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11 jun 2019






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Conor Gilsenan
Conor Gilsenan Hace 10 días
I don't care bout her she thinks shes funny while making nasty jokes all the time she deserves everything
Kellogg Flake
Kellogg Flake Hace 11 días
Zero empathy
adub3000 Hace 4 meses
She most definitely deserves it.
randrianoromalala valisoa
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Lacey Jane
Lacey Jane Hace 5 meses
Leave it to Meghan to tell some story about herself no one asked for lmao. She said she’s private.. she tells her whole life story on this show!
Adrian At And T
Adrian At And T Hace 5 meses
It looked very fake to me.
Beatrice Woods
Beatrice Woods Hace 7 meses
Kevin get money divorce settlement to pay child support next 18 years braces,private school,college+ her show is almost done irrelevant.
Thomas Nappo
Thomas Nappo Hace 8 meses
Latin Man
Latin Man Hace 8 meses
Who cares!!
bubu joo Estes
bubu joo Estes Hace 8 meses
Gangster Buffy Buttons
Ray Patson
Ray Patson Hace 8 meses
Wow she looks like a mess. She likes to gossip but doesn't like tables being turned. .. women.
D'An Fuller
D'An Fuller Hace 8 meses
Wendy is a hot mess, marital break ups hurt, a lotta folks have been there, she’s not the first. Girl, in this personal torment of yours, you’ll get through it & I hope you learn how to respect other folk’s privacy & incorporate that aspect into your show too 😃 Girl, now quit blubbering, wipe your face & move it along; you’re still a blessed sista, Kev dog 🐕 is gonna regret i one day.
Paulette Poole
Paulette Poole Hace 8 meses
Love Wendy💜💜💜
Debra Thompson
Debra Thompson Hace 8 meses
It is her husband and she loves or once loved
Edi2003 Hace 8 meses
I'm probably the only person on earth who doesn't feel sorry for Wendy. If this video was about someone else she would be shading that ugly cry and would probably suggest the person isn't sober.
Toral Toral
Toral Toral Hace 6 meses
No darling, millions don't feel sorry for Wendy. She is nasty, hateful, hypricate. Next
Kita Kelley
Kita Kelley Hace 8 meses
I've been waiting to see her get served her own medicine, but this was so unsatisfying. No one should have to go through this pain.
Iacobus Hace 8 meses
Wendy crying is not a hot topic. She’s always crying. She going thru a divorce. She’s allowed. Y’all making it look like she having a psychotic breakdown or something. She gon b aight. She good.
bennybtheman Hace 8 meses
Boy she's UGLY when she cries
Rashad Harris
Rashad Harris Hace 8 meses
But we do pay your rent 🙉🙈...
bennybtheman Hace 8 meses
how about that
Shukra Abdurrahman
Shukra Abdurrahman Hace 8 meses
I wnt to care wendy i really do but i dnt cs of ur nasty attitude. Shut up megan shut up u pathetic blithering idiot
Mor-Gan's Hace 8 meses
Auntie Wendy!!!!!
bpxl53yewz Hace 8 meses
I don't see how what Wendy talks about on her show is different from the View or Enter'tn Tonight, etc. She just talks about what has already hit the news.
PorknBeanJuice Hace 8 meses
She looks hideous
uindy4 Hace 8 meses
Give him the fucking money so he can go away and we dont hear from you again.
missdiva6711 Hace 8 meses
Hope I don't have any empathy for her
Fateh Benchaib
Fateh Benchaib Hace 8 meses
Meghan you are a pro at making it all about you wow
realtedhayes Hace 8 meses
Meghan is literally trash
Nicoletta Cinci
Nicoletta Cinci Hace 8 meses
If you what people to mind their own business,get a secretary job. If you want to be rich and famous,deal with it.
Adam Mountain
Adam Mountain Hace 8 meses
poor woman has been through a lot. Any real human would have compassion if they imagined being in her shoes, prepping show segments, being in rehab, family drama, probably being on call 24/7, losing needed sleep. Inhumane people would boast not dealing with that and using it against them.
J Cori
J Cori Hace 8 meses
Wendy is right. I usually feel bad about celebs having 0 privacy but she has no boundaries. What goes around comes around. Be to people what you want them to be to you.
Kerise Williams
Kerise Williams Hace 8 meses
Lmbo yall just ain like Megan Lololol
manju krishnan
manju krishnan Hace 8 meses
wendy deserves it ..
Alexis Blair
Alexis Blair Hace 8 meses
Why does this dimwit girl always have to make it about herself. Nobody cares where you started from or where you go after the view. I don't know how those people cope with working with her.
