Wendy Williams was FORCED to admit she is LIVING in a SOBER HOUSE away from her husband (DETAILS)

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19 mar 2019






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Daytime Tea Time
Daytime Tea Time Hace un mes
I hope ya'll watched this entire video because I showed pictures and video of my experience at The Wendy Williams show from just 2 weeks ago. Also here is the full video that I mentioned by Chronicle Speaks explaining that Wendy Williams husband's real name is Kelvin and showing proof he lived with his side chick Sharina Hudson esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-R2-UQA7VbbY.html
Jolie Johnson
Jolie Johnson Hace 26 días
Ppl rocks with there married through thick and thin. Look at love and hip hop. Ppl that have 65 year old married u think they didnt go through something stay that long. Please
Char Hymam
Char Hymam Hace 26 días
+xan8185 Thank you so much it is hard but I am moving on by the grace of God
John Hull
John Hull Hace 26 días
Wendy, How you doing? What goes around comes around..
Alesia Featherstone
Alesia Featherstone Hace 27 días
+Sharon Princess Dixon I don't believe that's the entire truth. It's a cover up, they want us to stop asking about the mistress. I believe Wendy is emotionally and physically abused by Kevin and he insisted that she come up with these lies.
getzppnya Hace 28 días
LaVerne Bailey
LaVerne Bailey Hace 4 días
You were spot on
Amber Perry
Amber Perry Hace 5 días
Girl the 🍵 is spilling. I do agree it is good she came out and admit her issues. That's the way to healing. Now that being said 👀 Wendy...I'm glad you helping others but you can't help others if you drowning. And now that she is telling us that she is living in a sobriety home it just seemed planned like you said. She Olivia Poped that sitz.
Blackout ASMR
Blackout ASMR Hace 6 días
Love B Scott was correct
Kimberly Cross
Kimberly Cross Hace 8 días
sumphoneo Hace 9 días
You were absolutely right about her actions...Setting up herself for the divorce and it has been fulfilled. Well done!
Blackpink snsd
Blackpink snsd Hace 9 días
girl when I saw the news I scream "bitch she was right"
Linda C
Linda C Hace 16 días
Your reasoning makes a lot of sense and it does sound like that is what Wendy is going do, to explain why she is separating from her husband. I don't think she will ever divorce him.
mikeal jeffries
mikeal jeffries Hace 19 días
But look at how much she used to LOOOVE dragging Whitney Houston about her drug use and Bobbi's infidelities tho. She had no understanding or support for Whitney. She seemed to think the sh!t was funny. Seems to me the chickens have finally come home to roost!! I'm not normally an unsympathetic person, but Wendy has spent YEARS sowing seeds of bad karma for herself. Now that heffa got the NERVE to sit up cryin' Bye Wendy. Lol.
Nicole Hace 20 días
I can’t stand this situation. She’s pathetic just leave the man alone he’s not cute
Slym Calhoun
Slym Calhoun Hace 21 un día
"Glammed up!!??" $heet
John Shaft
John Shaft Hace 21 un día
KARMA All up in other peoples marriages but.........."don't ask me about mine".
NORA RODRIGUEZ Hace 21 un día
Admit admit be upfront be freeeeee. That’s how I do
barbara bent
barbara bent Hace 22 días
U r so true Agree too
tavia warner
tavia warner Hace 23 días
God bless!!
Sandra Bass
Sandra Bass Hace 23 días
..... And that Wendy mentions that she now hangs out with smelly boys. Really I did not know that those with such things as sex addiction, being one of the addictions helped there and that is mentioned in the brochure that it can be treated in a coed sleep over recovery center??? She did not mention another woman there she could hang with instead of the smelly boys mentioned that she now hangs with at the center? Somethings a bit odd here? Sponcers at places with the 12 step program that started at alcoholics anonymous do not allow opposites that attract gender wise or otherwise to be sponcers for those opposite themselves all sexual preferences included. If someone has the responsibility to helping other stay sober in whatever addiction that is suffered if sexual attraction comes into play in this kind of relationship it has been shown to hurt and not help the addict needing to be sponcered at any of these programs the relationship now weakened to help but instead hurts the addicts attempt to be sober and sometimes becomes a co-dependent relationship and no one is helped to be sober. Here in what Wendy Williams is stating about her circumstance besides herself and the smelly boys it seems suspect somehow?
