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Welcome to Signs for Technology: An ASL Resource.
This video series was originally developed by Helen Keller National Center for the Train the Trainers technology seminars. The videos were used to prepare both participants and interpreters for the technical vocabulary that would be used during the seminar. The staff at Helen Keller National Center realized that many interpreters and participants lacked knowledge of technical signs and concepts. Having received such great feedback from participants and interpreters alike, Helen Keller National Center decided to make these videos available to the public. This resource can not only benefit interpreters, but anyone with a general curiosity for technology signs, and those who work with the deaf-blind community. We are thrilled to be able to provide this resource to the community.

The signs presented in this video are focused on technology and are deaf-blind friendly. This means that some traditional signs have been modified to be more visibly and tactually discernable than some of the current standard signs. Most of the adapted signs were developed by Anindyya Bhattacharrya, a technology trainer at the Helen Keller National Center.

The signs presented in this video should not be considered “standard” signs nor are we suggesting that they be adopted by the entire signing community. However, many people have found them useful in the training setting. So we offer them to the seminar participants, interpreters and anyone else interested in their use.

You can access this video series in a variety of ways: If you notice at the top there are 4 tabs. The first reads Technology Signs A-Z. Select a video by searching terms in alphabetical order. When you click on a vocabulary word, the video definition will automatically begin to play. The second way is by Category. Select a video based on the category that the sign falls under. A sample category could be “Braille Notetakers” When you click on the category all the videos relating to braille notetakers will appear. The third way is via Transcript. You can view or download a transcript of each video either by category or the full transcript of all videos. The fourth way to access the video series is by a Transcriptions of Signs. You can view or download a transcription of each sign. This features a written detailed description of the physical sign production. The purpose of this is to provide full access for blind and low vision users.
Thank you for watching. We hope you enjoy Signs for Technology.

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