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WET FART Prank on the ESCALATOR!! Is today's video!! Hope you enjoyed the life update as well, with a new baby in the mix things have been a little hectic but i'm glad to be getting videos out again with family vlogs. I want to thank you guys for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you guys in the next video with TheButtingHeads!! :)
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6 sep 2019






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Dillon Patel
Dillon Patel Hace 4 horas
i laugh with your pranks more than any other prankster and the coolest part is your pranks are actually funny rather than harmless in anyway.
Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas Hace 11 horas
Farted right in her pussy
AREA 394
AREA 394 Hace 23 horas
Cara você é muio engraçado rsrs
Metaphix Hace un día
when people ask what you do for a living what do you say? lol
Gigi’s Play House
Gigi’s Play House Hace un día
1:15 I buttered my biscuits!!!!!😂
Bobby Solorio
Bobby Solorio Hace 2 días
Whats the blonde IG at 6:00?
Just Love
Just Love Hace 3 días
4:25 I love her
Paulo Saldanha
Paulo Saldanha Hace 5 días
Very funny! Lol 😂😂😂
Jonathan Palacios
Jonathan Palacios Hace 8 días
No matter how many of these videos I've seen by this guy it never gets old. Lmao! 😂 There will always be a different reaction from someone new.
nope not me
nope not me Hace 10 días
Girlfriend in yellow is marriage material .
Tom Higgins
Tom Higgins Hace 11 días
3:24 I can't stop laughing. You are the SHIT
Alessandro Galli
Alessandro Galli Hace 12 días
Tante donne escono. Distrutte. Scandalizza. Oppure. Ridono. Come delle. Matte comunque. E. Volgare. Ma F ridere hanno. FTto3 fatto una cosa simile il gatti di vicolo miri oli complesso di. Cabaret tanti anni fa in un vecchio. Film. Molto. Più. Eleganti
D riving
D riving Hace 13 días
sound of laughter good
THE REAL MVP Hace 13 días
The Sneeze with the fart together was the funniest
self songs
self songs Hace 13 días
I love it its most funny l like bumble bee fart
venusbailey Hace 14 días
Fart jokes aside, it’s like a walking H&M advertisement, along with most ppl looking at their phones.
Mili C
Mili C Hace 15 días
TEST SUBJECT 6228: Akemi 47
But did you smell it? 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
TEST SUBJECT 6228: Akemi 47
Will never be as bad as the trailer trash that literally diarrhoead out her shorts in the middle of the meat department and walked off like nothing happened! Left a mess in the middle of the floor 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jordan Jofré
Jordan Jofré Hace 16 días
Jajajaja me dio mucha risa jaja!! Saludos!
Tempz Modz
Tempz Modz Hace 16 días
Imagine how many times he had to go up and down the escalator
Shek Forid
Shek Forid Hace 17 días
Love from 🇧🇩🇧🇩
Gonzalo DOGO
Gonzalo DOGO Hace 17 días
me enamore para toda mi puta vida de la chica con la cartera , 5:40 min
Rambanan Teknologi
Rambanan Teknologi Hace 17 días
Hahah kentutnya sampe blebek gituh suaranya wkwkwk
Menadion Nasser Tamtama
that kick though...
Bayden pearse
Bayden pearse Hace 17 días
Haha love your videos bro!! The world needs a good laugh 😂 👌
Rosy Guzman
Rosy Guzman Hace 17 días
A place when you do you videos please I Like You video but don't mention God or Jesus that's not fair I don't sounds good there's no respect for God
Yazan Abu Taleb
Yazan Abu Taleb Hace 17 días
5:30 LMAOO
Farman Ali Chachacr
Farman Ali Chachacr Hace 17 días
TATERS 73 Hace 17 días
Lmao epic!!!!!
Firdaus Saja
Firdaus Saja Hace 18 días
Kayak ada org indonesia
saudagar kekura juga
saudagar kekura juga Hace 18 días
Pppprrrtttt, "is that you guys?" Bhahahaha
Tempz Modz
Tempz Modz Hace 16 días
Loool then does it again
Nayaz rahman
Nayaz rahman Hace 18 días
Whoow awsome JOB excellent . super vedio expecting more vedios from you...
Robert Steele
Robert Steele Hace 18 días
How do you make the fart noise
Алекс Hace 18 días
У нас бы за такой пронк разбили бы ебасос
Александр Кошмелёв
Сперва у нас отошли бы от этого за сранца, а там это в порядки вещей
Vitinho Santos
Vitinho Santos Hace 18 días
Cadê os brasileiros que dominam tudo kkk
H A Hace 18 días
How come only the ppl behind him hear it and not the ppl in the front
Brandon Marlon Ramirez Gutiérrez
Marco Antonio siqueira
excelente ator kkkkkkkkkk👏👏👏👏👏👏😁😁😁
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