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10 dic 2021






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The Disney one was so gorgeous omg
Kids these days will never know the horrors of trying to find the remote as the THX sound blared through your very souls :'D
Trevor Stevenson
Fun fact: The reason the THX theme is like that was to show off the dynamic range of their speakers
KalypsoFyre Art
Fun facts:
Knox Alt
This is the first time I ever realized Mcdonald’s theme has different variations per country. It sounds a bit different from the one I’m used to hearing in my country (Japan).
Helena The Great
I remember being traumatized by the THX opening because it was so loud and I wanted to shrivel up and cry. Ah the good old days
Wait What
Perfect pitch definitely helps in this game, but Brett is close enough when he knows the tune 👌
To be fair, most of these jingles have older and newer versions that have changed key. Y'all nailed it
Am I the only one who remebers the old Disney arrangement, back when it was simple lines on a blue screen? It was based off the same theme, but QUITE a bit different. Had an interesting ending flair. (This was back in the 80s, mind you.)
Kris Justus
Wow, that perfect pitch is really doing a lot for Eddy, huh? Never seen it so clearly on display tbh
I felt like I aged ten extra years when Brett said that some young people might not recognize the Nokia tune.
The Disney one caught me off-guard… Didn’t expect it to be that good lmao
Hania Mania
The first time Eddy wins at scissors, paper, rock, he doesn't need it lol
As a Taiwanese, I must tell you that the melody for Taiwanese garbage car is actually right. What you were playing was actually the theme song for Taiwanese recycling car😂
Swole Chihuahua
Brett:Ah, no perfect pitch
Fun fact: the nokia ringtone is actually based on a classical guitar piece called the Gran Vals by Tárrega! Give it a listen it's really lovely
Latisha Vivian
I remember as a little kid, hearing the loud THX sound at the beginning of a movie was like a mini horror movie it was so loud
Miku Kumi
Funny they should mention that the WB jingle isn’t “timeless” when it’s actually taken from Casablanca’s “As Time Goes By”, which is as timeless as it gets.😂
Pinhead Larry
As a Taiwanese, actually both Für Elise and Maiden’s Prayer are the garbage trucks’ music. And Für Elise is mostly played in the north and Maiden’s Prayer is mostly played in the south and few places in the north
Bret just needs confidence. You have PERFECT RELATIVE PITCH, Bret! You can do it! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 This is a completely unfair match, no? Lol love you guys. But still …. There is not much justice here. Bret is so humble. Lol
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