We Painted the Walls our Skin Color

Rhett & Link
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Today, we're painting walls in our house the same color as our skin. RL #011

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Note that today's content was recorded in advance of the US outbreak of COVID-19. Please excuse any reference that is no longer accurate or seemingly disrespectful or unhealthy due to general effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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28 mar 2020






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Comentarios 80
Rhett & Link
Rhett & Link Hace 2 meses
Note that today's content was recorded in advance of the US outbreak of COVID-19. Please excuse any reference that is no longer accurate or seemingly disrespectful or unhealthy due to general effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Kennedi Williams
Kennedi Williams Hace 17 horas
4:34 ngl link looked a little bit dead
GameDirection Hace un día
@Joseph Brand Thank you for sharing XD
-Kat- Hace 2 días
It was not recorded in advance
Dacal LP
Dacal LP Hace 18 días
12.345 Likes! I'm the 12.346th! yaay
JasBringIt Hace un mes
Is Jenna Single?
Lily Hace 32 minutos
Every time I hear the transition music, I halfway expect to hear the OCD song
Muhammad Smith
Muhammad Smith Hace 4 horas
Taco Mill
Taco Mill Hace 7 horas
Rhetts wall reminds me of a hamburger.
Taco Mill
Taco Mill Hace 7 horas
If they show up to your house and try to skynwallz you run
TFUE the real
TFUE the real Hace 11 horas
Jnelson Hace un día
18:09 you’re welcome
Maya Cloud
Maya Cloud Hace un día
When Rhett said: Ooh that's nice I thought: Ooh that's hot. That's hot.
Maya Cloud
Maya Cloud Hace un día
Somebody that I used to know, but backwards. In the music video, they turn into the wall. But here, the wall turns into them.
Katy Lee
Katy Lee Hace un día
They are so freaking tall lol
Alli Quinn
Alli Quinn Hace un día
that’s it. it’s official. rhett and link have finally lost it.
Carlos .K
Carlos .K Hace un día
12:33 Me trying to tear a piece of paper perfectly
Jamie Shishkin
Jamie Shishkin Hace un día
bruh how much weed do they smoke, its all starting to add up
Sade' D.
Sade' D. Hace un día
The SkynWallz.Org infomercials took me out!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kelsey Etienne
Kelsey Etienne Hace 2 días
Skin wallz
shayne mclachlan
shayne mclachlan Hace 2 días
will skynwallz be coming to canada any time soon?
Wanda Liffulcluck
Wanda Liffulcluck Hace 2 días
You totally should’ve put grey around the blue for Link! (His glasses)
Johnson Girls
Johnson Girls Hace 2 días
Rhetts voice sounds exactly like Bob Ross
Max Schaefer
Max Schaefer Hace 2 días
16:00 welcome to *burger king*
Me Me
Me Me Hace 2 días
guys its a wall of flesh
Claire Duong
Claire Duong Hace 2 días
This is late but Rhetts color of the wall looks like a Minecraft block 😂
Chloe Chloe
Chloe Chloe Hace 2 días
Now you should paint your skin the wall colour
ana vilar
ana vilar Hace 2 días
4.15 is how me and my dad talk to each other lol
The Microwave
The Microwave Hace 2 días
Rhett floorgang confirmed???
Emma Grace Fritz
Emma Grace Fritz Hace 2 días
when i saw this i read it as “we painted our skin the wall color”
Sean C
Sean C Hace 2 días
13:44 Rhett sounds like Matthew Mcconaughey driving his Lincoln down a long, lonely desert highway.
KindOfEmo ButNotReally
Low key wanna get skin-walled now
miran x
miran x Hace 2 días
Shouldn’t it really be called Melanin Wall?
womp womp
womp womp Hace 3 días
weston koury is going to be very happy to see this
ColePlays Hace 3 días
Its like that moment in Minecraft where you have a cobblestone camo skin, and your walls are cobblestone.
KaylaRow Hace 3 días
It’s not a dad bod...it’s a father figure!
Noah Peterson
Noah Peterson Hace 3 días
Yooo. Demilitarized was my history for today
Cicento_Boi boi
Cicento_Boi boi Hace 3 días
I haven't watched rhett and link in forever... I dont wanna be rude, but they got old lol
Mackenzie Kang
Mackenzie Kang Hace 3 días
“you’re the happy trail to my lake house” sounds oddly... seductive?? is that the right word?
Priyanjali Das
Priyanjali Das Hace 3 días
This was a great idea and the walls look amazing. Even though Link's hair there looked like a mistake it looked way better as the finished product. You guys are great.
Christina Geare