Mary Hamilton
Mary Hamilton Hace 24 días
Ugh. Your personal feelings don't matter....to us or Wendy. Brave Wendy. Nobody knows what's going on better than YOU. 💪
daisyhinojosa23 Hace 24 días
I saw the fear in her eyes when she said “sober house”
Ggdgydydvydvyddv Hhdhehjehejjeje
I felt like crying for her the way how she was talking was sad
Ggdgydydvydvyddv Hhdhehjehejjeje
1 like = a pray for wendy we rooting for u wendy
Keva Holmes
Keva Holmes Hace 24 días
Lawd, I wish I could watch her watch this. She was so good on telling and talking about other people's business
myvidio88 Hace 24 días
Sounds and looks like she was forced to confess that..... She never said that she is still addicted to cocaine...... She said she used to be addicted to cocaine but she never went to a inpatient program/ Sober House..... Implying that is something she should have done even though she has overcome her cocaine habit..... Sounds like MK Ultra brainwashing Illuminati control..... It's all about control with them and humiliating people..... She looks as though she is under MK Ultra control they are controlling her entire life separation from her husband and her family living with strangers same boring routine everyday do the show go to Pilates go to a bunch of meetings go back to Sober House hang with a bunch of strange drug addicted men doors locked lights out alone in bedroom..... Sounds like MK Ultra brainwashing Illuminati control to keep her in check..... with the threat of them taking away her career and other things happening to her much worse if she does not comply.....
Eddie Pratt
Eddie Pratt Hace 24 días
cryptoskygreen7 Hace 25 días
Thank karma for the fake ass cokehead Williams and her husband has been checking other women for years,when cokehead has been told she would not believe.I don't blame him really
Kreativekreationzpublishinginc Lawson
Girl leave his ugly ass M karma for bashing mf for fame
I don’t dislike Wendy, I don’t feel sorry for her either. She lies, fabricates her fake life and thinks the public is stupid. She has proven she’s not mentally stable at all and lies to cover up all her tea. How narcissistic is that, when you tell the public to stay out of your marriage but talk about everyone else’s?! 🤭😹 She’s a narcissist. She is living her karma. Oh well!
Loulou Matchmaker
Loulou Matchmaker Hace 25 días
She is so homely. What’s wrong with her face?
Karen Sawyer
Karen Sawyer Hace 25 días
I think she knew it was going to get out anyway, and so she wanted to beat them to the punch. There is footage of her husband dropping her off at the sober living house so it was bound to get out. She just beat them to the punch, however, it's very possible it's also what you say it is. She's a fool if she doesn't leave him. I know first hand that once a cheat always a cheat. They don't change, and that goes for men and women alike.
Nicole Lee
Nicole Lee Hace 25 días
Ive never cared for wendy (cuz. She says horrible things about GOOD ppl) but i wouldn't wish this karma, and pain she's going thru, on my worst enemy🙁 god bless her! I hope she leaves that loser
SweetPea 4EVER!
SweetPea 4EVER! Hace 25 días
Girl! Are you on drugs!? NO SHADES Imhotep you’re bogusly repetitive How many time ya trying take credit for her next failure in life this Inevitable Divorce you KEEP ON KEEP ON TALKIN ABOUT! Jordan. You finna SPEAK IT INTO EXISTENCE!
Sheila Macias
Sheila Macias Hace 25 días
I admire Wendy for telling her truth. Addictions are a terrible and hard thing to overcome. Praying for her to get it together.