Leonie Taylor
Leonie Taylor Hace 8 meses
My God why does everyone hate Megan so much?Is it because she is a Republican? Remember people we are not a communist country. We are free to support whichever party Democrat or Republican or even independent. By reading your views and comments it sounds a bit like bullying. Let's be kind to each other love each other support each other we are not Savages we are God's children
Jaffa T
Jaffa T Hace 8 meses
Me: I saw a UFO the other night Megamouth McCain: I got taken by a UFO the other night Megamouth McCain is a privileged brat and needs to go back to Fox News
Pntngbrn Hace 8 meses
I'm sorry Wendy Williams is suffering because I hate to see another human being suffer. That said if she had chosen to climb to fame on a different ladder this all wouldn't feel so cosmic. Maybe when she gets past all this there'll be some meaningful takeaways for her. Wendy, when you know better, you do better. Perhaps you can butter your bread without using other people's misfortune.
No Name
No Name Hace 8 meses
Cocaine in her nose in the thumbnail...👀👀👀
Samantha Shelby
Samantha Shelby Hace 8 meses
I agree some stuff should stay private. I think that people’s business should be their own. Famous or not, they all have children. It must be tough for the kids.
Sharing is Caring
Sharing is Caring Hace 8 meses
In most of the Wendy show, she keeps banging others privacy stories on her show and today she learnt that - if your house is made of glasses do not throw stones to others glass houses
MufarosButifulDawtr Hace 8 meses
I’m surprised how well AND how genuinely they handled this topic. Prob bc they’re afraid it will be them one day and ppl will say “well y’all talk about other ppl”, but still... good job.
compendious succient
Megan is an abomination.
priyank tiwari
priyank tiwari Hace 8 meses
"If I'm tht famous, Pay my rent"😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆Gud one
Nicole De Loncrais
Nicole De Loncrais Hace 8 meses
Whoopi, l just love her... pay my rent, 😂!!! She is truly fabulous.
tshepiso mahlangu
tshepiso mahlangu Hace 8 meses
She defo deserves the scrutiny. N she knows it . I respect that part
Jazzie Moore
Jazzie Moore Hace 8 meses
Whoop keeps her locs tight!! Meanwhile it's been 6 months since my last retwist.
Jessi k
Jessi k Hace 8 meses
They do pay you're rent
Simply Dazzling
Simply Dazzling Hace 8 meses
I love me some Wendy even when I don’t like or agree with all of her commentary. I feel like she answered the question very honestly and with great strength and vulnerability. I am pulling for her and hope to see her restored. As far as her level of empathy when she speaks on other people, I agree that she should implore more empathy towards other people when she speaks on them but we cannot expect her to do it. Her raw commentary is why she has a fan base. She will get that lesson if she is meant to get it and if she does get more empathic in her approach to others,I think she will still have an impact on her public. But for now, let’s just embrace her during this challenging moment...
LI. KE. Hace 8 meses
We as a society commit a lot of vices in the name of entertainment. Wendy lives her life doing something on TV that most people would find appalling in real life . You cannot bask in people’s misery and expect for it not to affect you . Her marriage has broken down . Physically she looks a mess . She needs to take a step back to re-evaluate her options or this job is literally going to kill her .
A J Hace 8 meses
Well said, Whoopi. Empathy, people. Empathy! Find some, have some. Sending you love, Wendy. Reach out the Grief Recovery Institute in Sherman Oaks, CA...they will show you how to complete this grief. I empathize with you, Wendy, I know the pain of divorce.🙏
The Knight Life 6
The Knight Life 6 Hace 8 meses
Oh Meghan... how cute that you think we all care enough to even get into your personal life. 🙄
Glenda Pate
Glenda Pate Hace 8 meses
Under the circumstances she must have time to hurt.
Shannon DeVaux
Shannon DeVaux Hace 8 meses
Me me me Megan
drw isis
drw isis Hace 8 meses
haaaaaaaa whoopi's 2 funny. pay my rent. uhhhhhhh we do. haaaaaa we ain't gotta watch the view or ur movies suga.
Days Inn New Haven
Days Inn New Haven Hace 8 meses
She looks high
Billy Kendall
Billy Kendall Hace 8 meses
Did Behar get fired
Alma Flores
Alma Flores Hace 8 meses
Wendy will pull through this. Time is a healer. Wendy is a very strong woman; and, she will survive.👍🥰
SEAN Hace 8 meses
Wendy looked like a drag queen in that clip!
New York
New York Hace 8 meses
Remember this word go fuc yourself
Paula Durbin
Paula Durbin Hace 8 meses
Oh whoopie we do pay your rent evertime we watch someting your in we pay your rent
Justin Salabowitch
Justin Salabowitch Hace 8 meses
This people thinks its hard to be on a talk show and get paid Millions, I wonder what they will do if they had to live like the rest of us. Whoopie is against free health care but then again her bank account is full.
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