew Walker
Drew Walker Hace 22 días
Y’all are scaring Mal
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