Wendy Williams Talks Divorce, Comedy Tour, Biopic and Rumors About Talk Show | SWAY’S UNIVERSE

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Wendy Williams stopped by Sway In the Morning to clear somethings up about her divorce and rumors of her show being canceled. She also talked about her comedy tour and much more.
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Exclusive interviews from Sway Calloway and the Sway In The Morning/ SwaysUniverse.com team with some of today's biggest celebrities, like Kevin Hart, Kanye West, Eminem, Usher, Jessica Alba, Steve Aoki, Torey Lanez, Julia Stiles and so much more.
Wendy Williams Talks Divorce, Comedy Tour, Biopic and Rumors About Talk Show | SWAY’S UNIVERSE

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tina Hace un mes
Wendy is a real G. Built it from the ground up
Amanie Tingle
Amanie Tingle Hace un mes
hi youtube this is my second time watching this interview and i thought it was lovely
fanaeya nicholson
fanaeya nicholson Hace un mes
I’m from the Bahamas
Marco Carter
Marco Carter Hace un mes
i love her Wendy she deserved nothing but they very best.
Sophia Bulgaria
Sophia Bulgaria Hace 2 meses
Still lying, no relapse but you were in a drug recovery program. Always Lying
chase leny
chase leny Hace 2 meses
Thatugly ass heshe shouldn't be on TV😠🖕🖕🖕
laura smith
laura smith Hace 3 meses
we crying for your benefit that's so true loool, you right wendy , it is either you are a wife or not , no middle ladies
KashKay M
KashKay M Hace 3 meses
Yeeess I love my miss Wendy Williams ❤❤❤ before and after....periodt
Warning Signs
Warning Signs Hace 3 meses
Is WW a man or woman?
Jason Brown
Jason Brown Hace 4 meses
Wendy god has a plan for you. Sometimes we get so comfortable which makes it harder to move on. Rather let them move on... because who you are is who you’ve always been! Wha had happen was.... rather what happens is! We put our trust in man, men , woman people, and when that’s gone we don’t know ourselves blah times 100 . Oh blah *100 . We lose ourselves. God is in you , always have been there, trust your decisions trust in god. It is unsafe out here when we don’t. And as long as we trust in men , we will always lose ourselves and I think by now you are getting closer to you ! Check the numbers btw ! I have your best interest at heart ❤️ DO YOU
Kat Elder
Kat Elder Hace 4 meses
So true about us Cancerians!!! When we do spend money, it is quality. Yes, the tears are definitely for your benefit.
Sloth55Chunk Hace 4 meses
She sucks. Awful show and pretty awful person
Reel Life
Reel Life Hace 4 meses
Wendy was like, are we over lapping interviews ? lol
Reel Life
Reel Life Hace 4 meses
Marlon funny. He said to Wendy, "It sound like you want a white man" but yet his wife or girlfriend is not black. lol Black men kill me sometimes.
penny kirksey
penny kirksey Hace 4 meses
I don’t understand, if Wendy wasn’t having anymore babies, why didn’t her husband get a vasectomy, if he knew he wanted to stay married, that young woman is at that age, to want the whole package, and now she will see, he’s not that talented with hustling, nobody is going to work with him, out of respect for Wendy, so how y’all living, Kevin you should have made for sure she couldn’t get you caught up, on the baby scheming. Stupid move, starting all over with a woman who has no hustle about herself and eventually she will leave you, Wendy loved you and the other lady was just doing you, get ready to be alone, paying child support. WATCH I GIVE IT 2 YEARS AND SHE’S GOING TO REALLY DROP YOU, BECAUSE NOW SHE’S ON A BUDGET
vai82 Hace 5 meses
thats my favorite wig of hers. she looks great.
vai82 Hace 5 meses
thats my favorite wig of hers. she looks great.
Rick Kress
Rick Kress Hace 5 meses
This heifer is not funny at all !
Max Brown
Max Brown Hace 5 meses
sounds like empowed woman want every single thing at theyer conveniences
PassionFashions Hace 5 meses
I never really liked Wendy but this interview sorta normalized her. She seemed down to earth.
Levi Lee
Levi Lee Hace 5 meses
Love Wendy... But talking with that candy in her mouth was annoying.
Queen Leek
Queen Leek Hace 5 meses
Wendy is one of the realest Cancer women I know like myself being a real Cancer Woman. Wendy said it best don’t mistake the kindest for a weakness....cause we don’t play at ALL. PERIOD!
Davior Stone
Davior Stone Hace 5 meses
Anthony Hayz
Anthony Hayz Hace 5 meses
I like her, and her real diamond watch!! get it mama
atmybest4 Hace 5 meses
And just like that, Marlon Wayans came on and stole the show! 😂 Great interview!
Agustin DeJesus
Agustin DeJesus Hace 5 meses
Wendy remember when you was happy and telling gossips about everyone and denying that your husband was into something. Never say from that water......i will never drink. Go out and enjoy your life. Good luck.
General Systems Theory
I feel like the words coming out of Wendy’s mouth is as genuine as her two breasts. Wendy needs to get professional help to address this public display and deterioration of her marriage.
Zacharie Mantha-Ware
Guys being proud of having mutilated penises..... so ignorant. Uncircumcised doesn't mean dirty
Zacharie Mantha-Ware
No horoscope talk please. It devalues the rest ot the interview. So damn cringey When people try to blame personality traits on horoscopes AKA the positioning of stars...