Dolly Jones
Dolly Jones Hace 25 días
i know her husband must be over the moon with happiness that she is there for so long time...n he is free to be with the sweetheart...n who ever else he might be messing with while wendy is away from him.....lets all pray for wendy guys
thedemonnemo Hace 25 días
Why she is living in a men's Sober House? Is she a trans lady?
Chraya Hobbs
Chraya Hobbs Hace 25 días
You’re sooooo beautiful 😍this is my first time actually seeing u
denture smile
denture smile Hace 25 días
Well now we know kalvins address..lol
H.  Mercy
H. Mercy Hace 25 días
Guido Feliz
Guido Feliz Hace 25 días
Thank the Lord Jesus Christ for keeping me away from anything that can damage the human body. I NEVER did drugs or even put a cigarette in my mouth. I don't even drink beer. Junk food is my weakness.
Guido Feliz
Guido Feliz Hace 25 días
I knew there was something wrong with Wendy. It was too obvious to ignore.
Shakeema Bowman
Shakeema Bowman Hace 25 días
I believe she said that so that we could think they was apart when Kelvin got the girl pregnant
Porscha Moore
Porscha Moore Hace 25 días
Poor Wendy Wyndelll.... They are trying to ruin her.. To leave her crazy and with nothing!
Carlos Byrd
Carlos Byrd Hace 25 días
Wow..Years in the industry of watching, lamenting criticizing others for their misfortunes and setbacks. Literally made money of it. There's that ugly word man.........Karma.
Debbie Wilson
Debbie Wilson Hace 26 días
She didn't admit to anything, she merely skirted around the truth and that makes me sad for her. Your secrets will keep you sick Wendy.
Man Man
Man Man Hace 26 días
Fuck that bitch .. she’s not shit 🤮
Alison Wonderland
Alison Wonderland Hace 26 días
Wow these comments really support Wendy. I cannot! Wendy does not get a pass because she 's famous. She is the biggest coke head hypocrite on air today. She should NOT be allowed to talk about and shame other people in the same situation. She still shames Oprah for being a drug addict meanwhile she's lining up coke on her dressing table. HELL NAW!!!
nadine SHEPPARD Hace 26 días
This is what I think, people like you are pathetic hypocrits. Using failures and misfortunes of others as a business. Is gossip your only skill ??? Learn this, Wendy sold gossip and now shes reaping the humiliation she caused others. Well guess what???.... Youre next !!! Get ready slander always follow gossipers !
Katherine Guthrie
Katherine Guthrie Hace 26 días
Thank you for the video. NSCLady Sent Me !!!
Holly Winslett
Holly Winslett Hace 26 días
Bc THAT BASTARD IS PUSHING HER AROUND! And some women just don’t know how to fight back
Holly Winslett
Holly Winslett Hace 26 días
She has been through HELL and is still going through HELL! None of us know what all goes on in her marriage and it’s NONE OF OUR BUSINESS! She makes a living doing a talk show she doesn’t make a living telling about her life . I think that it is wrong for the people that have judged her and talked about her the way that they have. God only knows it’s between her and God and it is not our place to judge it! Leave her alone
Heat pressing with Dreya Dollar
I'm going to make divorce him Wendy Williams shirts!!! Instagram bandsonbandsmerch also I think this is a business stunt so he can leave her money alone and she is being pressured just by how she got so emotional, he is definitely manipulating this situation!!! I think he will disappear if the sober house does well that way him and his mistress is financially stable... My opinion DM me if y'all want a divorce him Wendy Williams shirt...
GummedUpTheWorks Hace 26 días
This show, and others like it, need to go away. Wendy needs to get well and stop feeding into this dumbing down of TV. Producers don't give a crap about her, and if her ratings drop, she'll realize that in no time flat, because under the bus she'll go.
Jasmine K.
