Web Design Basics: Index.html and Folder Structure

Rob Meyers
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---2021 update--
Hi ESvid friends searching for information regarding the index.html file of a web-site. This video was 2nd in a series of videos I made for a course I taught long ago.
If you need to create an index.html
- Go here htmlshell.com/
- Adjust the settings to your liking
- Copy/Paste into an empty HTML file (you can make one in notepad)
- Save the file as index.html into your web-sites folder.
I hope that helps you in your journeys.

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3 nov 2013






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George Halasah
George Halasah Hace 24 días
Hello, I have created my website using notepad editor. I didn't create index.html file because I didn't know about it at that time. I created a file folder My Webpage under a document. When I click my webpage file, I have many html files, pictures and videos. Where do I create index.html and my main page is funaramas page. Thank you.
Rob Meyers
Rob Meyers Hace 14 días
index.html needs to be in the root directory. Which means the top level. Everything else is on you to organize into folders.
Sastra Pegon
Sastra Pegon Hace 5 meses
thanks man, verry helpfull. finaly i can finish my school project !
Ali mowafy
Ali mowafy Hace 5 meses
@Rob Meyers I am more surprised to see you replying to people’s comments after 7 years, what a good man!
Rob Meyers
Rob Meyers Hace 5 meses
I'm amazed my 7-year-old video is still helping folks on youtube! I'm not affiliated with them whatsoever but www.freecodecamp.org/learn/responsive-web-design/basic-html-and-html5/ is a great resource for anyone wanting to become HTML masters.
Jack frost
Jack frost Hace 8 meses
thankyou sir , Very Important information
Oh Trooper
Oh Trooper Hace un año
thanks for the help! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!
Änthony Valmoria
Änthony Valmoria Hace 3 años
Änthony Valmoria
Änthony Valmoria Hace 3 años
ZypherGames Hace 3 años
i wish you explained what goes into a index.html and why?
Mason Hunter
Mason Hunter Hace 9 meses
the page's html
Boykins International
that's why i came and i still don't understand.
Titima attireach
Titima attireach Hace 3 años
how to upload index.html file to website?
Titima attireach
Titima attireach Hace 3 años
Rob Meyers thanks
Rob Meyers
Rob Meyers Hace 3 años
Hi Titima, Assuming you already have a hosting service, you will simply need to use a FTP (file transfer protocol). The most popular FTP is Filezilla filezilla-project.org/ After you login to your hosting provider via FTP you simply drag and drop the folder.
Lochnes2007 Hace 3 años
Thank you very much for this video. I am beginer of html and css, you have solved my today problem. Was really helpful. :-)
William James Rapp
William James Rapp Hace 3 años
POOR VIDEO -- and you drive me insane with your MOUSING SURFING all over the screen -- very distracting.
Noob Alien37
Noob Alien37 Hace 2 años
buddy this was made in 2013 and u commented after 4 years, i bet you didnt even know how to screen record back in 2013 while this guy knows much more then you
Rob Meyers
Rob Meyers Hace 3 años
hey thanks, you seem like the life of a party.
David Williamson
David Williamson Hace 6 años
Dope video. many thanks.
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