Christina Geare Hace 3 días
i dig rhetts mountain man hair
coral beary
coral beary Hace 4 días
pov: your in a store looking for paint and then you see a guy taking off his shirt
kayla montesino
kayla montesino Hace 4 días
Rhetts kinda reminds me of a minecraft Steve’s head
- a l i c e -
- a l i c e - Hace 4 días
Megan Hace 4 días
I love that Rhett's wife got him, what was probably, a very nice, expensive, piece of art, and he painted it 😂
Sarin Draven
Sarin Draven Hace 4 días
Honestly I love Link's wall
Link The Fox
Link The Fox Hace 4 días
oh wow the UK is easing restrictions whilst the US -of- A has just started restrictions we can go out and see groups of at most 6 as long as its socially distanced but the US is just now starting curfews and quarantine partially because of the riots over the murder of George Floyd fingers cross the police officer responsible gets a life sentence or two
Makira Ann Wrage
Makira Ann Wrage Hace 4 días
I want a skin wall
salt boy
salt boy Hace 5 días
rhett and link create f l e s h i n t e r f a c e s
Santanu Kumar Mahalik
racist walls XD
FunPrincess Hace 4 días
filthysock Hace 5 días
It actually looks very Art Deco - oddly enough.
Ayla Hace 5 días
i'm sorry but can we agree that Rhett looks homeless
Marina and The Devil
We obviously all came for the sexy thumbnail
Jane Morrow
Jane Morrow Hace 6 días
Ocean eyes!
Brooke Wenzel
Brooke Wenzel Hace 6 días
The yeah after “demonetized zone” gave me life 😂😂
Cole Smart
Cole Smart Hace 7 días
If someome breaks into your house just get naked and stand next to the wall. THIS IS GENIUS!
Za’Laiiyah Hace 7 días
EYEBROWS when Rhett did the ad
H&M Science
H&M Science Hace 7 días
U should have painted white on the tape and do the colours
SLAV Hace 7 días
Wth, I originally thought this was such a bizarre and ridiculous idea but how come I actually like the skynwallz in the end??? XD
Kretes Hace 7 días
A-are they getting old ?
Just Cakes
Just Cakes Hace 8 días
I like how they casually talked about identity theft
Liberina Hace 8 días
I love how the whole time they sound completely sarcastic and completely serious at the same time.
0range !!!
0range !!! Hace 8 días
“It puts the lotion on it's skin, or else it gets the hose again.” Lmao 🤣
Zara Dude
Zara Dude Hace 8 días
They're so tall, every time I see them in comparison to something it's like I realise they're tall all over again, and I've been watching them for years xD
Mom Life
Mom Life Hace 8 días
Why do I want to try this.
Joelle Seiden
Joelle Seiden Hace 8 días
ESvidrs make the best content when they're running out of it
Myra Ting
Myra Ting Hace 8 días
Honestly this would be so easy for me black hair,black eyes and yellow
nword boi
nword boi Hace 8 días
now that's a thing that would be done by *somebody that i used to know*
c l o u d y s t a r s
So what do they do when they become taller
Imanoob_10 Jddjhd
Imanoob_10 Jddjhd Hace 9 días
Link needs to shave his tiny beard he looks aged
Brendan Pike
Brendan Pike Hace 9 días
Maddy. uwu
Maddy. uwu Hace 9 días
Maddy. uwu
Maddy. uwu Hace 9 días
Evie Van den Biggelaar
The tape is not what went wrong but you had to peel it right up after u paint it and not let it dry.
Red Byrom
Red Byrom Hace 9 días
I want a skin wall
Diana Montero
Diana Montero Hace 10 días
this is super creative!
Shayna Pulley
Shayna Pulley Hace 10 días
this is trippy af
4p HD
4p HD Hace 10 días
Lydia Miller
Lydia Miller Hace 10 días
"This might be the best idea we've ever had... If you don't rank any of our other ideas." - Charles Lincoln "Link" Neal III, 2020
Chiara chiara
Chiara chiara Hace 10 días
this sound like something Jenna marbles would do😂
Little Pea
Little Pea Hace 10 días
Chiara chiara there was a recommended video on my thing that said something with Jenna marbels
jess brown
jess brown Hace 10 días
they’re like the cool uncles you wish you had
jess brown
jess brown Hace 10 días
‘yea I’m basil leaf lake house man’ I laughed so hard
Seth Mackenzie
Seth Mackenzie Hace 11 días
“so then when we cone to the wall its like... camo”
Cameron Myers
Cameron Myers Hace 11 días
Why didnt they using paint rollers for the skin color because that would be more efficient
islanddoc90 Hace 11 días
You cant convince me that the thumbnail isn't an intentional Gotye reference
BlueBerry Muffins
BlueBerry Muffins Hace 11 días
There old :(
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