Jasmine K. Hace 26 días
probably because hes having a baby with his mistresses so the alcohol is her "out"
Breakneck Hace 26 días
This is the dumb bitch I see giving other people relationship advice every show lol??? Oh and a heads up, getting serious plastic surgery makes you look like an alien when you get upset. Oh and further more, don't be a fucking doormat. Value yourself enough to leave a motherfucker if the level of cheating gets to Wendy's level. That's actual good advice not the dumb shit Wendy vomits out.
shayboogie83 Hace 26 días
Good for her ❤
be real black for me
be real black for me Hace 26 días
Y'all might be buying what she's selling but not me. I say once a crack head, always a crack head.
Glamma Gurl
Glamma Gurl Hace 26 días
Wow, its about time she aired her shit...she always in every body else's damn business, and she dont look glamorus, she look a mess n stressed, but i figured it was her cheating husband,but damn drugs...talk about skeletons💀☠💀☠💀☠💀 po thang
Foluke85 Hace 26 días
This was confusing to me because she wasn't clear about experiencing a relapse which would be the reason why she's in the sober house. You're theory sounds about right...but all in all I do wish her all the best with her sobriety. I can't imagine dealing with the stress, scrutiny and ridicule being easy for any human being
rjmprod Hace 26 días
She is a scary looking woman
Quiet Storm
Quiet Storm Hace 26 días
Goes to show you never look at a person or celebrity from the outside cars houses money doesn’t matter drugs don’t discriminate ,. Life and death is something we all cannot escape ., prayers for her
Mary Quirk
Mary Quirk Hace 26 días
Send prayers
Mama Llama
Mama Llama Hace 26 días
So sorry Wendy, get well quickly and dump that cheating husband!
Koyuki Panda
Koyuki Panda Hace 26 días
Candice you are soooo pretty!!
Jennifer Holmes
Jennifer Holmes Hace 26 días
she looks pretty skinny in this, too
Huarache Hace 26 días
So does this explain why she fainted?..
Glo Wurm
Glo Wurm Hace 27 días
Why is it OK for her to lie about a serious disease nobody ever said anything about that she is such a liar people gravitated towards her because of the disease. But that's ok.
Fashae Finesse by TFC
Fashae Finesse by TFC Hace 27 días
Do the right thing. Focus on self, heal then grow. Deal with inner problems wo dragging others down with you. Time to grow, time to be strong, time to be real. Wendy gets NO sympathy or empathy. Watch it play out...
Marie Bigaud
Marie Bigaud Hace 27 días
What is it that Kelvin does for a living again?
Marie Bigaud
Marie Bigaud Hace 27 días
They allowed you film with the cell phone? The last time I was there you couldn’t have your phone out
I don't think her sober house announce had anything to do re: a later convo to all about aboutl a divorce w/ Kelvin...….I think she had to fess up due to Daily Mail about to release the story, she thought to get ahead of it...…...I also don't think at all she went back to cocaine, NOT even one little bit do I think that. If it's true she fell off wagon to an addiction, at most would be opiate pain pills....BUT mostly I feel she went away to rehab then some sober house for her emotional/stress/anxiety ridden break down due to the shitty marriage, etc.
Jadykins x
Jadykins x Hace 27 días
Wendy is a sister wife at best. She's trying to better herself in a sober house and her man be living with his real lover. Sad af. :(
Just a girl and her dog
what is the point of this video though? you're not spilling any tea you're just playing clips of Wendy spilling her own damn tea!!!
Anson Wallace
Anson Wallace Hace 27 días
Oh! Please! That was some of the most self serving tripe I've listened to in a long time, did you hear her go on and on about how she's helped 56 people world wide with their struggle with addiction, as an addict with 20 years of sobriety from cocaine the one thing that I remember is that"sobriety is a personal journey"!
LM Darkis
LM Darkis Hace 27 días
I just realized something re-watching this. If she has a 24-hour sober coach and goes to meetings everyday, why would she need to live in a sober house instead of at home??? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Candice, u or on to something because if "all was well in Hunters-ville" she could still go to meetings, have a sober coach and live at home. Her husband doesn't do drugs (allegedly) and she doesn't have ppl in her life who do drugs, and she won't allow visitors into her home- so why the sober house? So Candice I definitely think you're right- she is setting the stage for a divorce announcement.