AJ Jones
AJ Jones Hace 5 meses
Marlon...Lordy..I love him💋
Sheriese Henderson
Sheriese Henderson Hace 5 meses
Wendy before you think your serious about looking for Mr. Right. ✋ stop. Just settle for Mr. Right now. Because your not truly over Kevin. And I think your in mourning and your very emotional . So date have fun give yourself at least five years before you re-marry . If Mr. Right happens to come out the blue sky ask him to slow walk you . Tell him you will need at least year after the ink dries on the divorce. And that will tell you if he is a keeper. He should understand . Don't move in with him or vice versa. Really Wendy you did to learn you all over again . Enjoy your son at this timeand your freedom.
Big Dee
Big Dee Hace 5 meses
00:54 that WHOLE part! Sorry not sorry. I can't be around negative, stuck....people neither.
Zenita Devera
Zenita Devera Hace 5 meses
Good interview!,,,
Glenda David
Glenda David Hace 5 meses
Awe Man Sway You did a Huge Dope Show!! Wendy You are a Great Person and We wish You all The best In All the Things You are Putting Forth and We Hope you Never Look Back KEEP PUSHING FORWARD GIRL!! YEA!! A Thing Come True If You WORK IT!! Girl You can DO way BETTER THEN THE EX OMG WHATS YOU DOING GIRL!!! Get Up on Yours!! You Let The MR RIGHT Write You Checks Not the Other way. Love You Girlfriend!! Much Love, Gods Blessings!! Glendi in Tarpon Springs FL Greek Town USA!! YESS!! TAMPA SEPT 21ST YASSS OX
may jah
may jah Hace 5 meses
I love yall but yall so nasty... U TAKE YOUR BATH FIRST THEEEN YOU SHOWER! Some ppl NEED to soak they funky ass! ewww how do you live without bathing #gross
Shawn P
Shawn P Hace 5 meses
Silly crack head you all follow
evilzlatan Hace 5 meses
Juvani Richardson
Juvani Richardson Hace 5 meses
Did somebody hear when the guy said: she dont like the ant eater. 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Marilyn Wiggins Green Wiggins-Green
Wendy is living her best life so proud of her. I have a great new found respect for her. She's open and honest about herself. I love when she said when your down don't stay down stay there for ten minutes then get up and stay up. I respect that she's not trowing big Kevin under the bus and wants to be friends.
zell Davis
zell Davis Hace 5 meses
Thanks, Sway for a great interview!
Oracle Hace 5 meses
Best interview ever. Love Wendy and Sway!
Anj M
Anj M Hace 5 meses
sumkindalady Hace 5 meses
Why did she say there was no relapse??
Kiwii Hace 5 meses
I love when sway said u better have a wig under that wig😭😭in the Bahamas he be smashing other inwords not 30 dates period pooh🗣💬
oh Wendy, so many lies.......you don't want to be friends with HIM, and you bet divorce papers were served, the day he was fired and handed a huge check to thwart an immediate lawsuit, at the Studio, reinforced security....those papers were in a gift box of a store he loves...surprise. hey wendy, talk about your relapse? what about graves disease and thyroid disease you swore were the reasons you needed 4 months off .....
Wendy, did you relapse on drugs, alcohol, what? What up with that fake rehab stint? Was that just to position yourself better in the divorce as spouse coming from treatment can't be fired, etc.......??? She lying she wants to be friends with him.....Divorce papers were served to Kelvin at the Studio, the day they fired him, hired more security, changed the locks and wrote a 10m dollar check just to get him off the lawsuit train for a bit......and let the messy, long divorce proceed. Papers were hidden in a gift box to one of his favorite expensive stores. surprise, Kelvin...you gorilla
princeryell Hace 5 meses
I didn't know Wendy and sway were cancers...no wonder I love them so much...ive always gotten along extremely well with other cancers
Newgoals Holley
Newgoals Holley Hace 5 meses
Let's say Wendy's doing it her way with no regrets and it's all good in little K world
Lysol Disinfectant Wipes
Love Wendy. She doesn't even realize how hilarious she is. Glad she left her husband after the mess he put her through. But even more impressed that she's not throwing him under the bus. NOT even worth it. I get it.
Jay Brown
Jay Brown Hace 5 meses
Good to see two brothers chop it up like old times..owwwwwww
J.L. Walker
J.L. Walker Hace 5 meses
I am such a Wendy fan and it's delightful to see her happy, joking and being just joyful. Hats off to Sway and his crew this was an awesome I review and the chemistry was dynamic.
Cristoph De Caermichael
bubu joo Estes
bubu joo Estes Hace 5 meses
Wendy a fracture is a break in the 🍖 bone.She said i didn't break it .I had a fracture.Somebody please educate Wendy Williams. Again a break is a fracture.There are several types of fractures.
Destiny Bennett
Destiny Bennett Hace 5 meses
so why did wendy say on her show she relapsed? lol did we miss something...?
On Deck Cleaning Co.
Her smacking was the absolute worst!
T A Hace 5 meses
Thank You! I couldnt even watch the whole video. Where is Angela Yee with the white napkin? Lol
Theresa UzhcaP
Theresa UzhcaP Hace 5 meses
I like her... I got thrown in these streets too I got to step my game up she’s 55 doing the damn thing! I can’t wait for the Lifetime movie!!!
Aryel T
Aryel T Hace 5 meses
Marlon is a whole nutt! Love him!
Wig is coming off the first night! #Sway
Sway is Funny!
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