F1Freak F1
F1Freak F1 Hace 27 días
I agree, she is preparing us for the incoming divorce. She knows her Housewives show shticks . Horrible to go through i know and i hope that she pulls out of this very soon
Keary Ray
Keary Ray Hace 27 días
She's shared alot of personal info, however, she don't have to share info about her husband. She owe us no explanation regarding that. I believe she cherises her vows and will not divorce her husband because thats what the media wants her to do. She's fixing her and how shes battling with her abuse. No marriage is perfect. It's till death you part, not death till you cheat. Just cause she's still in a sober house, doesn't mean that she still using drugs.. It could be to help her mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to keep her from going back to that person she was before. Im pretty sure she has triggers and thats with anyone who has an addiction of any sort. I salute wendy!
alberto mario A
alberto mario A Hace 27 días
I hope the TV executives finish this season early so she can have all the summertime to get better and away from her husband, so when she comes back in fall she feels better
kat woman
kat woman Hace 27 días
Well I read where He made her go to rehab bc the sidechick getting close to having the baby and didnt want Wendy out and around. Wow this is crazy. Men/women will disappoint you every single time put your trust in God.
what if I'm D1
what if I'm D1 Hace 27 días
Promoting her organization.
TheInfamousAD Hace 27 días
Wendy decided to say something before the Daily Mail story dropped with pic of her living there. If she was keeping it all the way real -telling her truth....she would’ve done this when she came back & not being forced into it to beat a story dropping. I commend her for getting help & addressing part of her issues. I just wish she’d listen to the advice she gives others🤔 (..Mama June) & tell as much of her business as she does everyone else’s. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Greg Shuffield
Greg Shuffield Hace 27 días
Tear Her apart just like she would you.
Tamara St Rose
Tamara St Rose Hace 27 días
it’s part of the life,we’re all do something weren’t proud of.
Saphire P.
Saphire P. Hace 27 días
Wendy is such a Hypocrite! Don't ask her about her marriage! When she talks about everyone's life! She's mentally ill. Divorce him and move on!
MissBunni Hace 27 días
God Bless her... she's very brave!
Patti Pacifico
Patti Pacifico Hace 27 días
I would bet the farm that you are so SPOT ON. You are hitting the mark so on point. The issue I have with Wendy Williams is this: She has publically stated she is not sorry for anything she has ever said. Well when you swirl in the tea & the gossip that energy is gonna come back. Whitney Houston called her out on this and Tupac called her out and he forever cemented in wax. I know this is 25 plus years old, but she spread rumors about Tupac being raped in jail, knowig this wasn't true and that was a part of all the elemets that led to his untimely death. A man who would have changed the world for the better if he was still here. A man that she should have compassionnately called an reffered to as BROTHER. There are many examples of her love of gossip, to each their own, but if you are not sorry, then you can't expect much empathy from others. Though this is an old story of Wendy's, the behaviour is just as old. This is why I have issue with her & her self-riteousness. However, best of luck to those she is helping. I hope the foundation helps those in need without selfishness.
Scented Candle Queen
Scented Candle Queen Hace 27 días
a simple google search reveals his name is kevin not KELVIN do your research lmaoooo
Anna Enriquez
Anna Enriquez Hace 27 días
I feel for Wendy! I am sick sick of these men and they're cheating and damaging ladies lives!aaaahg!!!
angela Parker
angela Parker Hace 27 días
hell with her she dragged whitney for sport now people are suppose to feel what? she's a fake
Syncere Davis
Syncere Davis Hace 27 días
not being smart but why is wendy in a male sober house?is rumors true she a guy too cute for that .wedy wendy wendy please explain live in a mans sober house congrats tho
Sue Chircop
Sue Chircop Hace 27 días
When she came back she was saying how well she is....shes relaxed she said....cooking in the evening...and showing off her rings and saying everythings great in HUNTERVILLE.....lies just lies....and showing the world a photo of her and Kevin and why he fell in love with her....lmao....why doesnt she show us a photo of happy smiling kevin with his sidechick,,,,wowwwww hes smiling in the photo.......Wendy is nothing but a crack addict just like the people she made fun of on her show,,,like she did on Whitney....this has to be the most humiliating story of the century. ....i bet the sidechick has thousands of photos just waiting to cone out....lets face it Wendy is a mean person snd her huxband must have either photos of her or video either sexual or of her taking drugs znd is blzckmailing his wife...thats why she doesnt divorce him.......allegedly of course.....the shade of it all because shes a straight shooter she said......
Dawn Marie May
Dawn Marie May Hace 27 días
It's all mind control at that place she's at and that foundation they just created. M_K U_L_T_R_A / C_I_A
Andrea Harris
Andrea Harris Hace 27 días
Ive never heard of you, but this video was on my TV. I am not a Wendy William's fan. Having watched this, I'm also not your fan. I don't for one minute believe you care about Wendy. Like her, you make your money off gossiping and feeding on the pain of others. I find that pitiful. And, in Wendy's confession, she referred to her friends as smelly. That's as ungrateful and rude as one can get while still trying to appear nice. Now, you are making money off her pain and this video could cause stress and pain to her son. I hope the $ is worth it.
Andrea Harris
Andrea Harris Hace 27 días
+Daytime Tea Time I just don't think this was a kind video. I don't think any celebrity videos are kind and perhaps I am overreacting because addiction is a deadly disease and I am so sad for the celebrities we lose or who commit suicide. I have lost too many people in my own life to watch something like this and not worry about the addict or their family. I'm sorry if it sounded rude. This is a personal topic for me and probably many Americans who have seen people battle addiction and lose.
Daytime Tea Time
Daytime Tea Time Hace 27 días
And I hope you feel that way about every news station and every celebrity show or anything else you watch because it's all the same sis. Hopefully SpongeBob SquarePants is the only thing you watch otherwise... You watching and supporting anything celebrity news related show is just as bad. That includes entertainment tonight, The view, The Real, and so on and so forth. sorry you can't make me feel bad for what I do for a living. And yes the money is definitely good 😘
OLMEC THUGS Hace 28 días
The sober house is for gays,lesbian and trannys only ? Why she's in that one and please don't say because she a celebrity
Joseph Medeiros
Joseph Medeiros Hace 28 días
Good for Wendy yeo nbs
Ari Family
Ari Family Hace 28 días
Hey girl, did you know that Charlamagne from "The Breakfast Club, who is friend with Kelvin's mistress and has it out for Kelvin said Wendy better wake up and leave before she doesn't wake up at all. Watch it here: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Wjuc-lx8gqA.html
Sharon Hall
Sharon Hall Hace 28 días
This is very strong of her none is perfect and no life is perfect she is in my prayers :(
Ari Family
Ari Family Hace 28 días
Wendy is suffering, and despite what she says about others, I will never support adultery. The same thing he did to Wendy, he will to his mistress. I agree with you that she is setting this up for her divorce. Wendy cannot speak ill of her husband because the work together and contracted, so it's only so much she can say. That's the downfall of having your no-good spouse as your manager. I hope she gets out very soon. She is suffering in secret as well.
Leona Lopez
Leona Lopez Hace 28 días
You do go on and on dear. let the woman be now. enough is enough.
GRIM REAP Hace 28 días
Nicolas Cole
Nicolas Cole Hace 28 días
Glass houses.....no stones allowed.
Cheryll Hamilton
Cheryll Hamilton Hace 28 días
Brought all this on herself for CHOOSING to be a weak and cowardly woman and not throwing that bum of a husband out the FIRST time he cheated on her YEARS AGO. Suck it up Wendy....you earned by being in denial.
Honey Bee
Honey Bee Hace 28 días
You never really know what someone is going through. God bless you all
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